Latest Work-Outs At Latonia Track, Daily Racing Form, 1919-06-13

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LATEST WORKOUTS AT LATONIA TRACK LATONIA KyJnne 12 Workouts at Lntonia this morning wore many ami sonic brisk moves were ri i rted the following being tlie best reported by this official timers Weather clear track fast Ahlcbaran Mile in 143 143American American Eagle Three niarlers in 116 116Angon Angon Fiveeighths in 103 ArrowiMiint Threeeighths in 36 36JUaise JUaise Half mile in 49 49Betsy Betsy Half mile in 49 49Bringhnrst Bringhnrst Half mile in 54 54Bulse Bulse Half mile in 53 53Black Black Watch Half mile in 51 51BiddledtN BiddledtN Fiveeighths in 102 Jf JfBarrys Barrys Pet Fireeighths in 102 102Blaekie Blaekie Daw Fiveeighths in 101 101Bubbles Bubbles Fiveeighths in 101 101Buck Buck Nail Threequarters in 117 117Bulhluze Bulhluze Three iuarters in 111 111B B B Johnson Half mile in 49 49Batchlor Batchlor Threequarters in l173 l173Butterscotch Butterscotch H Threequarters in 115 115Bert Bert Williams Threequarters in 110 110Bathilde Bathilde Mile in 142 142Brown Brown Bee Mile in 150 150Bonrbon Bonrbon Lad Mile in 140 Brynlimah Mile in 141 141Butcher Butcher Boy Mile ill 145 145Crystal Crystal Day Mile in 143 143CacamlK CacamlK Fiveeighths in 104 104Cane Cane Bun Fiveeighths in 102 102Caiit Caiit Mac Threeeightlis in 35 Dr Schaffcr Mile and an eighth in 154 154Discord Discord Mile in 14 David Craig Fiveeighths in 101 101Dolph Dolph Fiveeighths in 104 104Dnigoon Dnigoon Fiveeighths in 102 102Uiiko Uiiko of Latona Tlireeeighths in 30 30Emanale Emanale Mile in 142 142Exhorter Exhorter Threequarters in 119 119Knmity Knmity Threequarters in 115 115Escovar Escovar Half mile in 48 48Flash Flash of Steel Threequarters in 11675 11675Gibhy Gibhy Half mile in 49 49Helma Helma Threequarters in 114 114High High Wind Threeeighths in 38 38John John llnric Threeeighths in 38 38Toricc Toricc Threeeiglitlis in 37 37Jap Jap Fiveeighths in 102 102John John O Threequarters in 113 113Jackstraw Jackstraw Mile in 142 142Kentucky Kentucky Boy Mile in 142 142Kenward Kenward Fiveeighths in 104 104Kinburn Kinburn Half mile in 50 50Lucilc Lucilc P Mile in 144 144Little Little Marcliiiiont Mile in 147 147lottery lottery Mile in 143 143Iiututia Iiututia Threequarters in 116 116Lucinda Lucinda Half mile in 51 51Lively Lively Half mile in 48 48Mint Mint Cat Mile in 145 Mistress 1olly Mile in 140 140Moscowa Moscowa Mile in 150 150Money Money Maker Mile in 141 141Mary Mary Josephine Threequarters in 115 Miss Paetty Fiveeighths in 102 102Miss Miss Jemima Fiveeighths in 103 103Nellie Nellie Witwor Threeeighths in 35 35Ndio Ndio Threequarters in 114 Night Owl Threequarters in 117 117Overlrold Overlrold Half mile in 52 52Polroma Polroma Mile and an eighth in 156 156Parr Parr Threequarters in 117 1171ine 1ine Grove Fiveeighths in 103 103Bifle Bifle Shooter Mile in 143 143Kaiubow Kaiubow Girl Seveneighths in 129 129Begalo Begalo Threequarters in 118 118Key Key Maxim Half mile in 52 52RicholieifcHiilf RicholieifcHiilf mile in 50 U 11 Anderson Threeeighths in 37 37Sam Sam Frecdinan Threeeighths in 34 34Sweep Sweep Jr Threeeighths in 36 36Springside Springside Half mile in 48 48Sir Sir Oliver Fiveeighths in 105 105Sterling Sterling Fiveeighths in 100 100Sol Sol Gilsey Threequarters in 118 118Sansyming Sansyming Mile in 146 146Saner Saner Mile in 145 145Silvery Silvery Light Mile in 147 147The The Swimmer Fiveeighths in 101 101Tiiijan Tiiijan Fiveeighths in 104 104Tetley Tetley Fiveeighths in 102 102Third Third Watch Fiveeighths in 104 104Tom Tom Brooks Half mile in 52 52Tomboh Tomboh Mile and an eighth in 153 153W W P Montgomery Fiveeighths in 105 105Waterproof Waterproof Mile in 148 148W W S Ciilliertson Threequarters in 115 115Yenghee Yenghee Mile in 145

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