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Albert Star 5-2 Woo was yesterdays daily one horse wire. We expect even better service than we have been giving on- this wire in the future, and would adivse you to get in right away. We know of one that is being prepared for a clean-up which j goes Tuesday. This one should be at long odds and win easily. Send your subscription now and you will be in time for Tuesdays wire. The price of this service is ..00 for six wires. Yesterdays extra special, Monsignor, lost. Saturdays Free Form Special: i Inauguration, 4-1, 2nd Mondays Special: Dakota, Magic, Master, Robin. A 0.00 Hat bet on all these live specials since July 31 won 500.00. 1.00 per Month. 25 Cents per Copy. JVATIONAL. It AC I AG REVIKVV, Room 37, 71 Dearborn St., Chicago, 111. STATE FAIR OF OKLAHOMA OPEN BETTING RING Oct. 5th to 16th 10 Days" Races For Program of Races and all information, addross C. P. SITES, Secy, Oklahoma City, Okla. Turf Exchange YPSILANTI, MICH. CHAINS I.KAVIC MICHIGAN CENTRAL DEPOT, Detroit, AT 1:00 AND 1:40 V. M. BROOKLYN JOCKEY CLUB WBannni wmmmrnmmmmmmmmam For Two-Year -Olds 0 r I A Y" T7 For Three-Year-Olds in 1908, Now C? X XjL XVXL O in 1909, Now To bo ronat "ho Spring TO BE RUN AT THE Yearlings. Meeting of 1908. Meeting T h rnn at tho Sp"nR Cnrjnw of THE GREAT AMERI- Prm I Meetin of 1009 CAN, ,000 Added 1 VJO Five Furlongs. Am THE BROOKLYN THE TREMONT 0 . DERBY, ,000 Added ,000 Added Spring Meeting of About Six Furlongs. 1909 Ono Mile and a Half. THE EXPECTATION, ,000 Added ENTRIES TO CLOSE ON THE CARLTON Five Furlongs. TUESDAY, OCT. 15, 1907 ,000 Added THEHUTJSON One Milo. M H ,1U,M Fivo Furlongs. THE GAZELLE For tateMMMBMiOM 9m 99 209 THE CRITERION m,eS AddCd For Fillies ,000 2. Added 999 One Milo and a Six. Five Furlongs. teontli. SPRING MEETING 1908 Tho Ciilerion-,000 Added. 0R BILLIES TWO YEARS I OLD. By sub- Gro-it Amorirm--, 000 Ail.l.vl xne t,iai iiH,rn..iii-.,,uu Added. sc-jption of 0 each, or 5 if declared by 1 FOR TWO-YEAR-OLDS By subscription of January 1. l!OS, 00 additional for starters. I !The 50 each, half forfeit, or 5 if declared bv wih 3.000 added, of which 00 to the second I January 1, 100S; with ,000 added, of which ?300 to the third. Winners of a-race of the 1 ,000 to the second and 00 to the third, value of ,500 to carry 5 lbs. extra. Non- I M Winners of a race of the value or ,000 to W1""-,r f ,500 allowed 5 lbs. Five Furlengs. I a carry 3 lbs. extra; of one of 0,000. or two 7Trz7, H or ,000. 7 lbs. extra. Non-winners of ,500 SPRING MEETING 1909 "-el 7 lbs. Five B Furlongs. I Tho i.loklyll nby-.ooo Addc.l. ,A,lO!r,00 A"-,U F0E THREE-YEAR-OLDS. By subscription 1 x. FOR TWO-YEAR-OLDS. By subscription of of 50 each, half forfeil. or S25 K declared bv I 50 each, half forfeit, or 5 if declared by Januarv 1. 1008: or 5 ir declared by January H I la n-y 1. 108: with ,000 added, of wi-ich 1. l!0.i: with ,000 added, of which S1.000 to M foo to the second, and 0O to the third, the second and 00 to the third. Non-winners i Winners of a race of the value of ,000 o carry of ,000 in 1000 allowed 1 lbs.; or .50O. not n 3 lbs. extra; or one of 0,000. or two or ,000. having won ,500 in 100S. S lbs.; of SI, 500. Ill S 7 lbs. extra. Non-winners of ,500 allowed 7 lbs. One Mile and a Half m ",s- About Sis Clones. T,u C:trlto:i-::,000 Added. TlHi JSxieofcUinii-$:;,000 A Added. FOk TKREE-YEAR-OLDS.-Bv subscription i FOR TWO-YEAR-OLDS. Bv subscription or or 50 each, hair forfeit, or 0 ir declared 1 0 each, or 5 if declared by .lanunrv 1, 100S, by .January 1. 100.S: or 5 ir declared bv .Inn 00 additional for starters: with ,000 added, nary 1, 1000: with ,000 added, or which S700 I of which 0O to the second and 00 to the to he second mid ;0 to the tiiird. Non I I third. Winners of a race of the value r ,000 winners of ,!CO in 10OO allowed -I lbs.; of W to cany 3 lbs. extra; of one of 0,000. or two ,5i:o. not having won ,500 in 100S. S lbs.; fj or COO. 7 I!:s. exra. Non-winners of S2.500 of ,500, 12 lbs. One,, Mile. H allowed 7 lbs. Five Furlcnss. xj,,, :j,7.n,.-,50n Added. Tho Hudson -$:;,000 Ailded. FOE FILLIES THREE YEARS OLD. Bv i FOR TWO-YEAR-OLDS. Bv subscription of subscription of 50 each, hair forfeit, or fi 0 each, or 5 if declared bv Januarv I. 1008. if declared by Januarv 1. l..OS; or 5 if de j 0O additional for barters: with .M! added, elored by January 1, 1900: with ,500 added. t j of which 00 to the second and 00 to the of which 1.0 to the second and 00 to the fj third. Winners or a race or the value of third. Non-winners of ,500 in not t i ,000 to carrv 3 lbs. extra; of one or 0,000. laving won ,000 in BIOS, allowed 5 lbs.; or t g or two of ,000. 7 lbs. extra. Non-winners of ,500. not having wen ,500 in BIOS. 10 lbs. p f ,500 allowed 7 lbs. Five Furlonss. Or.o Mile and a Sixteenth. fi f THE RULES OF RACING adopted by The Jockey Club govern all races run under the auspices V oC the Brooklyn Jockey .Club. P I Entries to either of all or tbe races advertised in this paper will be received only with the understanding, and on the agreement or the subscriber, that the provisions or Racing Rules 42 f Sa and 43 hereto appended form a part of and govern the contract. j "Bue 42 Every person subscribing to a sweepstakes, or entering a I.orse in a face to be run f under these rules accents the decision of the Stewards on any question relating to a rave, or to g "Rule 43 -At tl.e discretion of the Stewards of The Jockey Club, or of the Stewards, and without notice, the entries or any person, or the transfer of any entry, may be refused." I In making nominations to these stakes particular attention is hereby called to Rules 50, 51, 52 I and 53 of the Rules or Racing. 9 Address All Communications to SECRETARY BROOKLYN JOCKEY CLUB, 399 FULTON STREET, BROOKLYN, N. Y. 1 NOT5CES "rrrss NOTICE! I liavo operated this System with big success all snmmer, and my patrons are getting the co!n. Owing to bad wire servico I have not sent out any Oixe-IIorsc Wirr. I am now in a position to wiro my numerous Pntioiin ono good thing each day. Commencing next TUKSDAY, OCT. 1st, patrons will recoivo word on a horso that will bo a long price. I oxpect to got from 15 to 20 to 1 on this ono. No mistakes made, as wo have tho bost of information that can bo got. And not a move is mado that wo aro not on to, as wo have si lino on ovory horso in training here. My terms for tho balance. oT tho L,n ton lit mooting: SIO 31 0 S10 OME HORSE EACH DAY-NO MORE. Wired in Code. SPECIAL RATE FOR LOU5SVJI LEI for the Whole Reeling-Sixteen Racing Days. All wires sent over night to insure roaching destination. NO SINGLE WIRES SENT. EX-JOCKEY MARSHALL, STAG HOTEL - CINCINNATI, OHIO. initials E. J. RUSH YOUR SUBSCRIPTION to insure getting TUESDAYS SPECIAL. OCT. 1st is the day. I TOMORROW J I Monday, Sept. 30, IS THE DAY I OUK i 1 I EXTRA SPECIAL GOES 1 I D C ftI IT TV l D C D wo guarantee It to win W KtML.IVILSt.rc uml win only, or give all B subscribers a ifo.00 sulmcrlptlon to onr Occa- B jQ tional One-Horas Wire, or a Two Heflin pub- Qj 9j pcrtntlon to our Daily Three-Horse Wire. The H jE price of this tiiek must bo S to J or better, or wo St H will pivo all FUb?crlber3 on montho subscription U lo Tho Turl" Iteportcr FItKE. Eg 1 POSITIVELY K no Information will lie glvm out on thin trick K K until 11 . m , mid no Information will be given M out over the telephone. Bj H Mnlnyn Spctlul: Ko. 626 in new book No. 11" S H Buiralo. i T. C. WOOD and CO. 1 Rosni 312, 3rd Floor, 59 Dsandrborn Sireet, Ch.cao. B ESrABLlSHED 1991. B THE PUDDING The proof of the pudding is in the eating, but you should bo first shown the pudding. Wc do not want you to send a subscription to us or place a lift for us until we can absolutely demonstrate lo your entire satisfaction that we are in right. If we fail you are none the loser. There is not a turf follower that can consistently pass our offer. Lot us show you what real inside information is. A horse has been shipped from this track south fir a killing, and you can havt- name and details lice for the asl.ing. RELIANCE BUREAU, 1 HAWTHORNE, ILL. 6-1 Won was yesterdays DAILY ONE HORSE WIRE. Do not miss this weeks wires, as our man 1 ager, Jlr. Whitman, will be at latonia R and will personally send in the informa 3 tion. LOOK OUT FOR SOME STARTLING COUPS NEXT WEEK, which we are going I to make our BANNER WEEK, finishing I I it up Saturday, October , with our 1 GRAND SPECIAL! i Tills GRAND SPECIAL we will guaran tee to be 5 to 1 or better, or give each .subscriber a months subscription to the "STANDARD" free. Will also guarantee it to WIN AND WIN ONLY, or give a S4.C0 subscription to our DAILY ONE HORSE WIRE. Price, .00. Do not, under any circumstances, miss this Grand Special, October 5, Only horse we ever gave out at Latonia on a Grand Special was: HOLLOW, 7-1, WON I Terms for Daily One Horse Wire: .00 j Weekly; .00 Daily. .Saturdays OCCASIONAL WIRE lost. All subscribers thereto can exchange their cards for .Mondays Daily Wire. NEXT OCCASIONAL GOES TUESDAY. Mondays Form Special: September Pear-40-74-36-a0-49-43-23-56-S2-84. The Standardf urf Guide Room 212, 59 Dearborn St., Chicago. J

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