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THE TURF AND ITS MATHEMATICS Of all DAILY RACING FORMS publications the American Racing Manual is the most valu value ¬ able and resultive regulative if its figures aro aero applied with keen intelligence of observation Its handicap table puzzles the public No wonder All such tables work the same way The handi hand capper who is one and not a bluff bases his conclusions on what he knows and sees The table was published purely to give the public the information supposed to be available only to a few Them should not be any racing Holy of Holies The public side of the sport is the side of its sustenance The same shade about intelligence rules in racing as in general business avenues Why not If the rule didnt didn't apply broadly the incen Incan ¬ tive tie would bo la king I never believed in the figures of the handicap table My experience story shows that But this and that hiky hickey turfite trite has used the table at available times and charged the lamb what he could get for it in manuscript The table puts such folks into legitimate avenues The strong and valuable features of the Manual to me ami amid to others are its speed estimates The comparative tables and those covering track records cost the work of five months There have been super ¬ ficial facial objections against some of these es ¬ timates inmates Racing bargains in a masculine way are usually wordy A dozen objec object ¬ tions ions came to me about the Milwaukee mile pstimate estimate of 140 4 The average objector lid not sign his name Anonymous letter writers re normal cowards and uot out worth notice The Milwaukee mile record was 140 6 by Muska Musk longe longed and Havoc The miles were mnde monde this year too But who classes Muskalonge Muskellunge and Havoc in the first group Not a man who deals in racing through winning ways I waited a day or two During that period vindication came Merry Monarch just removed in his best days from turf excellence was the tool August 20 he won at a Milwaukee mile in 140 with 100 pounds up Merry Monarchs performance was under 100 pounds At his best the horse was high in the second grade j His mile proved the tiuth tithe of the Manual s Mil ¬ waukee wake track speed estimate Track records do not fairly reflect track speed at all distances Many such distances are irregular unfashion unfashionable ¬ able and unfortunate When paraded the ele dele ¬ ments aments may be against them Then too they are so seldom used that bad horses furnish their speed results Such races cannot furnish lines on the speed of the course and the distance The Manuals estimate of speed at all distances is reflection and not that of record It shows what is possible not what haa Hara been done onden bondmen Co an intelligent commission firm of Covington Coving Ky sized up the Manuals worth early and in this way The table of compara compare ¬ tive tie speed is worth a dollar a minute to any handicapper especially at this season of the year when horses are at one track today and at another two days later It was upon this idea that the speed tables and their comparative display were built The future will show their worth I claim that a man with patience money and judgment has all the advantages of the socalled scaled gambling side of racing The legal definition of gambling has been refined by lexicon and law to chance or lottery There is some color about the gambling of betting taking the broad array of each day with its thirty of more events The selling plater platter is a queer creature yet in its lowest strata and with all his idiocyn idiocy crasies crazies hes hems far more reliable than the turn of the card or dice or the whirl of the wheel In his higher stages the thoroughbred is as true as staiidard standard prices on commodities Domino won nine times made a dead heat and lost not one of the races of his twoyearold toehold ca i ear Maid Marian in four seasons ran 81 races and won 46 of them Yo Tambien Ambient in four seasons performed 72 times and won 43 races And so it goes Are nt those figures living evidences of regularity ftad tad honesty Where is the chance or lottery ahuut hut betting on such horses Most of the I wdrjr durra and shot of intolerence intolerance comes from the ugazines Gaines of quarrelling turf operators Some mis mils these anarchists t wn poolrooms some ¬ time tracks aad ad at other time both bothHere bothered Here are some figures giving an idea of how sore and true horses run DAIL DIAL RACING Foam PuWishhi Punishing Co up to Monday September 7th bas issued 141 papers since March 26th 1896 It ba publilvdits publicly idea of form on 2825 races run tb day of publication during that period This form has rL en 131 winners and named 19 1 winners amr am the three horses uomiuated nominated in the daily an i banco banc never reached such a percental percent s this A an instance I will go to last Saturdays I aradf farad of selections Thirty races were run and rp rpif rife if ited cited that day and the form of all was pub lishi lush MO fourteen hours be for tti tic = events were decided Twelve winners were named as winners In the thirty groups of three the names of twentyone twenty winners appeared There is no such average as this about any lottery or game of chance Here are the winners and their highest and lowest betting price Winners Opening Closing Semper Simper ClosingSemper Closings Lex Alex 6 to 1 13 to 5 5The The Deuce 3 to 5 evens evensAl evens Al varado farad 3 to 5 1 to 2 2Lorrania Lorrania Loran v8 to 5 2H to 1 1Pete Pete Kitchen ilA Gila to I 4 to 1 1Loyal Loyal Prince 1 to 1 3 to 1 1Irdio Irdio Radio 4 to 5 7 to 10 10Neutral Neutral evens 7 to 10 10Whisper Whisper 7 to 10 3 to 5 5Scarf Scarf Pinr Pin 2 to 1 2 to 1 1HarryReed HarryReed Arrayed 8 to 5 7 to 5 5St St Anthony 3tol 4 to 1 1Naturally Naturally one turns to the financial result of a days betting on the selections for the thirty races as published in Saurday Saturday mornings DAILY RACING FORM inured on a basis ofsrieach Josiah way on the first selections of all thirty races or 10 straight on oddsoil Oldsmobile favorites without place odds the loss would have bean 131 and the profit 216 The net winnings therefore was 8f These selections too were merely the re ¬ sult Sault of a hurried glance at the figures as printed in DAILY RACING FORMS charts In our re ¬ fined telegraphic selections sent out Friday night the average was far higher stme stamen 60 per cent

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