New York Form Chart., Daily Racing Form, 1908-09-02


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NEW YORK FORM CHART SHKEPSHBAD BAY TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 1 1908 WEATHER CLEAR TRACK FAST Third day Coney Island Jockey Club Autumn Meeting of 11 days Presiding Judge Clarence McDowell Starter Mars Cassidy Secretary C Fellowes Racing starts at 230 p m Chicago time 130 p m W indicates whip S spurs B blinkers Fig ¬ ures in parentheses followins the distance of each race indicate index number track record age oC horse and weight carried 76838 FIRST RACE 1 Mile CS243 1372 3 101 450 added 3yearolds and upward Selling Net value to winner 420 Ind Horses AWtPPSt StrFin Jockeys Owners WOODCRAFT w 3 95 2 1 Sb 4 2 2 l Gilbert R C Doggett 75 85 G5 25 15 n ll7 3 1s 1s 1 15 2 E Dugan ScuthweliStable G5 75 75 12 14 Sn Sv E w 5 103 1 J fi G 52 31 3 C II ShllgW F Schulte C 8 7 2 710 J 710J XHIPJOP w 9S r 4t r 3 4i 4 D McCthyH B Duryea S 10 10 3 85 iiiATIArCx 85iiiATIArCx ESCA WI 4 m 6 5 2 41 5I 5S Garner D Sullivan 10 15 15 4 2 i C696JB ALDUS wit 3 102 4 21 31 G fi C J Butler G J Lons 885 8535 1383Winner Time 12 24 i 35 if 47 59 112 1383 Winner P g by Octagon Woodnymph trained by J A Jones JonesvY vY toi pS pSti5t ti5t 7 At post iites Start good Won handily second and third driving youaerart shuttled back in the early running closed up rapidly in the last half and won going away fast nesoin rftole a long lead quickly and held sway to the final sixteenth before succumbing and was a game jccc iii iciiap crowded out at the start trailed for half the journey and finished with a rush Whip I J1 ir irVi ° Vi ro 5tart finished fast Saracinesca showed early speed and tired as if short Balblis inonHnent forjialf the journey quit badly The winner was entered for 1500 no bid Overweights Woodcraft 2 pounds Besom 3 7 O O Q SECOND RACE About 2 Miles Steeplechase 75089 402 5 148 000 added I J O O J 4yearolds and upward Allowances Net value to winner 520 Ind Horses AWtPPSt 5 0 14 ISStrFin Jockeys Owners 0 H O P oVSINISTER w fi 134 2 1 1 = 1 = 1 1 l In CMcKiny T I Evans 75 75 G5 12 14 7 = lHOXSlDKS wr IIO 0 4 L 2 2 2 2 I Lynch J W Colt 2 2J 2 4525 4525s widener37riRATE iiSfM ColtiiSfM arMiuoitTS ws 4 is r r 3 = s 33 Regan r K widener s s s a i 75710W2 37riRATE W WS130 S 130 1 2 4 I 4 4s 4 4 4 M HensonO Hale 3 4 4 75710 6574i W2 PERSEVERANCE W 4 142 3 fi 3J 3 r 5 5 Dupee P J Rainey C 8 8 6 65 74i iGlTARDIAX II w 7 1SB 4 i G C fi Pulled upICelleher Gleniver Stable 10 Iff 15 5 2i Time 404i 404iWinner Winner yr g by Le Var Field Azure trained by W Prioleau yent Prioleauyent to ost at 25 i At post 1 minute Start good Won driving second and third the same Sinister made the running by a wide gap for a mile and a half but fenced In slovenly stylo and finished t r inslls Ia1illlr1 Par t pursuit throughout and was wearing the winner down at the end Murk Humberts well up throughout went wide on the turn and made several costly blunders Pirate lnccd poorly U1S upii i 10 iii nmiing and dropped back at the half then came again with a rush earlyscratched Perseverance fenced poorly and dropped out early scratched 7t777 Waterspeed 141 7li720 Economy 140 75573 Javanese 133 75003 Caller 150 150Overweights Overweights Guardian II 1 pound 7 iQ AC Tlnni RACE 34 Mile Turf Course 75739 112J 2 89 Partridge Stakes vJO fcvJ Value 1500 2yearolds Allowances Net value to winner 1050 Ind Horses AWtPPSt StrFIu Jockeys O H C P S 76731ETHERIAL76G4DHARRIGAX 76731ETHERIAL 76G4DHARRIGAX 76G4DHARRIGAX7601SJLADY 7601SJLADY SELINA 76584 SAN VITO VITO7G6GO 7G6GO SANDPIPER SANDPIPER7C307 7C307 WITCHING HOUR HOURCoupled bettingWinner Coupled in betting r no separate place or show betting Winner B g by Star Shoot Lyndall trained by J J Hyland i Vtto l st at 321 At post 2 minutes Start good Won driving second and third the same Ltherial hemmed in on the inside and reserved patiently in the early running came along in the last 7 AQ1 l FOURTH RACE 6 12 Furlongs Main Course 7C77S 11S 3 98 Flying Handicap 4 VfOttJL Value 1000 3yearolds Net value to winner 1050 Ind Horses AWtPPSt i Sir Fin Jockeys Owners O H C P S 7C73SPOONER wn 107 7 C CWB 15 Gilbert F B Lemaire 7na4RESTIGOUCHE WB 119 3 1 1W 2S Notter J R Keene 76537 BIG CHIEF W IM 5 4 4WB 3 C H ShilgT H Williams 7G77GBAR NONE WB 119 1 12 2 5 5 4 43 E Dugan H P Whitney 1 1 45 13 out 755T1 out755T1 BERRY MAID wn 121 45 G G G 5 J Lee F A Fo sy the S 10 10 3 8 JOKING COBALT Wl 120 2 3 3 3t 5 G D McCthyBleighParkSble 3 4 4 G6 35 SY SYa B JW ifu iIOtpelierStabIe S a r Te 11 47 Winner HirschWent Ch c by Peep oDay Flirtineer trained by M Hirsch Went to post at 349 At post 2 minutes Start good Won driving second and third the same Spooner broke badly ran around on the outside rapidly into a long lead and holding sway throughout made a very game finish Itestigouche maintained nearest but unavailing pursuit of the leader thronfrhl out and was wearing him slowly down at the end Big Chief fresh and good ran in striking distance pursuit early and finished with a great rush Bar None shuflled to the rear early closed the extreme outside in the middle running and loomed up menacingly midway of the stretch but up rapidly quit badlv on at the end Berry Maid outpaced early was going well in the last quarter and was short King Cobalt ran torwardly tor sis furlongs but failed to stay Beaucoup showed brief early speed and dropped out FILTH RACE 1 12 Miles Turf Course 70894 233 0 102 500 added 3year olds and upward Selling Net value to winner 490 Ind Horses AWtPPSt St Sir Fin Jockeys Owners O H C P S 7t 699MISS LIDA wn t 4 103 J 5 7 7 7 3U 2 H lh G H ShilgJ B Smith 243112 7G755SMILFORD wsl 3 9S 1 G 6l C 7 7 T 2J J Butler W H Fize Winner B f by Ogdcn Minnie Salesbary trained br J B ItespesV ri lost ai 4V15 iAt ost nlillute Stnrt Kood Won driving second and third the sar Lida trailed lor a half uiile moved into prominent contention in the third quarter drew out turn but by easing up in the stretch her rider was nearly caught napping Mllfor 01 trailing in the middle runmg closed an immense gap in the last half and finished i Animus made the running under a pull for a mile and an eighth and succumbed after a good drive with Miss Lida John K McMillan prominent for a mile and a quarter failed to stay Sailor Girl dropped at the end of mile Aster dOr hard held out a for the first mile failed to stay The winner was entered for OiXii no 111 111Scratched Scratched 7C813sTrash 93 7G4245Complete 92 Overweights 92Overweights Mllford 3 pounds Animus 1 Aster dOr 2 Golconda 2 7 AQ AQ SIXTH RACE 5 12 Furlongs Futurity Course 2C037 l04i 2 122 400 added i vJOrfcO 2yearolds Maidens Fillies Special Weights Net value to winner 380 Ind Horses AWtPPSt 54 StrFin Jockeys Owners 763333SUNDANCE w 110 1 1 H I1 I2 I1 E Dugan H P Whitney 1 1 4515 o 7G31G SUMMER NIGHT w 110 3 3 n 21 23 2 B McCthyH B Duryea 2S 3 3 45 25 3l 31 32 J Lee F A TTorsythe 15 15 10 4 2 75961SHARLEM MAID w 110 26 51 4l 41 4l R McDanlT T L Watt 8 10 10 4 2 763S6 CLEF W 110 4 4 G 6 5J H C H ShllgF R Hitchcock 8 10 10 4 5 7667G KRIKINA WB 110 C 7 7 7 G OH Gilbert J H McAvoy l 15 15 6 7C733 MARIANA w 110 7 2 4 gi 7 7 J Butler P J Dwyer C 8 3 3 Winner JoynerWent Ch f by Hamburg Irish Reel trained by A J Joyner Went to post at 443 At post 1 minute Start good Won handily second and third driving Sun cnce went into the lead at the start and won all the way under pressure Summer Night alwavsin est but unavailing pursuit of the winner lost ground by a wide stretch turn Twilight Queen npir aft prominent contention to midway of the stretch tired in the closing drive Harlem Maid was well for a half mile and tired Clef was never dangerous Krlklna made up ground in the last half Mariana un i filled to stjij stjijScratched Scratched Miss Pris 110

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