Horses Which Have Died: The Years Record of Mortality Among the Thoroughbreds, Daily Racing Form, 1907-12-14


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HORSES WHICH HAVE DIED. THE YEARS RECORD OF MORTALITY AMONG THE THOROUGHBREDS. Water Pearl, Good and Plenty, Bohemian, Au Revoir and Others of Fame in the List. The mortuary record of the thoroughbred to date this year embraces 195 horses in training, sires and broodmares, one unnamed? foal of 1901, iifteen of 1905, forty-two of 190G ami nine of 1907, a total of 202. No doubt some unreported deaths have occurred, but the list here published covers all reported. Of the younger horses that might have done great deeds on the track, the name of Water Pearl is the most prominent. No better two-year-old raced last year and if spared and sound, he would probably have been a brilltant star in this year of extraordinary three-year-olds. , Local patrons of racing will recall the good racing done over Chicago tracks by George C. Bennetts good horse Au Revoir, as also by Auditor, Schoolmate and Tryon. Others well known that have paid their final dues are Israelite, a very fast but delicate horse, Donrd, one of the few horses credited with a mile in 1:38; Fine Cloth, winner of the Twin City Handicap last year; the fast Keene filly, Suffrage.; the steeplechasers, Good and Plenty, Panl Jones, Phantom, Trenct the Mere and Gould; the fast two-year-old filly Parisian Model; the useful selling platers Sonoma Belle, Quinn Brady; the good English-bred colt. Bohemian and the California sprinters Mascdo and Tocolaw. In the stud the greatest losses were In the deaths of the successful sires, nolsteiri, Cap-jtalnrSJgsbee Ingolthrif t, Intrusive and Scorpion, and! "the noted broodmares, Ortegal and Berriedale. In all the death list of the year is: Administrator, b. c, 2, by Fatherless Cara Belle. Atoka, ch. g, 7, by Gorman Dolly. Alvcrby, ch. f, 2, by Alvescot Fanny Willougli-by. Agra, b. , 3, by Falsetto or Alvescot Oleska. Auditor, b. g, 6. by Esher Alcestis. Au Revoir, ch. h, 7, by De Beauvoir Bon Voyage. Alarum, U. h, 14, by Torso Hana. Abbacy, b. f, 2, bp Bridgewater Duchess of Montrose. Alclna, b. c, 2, by St. Leonards Alcyone II. Add, Jr., b. c, 3, by King of Coins Century. All Over, b. h. 15, by Hanover -Deceit. Belle of the South, ch. f, 3, by Octagon Rose. Batavia, ch. c, 4, by Outlook Volante. Black Art, br. h, 5, by Sorcerer Hue. i Binondo, b. g:, 3, by Sempronius Algie M. Bellatrix, b. in, 5, by Ossary Santa Bella. Billy Rigg. b. e. 2, by Streamer Fortitude. Bay Jim, b. c, 2, by Blues Hattie Walker. Bouviac, ch. g, 3, by Ilimyar Brooch. Bohemian, br. a 4, by Florizel II. Rosegarland. Black Barbara, blk. f, 2, by Loyalist Madge. Berriedale, br. m, 13, by Donovan Caithness. Bonnie Gal, br. m, 18, by Galopin Bonnie Doon. Bessie Vasey, blk. m, 5, by Revelston Yarrana-bee. Comas, b. g, 4, by Panl Kauvar Joan II. Chris I!., b. c, 2, by Streamer Odylic. Chief OHaver, b. c, 3, by Pirate of Penzance Margaret II. Clieiro, ch. h, S, by Horoscope- Veva. Country Club, br. c, 2, by Lissak Adeek. Claude Duval, br. g, 3, by Common Starlight. Captain Sigsbee, b. h, 11, by Candlemas Landlady. Clandestine, ch. g, ti, by Woolsthorpe Emma Pickwick. Crystal Palace, b. c, 3, by Ben Holladay-r-Palustre. Carolyn, b. m, 7 by Stowaway Rose Longfellow. Clyde, b. g, 6, by Clwyd Miss Jumbo. Careless, ch. g, 6, by St. Leonards Indiffereuce. Contact, b. c, 2, by Bathampton Touch. Commack, b. c. 2, by Canopus Sabllla. 1 Crip, b. g, 3, by Ornament Tartlet. Dr. Wentker, br. g, 3, by- Sain Astolat. -Douro, br. g, 10, by Potomac Zainora. Dr. Turner, br. g, 4, by Rainbow Fantasma. Damper, blk. f, 2, by Brantome Darebith. , Ping Dong II., b. h, 5, by" Brutus Nabette. Dog Rose, br. g, 3, by Plaudit The Rose. Evelyn G., ch. f, 2, by Don dc Oro May Droit. Epocha, br. f, 2, by Glenheim Eotha. Emma C, ch. m, 19, by Ten Broeck Nannie D. Fox Hunting, b. g, 0, by Longstreet American Lady.- Fabian, b. g, 6, by Victory Falomacitar. Father Tallent, b. h, 6, by Bermuda Gratitude, by Woodlands. Fred Riese, ch. c, 2, by Goldfinch Lydia. Fine Cloth, br. c, 4, by Melton Fiona. French Empress, b. f, 3, by Tithonus Josephine, by Panique. Fred Priesmeyer, b. h, 5, by Tithonus Tassel. Florence Fonso, ch. m, 6, by Fonso Spenola. Grace R., br. f, 2 by Gallantry Bonnie May. Gitche Manito, gr. c, 3, by Belmar Maid of Harlem. Grace Uncas, br. f, 2, by Warrenton Prudence. Governor Davis, ch. g, 4, by Algol Lady English. Gould, b. g, 13, by Eolus Lady Grace. Gustar, br. f, 2, by Oakwood May Bee. Goldzone. b. g, 4, by Goldfinch rLAmazonc. Giggle, br. f 2 by Galore Merriness. Good Girl II. br. m, 14, by Merry Hampton Vesper. Goldfinder, ch. c, 3, by Goldfellow Sue Spillcr. Grace Wagner, br. f, 4, by Scorpion Quintella. Good and Plenty, b. g, 7, by Rosslngton Famine. Girdle, ch. m, 7, by Golden Garter Amourette. Gravina. b. m, 7, by Golden Garter Pink Cottage. Golden West, b. f, 2, by Golden Garter Aurania. Holstein, b. h, 9, by Hanover Anna Gray. Hexenmeister. b. c, 2, by Silverdalc Etheline. Hattie Carr. b. m, 5, by Percy Couronno dOr. Hamlet, b. g, 2, by Bridgewater Dixoletta. navlland, br. g, 10, by Lcttoon Anvolee. Illario, b. c, 2, by Ingoldshy Semper Victoire. Israelite, ch. h, 6, by Isidor Starlight, by Iroquois. Ingolthrift ch. h, 6, by Ingoldsby Adalid. Incantation, ch. m. 5, by Horoscope White Rose. Ida Merimee, ch. f. 4, by Gaylad Mattle K. Intrusive, ch. h, 12. by Meddler Frolic Grace. Ingoldsby, br. h, 15, by Chittabob Mere Hill. Janie Clay, ch. m, 11, by Teuton or Sir Dixon La Colonia. Jack Frisby, b.. c, 2. by Sempronius Reply. Judge Carter, b. g, 7, by Swigert Fairmaid. Jay Swift, ch. c, 3, by Ornament Independence. Johnny Edwards, b. g, 2, by Kingston Climax. Continued on second page. HORSES WHICH HAVE DIED. Continued from first page. Kodak, b. f, 2, by His Highness Karmn. Kinshu, eh. f, 2. by Picquart Nance ONoil. Katy-Did, ch. m, 23. by King Ban Kate Duncan. King Top, ch." g, 12, by King Kead Topsy. Kern, b. h, 0, by Once Again Majel. Kemper, b. c, 2, by Ornament Sonora. Kernel, br. g, 5, by Sir Dixon Nutshell. Lampenla. br. m, 5, by Lamplighter Despcnia. Lady Prudence, br. m, C, by Ben Strome Prudence. Lady Warrenton, br. f, 3, by Warrenton Prudence. Leonora Loring, b. in, S, by Dr. MacBridc Hoyden. Locligoil, ch. g, C, by Juvenal Soliloquy. Ladys Man, ch. c, 2. by Amnre Siona. Lulu Young, ch. m, 0, by Long Tom Diana, by Duke. Langford James, br. g, C, by Lamplighter Louisiana. Lela. ch. f, 2. by David Tenny Lillie W. Lizzie Edwards, br. f. 2. by Galore "Branch. Lady George, br. m. G. by St. George Eva S. Miss Ornus, ch. f, 3, by Ornus Miss McCann. Ma-Ma, gr. f, 2, by Belniar My Jessie. Mamie WItzky, br. f, 3, by King Hanover Two Step. Milanola, b. m, 17, by TUurio Bannerol. Miss Blackstone, ch. f, 2, by Frankfort Mary Black. Manana. ch. f, 3. by Kilmarnock Edith Gray. Marasini, b. f, 3, by OrsinI Marietta. Miss Florida, br. f. 2, by Hapsburg Florida Rose. Miniota, ch. c. 3, by Locohatchee Monita Hardy. Mickleton Maid, br. f, 2, by Mincemeat Alice Farley. Masodo. ch. h, C. by Maxio Reseda II. Mary O.. b. m. 19. by Billot Vega. McKee, 1. g, 2, by Prig Grisi Elk. Marie M., b. m, 3, by Handspring Charola. Neptunus, b. g, C. by Top Gallant Glene. Nostromo, b. g, 4, by Dr. MacBridc Grace Lee. Nonagon, b. c, 2. by Octagon Niminy. Naturitch, br. f. 3. by OrsinI Carthagona. Orphany, b. c, 2, by Fatherless Eliza Russell. Olio, br. c, 2, by Ornament Anne Conyers. Onda. b. f, 2, by Pessara Grace Bryan. Osbech. ch. c, 2, by Ormicant Winifred. Ortegal, br. m, 18, by Bend Or Lizzie Agnes. Princess Rupert, b. m, 5. by Hamburg Ruperta. Paulaker, b. g, 9, by Aloha Pink H. Phantom, b. g, G, by Meddler Dissembler. Paul Jones, ch. g, 5, by Knight of the Thistles-Interest. Parisian Model, ch. f, 2, by Lackford Frenchie. Pleasant View Belle, ch. f, 2, by Algol Lake View Belle. Phoebe Snow, b. f, 2, by Peep oDay Regalia II. Pink and Blue-, br. f, 2, by Kingston Cap and Bells. Pinta, br. f, 4, by Victory Falomacita. Queen Louise, ch. m, 9, by St. Saviour Louise Uncas. Quinn Brady, blk. c, 4, by Bannockburn or Sain Estelie. Rose of Ben Strome, b. f, 2, by Ben Strome Daisy Rose. Rain Check, li. -c. 2. by Rainbow Lady Premier. Retropaw, b. c, 4, by Bitter Root Verona. Rock Storm, ch.. g, 9, by Potomac Brown Princess. Round Dance, ch. c, 3, by Dieudonne Court Dance. Royal Breeze, b. c, 3, by Royal Flush III. Breeze. Rcelit, ch. c, 2, by Plaudit Strathreel. St. Candelaria, ch. c, 2, by Altamax Picnic. Salvisa. ch. f, 3, by Gold Spinner Sadness.. . Star of the Ocean, b. c, 2, by Orion Columbian. Sir Wm. Johnson, b. c, 3, by Clifford La Tosca II. Stoessel, cb. g, 4. by Aintree Claret. Scorpion, b. h, 20, by St. Simon Airnione. " Straw Leaf, b. c. 2, by Buckeye Leaf Straws. Spider Web. b. f, 3, by Woolsthorpe Spider. Sunshine after Rain, b. h, G, by Victory Sprinkle. St. Denis, ch. g, 5, by St. Carlo Moldenc. Salover, eh. c, 2, by Salvator tOver. Sailor Knot, b. g, G, by The Sailor Prince Seabird. Sandhurst, b. g, G, by Indio Flora Hurst. St. Eustace, ch. c, 3, by St. Leonards Lady Sylvia. Spherical, ch. g, 3, by Smile Orbed Maiden. Star Hawk, ch. c, 3, by Hawkswick La Diva. Susannah. 1. f, 3 by Filigrane Caroona. Sonoma Belle, ch. m. G, by Star Ruby Sonoma. Stroud, b. g, 5, by Free Knight Sarah Davis. Schoolmate, b. g, G, by Wadsworth Margaret Jane. Suffrage, ch. f, 4, by Voter Quecnston. Sempronia, b. f. 4, by Sempronius Proud Daisy. T.JJ. Scarbrough, ch. g, G, by Lord Hartington Potiua. Tanana, b. c, 3, by Maxio Blithesome. Tartan, blk. h. 5. by Oddfellow Lady Augusta. Trajan, b. g, 5, by Ornament Trianna. Tocolaw, ch. Ii, G, by Bassetlaw La Toquera. Tichimingo, ch. g, 4, by Oddfellow Annie Clark. The Argus, b. c. 4, by Ducat Rose of Magenta. Thistle Plume, br. 111, 5, by Knight of the Thistle Lady Lawrence. The Gleam, b. h, 5, by Lamplighter Polmaise. Tryon, br. g, 0, by Bassetlaw Troyene. Tarrigan, b. g, 7, by Trentola Glen Ellen. Trenct the Mere, b. g, 9, by Carlsbad Buff-and-Blue. Toddles, b. f, 3, by Toddington Woodford Filly. Tourmaline, ch. m, 22, by Sensation Ocean Queen. Tit Tat, b. in, 12, by Sir Modred Repartee. Volcanic, b. c, 2, by Vesuvian Gloom. Violet Dvne, b. f, 3 by St. George Ville Marie. Vestabella, ch. f, 3, by Flambeau Gretehen, by Sensation. War Coat, b. c, 3, by Pink Coat War Maiden. Water Pearl, ch. c, 3, by Watercress Pearl V; Woolstartle, ch. c; 3. by Woolsthorpe Startle. War Chief, b. g, G, by Carnegie Sporting Sally. Winifred Tarpey. ch. f. 3, by Bassetlaw Bianca. Wrenne, b; c, ,4, by Huron Tominie Bell. Yankee Patrol, br. c, 3, by Trentola The Black Squaw. Yana.b. in, S, by Governor Foraker Patoka. Foals of 1904. Brown filly, by Trenton Jane .Eyre, Foals of 1905. y Bay colt, by Yankee Mary C. Bay colt, by Ogden Golden Drop. Bay colt, by Pessara Leonatus" Mare No. 1.. Brown colt, by Planudcs Decimal. Brown colt, by Sandringham Lady Mill. Chestnut colt, by Knight of the Thistle Lisric. Chestnut colt, by Emperor of Norfolk Malate. Chestnut colt, by Contestor Mc-Sah-Che. Bav filly, by Compute Dunora. Bay .filly, by Ruskin II. Melody. Bay fillV. by Thicket May Bryan. Black filly, by Rnskin II. Princess Royal. Brown filly, by Albert Archeress. Brown filly, by Sidney Lucas Emancipation. Chestnut filly, by Compute Almora. Foals of 190G. Bay colt, by Maddison Anna Bain. Bay colt, by Salvado Magnelone. Bay colt, by Russell Hira Villa. Bay colt, by Ethclbcrt Movada. Bay colt, by Salvado Annie H. Bay colt, by Silverdale Miss Edd. Bay colt, by Dieudonne Palfrey. Bay colt, by Marius II. Monrovia. Bay colt, by Judge Morrow Sneeze. Brown colt, by The Virginian II. Polonaise. Brown colt, by Orsini Filcnn. Brown colt, by Kinley Mack Soliloquy. Brown colt, by Sanders Nut Brown. Brown colt, by Salvado Saccharoid. Chestnut colt, by Salvado Lily Dale. Chestnut colt, by Glenheim Ccrulea. Chestnut colt, by Yankee Rossignol. Chestnut colt, by Hamburg Melba. Chestnut colt, by Huron Siberia. Chestnut colt, by Nasturtium Monte Viso. Chestnut colt, by Salvado Tileria. Chestnut colt, by Mexican Hawthorne Princess. Chestnut colt, by Watercolor Bonds. Bay filly, by Salvado Grandczia. Bay filly, by Yankee Femesole. Bay filly, by Sombrero Lady Avery. Bav filly, by Yankee Fairle Queen. Bav filly, by MaxicA Lee Shore. Bay filly, by Mimic Madge I. Bay filly, by Greenan Plaza. Bav filly, by Ben Strome Irvana. Brown filly, by David Tenny Zylpha. Brown filly, by Huron Choir Girl. Brown fillv. bv Huron Miss Ilobson. Chestnut filly, by Salvadiv Bigmouth. Chestnut filly, by St. Sliuonian Monadour. . Chestnut filly, by Juvenal Beauty. Chestnut filly, by Slave Killarney. Chestnut filly, by Mexican Homeopathy. Chestnut filly, by St. Dory Alster. Chestnut lilly, by Salvado Clarcllo. Chestnut filly, by Sir Dixon Merdln. Foals of 1907. Bay colt, by Ben Strome Suzon. Bay colt, by Sempronius Scotch Bush. Chest nut colt, by Kthellierl Yaqui. Chestnut colt, by Mexican Money Box. Bav lillv. bv Melton Topiary. Bay filly, by Mexican Sparkle Esher. Brown filly, by Octagon -Gwendolyn. Chestnut filly, by Dieudonne Naughty Lady. Chestnut filly, by Mexican Witchcraft.

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