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IMP DEFEATS HUGja Hug PENNY PENNYHawthornes Hawthornes Hawthorns second fortnight of racing closed with a boom The elements for some days teetering up and down on the autumnal equinox finally struck a level with the moist warm air on one end and the veiled sun on the other Therefore a delightful day greeted the large half holiday crowd The thick mist of the arly early morning precluded much drying of the track by evaporation and the going was sticky hefcvy heavy and holding The usual seventeen regu Greg ¬ lar lair bookmakers were on and George Rose swelled in number by one the field books there being three stands for the iron dollar bettors Mary Kinsella Knell brought home in front for the first time hereabouts in months the old familiar colors of the Ruddy Bros Brows She won well in hand from the good thing Alvin W backed from 4 to 1 down to 13 to 5 while old Pitfall plugging along got the third money Majesta Majesty threatened to do something early in the race but stopped in the home stretch Sobriquet and Henry of Trastamare Tastemaker were close up at the finish LuckyMonday Lucky a well backed horse was one of the pair left at the post and simply galloped over the course courseRush coursers Rush for a few moments refused to join the others and when the barrier rose she was next to the last horse away Chancery had broke quickest but L Pil Phil ott Otto got the lead away from him and led to tho thou far turn Rush lying second and Jolly Roger third Here Formero Former was many lengths behind Rush but when the favor ite bite hit the last threesixteenth threes post in the lead Formero Former was close up bshind behind Jolly Roger sec ¬ ond bond the rest being already beaten off Rush won untouched by aa open length from Jolly Roger he a like distance better than Formero Former The ChanceryThe Chancery rear division was led by Chancery The feature of the day the Monartnock Monotonic Stakes one and oneeighth neigh miles worth 920 to the win ¬ ner near and J200 to tho thou second horse was reducec reduce to a match between Hugh Penny and Imp When the betting opened Imp was favorite at 7 to 10 but quickly tho thou other was heavily backed and receding from evens to 4 to 5 Imp jumped to evens Now the speculation was heavy all around the public backing the black filly while the horses end was kept up by the talent At the post it was 95 to 100 take your pick Off locked with Hugh Penny on the outside it looked passing the stand as if Imp was being outrun but although Skeets Skeet Martin tried on the turn to get McNickle Canticle on Imp into the deep going the scheme would not work and the pair ran well on the outside of the track Past the quarter post on the backstretch no one could say which horse had the better of it but as Imp opened daylight farther along the irr rr pression pressing able public began to yell she cant lose hes hems a dog etc etc May be chimed in tho thou old horseman may be Skeets Skeet is taking him back The gap was widened at the far turn and now Martin was seen to be hunching At this Its all over was heard on every hand But the experienced trainers still held their opinion to themselves for possibly the black filly would not go the road Yet a furlong farther on it really seemed to be a certainty for her and as the straight was made Hugh Penny driving was three lengths back At the last eighth Martin made a final rally and the joyful cries were stilled as the distance between the horses was seen to lessen McNickle Canticle sat still however and Imp won by less than an open length Some persons said that Nick Halls boy was entitled to great credit and that if he had gone after his whip Imp would have been beaten It was a great horse race and reflected credit on all concerned concernedMorte concerned Morte Mote Fonse Fosse it was stated some weeks ago in these columns was on the verge of breaking down yesterday he went It was when he was leading the field in the fourth race that just past the quarter the old campaigner fal fail ¬ tered termed and what had happpened was soon patent to everybody as Bloss Loss stopped him as quickly as possible Ezells Bezels horse has ever been noted for creating flurries in the betting ring at this his last start he uphold his reputation opening at 2 to 1 advancing to 4 to 1 and then receding to ii to 1 Whitcomb Witco had been backed from 7 down to 4 at one stage of the betting and he ook ok Morte Mote Fonses Onsets place in the race and held he lead to the turn for home But now he began to tire and so did not finish one two three Del Paso II and Pete Kitchen had been second and fourth respectively on the far turn but they too quit leaving the finish to Wins low Double Dummy and Gold Band who Qn ished dished as named The winner finished alone and astonished everybody everybodyThe everybody The first full course steeplechase of the year was a handicap and by two accidents the light weights were enabled to finish first and second Troil Roil being easily first and La Colina Colin second The latter led over all the jumps except the first but was beaten in the run home Proverb who ran third led over the first jump after which he was taken back by Esgorson Signors so that at the sixth fence he was at least fifteen lengths behind La Colina Colin Uncle Jim fall at the sec ¬ ond bond jump but his jockey Ellison was on his feet instanter instant but made no effort to catch his horse which was within two hundred yards of him Uncle Jim had been backed down to 6 to 5 Lawless on La Colina Colin was al ¬ ways looking back his filly under a stout pull being over eight lengths better than the next until on the second round of the course the water jump saw a decrease of her lead Troil Roil and Michael G now closed rapidly and at tho thou eleventh fence not over four lengths separated the trio while Proverb was still ten lengths away In taking the next fence Michael G last of the three stumbled and fell and Proverb had cnme acme up so fast that before his rider could pull him sideways he had jumped on to J Burns who had started to get up after a severe fall from Micuael Michael G The boy was knocked endways and staggered to his feet only to again fall in a doubledup doubled position At the head of the home stretch La Colina Colin first crossing the last jump was fully extended and Proverb wins went up Troil Roil however soon came to the front and eased up in the final fur ¬ long won with plenty left while La Colina Colin out ¬ stayed old Proverb Ed Corrigan has all along until yesterday had a bet down on Troil Roil but with others he had given him up Montgomery upMontgomery was probably beaten by the start He got off fifth and hada had rough road in getting to the front Marzella Mazola Silver Set and Ruskin were the first three away from the post and Silver Set led the party to the last turn where Montgomery and Marzella Mazola passed her and she stopped to nothing Aker Baker had taken it easy with Ruskin always lyinsr Lyons within striking distance and through the final furlong he shot his horse to Montgomery with an unexpected burst of speed and was first home by two lengths from the favorite who beat Marzella Mazola a like distance Warren Point was a fair fourth The meeting closed with a sensational hap ¬ pening opening which quite out of the ordinary may have been as it certainly looked to be a piece of spito spit work Locust Blossom was engaged in the race and ridden by J Reiif Reify was beiug being bet on by the public at 3i to 1 when an attachment was served on her owner W K Cleveland the mare then being in the paddock The judges scratched Locust Blossom now in the sheriffs hands and ordered a new book Mr Cleveland thought that Louis Cohn Cohen was at the bottom of the scheme but this man when questioned by Judge Rees disclaimed all knowledge of the affair As sometimes happens a good price against a horse was spoiled as Bishop Poole and his friends had got down on Borden at 6 to 1 while in the new book 21 to 1 was the opening price Going to the post at 9 to 5 Bordeu Bordeaux had a fairly easy thing of it winning from Loyaletta Loyalty who beat Sanga Saga non handily after the latter had made the running Nivoce Invoice and Astor were close up the last named having run an excellent race raceW race W E Applegate Appellate had a cablegram from his son Will yesterday forenoon which stated that the young man was about to leave Eng ¬ land for America AmericaUpon America Upon the best of authority it is stated that Riley Grannan Granada has lost everything and is worse than broke The same party is willing to swear that once the plunger had a quarter mil ¬ lion of dollars dollarsPinochle dollars Pinochle owned by a St Louis doctor has b en a disappointment at Hawthorne and is re ¬ ported shipped home The horse worked seven eighth in 1 261 since reaching Chicago but evi Levi ¬ dently dentally does not fancy the mud Charles Dugan Duane of Hot Springs is in town Clerico Cleric was asl al ed why he pulled Double Dummys Dummy head so high and explained that only thus could the horse be made to run War runWar unwary Jig Murphy leaves today for his Lex Alex ¬ ington Kingston home homeCol home Col Cool Applegate Appellate bet 500 on Henry of Trasta Strata ¬ mare

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