Well Bred Ones Sell Cheaply., Daily Racing Form, 1896-12-08

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WELL BRED ONES SELL CHEAPLY CHEAPLYAt Cheaply At the recent sale of Woodard Woodward Shanklin Shackling at Lexington the following animals were sold B c by Deceiver Elizabeth G R LMoore125 Br f by Julian Witch Hazel R L Moore 100 100Chc Chc Chic by Julien Julie KittieH Kitties TMDaly Modally 125 125High High Jinks b c by Himyar Shimmy Alta Blue W WMWallace MWallace Wallace 550 550Hifalutin Hifalutin Infatuating b f by Teuton Teutonic Slipaway Slipway Chas ChasMoore Cashmere Moore 125 125Harass Harass b c by Himyar Shimmy Darevela Caravel W J JSteele Steele Steele 125 125B B c by Teuton Teutonic Annie Woodcock Jim JimSmith Insist Smith 100 100Ch Ch c by Teuton Teutonic Modjeska Modes O E Reim Rein 210 210B B c by Teuton Teutonic Wewa Weak Sam Wagner 600 600Br Br c by Sir Dixon Miss Annie J O Harlan Hartland 450 B c by Fonso Fonts Highland Belle Ed Brown 185 B c by Gov Go Foraker Forsake Lady Crook F B BDolan Dolan Dolan 105 105ti ti f by Fordham Ford Katie P Ed Graves 100 100Br Br f by Fordham Ford Start W M Wallace 200 200B B f by Deceiver Twitter Gus Straus ICO CO ICOCh Coach Ch c by Deceiver Springtime W TWood Wood TWoodard Woodward ard Ward Jr 200 200Ch Ch c by King Eric War Lass E L Graves 140 Ch c by Audrain Adrian Justicia Justice W M Wallace 500 Ch c by Springbok Annapolis Curry McChesney Caches 650 650B B f by Deceiver Zutie Cutie Dr E F McLean CLean 325 Ch c by Springbok or Audrain Adrian Logwood R F Myers Mayer 130 130Ch Ch c by King Eric Polly H II F B Van Meter 100 100B B c by Springbok Bruno Gene Porter 275 275Chc Chc Chic by Audrain Adrian E L Graves 200 200Ch Ch f by Deceiver Aspetto Aspect S K Hughes 130 130B B c by Deceiver Devonia Devonian Ed Brown 100 100B B c by Deceiver Miss Charmer W L LLewis Lewis Lewis 110 110Ch Ch f by Deceiver Tortuga Portugal J D Smith 100 100B B c by Audi ain Eugenie Eugene Fisher Tarr Tarry 135 135B B c by Springbok Golden Queen Thomp Thom ¬ son Tarr Tarry 380 380Ch Ch f by Bramble or Deceiver Almera Calmer Lu Lucian cian cain Lyne Lynne 875 875Ch Ch c by Audrain Adrian Mademoiselle W M MWallace Wallace Wallace 225 225Ch Ch c by Springbok Emerald Samuel SamuelWagner Samuel Wagner 600 600B B f by Deceiver Leeda Leeds W T Woodard Woodward WoodardJr Woodward Jr 130 130Ch Ch f by Whistle Jacket Reply Sam Wag ¬ ner near 350 350B B c by Duke of Montrose Adventure James Peel 200 200Ch Ch c by Fortissimo Swiftsure Swifts Hiram HiramPearce Hiram Pearce 110 110Blk Blk Balk f by Onondaga Anthem Dan OBrien O'Brien 150 Ch c by Onondaga Virgie Virile Wright Milton MiltonYoung Milton Young 200 B f by Duke of Montrose Blue Bell G D Wilson 225 225Br Br f by Pirate of Penzance Penance Colleen Rhue Hue GDWilson Godwits 260 260Ch Ch c by Deceiver Mary R L Moore 125 125B B f by De Beauvoir Behavior Ace of Hearts John Rodegap Bodega HO HOBc HOc Bc by Day Star Laraminta Claremont J W Hay den 100 100Chc Chc Chic by De Beauvoir Behavior Lady Longfellow Byron McClelland Macmillan 160 160B B c by De Beauvoir Behavior Eothen Ethan Robert Mc ¬ Millan Milan 105 105B B c by King Eric Mary Sparks Byron Mc ¬ Clelland Leland 750 750Ch Ch c 1 by Spendthrift Intacta Intact W J Smith 105 105Ch Ch f 1 by Fonso Fonts The Princess F B Do ¬ lan 105 105Bc Bc 1 by St George Belle Loring Lording Dave McDonald 100 100Ch Ch f 1 by Wagner Fabecia Abaca D Wilkins 150 150Ch Ch c 1 by Deceiver Minnie Cole R K Lewis 215 215Ch Ch c 1 by Farandole Farad Logan G W Bel Belo knap 275 275Ch Ch f 1 by Day Star Miss McGregor Microgram Sam Wagner 100 100B B f 1 by Falsetto Longmate Elongate GeoBradley Goral 100 100Ch Ch c 1 by Falsetto Robellis Obelisk James Sav Slav age 135 135Ch Ch c 1 by Whistle Jacket Ten Ban dam of Leavitt Levitate Eugene Porter 4CO 4COBob Bob Knight ch c 1 by Spokane Boy Queen Eugene Porter 130 130Nat Nat P b c 3 by Deceiver Simoon Simon W S Burbank 150 150La La Princessa Princess b f 2 by Prince Royal La PalomaO Palma E Rebin Rein 1 100 100Argon Argon b f 2 by Candlemas Candelas Hypatia Hepatica J N Camden Jr 185 185Alma Alma Tadema Tandem ch f 2 by Fonso Fonts My Favor ¬ ite bite C S Brownell Browne 290 290Harry Harry Shannon br g 3 by Harry OFallon Fallen Peony J E Cushing 250 250Twinkle Twinkle br m 5 by Sir Modred Molded Stella Kinzea Kline Stone 200 200Masterpiece Masterpiece ch c 2 by Kailiciate Tailcoat Oxygen M J Hickey 160 160Weway Weway Weary br m 9 by Longfellow Fuchsia J B Payne 150 150Outscramble Outscramble Outscore b m 11 by Outcast Scram ¬ ble able Richard Gibson 125 125Quotation Quotation ch m 11 by Rayon d Or Quar Quark ¬ antine Antoine J N Camden 100 100Philistia Philistia Philistine ch m 4 by JSt Jest Blaise Blains Delilah J B Haggin Haggling 600 600Blk Blk Balk c weanling by Tremont Fremont Victrix Cicatrix Dan deNoyelles demoiselles 150 150La La Paz ch m 4 by St Blaise Blains Bellona Bologna J B Haggin Haggling 450 450Queenfisher Queenfisher Squeamish b m 4 by St Blaise Blains Ment Meant more Lass J B Haggin Haggling 375 375Chartreuse Chartreuse ch m 7 by Charaxus Caraculs Eohe Enoch J B Haggin Haggling 375 375Little Little Hempstead b m 8 by Longfellow Useful J B Haggin Haggling 175 175Aretino Aretino Retina b h 16 by Aramis Abrams Sprightly W H Fizer Pfizer 300 300Katie Katie Longfellow b m 3 by Longfellow KateMalone Watermelon W H Fizer Pfizer 200 200Mattie Mattie D bi m 9 by Bramble Duchess J N Camdeu Camden Jr 150 150Lucille Lucille Boynton b m 10 by Longfellow Henrietta Heritage Dr D Bennett 140 140Morna Morna Mona ch m 11 by Faustus Faust Lady Wood ford WH Fizer Pfizer 200 200Apex Apex ch m 8 by Buchanan Ascension J BDismuth Bismuth 100 100Nellie Nellie D b m 5 by Linden IssToddie Histories John Simms Sims 100 100Ten Ten Ban b m 8 by Ton Broeck Brock Queon Queen B John Simms Sims 130 130Ch Ch c yearling by Kingston Sally Howard AHChenault Bacchanal 200 200Meta Meta ch m 10 by Onondaga Una Luna Gua Guam Straus 460 460Ch Ch c weanling by King Alfonso Julius Bauer 420 420Contrary Contrary b m 6 by Ben dOr doer Vixen J M Murphy 325 325Bondova Bondova Bond rn m 16 by Ben Battle Cordova G D Wilson 150

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