Pleasing Returns From Australian Racing--Over A Million Dollars Distributed During 123 Racing Days, Daily Racing Form, 1918-09-25


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PLEASING RETURNS FROM AUSTRALIAN RACING OVER A MILLION DOLLARS DISTRIBUTED DURING 123 RACING DAYS Sydney N S W Australia August 17 During the past season closing with August 1373587 was won by horses racing in the Sydney N S W and Melbourne Victoria districts in which most of the supreme Australasian racing is given In the Syd ¬ ney district the distribution was 133837 appor ¬ tioned as follows followsClubs Clubs Days Amounts AmountsAustralian Australian Jockey Club 14 424035 424035Tuttersalls Tuttersalls Club 4 51100 51100City City Tattersalls Club 2 24782 24782Warwick Warwick Farm 7 22970 22970Hawkesbury Hawkesbury Racing Club 1 4270 4270Rosehill Rosehill Racing Club 10 54955 54955Canterbury Canterbury Park 7 27032 27032Mooref Mooref iehl 7 25093 Total 52 In the MellKmrne Victoria district the total was larger 739750 going to the horses at the various meetings as follows followsClubs Clubs Days Amounts AmountsVictoria Victoria Racing Club 1J 340480 340480Victoria Victoria A T lull 14 212910 212910Moonee Moonee Valley Club 7 50000 50000Williamstown Williamstown Club 7 40575 40575Saudown Saudown Park 5 15000 15000Aspendale Aspendale Park 17500 17500Epsom Epsom 5 17165 17165Mentone Mentone 5 1527 1527Oakland Oakland Hunt Club 1 35 Melbourne Hunt Club 1 3500 3500Findou Findou Harriers 1 2550 2550Werribee Werribee Racing Club i 1 2000 2000Yarra Yarra Glen Hunt Club 1 351r 351rGeelong Geelong Club 1 37 37Totals Totals 71 739750 739750WINNING WINNING OWNERS HORSES JOCKEYS The leading owners of the district are G I Greenwood and Jr JUaron who oddly enough are aliiiost initie for first phice Mr Karon win ¬ ning 51501 and Mr Greenwood 51485 Wallace Isinglass with 29208 nnd Prince Viridas with 21812 were the leading winners for Mr Itnron while the Greenwood total was made up only by Biplanes 51485 totalled by the values of the Rosehill Guineas Australian Jockey Club Derby Craven Plate Victoria Derby and Linlithgow Stakes all of which Biplane won wonThe The leading winners among the horses of the Syd ¬ ney district were wereHorse Horse 1st 2d 3d Amt AmtHiplane Hiplane 3 0 0 34815 34815Outlook Outlook 2 0 0 27340 27340Cagou Cagou 1 2 0 21100 21100Rebus Rebus 1 3 1 18595 18595Lanius Lanius 2 0 1 13340 13340Prince Prince Viridis 2 1 1 13032 13032Poitrel Poitrel 301 12505 12505Wallace Wallace Isinglass 2 1 2 11712 11712Desert Desert Gold 2 0 0 11575 11575Sweet Sweet Lady 1 1 1 11145 11145Satin Satin Bird 2 0 0 10945 10945Dame Dame Acre 310 98t 5 5Thana Thana 1 2 0 9250 9250Cetigne Cetigne 2 1 2 91 91The The ten leading jockeys with their records are shown in the table below belowJockevs Jockevs Mts 1st 2d 3d PO Bracken K H 114 27 10 9 23 Walker L A 148 27 21 IS 182 Wood A A 119 18 12 19 151 OConnor D K a 124 13 10 14 105 105Krown Krown P 4 11 10 5 170 170McLachlan McLachlan W H 104 H W 5 100 100Harden Harden C A a 81 10 10 5 113 113Comiell Comiell M 8 10 7 5 llVJ llVJScott Scott A a 121 10 12 9 Hill W a 155 9 17 14 58 58AUSTRALASIAN AUSTRALASIAN SIRE RECORDS FOR 1918 1918Tlie Tlie winning sire list for all Australia for the theterm term from August 1 1917 to August 1 1918 as ascompiled compiled by tha Australasian Turf Register is as asfollows follows followsNo No of No of Amount Sire and Pedigrep Winrs Wins Won Llnacre by Wolfs Crag Lismaiie 41 101Xs 134415 134415ThH ThH Welkin by Flying Kox Woodbury 34 39 120475 Comedy King by Persim ¬ mon Tragedy Queen 19 43 101780 Bright Steel by St Simon Glare 10 19 50980 50980Malster Malster bv Rill of Port ¬ land Ratley 32 70 48040 48040Pistol Pistol by Carbine We noiiah 41 91 45105 45105Kobadill Kobadill by Bill of Port ¬ land She 1 34 71 44015 44015RanloIph RanloIph by Bay Ronald Farandole 0 57 42045 Grafton by Galopin Maid Marian 1 29 42270 42270Wallace Wallace by Carbine Me ¬ lodious 13 2G 41830 Charlemagne II 1 J St Simon Perfect Dream 2u 59 41805 Avr Laddie by Ayrshire Catherine Douglas 19 44 37555 Bronzino by Marco Flit ters 7 IS 37250 Imported from England EnglandDESERT DESERT GOLD OR BIPLANE BIPLANEComparisons Comparisons of the brilliant New Zealand pair are ever interesting The Christchurch writer The Rook on this toiic recently said Australian weight adjusters are undecided as to which of the pair Desert Gold or Biylane is the better galloper It is just the spin of a coin u to which is the hotter both have great brilliancy without the stamina necessary to make them smashers over any distances in fact I would go nap on it that either Warstep or Kilboy would beat them both from one mile nnd a half upwards Yes and they might have proved superior over shorter courses However both Desert Gold and Biplane are fine free gallopers also they both have trainers capable of sending them out at the best possible but whereas Davis lias a mare that anyone could get well Masons colt is a beast to train a nervous thickwinded horse that has to be galloped nearly off his legs to keep him clean inside Mason may be able to get the Comedy King colt as well as he was when he won the Victoria Derby but I have fears about it as it is rarely that one of his sort will stand up to a second gruelling at least I have never seen one do it So at present it looks as if Davis has the best prospects of having his really great mare proclaimed shortly to be the absolute champion of her day But if Mason cables The Rook on the day this great pair are to meet that his colt is at his best then The Rook is going to be on him to prove the better of the pair pairAUSTRALASIAN AUSTRALASIAN RIDING REGULATIONS REGULATIONSIt It did not surprise me to read of the rejection by the New Zealand Racing Conference of the proposal to interfere witli the crouch seat in either flat or hurdle races The idea that many jockeys are too short is probably well founded but the proposal that they should all have their stirrups lengthened to the satisfaction of the stipendiary stewards was going a little too far In New Zealand as in Aus ¬ tralia there are several successful jockeys who ride short and it would have been awkward for the stewards to interfere with these while in face of this it would have been difficult for them to say to others of lesser note You must lengthen your leathers Besides if after lengthening his leathers to the satisfaction of the stewards when leaving the paddock a jockey shortened them again to his I own liking before the start of a race and then won it would have been difficult for the stewards to deal with him for not carrying out their orders Tlie mere fact of success when riding at a length lie preferred would have to be accepted us proof that he could control his mount even though his leathers were shorter than the stewards considered proper properI I cannot say whether it is the case in New Zea ¬ land but in Australia the boys are not riding us short as a few years ago when many evidently thought success was1 sure to attend the shortening of their leathers to an extent that caused their noses to be in danger of a blimp from their knees At the same time there are still a few jockeys and successful ones too who ride so short as to make the retention of their scat uncertain whenever a horse suddenly whips around aroundOLD OLD AND NEW CHAMPION SPEED SPEEDIn In looking over an old book by Stonehenge I find the average speed to the furlong for distances above a mile sixty years ago was from 131 to 14 seconds for threeyearolds with 119 pouifds up In 1S4 Surplice and Cymba won the English Derby and Oaks each running the mile and a half in 248 When Voltigeur won the Derby two years later it took him two seconds longer to run the distance and he was regarded us a marvel The record at the present day in Australia for a Derby is 232 standing to the credit of the New Zealand colt Noc tuiform some difference us the Yankees say In America in 1855 a time match was run at New Orleans between Lecomte and Lexington two cham ¬ pions and both fouryearolds in which the latter which won diil the four miles carrying 103 pounds in 719 or nearly 13 seconds to the furlong At the time this was considered by the Americans to be a worlds record In Australia we have no fourmile races on the flat but Trafalgar carry ¬ ing twentyeight pounds more than the American did has a record of 522 for three miles which works out a little worse than 134 seconds to the furlong furlongSo So it will be seen that this talk about the champions of other days being better than those of the present will not bear the searchlight of analysis The horses might have been of sturdier build but they most assuredly were not so fast Scarcely a month goes by now without new figures being established for some race or other and the last two months in Australia have been remarkable in nroducing new records In Queensland New South Wales Victoria and South Australia the fig ¬ ures have had to be revised for several distances and there is sure to be more as time goes on otherwise there would be nothing in scientific breeding of the thoroughbred thoroughbredNEWS NEWS ITEMS FROM ANTIPODES ANTIPODESIt It is bad enough to have a race horse drowned but it is the height of misfortune for siich to hap ¬ pen in these days of paucity of water Yet two instances have been provided at Randwick the Sydnev New South Wales course within three weeks the first being Agincourt which won the Australian Jockey Club Final Handicap of 1910 from end to end In both instances falling into a drain caused the trouble there not being enough space for the horses to extricate themselves Silver King an aged New Zealandbred bay gelding by Sylvia Park Ruby was the latest victim victimAt At Caulfield trainers daughters take naturally to the saddle The latest aspirant for honors in steer ¬ ing horses at work is Miss Iris Musgrave who last week piloted Aleconner ill some useful exercise exerciseA A proposal that race course detectives should be appointed was rejected by the New Zealand Con ¬ ference As the proposal was made by the chair ¬ man at the request of the stipendiary stewards committee it is a wonder it did not receive more favorable consideration than was the case caseThe The Spin which holds the Australian record of 341 for two miles over hurdles broke down so badly at the recent Rcsehill meeting that he has finished his racing career He has been sent to his owners home for a future life of ease easeThe The Spire made the record with 145 pounds up at Randwick New South Wales April 22 1910 The Spire is eight years old by 1 lavus Heiress Fla vus by the way recently succumbed to old age Kangaroo

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