Surprises At Ingleside., Daily Racing Form, 1896-04-04


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SURPRISES AT INGLBSIDB KINGBIRD INGLBSIDBSAN KINGBIRDS SAN FRANCISCO Cal Aprils Sir Play Green Morris cranky colt made a show of his com ¬ pany panky at a mile today Last Chance beat Otty Dotty auna Mauna and La Mascotta Mascot turned down Mobalaska Modals The racing was keen and clean The summary Ingleside Ingles Track San Francisco Cal April 3 Weather clear track fast 54 First race mile Selling Time 102 102Ind Ind Indo Horses Wgt Wt Jockeys Odds 123 Last Chance 106 H Martin 3 to 11 11Ottyanna Ottyanna Ottawa 101 TSloan Sloan 7 to 10 2 123 Banjo lOd clod Cochran 8tol3 84 Hiram Argo Argos 105 C Slaughtor15 to 10 10GonuettoEdwds107 GonuettoEdwds107 Shaw 40 to 10 10Wawona Wawona Aswoon 106 Jones 6tolO 6tolOCapt Capt Caput Spencer 106 Dowell Dwell 50tolO 18 Landlord 109 Bozeman 50 to 10 10Winner Winner Oakland Stables ch g 5 by Prince of Norfolk Vidotte Ideate VidotteStart Start good Won handily by three lengths Second by two lengths Scratched Myron 103 103ICC ICC CC upA77 Second race 5 mile 3yearolds and up A77 ward soiling Time 116 116Ind Ind Indo Horsos Horses Wgt Wt JockeyPeixotto Jockey Jockeys Jockey Odds OddsPeixotto Peixotto Eliot 93 Garner 2V4 toll 9 Hazel SlaugMosier Slummier D 91 C Slaug Slug Slaughter 30 to 1 2 2Mosier Mosier Mossier 93 R laom loam 2Htol3 124 Ricardo 107 Shields Shieldstfobin Shields 12tolO 12tolOtfobin 12tolOtfobin tfobin tobin Hood I 110 Shaw ShawLinville 12tolO 12tolOLinville Linville Inveigle 107 H Marti MartiMeadow Martina Martin 31A tolO too tolOMeadow toilsome Meadow Lark 104 Cochran 3V to 10 140 Clara Johnson 91 Roidy Aroid 75tolO 100 La Flecha Fleche 91 J Johns Johnson 60 to 10 10Winner Winner R W Roberts ch g 3 by Brutus Bruits dam KelpieStart Kellies by Kelpie Kelp Start fair Won easily by 3 lengths second by lengthsScratched lengths 2 lengths Scratched Ida Sauer Saucer 102 1 C A Third race 1 mile Handicap 1C U Timel42li Ind Indo Horsos Horses Wgt Wt Jockeys Odds 74 Sir Play 86 C Slaughter 3to51 3to51Olive Olive 9S T Sloan 2l4 to 12 12Montellade Montellade Amontillado 94 Jones 8tol3 72 Thornhill Hornbill 113 Cochran 30tolO 30tolOWinner Winner G B Morris Gos Egos b g 3 by Sir Modred Molded Plaything PlaythingStart Playthings Start fair Won easily by 4 lengths second by 2 lengths lengthsScratched lengths Scratched Figaro Friar 108 1 C 7 Fourth race 1 116 miles Selling 1O Time 150 Ind Indo Horses Wt Jockeys Odds 12iSt Lee 94 Garner 1 to21 Dnngarven Dungaree 107 Oochran Cochran Wi tol2 85 Tar and Tartar 104 IShaw Shaw 4H tol3 85 FiFi FIFO 100 Reidy Reid 60 60tolO 60tolODoyle to 10 Doyle 100 C Slaughter 30 to 10 Winner T G Fergusons Ferguson b c 3 by StGeorge Steerage LeveeStartgood Cleverest Levee Startgood Statehood Won handily second in a drive driveScratched drives Scratched Pollock Pollack 91 91ICO ICO CO Time1C7 Fiftlirace Effloresce 5i 2 furlongs Soiling Time 1C7 ° l08k l08kInd Ind Indo Horses Wgt Wt Jockeys Odds Odds21La 21La Mascotta Mascot 90 C Slaughter 25 to 11 11Mobalaska Mobalaska Modals 96 TSloan Sloan lt 22 22Pat Pat Murphy 104 Macklin Mackinaw 10 to 1 3 119 Purhaps Perhaps 92 J Johnson 15 to 1 0 0yslSir yslSir slier Richard 110 Shaw 212tolO 212tolOWinnor Winnor Winner J T FoilanbeeV Fiancee b f 3 by Sam Sim Siam ¬ eon Marie F Startgood Statehood Won driving by a neck Second by six lengths lengthsScratched lengths Scratched Mt McGregorll 95 Wm Iinker Inker ton 94 ICO CO Sixth race 34 mile selling Time 115 Ind Indo Horses Wgt Wt Jockeys Odds Odds85Palomacita 85Palomacita 93 Jones 9 to 5 1 86WalterJ 98 C Slaughter 30 to lz 119 Toneno Tone 93 Garner X to 1 3 Tim 3Tim Murphy 107 Shaw 3tolo San 3toloSan Marco 96 Cochran 4 to 1 0 Schnitz Schnitzel 0Schnitz 107 Macklin Mackinaw 15 to 10 Clacquer Lacquer 10Clacquer 110 Shields 15 tolo too 86Model tolo86Model 102 Piggott Spigot 6tolo 6toloWinner Winner Burns Waterhouses Warehouses ch f 3 by Shannon Paloma Palma PalomaStart Palmas Start good Won driving mildly by 1 length second by 2 lengths Scratched Candor 106

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