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NAMES CLAIMED CLAIMEDThe Claimed The 2yearolds in the Fleischmann Freshman string have ueen Queen awarded the following names Lady of Quality ch f by Top Gallant Dolly Varden Arden VardenTopmost Ardent Topmost blk balk c by Top Gallant Ala Ba Ba BaToptackle Backpacked Toptackle Toothache blk balk c by Top Gallant Ollie Mollie John ¬ son sonAlpen somnolent Alpen Galen ch c by Sir Dixon Alpena Galena AlpenaImprovident Improvident b c by Spendthrift Liantha Pliant LianthaHigh High and Lofty blk balk c by Wagner Hauteur HauteurCharmante Hauteur Charmante Chairman br f by King Eric Jleopatra Cleopatra JleopatraChanteuse Chanteuse br f by Belvidere Belvedere La Diva DivaMannio Disharmonious Mannio Manioc Dixon ch f by Sir Dixon Nannie Nannies McDosvell McDowell Sir Hubert ch c by Sir Dixon Sungleam Sunlamp Pasee Parsee ch f by Kingston Margery Hunting ch f by Hanover Mamie Mammies Hunt Epping Upping b c by Hindoo Indoor Eppie Empire L Capt Caput Sam S Brown is reported to have some corking good 2yearolds in the following list of homebreds homebred Troubeam Trouble b or br f by Troubadour Sun ¬ beam beamSoldene backslidden Soldene Olden br f by Troubadour Sunlight SunlightGood Sunlight Good Morning b f by Troubadour Daylight DaylightDiser Daylight Diser Doser b f by Troubadour Katie A ADust Dust Dust Robe b f by Troubadour Tally Ho HoAnnie Joanne Annie McK Mack b f by Troubadour Pet Galway GalwayNo Galway No Desire b f by Troubadour Expectation ExpectationSam Expectations Sam Sturgis blk balk g by Troubadour Senorita SenoritaEuko Senorita Euko Euro b or br g by Troubadour Eukonia Leukemia EukoniaFizzle Fizzle b g by Troubadour Eoline Elaine EolineJohn Elaine John Mannion Anion b g by Troubadour Eva Rog Frog ¬ ers ersNunkeyme persnickety Nunkeyme Nuke b g by Stuyvesant Stevenson Garnet GarnetWhirler Garnet Whirler Twirler b f by by Stuyvesant Stevenson Nanon Manson NanonViol Naomi Viol b f by Blue Wing Viola ViolaJohn Violation John E Madden has registered the following names for ten twoyearolds toeholds Frohsinn Rosin br c by Spendthrift Llandrino Landing Scannel Cannel b c by Sir Dixon Emma Hanly Hanky Rhinelander Rhineland b c by Bramble Mary C Caslin Castling br c by Falsetto Zerelda Zeroed King Cotton ch c by Falsetto Cottona Cotton Eastabrook Easter br c by Spendthrift Lillie M Hoya ch f by Meddler lolanthe loathe Hexter Hester b c by Audrain Adrian Logwood Helen Thomas ch f by Hanover Fleur Flour dOr doer Limejuice Limnetic b c by Quicklime Charmetto Charleston CharmettoHere Hammertoe Here are the names selected by M F Dwyer for his eight 2yearolds of which five are by the famous Kingston Campus b c by Kingston Startle StartleKingdon Startle Kingdon Kingdom b c by Kingston Lady Ballard BallardRobert Ballard Robert b c by Kingston Boabdilla Boatbill BoabdillaFederal Federal br c by Kingston or Burlington Forethought ForethoughtAsthore Forethoughts Asthore Ashore ch c by Kingston Bogota BogotaTulano Bogota Tulano Tulane b c by Sir Modred Molded Faux Pas PasMeister Assister Meister Mister ch c by Fitzjames Harmony HarmonyChopin Harmony Chopin gr c by Tho Theo Bard Victress Victories Mr E F Simms Sims has claimed these names for seven 2yearolds The Kentuckian ch c by Pirato Pirate of Penzanco Penance Lizzie Tizzies Montrose MontroseHeadley Montrose Headley Headily b c by Harry OFallon Fallen Virginia Kinney So Easy ch f by Fpn Fpm du Lac Lace Ho Tachemie Alchemies TachemieMiss Archenemies Miss Yale 91 b f by Yale 91 Mildred MildredBriar Mildred Briar Bush b f by Springbok or King Eric Valasco Alas ValascoBill Bill Anthony b c by Azra Ezra Judith JudithDarthea Judith Darthea Dorothea b f by Deceiver Ida Walton WaltonHere Walton Here are the 2yearolds J E Gushing will rely upon this year Bloss Loss br c by Jim Gore Quintette Quintet Mulvehill Molehill b c by Portland Wanda Armstrong b c by Ben Stromo Stardom Pet Morris Miss Dooley br f by Clarendon Claremont Gossip Eva Wilson b f by Loyalist Shadow ShadowSundry Shadows Sundry owners claim the follewing following names for i for their 2yearplds J L Staderman Steersman Dick Hasse Chasse b g by Eon Montebelle Monte Montebellej Monte j Talbot Bros Brows Eberhart Seborrhea b or br c by Eber Weber lee Ramona Kephren Empyrean blk balk c by Sir Dixon Catalpa Dawsie Dowse Lake b f by Brutus Bruits Villa James J Byrne Jim Byrne b c by Order Ann AnnThomas Anthems Thomas J Carson Enriqueta Enrique ch f by Ben Strome Stone Henrietta Heritage HenriettaOots Heritages Oots Boots Bros Brows Vaquoro Vaquero ch c by Sleipner Steiner Mary O Gil Gail Curry Glasnovin Lanolin b f by St Leonards Leonard Countess Merode Erode b f by Guarantee Tremola Tremolo TremolaThomas Crenellations Thomas A McGowan San Ramon b c by Morello Marcello Viola ViolaGeo Village Geo Geol C Bennett Ridgeway Tideway b c by Candle ¬ mas Xmas Letta Etta B BH H G Owsley Wesley Dr Nembula Nebula dk b c by Port ¬ land Claret

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