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GENERAL NEWS NOTES OF THE DAY J a The Hotel Maryland, out of Pasadenas show ii places, was will nigh ruined by lire. On* wing t escaped, n A fatal eMM of bubonic plague in Santiago de hile is reported. Hie Infill anihoi Itles m taking ■ .»■ 1 1 .• messsrea to prevent tin- npread ol Ike dlaesse. • _ More Ill-ill 1MI.IHKI men employed in tin- lohacco ,. gVactorles in Rome, which ate monopolised bj the , government, lime gone •■hi uii strike, asking for El ,,.-i asses. If.-ai Adinii il 1!-iln it K. Peary. I". S. N.. retired, i the ail-in- explorer, was notified that the Geographic I • -l. of Fiance hail decided in award liiui its ; vi mill gold medal, tin- liigln-sl honor ii ran :;ive. I i aesar, tin win- Baited Baa lenlci. King Edwards rarorite doc, which followed tin- late monarchs,- along tk« streets of I.iiihIi.ii. till ill uuil lias been painlessly pm to death hjr order of Queen Alexandra. The Halted States Supreme Court restored to Hie , docket for re-argnment before tin- retire court Maj 4 the i-asi- testing the valiility at President j Tails order in 1900, withdrawing Wyoming anil California oil lands tram retry. Triniilail. Colo.. April 21.-— Thirteen men are dead. I l inure than two score wounded and pandemonium reigns ai Ludlow as the result of a fourteen-hoiir battle between sohlii-rs and striking miners. The I dead Include on. soldier, eleven strikers and one noiiiomhaianl. sir Cecil Spring-Bice. British Ambassador to ! Washington, and Secretary Bryan discussed the out- : line of the Peace Commission treaty to bind i lie I nited Mates and Qreel Britain to submit to a com ! i ■ i i -— i ■ t for examination any issues between the two countries which may not yield m diplomatic ad , .Mi-.nii-ni. P.. -ion. Mass.. April 21. — A sunt indictment of 19S ei. nuts was illumed today by tin grand jury ] thai has had before it t lie affairs of iin Beerj Siege! goaapany of Boston. The jury lias ieeeati- gated the alleged action of the pempaej in reeetv-ing depoatsta in it- savings department in the two . days prior to Ho- institution of bankreptcy pro- , ..cling-. , The returns from the elections which began throughout Sweden on Match 27 and continued to inii 7 Indicate the complete defeat of the Liberals, i whose membership in the new Swedish parliament I ,- reduced from 101 to about 74. ii is estimated : that iln- Conservatives have elected si members, i - compared with t ". in the previous parliament, i and tin- Socialists 7" . as compared with 154. I Washington. 1 . .. April 21.— A conference was held here today between a special commit tee of business men of Baltimore with the Maryland congressional delegatloa, at which plans were perfected ,.,i ■ i-ii ,t titty of Baltimores representative men headed by Governor Goldsborough and htayoc Preston to protest against the selection of Rich wood, Va.. a- a federal reserve bank city and to arge ■ reopening of the matter. The conference was th« growth of a mass meeting held in lial- ■ liinore. Paris, Fiance. April 21. — The tenth anniversary of the friendly agreement between France and Great iiilaia in ml . i mill nal politics is tefaaf I ! . braid here bv the three-days visit of King George au l , Queen Mary as the guests of the French government. All the main stints of Park are decorated with garlands of evergreens and intertwined Mags of lioili nations. King Jeorge and Queen Mary, accompanied by a large staff, including Sir Fdwairt Grey, t lie foreign secretary, and his private autre larv. Sir William Tyrrell, left London for Fans today in p. iv a state visit. Their majesties crossed the English channel from Dover to Calais on board the royal meet Alexandra, which was convoyed by British and French w-arships. The Mexican Crisis. Washington. 1. .. April 21.— A decided difference of opinion over the phrasing of the resolution to empower President Wilson to use the armed forces of the Iniied States to uphold the dignity of the I idled Stales in Mexico developed in Congress. The president in his message to Congress yesterday went to luiusual lengths to pels! out that it was par liciilarlv against Hnerts that he desired to take BCtlOB. Alter the house of representatives had adopted by a vote of :;::7 to 37 a resolution speciti-callv authorising President Wil-on to use the armed lone- ol the nation to compel lluerta to respect the Iniied States the senate foreign relations com-nitie.. agreed at midnight to report the resolution. «Vut with iln preamble amended in read "in rlsw Vof the situation presented by the president" and ■ eliminating individual reference to lluerta through-V ..ill the measure. The senate briefly discussed the , r house resolution and then adjourned until noon today The objection to the house resolution in the senate was that it singled out lluerta. Senator Lodge presented a substitute for the preamble of i lie resolution reported bv the committee which -its forth ••That the state of unrest, violence and anarchy which exists in Mexico, the numerous mi ■•becked and unpunished murders of American citizens and the spoliation of their property in that , country, the Impossibility of securing protection . or redress bv diplomatic methods in the absence of lawful or effective authority, the inability of Mexico to discharge its international obligations, the unprovoked insults and indignities heaped upon the Sag and uniform of the Fnited States by the armed torces in occupation of large parts of Mexico tern- , lory have become intolerable. That the self respect ami dignity of the United States and the duty to protect its citizens and its international rights require that such a course be followed in Mexico by our government as to compel reaped and observance Reports from Admiral Fletcher that he has seized the custom house and landed marines in Vera Cruz in compliance with orders sent early yesterday are momentarily expected at the white boner*. One re-I...H was thai marines already have landed. Secretary Daniels refused to eouarm this. The order to seine the costom house was given to prevent a large shipment of arms for lluerta about to be landed there bv a German ship from being transported in Mexico City. The orders did not stipulate when diniral Fletcher should take the port, but simply I. tt ii to his discretion as when liest to prevent Hnerts from getting the several million rounds ol ammunition ami 200 held guns which the German steamer carries, Administration officials pointed out thai the president had ample authority for the order to Admiral Fletcher without the approval of congress and the! immediate action waa imperative. Ii u is reported that Bear-Admiral Fletchers tones would not be resisted and that the lluerla forces intended to retire to the railroad trestle twenty miles wesl of Vera Cruz. It is reported that Bee-retary of State Bryan has received unverified dispatches from American agents in Mexico sayinu thai Hnerts is tearing tip the railroad track between Vera Crua and Mexico City and has stated that he will make nore concessions to this government but will teat, if necessary. This information is s:,i,i to havi been conveyed to foreign diplomats in Mauj officials declare. I liny believed lluerta had been playing for time merely to get iii the large shipment of arms which Admiral Fletcher has lieen ordered to cut off. . „ . _ Winn news reached the capitol thai the order had gone t .. Admiral Fletcher, it aroused considerable enthusiasm among senators ami represeuta- lve«. Democratic senile leaders believed an order lo the A rican commander to begin actual opera lions would serve to hurry action on the resolution to back up the presidents course. Republican leaders were planning to champion the substitute submitted by Senator l*Migc. which refers to the Ioiil: series of outrages agaonst Americana in Mexico This was not accepted, however, by Ike democrats. Neiiher will it be accepted by house leaders il was staled. The house resolution as amended bv the foreign relations committee was laid before the senate s,„,n after ii met at noon. A new re so-liiti-.n to accept the apologies already offered by lluerta aa "nanfcienl reparation"" for the Tampleo Incident, "as Introduced by Senator Works. extended lb-bate then was entered anon. It is known that Vera Crua will be the point of attack if the United Stales dispatches a mili tarv expedition Into Mexico. General Frederick Funs too. who won his spur* in the Philippines, is in command of the army division mi Galveston. The refuge* ships at Vera Cruz are being crowded with Americans fleeing from Mexico. Senator Reed of Missouri blocked the Immediate passage in the Senate of the Chamberlain hill for the calling out of volunteers. Tin- !.ico City correspondent of ■ Kew Tons Press association telegraphed late yesterday aftet nana tkal United Stales troops have entered Vera Crux. offici:il continuation is lacking. II is ropo-ted that lluerta has notified his repre- h, seniatives at Vera Cruz lo egged Charge dAffaires m OSbaughness] there s,*,,, on his way to Washington and thai be expects him to be given complete and , -ireful protection so long as he is eg Mexican While the Senate was slill in debale this . ft.-r n Kui. Acting Chairman Shlvely of the foreign relations committee mad. a significant statement to an Inquirer: "T Ktronglv suspect Vera Cruz has been taken without i shot." said he. He inclined to aaaplifj his remark. Secretary Daniels announced that Rear Admiral Mayo with his flagship Connecticut ami mast ei the other vessels iin.l- ,- his command at Tampleo. bad steamed for Vera Cms. All ike vessels ,,i It,.. ir Admiral Badgerf heel had been oider, d to e.i directly to Vera Cruz. Refugees from Chihuahua report that in the cafes, clubs and other gathering places Mexican citiz-ns. nearlv all of whom are rebel sympathizers, say ii t n ■ • ,. , i I ; I , j I l I ! : ! , ] . , , i I : i i I 1 —- i openly that Presides Wilsons course is an affront ] to the Mexican nation and that a common enemy must lie met by a united country. Governor Colquitt of Texas is urging the govern- , nient at Washington to seize the border towns of •luarez. |.i 1. 1 moras. New Lsredo and Cuidad For- , tioro Diaz for tear that the thirty thousand Mexican I refugees congregated al the places named will be | conic a menace to Ihe United Slates. i Mexico city, April 21. "General Hserta offers . all guarantees lo foreigners, Americans Included, who ] may remain in M i.-o and he will improve ihis op , portimity to show the world thai his government ami Mexico are moral and civilized." official state j incut. Hnerts said today: "Mexico awaits with Iran- , qnillty the development of events growing out of the controversy with the Fnited Stales and in the remote case of friction between the countries the people of the republic will liear no aniii.osilv toward the people of the United States, whose neighbors they are." iexi.-o City. Mexico. April 21. — General Aureliano Blanquet, minister of war for Mexico, asked today wind her the reserves would be called to the colors, i replied: "In due lime, if it should be necessary, hey will be called, as will every citizen of Mexico." Washington, 1». C. April 21. — Hstlmatea at the war department pin the armed forces of the lluerta govemasent in Mexico around 40.000. scattered throughout the country. According to the departments tiguros. there are li.000 tissue in Mexico City: aboul 0.000 around Saltillo. south of Toireoii: 2,500 in the state of S re, 2,000 in Sinaloa. s»Hi . in Tepic, 0.0OO in Jalisco, 1.100 in Colima. 4.." Oi in Zacatecaa, i.2." o in Gserrero and scattering hands i ill the other southern provinces. in tile east coast , there are said lo 1m- about 1.300 in Nuevo Laredo. , about 2,900 in San I.uis Polosi. 4.KKI in Vera Cruz, , aboul 1.0M in PneMa and in Moreios 800. Washington, I. C, April 39.— Brig. -Gem. Charles , Bailey will commsnd the trst body of troops, if any arc sent to Mexico. He will leave here for Texas , City within a day or two to organize an expedition. . Major -General wood, who will relinquish his office ; as chief of staff al 12 oclock tonight, will be in supreme command of all the troops and will follow General Baflej within a few days, if action conns. New York, April 21. — The new unperdreadnaughts ] New York and Texas, the two largest battleships , in the world, are expected to he on duty in southern , waters noon. It was announced at Hie Brooklyn navy yard today that the New York which was placed in commission last week, would sail for iiianlana- mO, Cuba, on Sunday. The New York has been under orders for some time to proceed to sea tother "shaking -down." Since the Mexican situation became i-citte. the work of putting the nnlsbing touches on the vessel has been rushed. A large quantity of ammunition was lieing stored away on the New York and the Texas today.

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