English Breeders Self-Protective: Sportsman Correspondent Speaks for Them Over Matter of a Market for American Yearlings., Daily Racing Form, 1908-07-21


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ENGLISH BREEDERS SELFPROTECTIVE Sportsman Correspondent Speaks for Them Over Matter of a Market for American Yearlings London July 12 Allison in a recent Sportsman puts the English view of a possible American inva ¬ sion for sales purposes in words as follows followsI I should advise them to refrain from coming here to sell and rather to exert their utmost ener ies in defeating the machinations of Governor Hughes No good result can accrue to anybody by Hooding the market In this country and as to bring ¬ ing over stables of race horses I have already ex ¬ plained that It is extremely improbable that the Jockey Club stewards will tolerate anything of the sort being done on a large scale aud that they have full power to prevent it by refusing to allow the owners to have their horses trained here This can ¬ not be too clearly or too soon understood and no American owner unless he be of the class of Mr James R Keeue or Mr Belmont should dream of transporting his stable to England without first as ¬ certaining from Messrs Weathcrhy whether he will bo allowed to have his horses trained here It is suggested they may come to Ireland and that is quite another proposition but they will not get fat over racing in Ireland unless on the principle of dog cat log The whole of Ireland does not contain so many people as London alone and most of them are penurious so that it would be impossible to run really big meetings there on a commercial basis No I think our American friends will have to work out their own salvation as against their opponents who have inherited the tainted blood of the Puritan fathers They must tight for their own and not run away If they do this resolutely they arc sure to win hut If In panic they come rushing over here they will assuredly find that they have dropped the substance for the shadow I do not pretend to he in the confidence of the Jockey Club stewards hut It is a matter of common sense that no responsible body of gentlemen in charge of turf affairs would permit this country to l e used as a sort of Alsatia by those whose own country has been made as re ¬ gards betting too hot to hold them themJ J II Skeets Martin has joined the leading divi ¬ sion of jockeys in England the records of which up to and including July 4 are shown in the table be ¬ low lowJockeys Jockeys Mts 1st 2d yd Unp PC PCHiggs Higgs W 2S 50 4 30 157 1711 1711Maher Maher 1 175 41 20 23 02 2328 2328Wootton Wootton F 212 U C 0 112 100 100Trigg Trigg C 24 243 31 21 23 105 1275 1275Griggs 1275Griggs Griggs William 233 30 50 0 30 143 1287 1287Kaxby 1287Kaxby Kaxby W 150 27 20 19 84 1800 1800Madden 1800Madden Madden 0 208 25 25 25 iil 1250 1250Randall 1250Randall Randall H ISIS 25 27 30 IK 110 1277 1277Halscy 1277Halsey Halsey W 1 1 23 25 20 12C llSo llSoDillon llSoDillon Dillon B 112 20 11 It 72 1785 1785Martin 1785Martin Martin J H 185 20 23 20 11 11O J 108 108Jones 1081 Jones H 122 3 1C 1 75 108 108Wheatiey Wheatiey E 70 IS 10 5 45 2278 2278Jones Jones C 103 18 2O S 58 1717 1717Ilingslead Ilingslead 0 120 17 17 21 71 1340 1340iMcCall iMcCall G IOC 1C 14 17 50 150 150From From a long essay on breeding and that of Sig norinctta winner of the Derby and Oaks in par ¬ ticular by her owner Chevalier GInistrelli the following is taken takenThe The whole study of horse breeding aud more particularly of the thoroughbred consists of the dis ¬ covering of certain secrets and mysteries in nature as for example to ascertain more or less accurately the degree of love and mutual sympathy that exists both before and after the process of sexual Inter ¬ course How often does a breeder of thoroughbred stock without giving himself a moments thought send his mare to be mated with a stallion which merely ligures in the BruceLowe system of classifi ¬ cation and beyond this one fact has no claim to the stallion in sympathy or otherwise This system of the BruceLowe Hjjures is nothing less than a di ¬ rect violation of the boundless laws of sympathy and love What an outcry there Is when a father of a family forces an unwilling marriage on his daughter What are the results of such a union unionBut But fyr the breeder who really has at heart the improvement of the equine race the matter by no means ends here he yet has to ascertain the health of the animals he proposes to mate There is not the shadow of a doubt that in the theory of selection the female is more Important than the male It is sufficient to remember that the stallion 1ms but two important functions to fulfill the elab ¬ oration of the semen and the act of sexual inter ¬ course itself while the mare has five such duties to perform germination fertilization gestation the period of giving birth aud finally the period of suck ¬ ling or rearing of her offspring Under these cir ¬ cumstances who can deny the overwhelming impor ¬ tance of the female over the male maleLong Long before Signorina ever met Chaleureus I had sought a subscription to Cyllene but after weeks of weary waiting I realized that I was doomed never to obtain that subscription with what happy result every one sees even those who until recently had accused me of having wasted my mare on a mere handicap horse Then it was that I determined on Chaleurenx and ray opinion of his fitness in every wayf aud especially as suitable for the mare was confirmed by the following incident I had already sent the mare to the horse to be tried when mw day Clialeureux was out for his usual mornings walk and passing as was his wont through the brick ¬ field adjoining my property All of a sudden he started to neigh as never horse neighed before The mare was out In the paddock and on hearing the voice of her lover immediately answered and this incident took place every time they met Now Signorina was not in season but all this and the proofs of intense love soon caused her to be in that state Considering all this as more than sufficient data I persevered confident from the very first that I was not far wrong and that the result of such a union would be an exceptional animal for stamina Signorina was phenomenal for her speed Chaleurenx was the same for stamina and sturdlness and I was more than convinced that by such a discovery of natures ways I should be more than rewarded for the fond care I had taken of my wellloved favorite favoriteBut But yet another potent factor In the situation On the ISth of February 1800 Signorina became afflicted with liver complaint and was in a high state of fever and two eminent veterinary sur ¬ geons Mr B II Leach and the late Professor Pritchard by their unselfish care saved the mare though traces of the complaint still lingered about her with the result that when she ran in the Oaks she was eighteen pounds behind her proper form It was this then that made me keep a steady look ¬ out for a horse that should combine sturdincss with strength and Clialeureux was such a one oneBefore Before I mated Signorina with Best Man and with Clialeureux I summoned Professor Heap Can ¬ tab the great physiologist in conjunction with my own veterinary surgeon Mr Leach to examine them I am of opinion therefore that it is high time the English breeders to whom breeders on the continent owe so much should return to this system of ex ¬ periment which is a system of sound common sense and when accompanied by much study and ripe cx pericuce is the best possible path to success successKillyleagh Killyleagh which has been getting a good many winners the last few years died in Ireland last week Bred by Mr II Moore he was u bay horse foaled in 1893 by Kcndal out of Abanico by Kosi crucian from Mantilla by King of Trumps TrumpsA A remarkable feature in connection with the rac ¬ ing on July 7 at the Bibury Club meeting at Salis ¬ bury was that with the success of Aristocracy George Edwards the Boveridge trainer achieved the notable feat of winning four races in one year with four horses out of the same dam viz Lady Lena The animals arc Aristocracy Lady Syme Lowland Lord and Crathorne CrathorneA A parly of ten came out for the valuable Grand Prix dOstende of eleven furlongs last Sunday July 5 La Nivcrnais 3 Sst lib being a hot favorite but she run badly in the race wherein Pillo o Sst lb led until near home when Magellan 15 Sst Jill joined him and despite all Mahcrs efforts Pillo was beaten a length and a half Probably Mr Bu ¬ chanans game colt is rather stale as ho has had a Jot of hard work this season Tho winner bred by Baron de Schicklor and owned by Mr T Thorne is a bay colt by the highly successful Perth out of Pietra Mala by Atlantic from Little Sister by Her ¬ mit mitThe The following table shows the breeders of winning produce which have won 10000 and over this sea ¬ son compiled from the English and Irish Racing Calendars CalendarsBreeders Breeders Winners Races Won WonChevalier Chevalier GInistrelli 1 2 57000 57000W W II Walker 14 4S7PO 4S7POR R Croker S 11 30140 30140W W Raphael 5 7 170 170A A Belmont 4 H 0740 0740J J Reid Walker 4 4 28580 28580T T B Joel 5 7 2S20 2S20Sir Sir J Robinson lo 15 25800 25800Col Col T Y L Kirkwdod 1 2 25000 25000Sir Sir I Cooper 2 4 24S30 24S30C C Mynors B 4 17910 17910Major Major Lodor 17400 17400L L de Rothschild 7 S 15400 Lord 15400Lord Carnarvon 4 15205 15205Lord Lord Derby 1 2 145T 145TL L Neuman 2 4 14385 14385R R Cleary 2 3 14250 14250D D Fraser 0 12 14100 14100Lord Lord Roscbery 5 11 13700 13700L L Brassey 4 8 11975 11975A A Stedall 7 7 11515 11515Major Major Fife 3 C 11490 11490W W G Stevens 0 S 11295 11295Lord Lord Ellesmere 7 10 11000 11000B B B Trench G 7 11030 11030Sir Sir W Curtis 1 10725 10725J J S Morrison 1 2 10700 10700W W Hilliard 2 4 10625 10625G G Edwardes 7 0 10300 10300Lord Lord Durham 5 0 10140

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