Turf Congress Proceedings., Daily Racing Form, 1898-09-23


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TURF CONGKESS CONGESTS PROCEEDINGS PROCEEDINGSIf Proceedings If the delegates to the annual meeting of the Western Turf Congress in Cincinnati Wednes Swedes ¬ day had done no other thing than to bury the foreign book abomination beyond hope of resur pressure ¬ rection reaction it could still be said that the meeting was of great value But they enacted other measures and the following from the Commer Comer ¬ cialTribune chivalrousness will be found interesting to those concerned in the welfare of the turf turfThe tufted The following members of the Turf Congress were present L P Tarlton Carlton of the Latonia Antonia Jockey Club W F Schulte Schultz of the New Louis ¬ ville vile Jockey Club Robert Aull All of the St Louis Fair Grounds Association President C C Maffitt Afflict J WRusswurm Russ of the Tennessee Breed ¬ ers Association M N MacFarlan Mascara of the New Memphis Jockey ClubS M Apperson Aspersion of the Arkansas Jockey Club A S Labold Labeled of the Cincinnati Jockey Club J M Huger of the New Louisiana Jockey Club Ed Corrigan of the Paciflc Pacific Coast and Hawthorne Jockey Clubs Joseph A Murphy of the Detroit Jockey Club F F Fowler of the Queen City Jockey Club James Howard of the Washington Park Jockey Club W 0 Farmer of the Highland Park Jockey Club and Hugh E Keough Keogh of the Har Hara ¬ lem ylem Jockey Club ClubThat Clutch That passage of Rule 205 which specifies that there shall be no foreign book on any Turf Congress track was lifted bodily from the rules and put in the bylaws and constitution This makes it more effective than before as it can now only be changed at an annual meeting and then it requires a twothirds toothier vote of the con ¬ gress egress Heretofore it could have been changed at any time by a telegraphic vote if the mem memo ¬ bers beers were so disposed The question of restoring the foreign book to Turf Congress tracks was not even referred to in the session as a quiet canvass before the meeting convinced its promoters that nearly all the members were unalterably opposed to it A motion was made early in the meeting to lift the foreign book clause from the rules and make it a bylaw and it went through without a dis dais ¬ senting scenting vote voteThe voltmeter The reduction of purses was another subject that was not brought up although Harlem was in favor of allowing racing associations to grade their purses as they saw fit as long as they complied with the rule in the aggregate amount of money given away each day No reference being made to the purse question especially as Corrigau Corrigan was opposed to it the representative from Harlem did not have oc ¬ casion cession to raise his voice voiceA voice A number of rules were changed the most important of which were as follows Rule 54 was changed so as to define an owner An owner includes part owner but a trainers contingent interest iu the winnings shall not constitute ownership ownershipKule ownership Kule Kyle 26 was amended so that with the con ¬ sent or permission of the official rendering the decision an appeal couid could be granted after the customary five days allowed allowedRules allowed Rules 62 78 and 79 were merged into Rule 62 which now reads All entries must be made in the name or names of persons owning the horse Failure to comply with this is liable to a tine suspension and forfeit of all winnings winningsA winnings A rule was passed which will bring joy to the jockeys In the future it is compulsory with all Turf Congress racing associations to collect the jockeys losing fees before a race raceThe racketed The second paragraph of Rule 186 was so amended that in case a man is ruled off for one of his horses running a fraudulent race all the horses he owns and trains may also be ruled off offPublic Public training stables were given a hard knock by the amending of Betting Rule 9 su as to read that any horses trained by the same CONTINUED ON SECOND PAGH PA TURF CONGRESS PROCEEDINGS Continued from 1st Page man and run in the same race must be coupled in the betting bettingArtie betting Artie Artier Duffy applied for reinstatement to the privileges of the turf claiming that lie has never had a hearing in the Latonia Antonia electric saddle case He was ruled off on the evidence of Jockey Aker Baker and others at Latonia Antonia last fall for alleged use of an electric saddle Duffys Duffs case was referred back to the Latonia Antonia judges who rendered the decision L P Tarlton Carlton Charles Price and Charles McLean CLean McLeanA McLennan A huge batch of petitions praying for relief among them being the Vengeance case again were referred to a special committee composed of L P Tarlton Carlton A S Labold Labeled E C Hopper and James H Rees This committee will render final decisions on all petitions that have been presented presentedStoney presented Stoney Stony R Montgomery of the New Memphis Jockey Club was elected President of the Con ¬ gress egress Robert Aull All of St Louis Vice Presi Paresis ¬ dent O L Bradley Treasurer and E C Hop ¬ per Secretary Yesterdays meeting was pre ¬ sided over by C C Maffitt Afflict with E C Hopper as Secretary and John Dillon as his assistant The next meeting of the Congress will be held in Chicago ChicagoJoseph Chicago Joseph A Murphy of St Louis L P Tarl Tar ¬ ton and E C Hopper were appointed a Com ¬ mittee mite on Rules This trio will draw lots as to who will serve three years two years and one year The shortest term man retires at the end of the year and a new man is elected in his place This was done to keep the committee as intact as possible for three years

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