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REFINED! 9-5. WON S i Positively the Only Horse Given Out by Us j | OfSlF H 0 RS E DAILY : NO MORE : : : | WE GAVE OUT: i m m m Mch. 2— REFINED 9-5 WON X Men. 1— GARGANTUA Scratd I 1 Feb. 28— JUDGE POST Scratd 1 Feb. 27— GRENADE 3-2 WON i Feb. 26— GRACE GEORGE 5-1 LOST 1 S Feb. 25— CHASE 15-1 WON f Feb. 23— SPIDER WEB 5-1 WON I Feb. 22— NORTHWEST ...: Scrafd Feb. 21— JERRY C. . . j 7-2 WON Feb. 20— BESTERLING 6-5 LOST . Feb. 19— THISTLE DO 5-2 WON j Feb. 18— ALSONO 4-1 LOST Feb. 16— GRENADE 7-5 WON ! Feb. 15— LOUISE MFARLAN 6-1 WON OUR RECORD I since assumed Cassirii s business speaks • tor itselt. " Our information Comes Direct from the Track. " Telegrams on tile for inspection. Others Make Promises, "We Make Goocl" SUBSCRIBE TODAY Monday, one at 10 to I. Tuesday, a sure winner We will advise to plunge the limit. Will get advice from the track on others later in the week. The name of every horse i liled with the Daily Racing Form every noon. MAYER and CO. Suite 504, 171 Washington St., L CHICAGd : : : : ILLINOIS J CIIPPFPC H1 speculation depends on Nil , l.f1 correct information. BEING WUUUkUW RIGHT ON THE GROUNDS with tne of the most conservative trainers here enables me to secure real select pointers once or twice weekly, and I am willing to wire these "good things" to a few reliable bettors and to demonstrate that I am on the inside. I .ask NO FEE WHATEVER IN ADVANCE. For particulars address M. LAVIGNE, 137 S. LIBKRTY ST., .*« KW ORLEANS, L.A. WHAT THE RUNNING HORSES DID IN 1906. A complete record of the performance* and winnings of all horses racing last year. Price . Dally Racing Form Publishing Co., 124 Fifth ▲venae, Chicago. 111. i S j | | i m m m X I 1 1 i 1 S f I r TINKER 9-5 WON j wa M Daily One lloiae Wire Saturday. . , RESIDE 16-5 2nd | : warn our Occasional Wire Saturday. I , IthreeI ii [winners]!! | .00. | N/ff /"M HAV We have been advised on W lvlS IX U*%. 1 • one that trots Monday and • wliiih conies from people that know, and will he j I .-old singly IWA1 ONLY! ~ » T. C. WOOD s CO., 19 Dearborn Street, Chicago, j ESTABLISHED 1904. | | 1 • - ■mummiummmaum . j ! I • Monday: 6 to 10 to I. SATURDAY S SPECIAL was withdrawn for reasons cannot state openly. My clients can exchange SATURDAYS wire tor MONDAYS. Tuesday: 8 to 20 to I. Tins one I will put over at 8 to 1 or better, as no money will be placed at the track. FOLLOW ME this week, as I expect to put over a few hot ones that will burn many a bookmakers bank roll. C. R. JAMES, Room 50 :: 119 La Salle St. Terms: Daily; Weekly Remit by Express or Postoffice money order. ■ ■ AN EXTRAORDINARY PROPOSITION ! READ IT CAREFULLY. Saturday morning: we received INSIDE STABLE information on a GOODTHING that will be CUT LOOSE next THURSDAY, MARCH 7th, at NEW ORLEANS. NOTICE:— Should vou fail to be WINNER on this EXTRAORDINARY GOOD THING, we will EITHER REFUND you your fee of TWO DOLLARS, or give you absolutely FREE of CHARGE, our THREE SPECIALS, which are now being prepared for their lesnectrve races, for MONDAY. WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY, MARCH 11th. 13th and 15th, JUST as you DESIRE. DONT fail to SEND in for this SPECIAL, as it looks the SUREST kind of a SURE THING. OUR CONNECTIONS FORBID us to say any more at piesent. Salt* 315, 167 Dearborn St., Chicago, 111. THE B. B. INFO CO. Tel jgjjg?* DICK ROSE. MONDAY have wire on one from same party that gave me Foreigner, won, 8-1. WIRE READS: " Will win to a certainty. Bet straight only. BEGINNING TODAY: SIX WIRES .00 NO FURTHER DAILY SUBSCRIPTIONS TAKEN 1 guarantee to make you a good winner on six wires. Start off today. Rush your subscriptions up to 12:80 p. in. Call and examine correspondence on this one. Room 37 : 119 La Salle Street Chicago. National Racing Review No. 4 lioui.i 87, Tl Dearborn Street, Chicago. Yesterdays Special, Tinker, 9-5, Won. .00 PER MONTH. -:- 25 CENTS PER COPY. TURF REPORTERS SPECIAL R. 312, 59 Dearborn St., Chicago. Mondays Special: 14-20-34-39-53-48-50-46-40-36-96. Entry List: 7-601-608-654. a LADS METHOD The LatVs Method surely has proved itself a big money-getter for both myself and my people, as the appended summary will show. I was rather reluctant of accepting this method at tirst, and did not give it much credit, until it was proven to me to be what the parties claimed, and after timely trial and due consideration on all the points involved, I recommend it to my following, and must say, without any reservation, that this is the best and only way of a profitable investment by turf speculation. 1 wish to say to the public, and particularly to my following, that I do not believe in plunging at any time or betting on odds-on favorites. You see what the last sixteen days of racing has done for us, and there is no reason why this will not keep up. The net profits above all expenses are 412 per cent, of money played. What better do you want than that? n — n Mar. 2— Nothing Doing. Feb. 21— OBERON 7-1 WON Mar. 1— ELVIRA M 5-1 WON Feb. 20— kAISERHOFF 3-1 WON Feb. 28— Lost. Feb. 19— Lost. Feb. 27— DONNA 9S WON Feb. 18— POSING 12-1 WON Feb. 26— GRANABA 8-5 WON Feb. 16— BELLE STROME... 5-2 WON Feb. 25— DEW OF DAWN... 3-1 WON Feb. 15— CAPT. TAYLOR 5-2 WON Feb. 23— Lost. Feb. 14— MARVIN NEAL . . . 8-1 WON Feb. 22— MOL. MONTROSE.. 3-1 WON Feb. 13— GOLDWAY 6-1 WON ii LI This week there will be three or four horses in that you can take a chance on, and I have every reason to believe will be worth a good bet. Let me hear from you and see if I cant put you in right. OTIS for 6 Occasional : Lads Met hod : 119 La Salte St., Chicago : , SHENKLES BUSINESS METHOD earned 2 i-at WMk. I-arcst amount neuded any one day $::4. Call or write and we will tell yon just how we did this, illal~o reler you to men doiri£ it daily. ! you want any stronger proof Only method telling tnr only possible way to get your percentage of wii.nors anil know you will get them. Method sent on as long trial as you wish, with positive guarantee to refund money it you c:in -how failure, or that it will not make money, or that we do not use money we say we do. Pretty strong guarantee. Our method will prove to any one that making money at racing i» as safe as in any other business Write is or call at otlice, I to 12 oclock, and let ua prove what we nr. Ii we can prove it. then yon surely want our method, liont fail to call or order at once. We will start you to making money at once if you follow our method. Innse ." years, liont waste time writing for particulars— order at once and make money. SENT NOW FOR $ 5 — WORTH 0 0. S. A. SHENKLE. 36, 84- WASHINGTON ST.. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS SATURDAY S WIRE WAS EDWIN GUM 2-1 2ndj 10 I Special Monday TUESDAY: 5 to 15 I SPECIAL To miss Uiis roy.il inside information would lip niuineial slliiide. WEDNESDAY: 12 to 20 to ! SHOT! Tfcia is one of the bent harwa em the emmt ami la i,.-w l ii|. to the highest poMibfc notch. There is only one chance iii a bnndrrd of bin losin;;. THURSDAY I have ■■orb or hm shot etech that -will win galloping. The odds should 1* at least 18 to 1. FRIDAY Another banner good thing will be cut loose at In to 1 or better. This i.s one of the liesi i oils at the coast and has been especially prepared for todays bi killing. If his horse d« t»s not win we will five Saturdays previously advertised long shot tree of charge. BILL LESTER and CO. Suite 37. 90 La Salle Street, Chicago. III. Tel. Main 2928. Owners and Trainers. Daily, or 0 for 6 Guaranteed Winners. The Miller System. A remarkable winatfag system. .V dean businesslike, conservative method of play, requiring no gambling beta to win out. With it failure Is impossible: it will carry you over the worst possible rim of losers wit It amazing ease. It protects you against over bettiajg and many other causes of failure in other systems. It is entirely new and original, lull of new ideas and information, and different in theory from any system ever advertised. It lias solved the problem of how to beat the races, and beat them good. It can be played it track. handbook 0C poolroom with moderate capital. New Method Handicap. The very latest sad original method of picking winners. It picks the long shots with a regularity that is surprising, takes but ten Minutes daily, and every horse pithed can he played with couliilenrc. It requires no previous knowledge of horse racing. Played iu connection with the .MILLER SYSTEM you cannot fail. All horses played with system are played to win. Remit |W by money order and receive a copy of the most wonderful system ever published. lias been in racceaafal operation for more than a year. Iartienlars free, but why waste time? C. S. MILLER, Room 8, 45 La Salle Street. Chicago M . ■ ■ — *~ Turf Exchange YPSILANTI, MICH. — — TRAINS LEAVE MICHIGAN CENTRAL DEPOT. Detroit, AT 1:00 AND 1:40 P. M. SUBSCRIBE FOR DAILY RACING FORM. NOXALL SYSTEM The NOXALL BTSITJM copyrighted is hie best turf system ever devised. GOOD on a Winter track as during the regular season. If you are a LOSEH. it will pay you to get the Noxall System. It hfls SOLVED the problem of "How to beat the races." The NOXALL SYSTEM is not ■ scheme. A standard publication in book form. ONLY SUAK-ANTEED SYSTEM sold. Like any article of KBAIi merit, advertises itself. TRACK, POOLROOM OR HANDBOOK with equal results. SeVcts plays from the entries. This s.stem lias received nothing hut favorable comments from those Who have purchased it. Hundreds of unsolicited testimonials expressing great satisfaction. A positive WINNER. The system does not play very race. An average of eiglil plays a week. No tips, handicapping or "doping" required. Not complicated, but easy to operate. BIG RESULTS obtained from SMALL CAPITAL. INL1KE any otner system: now theory; new thoughts; new ideas. GREATEST winning system. Will do more for yon than all selections, information, handicapping and tips combined. A positive fact. WRITE FOR FREE BOOKLET. Tells all ajboat it and what it will do. Only system sold with a guarantee. Iurcliase money at the end of .° 0 days trial if a Joss is shown. This aloue precludes the NOXALL SYSTEM from being a scheme. Investigate at once by writing for par- NOXALL SYSTEM, GRAVESEND, N. Y. .00 BET Guaranteed 6 SPECIALS FOR 0.00. Make a $.".00 flat bet on each horse. When you have received the, t Specials anil are a loser, we will pay you in cash the difference between your balance and .*:;0. IO. an you ask for anything better! Every Spei ial we sent out during February won. All Specials are liled Willi Daily Hai-BJg Form before the races are run. GUARANTEE HANDICAP CO., ROOMS 604-605, 225 DEARBORN ST., CHICAGO WEDNESDAYS ONE BEST BET WILL BE AS GOOD AS 20 to1 Ten guaranteed winner"! for $."i or we will send three guaranteed winners for . Only one horse daily. We make this offer to show you what we can do. We will surely make you B winner. A TRIAL WILL CONVINCE YOU. We have something good for every day this week. We also send our subscrilHis a betting system that will get the MOMaW. RICH and CO , Suite 305, 1016 Walnut St., KANSAS CITY, MO. THE AMERICAN RACING MANUAL. No man of the turf should be without It. By registered mail; leather bound, 60 cents; paper bound, 40 cents. Place your order today. Daily Racing Form Publishing Co., 124 Fifth Avenue, Chicago, 111. t

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