Improvements At Sun Briar Court: New Modern Indoor Training Stable Among Latest Additions to W. S. Kilmers Establishment., Daily Racing Form, 1918-09-05


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IMPROVEMENTS AT SUN BRIAR COURT New Modern Indoor Training Stable Among latest Additions to W S Kilmers Establishment EstablishmentBinghamton Binghamton X Y September 4 On the same day that Sim Briar won the Delaware Handicap at Saratoga running the mile in 13 a new Ameri ¬ can reconl the last work was done in completing W S Kilmers new modern indoor training stable at Sun Itrinr Court Binghamton BinghamtonThe The completion of this massive architecturally imposing absolutely fireproof training stable equips Mr Kilmers thoroughbred stock farm with superior and abundantly spacious indoor training quarters quartersThe The new building which is built of fireproof tile on a concrete foundation and cost more than 100 000 covers more than one and onehalf acres of ground space which includes the site of the old wooden stables along Riverside Drive DriveThe The new training quarters are put in use too at a time when the federal government and the state government are giving belated but emphatic and deserved recognition to the incalculably valu j able wartime work that lias been done and is being accomplished by leading gentlemen breeders of the thoroughbred horse in this country countryThe The new building makes Sun Briar Court more than ever a show place of compelling attractions not only to Itingliamton people but to horsemen and tourists from all parts of the world worldThe The massiveness of the new stable may be better understood perhaps when it is known that the ex ¬ terior building encloses a covered oval riding ring onefourth of a mile in circumference This ring extends around the inside walls of the building Inside the interior walls of this riding ring is an open space of sizeable area Within this space is erected another building entirely separate which contains stalls for broodmares These stalls for Jirmwliu res are Jbuilt on entirely new lines and are modernly heated by steam from a plant installed underneath They are lighted electrically and equipped with new devices for sanitation and venti ¬ lation and day lighting The sfalls are large enough to provide plenty of exercise for the colts and fillies and several improved safety devices have been installed to reduce the chance of injury j of foals to the minimum minimumIndividual Individual fireproof stalls for the thoroughbreds in winter training are built along the outer side of the riding ring at the Riverside Drive and western fronts of the new building These stalls are the last word in comfort and safety for the horse aris ¬ tocrats They are perfectly lighted and ventilated and the provisions for health and cleanliness are probably not duplicated in any other breeding es ¬ tablishment tablishmentAbove Above the riding ring and the stalls for thorough ¬ breds in the second story of the new building is storage for hay and grain in the vast quantities re ¬ quired by a breeding establishment that will often house two hundred or more of the best horses in tin world under practically one roof roofOBSERVATION OBSERVATION ROOM NOTABLE NOVELTY NOVELTYOne One notable novelty of the riding ring will be the observation room from which the work of the horses may be watched by owner trainer and spec ¬ tators without interference with the work of the horses or danger to the si cctators The building also encloses adequate business offices for the Sun Briar Court managers and trainers and quarters for jockeys and grooms which are commodious practical and comfortable comfortableThe The real object of the indoor ring is to give a place for winter exercising In this ring the thor ¬ oughbreds will be conditioned and kept in perfect physical health ready to step oft into real work at the early tracks in the spring springWith With each year Mr Kilmer has been making re ¬ markable improvements at Sun Briar Court which he has succeeded in converting into u breeding farm that challenges comparison with any other famous home of thoroughbreds either in the blue grass region of Kentucky or in England EnglandTwo Two years ago he laid out and completed an out ¬ door running track patterned after the best tracks of the kind in England EnglandI I ast year he added a straightaway running track fivpeighths of a mile long along the banks of the Susquehanna River which stream runs along the south side of Sun Briar Court These tracks give Sun Briar Court one mile and a quarter of excel ¬ lent track for out of door training The Sun Briar Court track resembles the famous Sandown track in England EnglandBesides Besides these there have been going on continually minor improvements of an agricultural and land ¬ scape gardening nature Small swampy areas have been drained and reclaimed Elm trees have been planted to provide permanent shade in the pasturage paddocks while poplars have been put in to provide temporary shade shadeThere There is no better pasturage to bo found even in the famed blue grass region of Kentucky than at Sun Briar Court Indeed blue grass is now growing with all its Kentucky luxuriance in the Sun Briar Court fields the result of successful experiments in seeding and fertilization fertilizationAdditional Additional pasturage for Mr Kilmers horses is being provided at his game preserve and farms at Sky Lake near Windsor where large acreages are IxIng rapidly reclaimed drained fertilized and made productive productiveEven Even this year with this phase of the develop ¬ ment of the Sky Lake property only in its initial stages more than a score of thoroughbreds are be ¬ ing pastured tliere

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