Latest Training Gallops, Daily Racing Form, 1922-06-15

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LATEST TRAINING GALLOPS 951 951LATONIA LATONIA Ky June j4 Todays training gallops here were as follows LATONIA LATONIAThreeEighths ThreeEighths Mile MileAnna Anna Balna 2f 035Green Gold 354 354947Barb 947Barb Palmer 30 946Hoaor Mau 37 37924BddIedce 924BddIedce 37 701Last Brush 30 30Clover Clover 3G 943Panna 37 379tSPlayfol 42SDr Hlcknian33 9tSPlayfol Miss 37 922Grcat Luck 3S 93GPrinco K 33 33Half Half Mile Mile942Brass 942Brass Tacks E0 9IOPowcr 50 50700Bullioa 700Bullioa 49 917Sir Thos KeanrO KeanrO947CaIcutta 947CaIcutta 50 940Stnrap Jr 50 50947Louis 947Louis A 49 945Suavo Prince 49 49934Modna 934Modna 50 50FivoEighths FivoEighths Mile 940 Alluring 104 94SMolSe King 103 940Centimeter 102 947Mahony 302 = S 946Kcwp 0Noill01 39Mary Pal 103 103930Leslie 930Leslie 102 947Vulcanora 102 102911Lord 911Lord Allen 103 103ThrccQuarters ThrccQuarters Mile Mile940Advoeate 940Advoeate 117 = 4 910Mom 117 117945Gangway 945Gangway 116 050 Kob 117 117943J 943J Bowdre 110 943Rekab 115 11594CJ 94CJ S Reanlonl17 934Vlrgo 117 117SevenEighths SevenEighths Kilo Kilo941Paradcr 941Paradcr 131 131Ono Ono Kile KileC42Permoat C42Permoat 140 050Lady Madcapl43 Madcapl43932Bit 932Bit of Whitel41 943M J Daly 143 143945Gcm 945Gcm 144 942Roulesn 145 940 Jim Daisy 143 939 Willow Trcel44 y OKiubcrn 113 Gem worked well Bit of White showed speed Jeanne Bowdre was only cantering Lady Madcap galloped easily Kcwpie ONefl showed good speed Mom is extra good goodNEW NEW TORFC N Y June 14 Todays gallops over the local courses included tho following followingBEL3IONT BEL3IONT PARK TRAINING THACIT THACITWeather Weather clear track fast ThreeEighths Kile 929BiHy Watts 3S Noel 349 349930BelskI 930BelskI 30 917ncformer 30 30Befor Befor 37i Simples 33 33931Dode 931Dode 40 947Sonthern lelle30 lelle30923Irish 923Irish Pat 3i 947Tasrsll 30 30Jacquelhia Jacquelhia 33 911Thucderclap 341 341915Lucky 915Lucky Antoine38 940Astrolite 947Montalvo 047Anoaymous 43 903 Polly Ann 54 54940Aladdin 940Aladdin 47 i 040Rose Hill 48 48941Chesterhrook 941Chesterhrook 50 939Uuugrand 4S 4S942Chateangay 942Chateangay 49 917Rigcl T0 T0937Dark 937Dark Magic 50 UoseanU r0 r094GEd 94GEd Al Poe 49 941Runmath 51 51940Etiainoctial 940Etiainoctial 48 947Satcllite r0 r0940Fnith 940Fnith W 49 92SSanre 48 48947Hourbel 947Hourbel 50 003Spcade se n nSS9Lonise SS9Lonise Groody49 The Corsnlr 51 51Midday Midday 40 947Violct Blue 50 50Monardclla Monardclla 52 52FivcEichtha FivcEichtha Mile 042Clinkerina 1OG 941Sw and Pttyl12 Pttyl12I I 940Jack Horncrl02 Solomon 101 101910Romp 910Romp Home 103 103I I ThreeQuarters Kilo KiloflODr flODr Johnronl15 943Mer Marine 125 940Irish Confettil15 943NattrraliRt 115 115937KaiSang 937KaiSang 110 947Korthclirf 119 119947Loitercr 947Loitercr 115 931Rnfus Ricyl21 Ricyl21I I SoverEighths Mile Mile947Irish 947Irish Sea 127 One Mile 943BclIe Boyd 149 924Soamangha 140 140t t 940May Hamptoal49 Thunderclap has his speed Noel showed a good flash of speed Aladdin ran well Equinoctial was not extended KaiSang is training well Naturalist ir nearirg rac ¬ ing condition Irish Sea worked impressively JAMAICA JAMAICAj j Weather clear track fast ThreeEighths Kilo Kilo940Amblcr 940Amblcr 37 929Norraal 37 37All All American 3B 914Pluto 30 30947BIne 947BIne Hawk 30 922Rnmmcl 40 40929Crystal 929Crystal Ford 40 947Recoaiindition 37 37Hillhonre Hillhonre 28 939Swecpy 37 37908John 908John Dundee 37 911Stony Point 35 Half Mile Mile930Bnllet 930Bnllet 49 947Out and Goac49 Goac49929Irene 929Irene Dclsa 51 921norcste II 51 039John Joseph 50 947Spng 33 FiveEishth Kile Kile94viVcttie 94viVcttie Woods 109 54 Tork BUn 1O1 1O1943Brainstorin 943Brainstorin 101 945Menvry 1 910Brother Patl02 03CS Lbt III 100 100ThrceQuarters ThrceQuarters Mile Mile950Crocns 950Crocns 117 040Run tar Irl4 Irl4047Dimmcsdale 047Dimmcsdale 116 947Rainhow Boy 119 119753I 753I rndish 113 947 Whisk 120 120940Fcn 940Fcn Rose 121 121One One Kile 947Bioomster 143 947Sircn Mnid 143 143917M 917M A Noonanl51 939Tjkeh 149 149950Morvich 950Morvich 140 140Stony Stony Point has a fine wny of going Brainstorm was not extended Dimniesdala was under restraint all the way Runstar is nearing racing condition Prudish worked exceptionally well Broomster seems fresh and ready Morvichs fractional time was 23 47y3 112 He tired slightly and tho work should put him at his best form for the Carlton Saturday SaturdayAQUEBUGT AQUEBUGT AQUEBUGTWeather Weather clear track fast ThreeEighths Mile 947Early Bird 38 914 Sweep By 91GPastoral 38 947Valor Half Mile Mile940Atherstone 940Atherstone 49 946Mavourneen 50 50934Athelston 934Athelston 52 04SPolythia 49 49915Castlcton 915Castlcton 54 934Roundsman 53 53910Court 910Court View 51 947Scottish Chief 52 52942Lacerta 942Lacerta 49 49FiveEighths FiveEighths Jlile Jlile939Ella 939Ella C 100 Noon Hour 106 106916Maadalay 916Maadalay 104 104ThreeQuarters ThreeQuarters Mile Mile947Bayonne 947Bayonne 119 93SNew Orleans 118 11813Horeb 13Horeb 118 9SSSo It Goes 118 118943Jauncbar 943Jauncbar 130 15Serenadcr 123 123040Libcrty 040Libcrty Girl 117 117SevenEighths SevenEighths Uile Uile917Deiterons 917Deiterons 132 942Ray Jay 130 130Ono Ono Mile Mile940Canyon 940Canyon 143 945Notime 145 145947My 947My Agnes 8141 8141Kile Kile end an Eighth 950Be Frank 157 157Ray Ray Jay ran well Be Frank is improving rapidly Serenader was cantering Polythia worked well Canyon worked fast fastMONTREAL MONTREAL Que June 11 Todays training gallops here included the following followingBLUE BLUE BONNETS Weather clear track fast ThreeEighths Mile Mile949Cbow 949Cbow 37 94GLion dOr 41 41947Gallipot 947Gallipot 42 94SMumbo Jumbo 37 37943Hecltaps 943Hecltaps 38 045Royal Duck 29 29949Joaquina 949Joaquina 39 948Racfcct 38 38Half Half Mile Mile917Palustrade 917Palustrade 52 947IJoyal Gift 53 53944Blstouri 944Blstouri 54 949Reluetant 53 53013Herron 013Herron 52 0lSTlsc Enquuer 51 51FiveEiehths FiveEiehths Kile Kile943Carry 943Carry On 101 948Lloyd George 102 045Fair lassie 1C4 944Mess Kit 107 107945Gratian 945Gratian 104 919Top Notch 103 103SSSJacquella SSSJacquella 100 100IhreeQnarters IhreeQnarters Mile Mile918Affectation 918Affectation 110 930Finery 120 120705A1 705A1 119 840Jobn OVertonl17 OVertonl1750Hilly 50Hilly Kelly 122 949May Rose 1 2 944Brcad Une 118 946Mainmast 117 843Brynthona 131 940Marjorie M 117 910Clansmnn 121 943North Wales 119 930 Caretaker 117 929Par Diamondl21 931Darnay 123 94SSailing B 120 738Franc Tireur 122 949War Togs 123 Ono Hilo Hilo949Boniface 949Boniface 149 949Paddle 140 140940Kleanor 940Kleanor S 147 949Sea Tale 143 143949Moco 949Moco 149 570Spectac Girl 147 147Mile Mile and an Eighth 949Houynhnhnm 207 207Racket Racket and Heeltaps ran well from tho barrier The Enquirer is showing form about ready Chow showed a fast three eighths is rounding into good form Lloyd George showed a fine turn of speed some ¬ thing unusual for him Gratian ran well Fair Lassie showed a good turn of speed and is in fine form Top Notch was doing his best Billy Kelly was cantering Affecta ¬ tion showed good speed in the first part but quit badly Bread Line ran well Marjorlo M and Johnny Overton worked together showing good speed Boniface galloped fast and is in his best form Paddle is in fins form

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