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GENERAL NEWS NOTES OF THE DAY President Wilsons note to the German govern ¬ ment was made public yesterday After recital of injurious German attacks on American rights on the high seas and appropriate comments and protest it concludes It confidently expects there ¬ fore that the Imperial German government will dis ¬ avow the acts of which the government of the United States complains that they will make repa ¬ ration so far ast reparation is possible for injuries which are without measure and that they will take Immediate steps to prevent the recurrence of any ¬ thing so obviously subversive of the principles of warfare for which the imperial German government has in the past so wisely and so firmly contended contendedThe The government and people of the United States look to the imperial German government for just prompt and enlightened action in this vital matter with tlu greater confidence because the United States and Germany are bound together iiot only by special ties of friendship but also by the ex ¬ plicit stipulations of the treaty of 1828 between the United States and tlio kingdom of Prussia PrussiaExpressions Expressions of regret and offers of reparation in case of the destruction of neutral ships sunk by mistake while they may satisfy international obligations if no loss of life results cannot justify nor excuse a practice the natural and necessary effect of which is to subject neutral nations and neutral persons to new and immeasurable risks risksThe The imperial German government will not ex ¬ pect the government of the United States to omit any word or any act necessary to the per fotinnnce of its sacred duty of maintaining this rights of the United States and Its citizens and of safeguarding their free exercise and enjoyment enjoymentThe The German official statement made yesterday of the progress and results of the campaign in Galicia says In the southeastern theater the army under General Mackenscn In the course of his pursuit reached yesterday the neighborhood of Subiecko on tin San Lancut on the lower Wlslok and Kolbuszowa northeast of Debica Under pres ¬ sure of his advance the Russians retreated from their positions north of the Vistula In this sec ¬ tion the troops under General Woyrach who are closely following the enemy penetrated as far as the region south of Kielce In the Carpathians the AustroHungariaii troops under General Lleniugon have taken the hills east of the Upper Stryj nml captured 3050 men and sis machine guns At the present moment while the armies under General Mackensen are approaching Przemysl fortress and the lower San it is possible to form an approxi ¬ mate idea of the booty taken in the battles of Tarnow and Gorllce and other battles incident to the pursuit of the Russians in this region These armies have so far taken 103500 Russian prisoners and have captured sixtynine cannon and 255 ma chine guns In addition to this the AustroGerman troops in tile Carpathians and north of the Vistula have captured 40000 prisoners not included in the above statement statementA A dispatch from Rome of yesterday says The excitement is growing rapidly Today groups of interventionists paraded the streets forcibly pre ¬ venting the sale of neutralist newspapers For ¬ mer Minister BertolinI was recognized on a street car A crowd of interventionists boarded the car and attacked him They beat him severely and spat in his face iSertoliui finally was rescued by a group of officers Former Minister of the Interior Lnigi Fncta and Deputy Grazladei leaders of the neutralists also were roughly handled by the crowds A dispatcli from Basic says that an at ¬ tempt was made to blow np an Italian military train near the Cautu station on the MilanCoaio Railway Several bombs had been placed on the track and were discovered by a track patrol just before the passage of tho train Italians whose homes are in Austria already have lied for safety across the frontiers in great numbers It is es ¬ timated that 40000 have left Trieste alone while the total will aggregate 120000 120000The The king as sovereign of the Order of the Garter says an oflicial announcement Issued in London yesterday has given directions that the fol ¬ lowing names forthwith be struck off the roll of the knights of the order The emperor of Austria the German emperor the king of Wurtemberg the Grand Duke of Hesse Prince Henry of Prussia the Duke of SaxeCoburg and Gotha the Duke of Cumberland The Order of the Garter was founded by King Edward III about August 1348 Since 1831 it has been constituted of the British sovereign and twentyfive knight companions who were lineal descendants of King George I and of sovereigns and extra knights who have been ad ¬ mitted by special statutes statutesA A statement of yesterday from Petrograd says Repulse of repeated attacks againat the Russian lines lu the region of Shavll is reported in the official statement given out tonight Five onslaughts of the Germans were beaten back Tuesday night anil the following morning a German outflanking column was defeated The announcement adds thqt the Russian offensive oh the right bank of the Dneister is meeting with continued success Re pifse of the Austrian near Cliocimicn northwest of Oliertyn Is reported In this operation The Austrian loss was heavy The Russian artillery annihilated two entire battalions Near Horodenka several thousand prisoners and a number of guns were captured capturedAn An Athens dispatch of yesterday says King Constantine Is seriously ill Prayers were ordered In all the churches of Greece today for his re ¬ covery The king contracted pleurisy and a se vere cold A consultation of royal physicians was held last night Today an official bulletin was given out denying the report that the kings con ¬ dition had been described as hopeless and declaring that his Illness Is taking the normal course King Constantino is fortysix years of age He became ruler of Greece upon the assassination of his father King George on March IS lit King Constantine was active recently in overturning the war party in Greece GreeceA A Paris dispatch of yesterday afternoon says A fleet of British and French aeroplanes has de ¬ livered another aerial attack upon the German positions along the Belgian coast destroying a number of bridges The aviators were under special orders to find and bombard the big German guns which have been bombarding Dunkirk at a distance of twentytwo miles A dispatch to Le Figaro says that the French captured 0000 Germans In the battle north of Arras ArrasThe The entire Italian cabinet has resigned The council of ministers says Renters Rome corre ¬ spondent considering that it did not possess the unanimous assent of the constitutional parties re ¬ garding its international policy which the gravity of the situation demands has decided to hand its resignation to the king An official note to this effect was issued yesterday The king has reserved his decision as to whether the resignation will be accepted acceptedThe The Appellate division of the New York Supreme Court decided yesterday that it would not Interfere with tho plan to have Harry 1C Thaws mentiil status placed before a jury for determination The court dismissed the prohibitory writ which if sus ¬ tained would have enjoined the Supreme Court from submitting the case to a jury next Monday MondayBombardment Bombardment of the Dardanelles forts by the allied fleet continued with the greatest violence ail day Wednesday according to private advices re ¬ ceived at Athens yesterday The Turks are re ¬ sisting with great stubbornness the attempt of the allied expeditionary forces to advance advanceA A Dutch trawler was bombarded by a German aeroplane and sunk In the North Sea according to Information brought to the port of Ymulden by other trawlers yesterday The attack was made Wednes ¬ day morning Three bombs were dropped The crew Is reported to liuve been killed killedA A dispatch from Blythe England of yesterday says German submarine was sunk In the North Sea by the steamer Collalrnle according to otlicers of the Collairnie which arrived here today The Collalrnle is a 432ton craft from Aberdeen AberdeenGermany Germany has received renewed assurances that Greece will not enter tho war on the side of tne allies it was semiofficially stated in Berlin yester ¬ day Advices from influential sources In Athtns declare the new Greek cabinet will preserve neu ¬ trality tralityA A dispatch to the London Times of yesterday from Moudros Island of Iiinnos says the coast linn of tho Galllpoll Peninsula now is in the allies possession and that troopships from Egypt and France are landing reenforcements and guns gunsYesterdays Yesterdays Baseball Results National League Ciiicago 10 Brooklyn 4 New York 3 Cincinnati 1 Philadelphia 5 Pittsburgh 3 St Louis 5 Boston 4 Federal League Chicago 0 Pittsburgh 0 Brook ¬ lyn 12 Baltimore 4 Newark 5 Buffalo 1 1Fivo Fivo Italian transports laden with troops have left Brindisi for Albania to put down the new insurrection reported to be led by the Turks The insurgents according to dispatches received here are threatening Avlona

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