Stuyvesant Nominations: Seventy-Five Three-Year-Olds Entered in Jamaica Handicap, Daily Racing Form, 1923-04-27


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STUYVESANT NOMINATIONS ♦ Seventy-five Three -Year-Olds Entered in Jamaica Handicap. , « State Will GiTe New Yorkers Their First Chance to See Best Horses of the Division in Action This Year. » NEW YORK. N. Y.. April 26.— New Yorkers will have their first look at some of the best three-year-olds of the year at Jamaica on May 17. That is the date for the running of the Stuyvesant Handicap of the Metropolitan Jockey Club and of its seventy-five entries more than half were also named for the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness. It is possible that the winner of the Preakness will be one to go to the post for the Pimlico Stake to be decided May 12. The Kentucky Derby will not be decided until May 19. The Stuyvesant Handicap is a mile fcr three-year-olds and it was first run in 1916. In its short history it has brought together good ones and it is usual to see a first-class contest in its running. For the first three runnings the distance was three-quarters of a mile and the winners were Fernrock, Julialeon and Motor Cop. Then in 1919 it was stretched to a mile and Purchase was winner from as good a horse as Eternal. In 1920 Man o War was the winner and Yellow Hand was the only one to start against the champion. Richard T. Wilsons Sedgefield won in 1921 and last year it was Snob II. that was the victor. BEST THREE-YEAR-OLDS IN" LIST. This is the same Snob II. that was later sold to J. S. Cosden by John Sanford for 5,000 and he will be a handicap dependence of that stable this year. Most of the best of the eastern three-year-olds have been engaged for the stake this year, as is shown by the list of nominations. Following are the conditions of the Stuyvesant. with the cligibles : STUWESANT HANDICAP — For three -iyear-clds. Cuaranteed rash valuo ,000. of which 0. to the second and 00 lo the third. Weights to be announced five days before race. Winners after the announcement of the weights to carry five pounds extra. One mile. August Itelmont — Messenger, ch. c, by Fair Ilay — Mission. August Belmont Osprey, ch. g, by Fair Play — Olympia. August Belmont — How Fair, b. f, by Fair Play — Hour Hand. Benjamin Block — Better I.uck, b. c, by North St»r III.— Jrail. J. Byer — Dot. ch. f. by T.igliamento — Dorigen. Gifford A. Cochran Goshawk, blk. c, by Whisk Broom II.— Dovelet. Gifford A. Cochran -Cibria, b. f, by His Majesty — Livonia. Continued on eleventh page. J i W. v V W. J J. J J. J J. J. 1 V 1 j J. 1 I j ] f J ! f . * ■ 1 . y J. i ] 5 ; tj s % £ al. STUYVESANT NOMINATIONS Continued on tenth page. R. Coe— Pow Wnw. b. f, by Polymclian Ratify. R. Coe— Wigwam, b. f. by Pulynielinn t.arner. S. Cosden— Dunlin, ch. t, by laii Play Dona Roca . S. Cosden— Martingale, b. c. by Martinet Lidy Irma. S. Cosden— Golden Rule, b. e, by Wraek ;old- i»K S. Cosden— Cyclone, b. e, by Sweep Ballet Girl. William Daniel— Rlanc Swing, ch. c, by North Star III.— Bed of Roses. William Daniel -Edward Gray. blk. g, by Von Tromp — Bonsetta. S. Dann— Daniel, ch. c, by Rock View -Marie Frances. H. C. Fisher— Cartoonist, ch. c, by Celt Honey Bee. H. C. Fisher— Hyperion, br. e. by Sunstar Mel- riquc. Rot ert L. Gerry— Cyrlops. blk. c. by Heno- Daphne. Robert L. Gerry— Brrand Boy, b. t, by Wrack— 1-idy Errant. Greentree Stable — Cherry Pie, b. c. by Chicle-Cherry Malotte. Greentree Stable— Dustabout. br. c, by Sweep-Kopje. Salubria Stable— Tuxedo, br. c. by Sunstar Togs. Sanford Stud Farms — Glentilt, b. c, by Beonen — Glorita. Sanford Stud Farms— Aragon. ch. c, by Spanish Prince II. — Mabel Strauss. Sanford Stud Farms— Dalby. b. c, by George Smith — Kleusinia. Sanford Stud Farms— Atherstone. eh. c, by Marathon —Silica. J. Shaughnessy— Fullon, ch. e, by Friar Rock — Miss Borgia. James B. Smith — King Solomons Seal. b. e. by King James — Himaticn. James B. Smith— Caladium. b. •. by Vubain a- deau. C. A. Stoneham— Peddler, b. c. by Olambala Mary Sellars. H. Waterson— Out and lone. ch. e, by Whisk Broom II. — Miuiato. II. P. Whitney— Pickefer, b. c, by Chicle Pank- hurst. H. P. Whitney— Flagstaff, ch. c. by Broomstick— Inaugural. U. P. Whitney — Chickvale, b. c. by Chicle Green-vale. H. P. Whtiney — Revenge, b. g. by Cricle Regret. H. P. Whitney— Good Night, b. g. by Rickety-Slippers. H. P. Whitney — Transom, ch. f. by Broomstick — Traverse. H. P. Whitney— Fly by Day, ch. f, by Broomstick — Fly by Night II. Joseph E. Widener — Battersea, ch. c, by Mont dOr II. — Sunflower. Joseph E. Widener— Purity, ch. c. by Fair Flay— Sans Tache. Joseph E. Widener — Shuffle Along, blk. g. by Luke McLuke— Black Brocade. R. T. Wilson— Tall Timber, b. t, by Campfire — Pixy. R. J. Wilson — Forest Lore. ch. ■, by Campfire— Ma Wee Dear. Greentree Stable — Moonraker, ch. c. by Broomstick — Alster Cress. Greentree Stable— Solisa, eh. f. by Spanish Prince II. — Fresnay. Greentree Stable — Barbary Bush, ch. c. by Whisk Broom II. — Cardamiue. Greentree Stable — Rialto. b. c. by Chicle Matinee. Willis Sharpe Kilmer— Contour. h. f. by Celt — Pyramid. ." A. K. Maomber — Brimstone, b. c, by Palo Alti» — Hoop Skirt. A. K. Macomber — Spread Eagle, b. c. by Hesperus — La Sierra. J. E. Madden — Sandy Hatch, ch. c, by Iltimus — Crazyquilt. J. E. Madden— MacLir, ch. g, by Friar Koek — Sea Air. S. McNaughton— Little Celt. ch. c, by Celt -Little Flower. Oak Ridge Stable — Runelise. ch. f, by Runnymede — Hymir. Oneek Stable — Hobgoblin, br. c. by Luke McLuke - Sprite. R. H. McC. Potter— Hall Mark. ch. c. by Sand Marsh — Clarice. Quincy Stable — Bluemont. blk. c. by Vulcain- Nota- sulga. Juincy Stable — Carol, ch. c. by Ormomlale Bonnie Carrie. Quincy Stable— Caveat Emptor, blk. g. by Celt-Bobolink II. Ram ocas Stable— Zev, br. c, by The Finn Misa Kearney. Rancocas Stable — Bud Lerner, b. c, by The Finn — Dreamsome. Rancocas Stable— Rigel, ch. g, by Ballot Pictons Pride. Rancocas Stable— Satellite, ch. g, by Ogden Star of Danube. Rancocas Stable — Coeur de Lion, ch. g. by Fair Play — Couronne de Luurier. Rancocas Stable — Aladdin, br. g. by Dick Finnell -s Viola Vail. Rancocas Stable— Whirlwind, ch. g. by Cltimus — Sarnia. Rancocas Stable— Curtis, b. g, by Dick Finnell— Glena. Rancocas Stable— Stockmar, br. g, by Wrack-Star Gift. Riviera Stable — Great Man, b. c, by Great Britain Metsie Riviera Stable— Miss Star. b. f. by Hesperus Istar. Riviera Stable— Lord Celt, blk. g. by Celt Orowoc. Waler J. Salmon — Vigil, ch. c. by Jim Gaffney — Vignola. Walter J. Salmon — Luminist, b. -, by Hourless— Lumineuse. Walter J. Salmon— Mark Twain, br. g. by Georgu Smith — Droll.

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