The Easton Sale., Daily Racing Form, 1898-11-24

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THE EASTON SALE SALEThe Sleuthed The horses that have already won more or less lessfame less fame in racing 2yearolds and yearlings in inother another other words horses that will figure in future futureracing outreaching racing that were sold during the first day of ofthe often the Easton sale at Lexington brought the fol fool ¬ lowing prices Brown colt halfbrother Galbraith to Talnca Talc by King Eric Almira Elmira CB Lowry Lowery Lexington 250 250Bay Bay filly by Deceiver Mildred E T John eon Lexington 30 30BajF BajF Baja iy half sister to Tom Collins by Wa jn r or Isaac Murphy Malada Mallard E P Farrell Lexington 75 75Brown Brown colt by Wagner Miss Reed John Morris Louisville 100 100Brown Brown colt by Albert Susie Leasley Lesley WA Smith Georgetown 275 275Bay Bay fllly by Albert Lucy Clark W A Smith Georgetown 50 hestcut chestnut filly by Isaac Murphy Mysie NYSE H T Rice Richmond 50 50Bay Bay colt by Isaac Murphy Lagnnitas Agonists B W Logan Lexington 300 300F F P V b c 4 by Andrain Adrian Tara Black ¬ 800Saoket burn T P Hayes Lexington 800 Saoket Socket b c 3 by Bersan Berman Catherine C T P Hayes Lexington 100 100Tarn Tarn Collins b c 3 by Newconrt Newcomer Malada Mallard WC Whitney 3000 3000The The Kentnckian Kentuckian cb c 2 by Pirate of Pen Banco Blanco Lizzie Tizzies Montrose E R Simms Sims Lexington 5500 5500Haadley Haadley Hawley b c 2 by Harry OFallon Fallen Vir Vr ¬ ginia gina Kenney Eugene Leigh 100 100Bay Bay filly 2 by Brambe Bramble Miss Reed B An ¬ derson derision Lexington 30 30Bay Bay filly 1 by King Eric Manila P Stanton StantonSt Stanton St Louis 30 Chestnut 30Chestnut colt by Candlpmas Candlepins Verdict VerdictThomas Verdict Thomas Dolan Lexington 550 550Black Black colt by Burlington Rosella Roselle E T TGraves Graves Graves Lexington 4 100 100Bay Bay filly by St SaviorrMbllie Savior Pitcher J JCampbell Campbell Campbell New York 100 100Chestnut Chestnut filly by Prince Royal Eva RS RSK RISK K Hughes Nicholasville Nicholas 75 75Bay Bay fllly by Fortissimo Ouida Okuda Tom Riley 50 Chestnut colt by Donatello Donate Lady Rossiug Crossing Rossiugton Prostitution ton E T Graves Lexington 50 50Chestnut Chestnut colt by Donatsllo Donates Eliza Hindoo Indoor HindooJ Indoor J B Barr Lexington 30 30Chestnut Chestnut colt by Donatello Donate Silver J 8 8Wallace Wallace Lexington 100 100Chestnut Chestnut filly by Donatello Donate Piriene Irene R A Downing Lexington 125 125Bay Bay fllly by Donatello Donate Louie J Campbell New York 50 50Bay Bay fllly by Donatollo Ontology Chaff H T Rice Richmond 10 10Bay Bay filly by Donatello Donate Havillah Hail Georgo George H Whitney Lexington 50 50Bpv Bpv Bp filly by Donatello Donate Alma Davis WH tay stay Lexington 25 25BaTOlly BaTOlly Atoll by Donatello Donate Nellie Whittaker Whittier ffi ff T Graves Lexington 110 110Louisville Louisville b f by Loantaka Lantana Virulent W M Wallace Lexington 25 25Loka Loka Loa b f by Julien Julie Brooklet Booklet W M Wal Walt ¬ lace Lexington 75 75Chestnut Chestnut colt by Julien Julie Baracola Arcola E Por Poor ¬ ter tear Lexington 175 175Chestnut Chestnut colt by Fortissimo Basque P Stanton St Louis 35 35Chestnut Chestnut filly by Pirate of Penzance Penance Gleucliffe H M Bosworth Bowshot Lexington 50 50Kate Kate Hickman Iceman by Hermence Terence Vulpine P Stanton St Louis 60 Mollie Killiard Milliard b f by Falsetto Macola Mazola S C Lyne Lynne Lexington 25 25Sen Sen Seen Sen Seen b f 1 by Fordham Ford Message H Bruning Brining HBruning Brining Lexington 2 2Bay Bay LeeStLouis Clerestories colt by Rossington Crossing Rosemary F Lee StLouis Stoics 75 75Chestnut Chestnut FLee filly by Rossington Crossing Linus Lignums F Lee St Louis 90 90Chestnut Chestnut filly by Rossington Crossing Betsy Broeck Brock C F Buschmeyer Buckeye Louisville 800 800Chestnut Chestnut FonsolingM Consoling fllly by Rossington Crossing Fonsoling Consoling M Detteridge Deterring Rio 111 40 40Bay Bay filly by Onondaga Nirvana E P Hayes PHayes Hayes Lexington 25 25Bay Bay fllly by Lamplighter Birdie P Stan ton St Louis 25 25Belldown Belldown Bellow ShindownW Shimon b f by Belvidere Belvedere Shindown Shimon W Pike Lexington 100 100Masanta Masanta Asana b f by Order Victoria IV J B Respass Trespass BRespass Trespass Covington Coving 275 275Star Star SpaldimoreMilton Bright b c by Aintree Sainte Spaldimore Spalding Milton Young Lexington 1025 1025Chestnut Chestnut colt by Montana Regent Digi Digit ¬ talis tallies J V Shipp Ship Lexington 50 50Bay Bay filly by Forester Silk Gown Asbury Raspberry AsburyJones Jones 25 25WEANLINGS WEANLINGS WEANLINGSBay Weanlings Bay MontroseTalbert Montrose colt by Deceiver Lizzie Tizzies Montrose Talbert Albert Brothers Paris 575 575Bay Bay colt by Newcourt Newport Malada Mallard S C Lyne Lynne LyneLexington Lexington 175 175Chpstnnt Chpstnnt Chestnut colt by Newcourt Newport Wanderer J JV V Shipp Ship Midway 100 100Bay Bay colt by Newcourt Newport Investigator II E EC C Graddy Grady Versailles 100 100Bay Bay colt by Isaac Murphy Mildred W Headley Headily WHeadley Wheedle Lexington 25

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