Horses That Died during 1912., Daily Racing Form, 1913-01-06


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HORSES THAT DIED DURING 1912. Kingston i- the most ilhnMrioua name that in peara ha the list of thoroughbreds thai died during 1012. This notable racer mid -ire wa- one of Aim-ri.-as truly stent hoi-i--. Others well known because of their performances on the track Include Al Muller. Apache, Ben Double, Descoeanets. John M. P., OC, Hindi. Ozana. Iinkola. Sewell. Sir Cd ward. Worth. Elfln Beau and Cooney K. The only stallion of prominence in the Bat, aside from King -ton. is Algol. The years losses are composed of the following: Aimee. ch. f. 2, by Golden Maxim— Santa Cuta Una. Al Mullet, b. ur. 7. by Sorcerer —Discard. Algol, ch. h. Is-. in Top Hallaut — Equality. Amazoiia. b. f. ::. by Inflexible -Masel. Andrew Summers, b. g. 7. bv Harvey— Cuba Iree. Apache, eli. t, 7. by Klhelbert — Yaqui. Arthur Ilyman. eh. g. 7. by Ktnperor of Norfolk -Rsperanaa. Aunt Kate. eh. m. i. bv Coldcresf — Vienna. Belle Of the Bay. ch. in, S. by Ballvhoo Rev— Leisure. Ben Double — b. g. 8. by Bendoran — lemons. Black Bridge, b. g, 7. bv Bridgewater— Sleek Heart. Bob Co, eli. %, .".. by Lord IMerling Brief. Bouaie Prince Charlie, eh. g, 10, by The Chevalier — Cliailiide. Bruce Rice. eh. s. C . by Algol — Lass of I.angden. Caicanet. ch. in. 11, by Montana — Circlet. Cbepontnc, eh. h. U, by Ornament- ChUplqaht. Colon.l Hogan, h. c, tk by Seuipronlns — Queen Isabella. Commola. b. m. .". bv The Commoner — Loslota. Cooney K . b. g, 8, by Senator MeCarrea Cam pallia. Deseomnets, cb. g. " . by Ingnldshy Radlanee. 1»ik- Tracy, ch. c. 2. by Ben Strom, epidemic. El Call", br. e. 2. by l»i,-k finm-ll -Paradise Won. 1i.u-i-. .Ii k 2. bv Huatingn St. Budora, l-.ltiu Beau, h h. .. b Flllgrane -Picture Hat. iCoiilinui-d on second page. HORSES THAT DIED DURING 1912. Continued from first page. HUaabeth O., br. m. 5, by Hobart — Duela. Farrier, li. c, 2. liy Hastings -Fairy Cold. 1 Igoia, i . f. 2, by .loiin P. -Agnes Brenaaa. lus Harliidge. cli. g. 3, by Ort Wells— Revolt. Ilnj mai Ket. b. g, 8, by David Gurrick — Troyaua. Hempstead, b. g. 3. by Hamburg — Bailie of Na- ■ aire. 1 ■ UN Bofereace, ch. •-. 1. by His Grace— Maam- h daisy. |: Hoose Boy, eh. c. .:. by Priace of Mellxmrin — ■ ui Housewife. imitator, b. in. 7. by Mimic Graaioaa. Jeannette I!., b. f, ■".. by Orlando -Miss Bogglano. 1: I: Joe Kenvon. in. g, 1. by Orlando Sister to llin doocraft. / John M. P., li. g, 13, by Britannic Guiding Star. f. Kaiser, ch. . ••. by Cesarion ESsie B. Kennewick, b. g. 7. by Box— Malva R. I King-ion. br. li. 2s by Spendthrift Kapauga. Knropatkin. b. g. .. by Gallantrj Cored. « Lady Minting, b. in. 21, by Minting Virginia p Swore. Lad] Sapphire, br. r. 3. by Handspring— Interview, u Leah, b. g, 4, by Woolsthorpe— Daak. Little Bee, b. t, 2. by Plumules -Belie Vale. Little Dad. eh. e. 2. by Oesarion— Patty. Magic Miss. eh. f. 4. by Magistrate Mis-; Hart. Mastership, br. c, 2. by Bowling Brook-Mary I.e Grand. Martin w. Littleton, blk. e, l. by Campus -Lady Britannic. Matt OConnelt br. g. 5, by Percy Miss Waliue. £ i. -ur. eh. g 4, by Six Shooter Maria. , . Herrj Beaa, b. and, 3, by oddfellow— Belle of St. j 1 Loais. Morris Friedsam, b. c, 2, by Star Shoot— Estelle : Whine J . MIUo, br. e. 3, by The Jadgi — Break oDay. Mi — Peieaud. Ch. in. .". by Jean Reioaud — Val dAino. Nancy Bay, b. f, I, bj Maaagan— Kenmore Queen. Neoskaleeta. blk. m. 8, by Clifford -Garoga. OConnoll. ch. g. 22. by Harry OFallon —May Ken i.edv. Oaatassa, eh. b, 7. by Isldor — Bock water. iniet. eli. e. ::. by Ornament — Claret. Oaaam, eh. m. 6, by Maaagan sparkle. Pennyroyal, br. --. I. by Wild Mint-Jennie He Cabe. Pericles, b. g. 2. bj Hastings St. Pii- -ilia. ivrnielia. b. 1. 4, bj The Commoner Loyal Marie Iieolata. b. C, 4, by loiitiae Pooiinia. Pinkola, Ch. g, 7. by Pink Coat— AVyol.i. Preference, b. m, 21, by Foaso — Pretence. Pulka. blk. h. 5, by Ogden— La Polka. Quality stnet. eh. g. ». by Canard— Misa Ringlets. Rnmazan. b. C, 4. by Mazagan -Betsy Breech. Reine Margot. ch. f. ::. by Mexican — Lady Navanc. Bingmaster, b. g. 4. by Fatherless -NInene. Roebock, eh. c, 4. by Anaaath 11. — Rosa Begina. Boy B.. blk. c. 2, by The Elector -Klsberttale. Sewell. b. b, 8, by Ceaarioa — Ora Bailey. Sir Edward, b. ll. !. by Eddie Join- Motto. sixty two, br. c, 4, by Golden Badge— Foxmeadow. star Venus, b. 111. B, bv Star Shoot— Lillian Beatrice. Steeplejack, b. e, 3, by Oat of Reach — Lady Au-gasta. Tallica, eh. 111. 18, by Deceiver — Alnieia. Tea Base, b. g. 2, by The Scribe -The Base. Tellfare, b. g, 11. by Sykcston — Dew of June. Teniineraire. b. g. 8, by Ballyhoo Bey — Miss H mi lung. The t. olden Butteilly. ch. 111. 5, by Golden Maxim Balaane. The Whip, Ch. g. 4. by Hand-ruing -GrOTe Qneefl Tipsaad, b. c ■:. by Rook Sand Tiptoe. Tom Ma— ie. br. g, 4. by Ruck Maasie — Kautila. Trado, b. g, ." . by Garolsteta— Priestess. Tube Base, b. in. " . by Colonel Wheeler — Sweet Bi si . Tweedeedle, b. g. 2. by Heno — Tweedie. Worth, br. c 3, by Knight of the Thistle -Mis* Hanover. Wyandot, ch. c. ,,. by Plaudit — Whyota.

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