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NEW LOUISVILLE JOCKEY CLM "CHURCHILL DOWNS." The Debutante Stakes for 1907. j I The Bluegrass Stakes for 1907. THE DEBUTANTE STAKES.— For twoy.;iir,hl fillUs. THE BLUEGRASS STAKES. -For ttasa-year-sMa that to ;,,,.,.„,,,hv the uoiiiiiinlh.it; 0 additional to stmt. 000 9asW MMsal flfc ■ JF ■■■ _■!«■ _ lin "" """ a swwi,s,nk"s " tw0 rac s of atl? kind l""1 " I WJT M~ ~ the closing of this stakes. to $.", the added, of which *L iM to s...ond and 00 to third Winners of aa M K aec ,any non.in.ition: :, »»,.,.,,M:,ki-s to :; lhs.; of two, B lbs. extra. Maidens % 1 A W. H™ % .n additional to stmt. $|.0U1 added, of whieh «aai io second allowed r, lbs. Four Furlongs. 9sf# I s I % IUmI N|gf ;"! °° " ,,,ln1 W"lBl,t "" lls Ui""" — slakes, st of two races alter February 1, 1!»07 selling liaises _. _ . _ a. . ■««■ i-M-eptedl, to carry 5 lbs. extra. Maidens allowed S lbs. .m. t- The Bashford Manor Stakes for 1907. Seven Furlon«s THE BASHFORD MANOR STAKES.— lor two-year old t" cro J M coi.s a,,,. fMttaza is ... acco,„„m,y ..... ,,.,n,in:.ti«..: $.-.. a.. .i- The Louisville Steeplechase for 1907. luiual to start. I.IMMI added, ot which *2im to second and *1I»U ■_ to third. Winners of a sweepstakes toe, r,v S lbs.: ... .«„. B ,fi»» | fP % ■ |k | _%, THE I-OUISVILLE STEEPLECHASE. A handi.a,, for W Laaf bsf I |l lh.ee cm olds and upward, p, to accon y the nomination: lbs. extra. Maidens! wed 5 lbs. Four and a Half Furlongs. I 991 47 ■ ■ » I I W toa»l *"" i,,1li,i",l:l1 *• ■*■**■ *1. K added, of which S-IX tj second and 00 to third; fourth to save stake. Wciii.s to lie an- tk. l,„,AM:in Oi„i . tri*. IOrk"7 itoiiuced two days prior to the day of the race. Winners after ine juvenne Mah.es tor iuu/. ItJI Wmm j— mWm I IV 1 f •*•***■ «• »«* •» «««»- » •«•,«•»*»«■ THE JUVENILE STAKES. A selling sweeps.akes tor |%# I P1 aT1- 1 I 11 C *■ " lin""1 interest to stall or the may be declared off. two-yea. -olds. $." to accompany the nomination: 0 additional | / | sssaaa aWaVJ 1 I ai VbpI j u" Course, About Two Miles. to start. ,000 added, of which |S99 to second and 00 to third. The winner to be sold by auction. Those ent.ied to l e sold for $"50.. to carry weight for age. Allowances: 2 lbs. g f*± g saaar Jhe LOIIISV JilC MaildJCap fOr 1907. * :"" *-r,l " Nl ""r ""•" » " ," "■"" M"" " *S°° "-" I U II 7 THE LOUISVILLE HANDICAP, i or thn e-vcm-oh|s and I lbs. for each |1«0 to .Kt. Starters, with selling prices, to | W WW £ mmm-4. 0 to lit / the nomination: 0 additional to be named throush the entry bSK. at the usual hour of closing. , :1|H ,._,.„ — -—i f u .llu, NJ fo fhinl_ the day prior to the race, mid tlL.se .so named will be liable for Weights to be announced three days prior to the day of the the starting fee. ■ Five Furlongs. •■ S ■/ I I 9/ pjhl J p y HFRRY rU e Win"elS "* :l ra,- - """* th:" " "*** »— afUT flLOvF ll_ll I Vbll I i/l_l%U I _. _- .. _ J. veichta are iKisted, to cany 5 lbs. extra. Six Fuilongs. The Clark Handicap for 1907. THE CLARK HANDICAP For three year-olds and up- Afll mmtwn i/cmrpi/v ■L.IILJv»ll lj/l0 Aill/C ward. 0 to at mpaiiy the nomination ; 0 additional to Jhe KCllttlCkY Derby fOr 1908. start. ,500 added, of whidi $.:00 to second and 50 to third. p|-| p |Q/Q THE THIRTY-FOURTH RUNNING OF THE KENTLCKY Weights to he announced three days prior to the day of the | J | I3HJO. DERBY.-1or thiee-year olds foals of l!.05t. to accoui- race. Winners of a race, other than a selling purse, after panv JUe nomination; ?ir, to ,„. I;lj,, M;,y , 1!M7. sjg ,„ N weights SM aaated, ... 5 lbs. extra. ., ,,„■■ pai, Man.h ,,as $,a -|Tnn, ,,, „ st;lrt Tht. Villue of 1Ue One Mile and Sixteenth. a atolWS to be .tl00. of which o0 to n [ilia I and .*:; k Io third. | J j L J W fc- Co,,s to :,nv -- •■ : ■■hahajBJ, 11! lbs ; Allies, 117 lbs. 9Jaa The Frank Fehr StakeS fOr 1907. winners of a three year old race of the value of ,500 allowed for " " "" "" Mi6 *"MteT THE FRANK FEHR STAKES. -A selling sweepstakes FFR PI I /I PY I I Q fk "7 three year olds and upward. to accompany the I | J _J /-% 1 | I. " I JW Jf ~~ 0 additional to start. ,000 added, of which 00 to second Tho "and KotltllfLlt f| Udt iLs. flr IUI IQflft IJVO, and 00 to third. The winner to lie sold by auction. Those _ IxCniUKy entered to be sold for $:!,tKt0 to carry weight for age, if «n- THE THIRTY-FOURTH RUNNING OF THE KENTUCKY tered to be sold for .00 ». 4 lbs. below the scale, then 1 lb. ff/flfi CCHn OAKS.— For three-year old fillies foals of K996. 9h |,, aaeaga. C ET C D 1 1 D r allowed for each tK» to ,000, hen ] It,, allowed for each I U tl 5 t W 4 nrUI I 3DQ 4uUU |:"- "" nominatioa: ■*" " " " M;l • ,-"7; *-•"» " " 00 to 00. Winners of a sweepstakes after March lf . 1MtT, paid March 2, 1908. 00 additional to start. lhe vaiue of not to be entered Io he sold for less than ,400. •tartan, HANDICAPS CCNN nft CHll "* stnkos to ■• *:. 00. of ■*** *:m " 19—1 and 50 to with selling price to |..- named through the encry box, ;it tie EVERY DAY, sPOUU uMU 4/UU tliird. Non winners of a three yeai old race of tin value of usual hour of closing, the day prior to the race, and those so ,000 allowed 5 lbs.; maidens, n ll,s. named will lie liable for the starting fee. One Mile. One Mile and a Sixteenth. ADDRESS ENTRIES AND ALL COMMUNICATIONS TO LYMAN N. DAVIS, Secretary : 17 Courier Journal Building, Louisville, Ky. |

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