Leading American Sires Since 1870., Daily Racing Form, 1913-04-23


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LEADING AMERICAN SIRES SINCE 1870 This table gives the names of the thoroughbred stallions standing best in the matter of money earned by their sons and daughters on the American turf in tho respective years from 1870 to 1912 in ¬ clusive together with the age of the stallion the number of winning get the aggregate number of races won by them and the total of their combined winnings winningsBut But once in this period of fortythree years has a sire whoso get won less than 50000 stood at tho top and that was in 1S77 when Leamington took honors with 11170 Inumrled stallions have ranked first in nineteen out of tho fortytwo years Four of the stallions that are in this table were themselves winners of more than 100000 100000Beginning Beginning witli 1870 Lexington was seven times at the head of the list of American sires a distinc ¬ tion achieved by none other Leamington Glenelg and Hanover each led four times and Bonnie Scot ¬ land Hastings Kingston Meddler and Star Shoot twice In the seven seasons that Lexingtons name heads the list his get won a total of S5051S9 in Glcnvlgs four years his get won 403277 In Han ¬ overs four years his get won 431725 and in Bon ¬ nie Scotlands two years his get won 230175 In Meddlers tvo years his get won 3715708 In amount of money won in a single yoar Commando has the honor his progeny winning in 1907 270345 His great son CV Iin was responsible for the major portion of this vast sum Next to Commando stands Illniyar his grand sire through tho success of Domino the sire of Commando in 1893 The stal ¬ lion record from 1870 to date is isWin Win Races Amt Year Name Age ners won won 1870 Lexington 20 35 82 120300 1871 Lexington 21 40 102 109005 1872 Lexington 22 28 82 71515 1873 Lexington 23 23 71 71505 1574 Lexington 24 23 70 51SS9 1875 Leamington 22 IS 32 04518 1870 Lexington 12 34 90570 1877 Leamington 24 21 40 41170 1575 Lexington 1C 30 50198 1870 Ijcamiugton 24 50 70837 1880 Bonnie Scotland 35 137 135700 1881 Leamington 23 Ct 139219 1882 Billet 17 17 43 89998 899981SS3 1SS3 Bonnie Scotland 35 100 103475 1884 Glenelg IS 32 108 98802 1885 Virgil i 21 24 50 73235 732351SSG 1SSG Glenelg 20 31 130 1130S8 1130S81SS7 1SS7 Glenelg 21 33 120 120031 1200311SSS 1SSS Glenelg 22 33 134 130740 1889 Rayon DOr 13 27 101 175877 1800 St Blaise 10 27 105 189005 1801 Longfellow 24 52 143 189331 1892 Iroqnois 14 31 145 183020 1803 Himyar IS 27 138 240512 1894 Sir Modrcd 17 30 137 134318 1805 Hanover 11 40 133 100908 1890 Hanover 12 42 157 808 1807 Hanover 13 51 159 1221 1808 Hanover 14 43 124 118500 1899 Albert 17 19 01 95975 1900 Kingston 10 33 110 11030S 1001 Sir Dixon 10 24 94 105082 1902 Hastings 9 29 03 113805 1003 Ben Strome 17 24 91 100915 1904 Meddler 14 21 55 222555 1005 Hamburg 10 30 00 158100 1500 Meddler 1C 21 54 151243 1007 Commando 12 34 270315 270315100S 100S Hastings 15 30 93 154001 1900 Ben Brush IS 10 07 75143 1010 Kingston 20 13 41 S5220 1911 Star Shoot 13 30 103 fWSf 1012 Star Shoot 14 44 120 700 IcadLexington Icad Lexington was a bay horse foaled in 1850 by Bos ¬ ton Alice Carneal He was bred by Dr E War field at The Meadows near Lexington Ky He died July 1 1875 at Woodburu Stud Spring Station Ky Age 25 25Leamington Leamington was a brown horse foaled in 1853 by FaughaBullagh out of a daughter of Pantaloon He was bred by Mr Halford in England He made six seasons in the stud in England and was brought to America to stand at the Bosqnc Bonita Stud in Kentucky He died May C 1S7S at Erdeuheim Stud Chestnut Hill Pa Age 25 25Bonnie Bonnie Scotland was a bay horse foaled in 1853 by lago Queen Mary He was bred by Mr W IAnson in England He was brought to America in 1857 by Captain Cornish of Boston He died at Belle Meadc Stud near Nashville Tenn February 1 1880 Ago 27 27Billet Billet was a brown horse foaled in 1805 by Vol tlgenr Calcutta He was bred by Mr James Smith in England He was brought to America in 1809 and stood for several years in Illinois He died at Runnymede Stud near Paris Ky January 17 1889 Age 24 24Glenelg Glenelg was a bay horse foaled in 1SCO by Citadel Babta He was imported in utero by R W Cameron Clifton Stud N Y He died at tho farm of Tyrec Bate Castalian Springs Tcnn October 23 1807 Age 31 31Virgil Virgil was a dark brown horse foaled in 1804 by Vandal Ilymcnia He was bred by Hymen C Gratz near Spring Station Wood ford County Ky He died at the Quiudaro Stud in Kentucky in 1893 Age 20 20Rayon Rayon DOr was a rich chestnut foaled in 1S7C by Flageolet Araucaria He was bred In the Dangu Stud In France After a brilliant turf career in France and England he was bought for 40000 by W L Scott to become a private stallion at the Algeria Stud near Erie Pa He died July 15 1S9G Age 20 20Longfellow Longfellow was a brown horse foaled in 1SC7 by Leamington Nantnra He was bred by John Har ¬ per at Nantura Stud Midway Ky where he died November 5 1893 Age 20 20Iroimols Iroimols was a brown horse foaled in 1S7S by Leamington Maggie B B He was bred by Mr A Welch at Erdenheim Stud Chestnut Hill Pa He died at Belle Meade Stud near Nashville Tenn September 17 1899 He was buried beside Bonnie Scotland Age 21 21Himyar Himyar was a light bay horse foaled in 1875 by Alarm Hira He was bred by Major B G Thomas ill Dixlana Stud near Lexington Ky He died at E S Gardners Avondale Stud Saundersvllle Tenn December 30 1905 Age 30 30Sir Sir Modred was a bay horse foaled In 1877 by Traducer Idalia He was bred by the Middle Park Stud Company in New Zealand and was imported to Rancho del Paso Stud in California by J B Haggin in 1885 He died at Rancho del Paso in June 1904 Age 27 27Hanover Hanover was a chestnut horse foaled in 1SS4 by Hindoo Bourbon Belle He was bred in the Runny ¬ mede Stud near Paris Ky He became the prop ¬ erty of Milton Young McGrathiana Stud near Lex ¬ ington Ky where to relieve him of the misery attending a decayed front foot and diseased leg he was humanely destroyed March 23 1890 Age 15 15Commando Commando was a bay horse foaled in 1898 by Domino Emma C He was bred at James R Keencs Castleton Stud near Lexington Ky Ho died March 13 1905 Age 7 7St St Blaisc was a chestnut horse by Hermit Fusee foaled in England in 1880 and won the Epsom Derby of 1883 He was imported to this country by the elder August Belmont and died at the Nursery Stud near Lexington Ky October 14 1909 Ago 20 20Ben Ben Strome was a bay horse by Bend Or Strath fleet foaled in England in 1880 He died at Mrs T J Carsons Dixlana Farm near Lexington Ky October 7 1909 Age 23 23Sir Sir Dixon was a bay horse by Billet Jaconet foaled in 1885 He was a great race horse and great sire and died at Colonel E F Clays Runnymede Stud near Paris Ky March 23 1000 Age 24 24Albert Albert a bay horse foaled in England in 1SS2 by Albert Victor Hawthorne Bloom died at tho Adal ¬ bert Stud Farm of Messrs Williams fi Radford near Hopkinsville Ky January 1910 Age 28 28Kingston Kingston brown horse by Spendthrift Kapanga foaleil in 1884 and bred by James R Keene died at Castleton Stud Farm near Lexington Ky De ¬ cember 0 1912 Ago 28 28The The other stallions in tills list of leading sires are still living Hastings brown horse foaled in 1893 by Sitomlthrift Cinderella is at August Bel inonts Nursery Stud Meddler bay horse foaled in 1890 by St Gatien Busybody stood for some yours at Clarence II Mackays Kingston Stud near in 1890 by St Gatien Busybody stood for some Lexington Ky but lias been sent to Franco along with the select broodmares of the Kingston Stud Hamburg bay horse foaled in 1S95 by Hanover Lady Red is at Harry Payne Whitneys Brookdale Stud Brookdnlo N J Ben Brush bay horse foalwl in ISM by Bramble Roseville is at the late James R Keenes stud near Lexington Ky Star Shoot cIxHtimt horse foaled in 1898 by Isinglass Astroi oiry is at John E Maddens Hamburg Place farm near Lexington Ky

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