Telegraphic Form, Daily Racing Form, 1919-01-26

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TELEGRAPHIC FORM The horses which seem best in Sunday-4 races are: Oriental Park Havana, Cuba, January 2.". 1 Littlocote. Carrie Moore. Weymouth Girl. 2 Little Nephew, The Duke, Enver Bey. ;i DImltri, Waterford. Ed Garrison. 4 Orestes. Etruscan, Hamilton A. r SILVER SANDALS, Great Dolly, Chemung. 0 Flittergold. Daddvs Choice, Sir Wcllous. 7 Mud Sill, High Tide, Sascnta. T. K. Lynch. Buffalos Havana Handicap. 1 Littlocote, Weymouth Girl, Carrie Moore. Suuduria. 2 Little Nephew,. Blanchlta, Whippoorwlll, Gus Scheer. ;i DIMITRI, Yorkville. Premium, Ed Garrison. 4Vise Man. Belli; Rolwrts, Hamilton A., Sedan, r. Silver Sandals, Great Dolly, Callaway, Point to Point. 0 Totloy. Daddys Choice. Sasin, Flittergold. 7MUd Sill, Capt. Marchmoiit, Starlike, Schemer. Observer Havana Handicap. 1 Littlocote, Carrie Moore, Snnduria, Eddie Mc- Bride. 2 Blanchita, Little Nephew, Enver Bey, The Duke. 3 Dimitri. Yorkville, Lytle, Sparkler. 4 W. E. Applegate aiid F. D. Weir entry, Tippler. Wiseman. Orestes. 5 Silver Sandals, Ralph S., Great Dolly, King of the Scarlets. fiTotley, Flittergold, Daddys Choice, Sir AVel- 7MUD? SILL. Sascnta, Frank Kcogh, Capt. Marchmoiit. The horses which seem best in Mondays races are: Fair Grounds New Orleans, La., January 25. 1 Dandy Van, Airnat, Rone Dry. 2 Hidden Jewel, Discussion, Tantalus. 3 Cracow, Key Mar. George Washington. 4 Ticket. Sands of Pleasure, Fern Handley. H BOB HEXSLEY, Grayson, Qiieen Apple, i Pilscn, Choir Master, Tom Goose. 7 Sleeth, Words o AVisdom, Spsius. J. L. Dempsey. Buffalos Fair Grounds Handicap. 1 Dandv Van. Airnat. Bone Dry, Hello Pardnor. 2 Tantalus, Discussion, War Idol, Churchill Downs. 3 Cracow, Key Mar, Handsel Rose, George Washington. 4 AVnukeag, Fern Hundley, Dan Bright. Ticket. 5 Grayson, Dob Honsley, Prevaricate, Dolina. 3 PILSEN, Choir Master, Harry Burgoyne, Tom Goose. 7Sloeth, Sosius, Blue Thistle, Words o AAisdom. Observers Fair Grounds Handicap. 1 AIRNAT. Dandy Van. Atta Boy, R. Lester. 1 Archie Alexander, Hidden Jewel, Tantalus, Hindoostan. 3 Cracow, Key Mar, Dickery Dare, Handsel Rose. 4 Sands of "Pleasure, Waukeag, Ticket, Bright. . , .- Rob Henslev, Grayson, Dolina, Queen Apple. C Choir Master, Thursday Nighter, Pilsen, Lady Leona. 7Slceth, Blue Thistle. Don Dodge, Sosius. Worlc AVatcliers Fair Grounds Handicap. Fair Grounds New Orleans, La.. January 25. 1 Atta Hoy II., Dandy Van, Hello Pardnor, Air nat. 2 Hidden Jewel, Churchill Downs, War Idol, Archie Alexander. 3 Key Mar, Cracow, Dickery Dare, Handsel Rose. 4 Sands of Pleasure, Dan Bright, Waukeag, Fern Handley. 5 Rob Honsley, Jiffy, Dolina, Grayson. 5 PILSEN. Tom Goose, Choir Master, Merry Twinkle. 7 Bombast, Don Dodge, Paul Connelly, Blue Thistle.

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