No Racing Allowed In England.: Report That Prohibition Had Been Recalled Proves to Have Been an Error., Daily Racing Form, 1917-06-14


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NO RACING ALLOWED IN ENGLAND. Report that Prohibition Had Been Recalled Proves to Have Been an Error. Some time buck it was reported that the English government had rescinded its prohibition of racing. Also that the regular Newmarket program of meet ings for the year would be carried out. This report was untrue. There was no annulment of the prohibition and racing in England is dead, although carried on in some measure in Ireland. London S|K rting Life of May 2ยป gives the following en lightening portrayal of the present turf situation iu England: "Sir II. Meux: Does that mean that if any concession is granted to Ireland a similar act of justice will be granted to England in this matter? " "Mr. Law: It is the intention to act in the same way iu all parts of the Inited Kingdom. " "The above question and answer, which were recorded during the proceediag in the house of commons on May 11, have furnished the text for many an article and many a private discussion since Wednesday last, when tile prime minister declined to grant the wishes of the Jockey Club deputation in the direction of a resumption of racing. Mr. P.onar Law. who tendered the reply set out at the head of these notes, must l.y this time have lioeome terribly sick of the way in which his cabinet Colleagues have let him down Bad eaaaed him to be place a* in that atari unfortunate of all poalthiaa, the spaaaor of a pledge destined to be broken almost immediately. Rest bey should b, fbrgotsea. let me recall the facts. It was. :,s already stated, on May 11 that Mr. Beaar law told sir Hedworta Meux that it was the inteatioa of the goreranaeat to apply equal treatment to both Kaglaad anil Ireland in the matter of raeiag. Previously to that, it will be reaaeaabered, tin- Bag-lisli season had come to an abrupt end with lie- conclusion of the First Spring Meeting :i t headquarters on the 4th, but Iceland had a weeks grace, permitting the meetings at KHbeggaa and The Car ragh to take place as arranged, and this period of grace aras eveataally extended to the rollowiag week, arhea the Daadalk and Phoenix Park mot ings were carried Ihioagh with the governments consent. Irish Meetings Permitted. "Son.e attempt at consistency was introduced by the canceUaUoa of th - aarlevlDe and Pfltoara sseetings last areek notwithstanding which the Liaaerich Junetion gatberiag on Priday ami Batar-dav was officially sanctioned. In the meantime, low-ever, tlie Jockey Club deputation had waited upon the prime minister at Downing street, and a debate instituted by Lord D* Abe rasa had taken place in tlie upper fbaaibrr. and on each of these oeeasions the government inl incited virtually nn-rompromiaiag objection to the continuation of raeiag in this coiintiy. Whether it was by accident or by deabra, I i m. of roarae, unable to say, but the facl n maias that an hour ar two after lird Car-Boa bad told Lord DAberaoa, Lard Darhaai, Lard Chaplin. Lord Crowe, and other supporters of racing in the House of lairds that the matter must remain in abeyance until June 2* the date fixed Ear tlie prime ministers farther meeting with the Jockey club deputation the aeara aras laaai d that government saactJoa had been givea for the lidding of the Baldoyle Whitsuntide meeting yesterday and today. Waa the granting of such permission purposely held back from publication until after the concluaion of the House of Lords debat i Thursday. Only the powers that lie know, but one thing is certain, that if it had been announced earlier in the day Lord Carson would bare found it extremely awkward to explain away the glaring discrepancy between the treatment accorded England BBd Ireland thereby dis. dosed. Further Discussion Set for June 20. "Yesterday we arere informed that the Tipperary met tin;;. lived for Ttaraday, Will be allowed to stand, .Hid the important Carragh gathering on 28th, 27th, and 2Sth .,r .lime has also received official sanction, it has lien stated over Bad aver again in this column that even if there is to bi tidal prohibition of racing in this coaatry British sportsmen entertain bo dog-ia-tbe-aaanger feeling towards their Irish contemporaries, to whim they wish b.tter lack tbaa has befaUea themselves. They are entitled, however, to an .xplan.i-ton of the differential treatment to which tiny are being subjected, an. I it is to be hoped that as soon :is the House of Commons reassembles the mutter will be taken up vigorously, not only by those members who are directly interested in the inain-tenau t the horse breeding industry, but those wio. at all tiin.s. nre on in- alert for sigaa of tin- assumption of altogeUier unwarrantable arbitrary behavior on tie- part id the government. What is to happea to the tbirteea meetings originaUy arranged to take place between Tipperary on Thursday and The Carragh a moath hence I do not pretend to foresee, but even supposing that all these are destined to go by the bond there still remains tie- fact of official approval being conferred upon Tlie Curr.igh a month in advance, arbile English iipottsmf a are required to wait until June 20 before they .ire even permitted to know whether simiur st pa will be taken with regard to Newmarket. Bveryone understands quite well why ipecial privileges are bestowed upon Ireland, but everyone is equally conscious of gross injustice being Inflicted upon those ragagrd in an import. mi national industry in this country."

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