Daily Racing Form Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1935-05-06

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Best of the Day DayAURORA AURORA 5th SIX BELLS BELLSCHURCHILL CHURCHILL DOWNS 5th DNIEPER DNIEPERPIMLICO PIMLICO 3rd SMEAR SMEARJAMAICA JAMAICA 3rd WHITE COCKADE AURORA AURORAOutstanding Trackman W G RODERICK Outstanding selections appear in bold type Weather clear track good TRACKMAN CHICAGO DICK WELLES CONSENSUS Pantaur Natalie Alice Pantaur Pantaur Pantaur Pantaur Pantaur 42 Natalie Alice Blind River Blind River Natalie Alice Blind River Blind River Natalie Alice 22 Blind River Pantaur Natalie Alice Blind River Natalie Alice Natalie Alice Blind River 20 Jere Alkali Jere Alkali Jere Stock Market Jere 34 v JereCatwalk AlkaliJere AlkaliStockMarket CatwalkAlkali Catwalk Jere Alkali StockMarket Alkali Jere Alkali 26 JereBeetle StockMarketJere Alkali Beetle Stock Market Jere Sweep Like Sweep Like Stock Markebli V Little Turtle TurtlePop Little Turtle Little Turtle War Dimes Little Turtle Little Turtle Little Turtle 46 Pop PopWhitharral Chief Bunting Don Carlos Little Turtle Surly War Dimes War Dimes 14 Whitharral Whitharral Simon Chief Bunting War Dimes Don Carlos Don Carlos 6 Swanky Miss Swanky Miss MissIdlewild Idlewild Idlewild Swanky Miss MissIdlewild Swanky Miss Swanky Miss 42 Idlewild Idlewild Swanky Miss Swanky Miss Idlewild Idlewild Idlewild 32 IdlewildViper Brilliant Miss Viper Viper Brilliant Miss Viper IdlewildViper Brilliant Miss Brilliant Miss 8 Six Bells Six Bells Six Bells Six Bells Six Bells Six Bells Six Bells 48 48Jack Nisia Eveline F Le Minlstre Jack Murphy Jack Murphy Jack Murphy Jack Murphy 14 Eveline F Redivivus Jack Murphy Wild Laurel Nisia Le Ministre Nisia 6 Fanfern Woodlander NoahsPride Woodlander Woodlander Noahs Pride Woodlander 38 WoodlanderFanfern NoahsPrideFanfern WoodlanderJoe WoodlanderNoahsPride Woodlander Fanfern Fanfern Joe Flores NoahsPride Woodlander Noahs Pride 24 NoahsPrideFanfern Joe Flores NoahsFride Joe Flores Whipper Crackr Fanfern Joe Flores Fanfern 18 Gooseflesh Buster B BGooseflesh Gooseflesh Loyal Louie Bustsr B Buster B Buster B 32 Buster B GoosefleshLommern Gooseflesh Buster B Porto Play Lommern Loyal Louie Gooseflesh 26 Loyal Louie Lommern Port o Play Gooseflesh Gooseflesh Gooseflesh Loyal Louie 14 TRACKMAN DICK WELLES CONSENSUS Suncircle Blaze Sis Agnes Suncircle Blaze Santerno Left Wing Shalot Sncircle Blaze 22 Precious Betty Suncircle Blaze Jaz Age Sis Agnes Sis Agnes Jaz Age Sis Agnes 20 Left Wing Precious Betty Sis Agnes Jaz Age Suncircle Blaze Sis Agnes Left Wing 10 Parrish Roach Our Patty Parrish Roach Parrish Reach Mordark Parrish Roach P rrish Roach 36 Mordark Parrish Roach Our Patty Emer J Haeheart Emer J Our Patty 18 Our Patty Emer J Mordark Our Patty My Louellen Our Patty Mordark 12 Babeson BabesonDiavoless Babeson Captain Joy JoyBabeson Babeson BabesonDiavoless Captain Joy JoyBabeson Babeson BabesonDiavoless Babeson 44 Diavoless Diavoless + Babeson Diavoless Babeson Diavoless Diavoless 20 DiavolessMature BabesonDiavoless DiavolessMature BabesonDiavoless DiavolessMature Mature Freeman Diavoless Mature Diavoless Mature Cap tain Joy 16 Little Connelly Semester Little Connelly Secret Tryst Little Connelly ConnellySecret John Marcum Little Cnnelly 36 John Marcum Little Connelly Secret Tryst Yankee Waters Semester SemesterI Little Connelly Secret Tryst 18 Yankee Waters Secret Tryst I Sunshine Boy Little Connelly Secret Tryst Secret Tryst John Marcum 12 Dnieper Dnieper Dnieper Dnieper Dnieper DnieperBrilliant Dnieper Dnieper 50 50Don Down in Front Don Creole Bootless Brilliant Light Brilliant Light Don Creole Don Creole 16 Don Creole Bamboo Don Creole Don Creole Don Creole Brilliant Light Brilliant Light 10 St Omer St Omer Mr Sponge St Omer Mr Sponge Mr Sponge St Omer 36 Funderburg Booms Pal St Omer Booms Pal Booms Pal Si Omer Mr Sponge 28 Mr Sponge Mr Sponge Booms Pal Marie Jean St Omer Respect Booms Pal 14 Vanita Vanita Panalong Vanita Vanita Vanita Vanita 46 Double R Veronica C Vanita Veronica C Veronica C Veronica C Veronica C 18 Kwamudi Panalong Veronica C Panalong Panalong Panalong Panalong 16 Sir Koster Sir Koster Sir Koster Bourbon Prince King Cicero King Cicero King Cicero 32 King Cicero King Cicero King Cicero King Cicero Busy Spain Cold Steel Sir Koster 28 Donday Busy Spain Busy Spain Durga Sir Koster Sir Koster Brbon Prince 8 PIMLICO PIMLICOOutstanding Trackman T K LYNCH Outstanding selections appear in bold type Weather clear track fast TRACKMAN DICK WELLES CONSENSUS Tody Con Nervy Nella Mr Pete Mr Pete Dalmatia Nervy Nella Nervy Nella 20 Arctic Land Misty Helen Italian Harry Dalmatia Tody Con Tody Con Mr Pete 18 Mr Pete High Chair Nervy Nella Cora Kay Nervy Nella Spare Time Tody Con 16 Waywell White Lightning LightningWaywell White Lightning Brad White Lightning Election Day White Lighfg 30 BradFlying Capstan Waywell WaywellDundrillen Election Day Flying Feathers FeathersWhite Matagain White Lightning Election Day 14 Flying Feathers Dundrillen Blue Zip White Lightning Election Day Matagain Waywell 12 Smear Smear Smear Hereward Smear Smear Smear 44 SmearOneill HerewardOneill SmearHereward SmearDunfern Oneill Oneill Oneill Oneill Hereward Dunfern Oneill 18 OneillSmear HerewardOneill DunfernHereward Hereward Barbizon Royal Lassie Smear Oneill Hereward Hereward 16 Nouveau Riche RicheHiatus Sobriety Zuni Hiatus Nouveau Riche RicheSobriety Nouveau Riche RicheSobriety Nveau Riche 24 SobrietyHiatus ZuniHiatus HiatusBalcony Hiatus Hiatus Hiatus Balcony Sobriety Sobriety Hiatus 20 HiatusZuni SobrietyZuni BalconyPackage SobrietyPackage HiatusPackage HiatusSobriety Zuni Package Sobriety Package Package Zuni Sobriety 18 Prince Abbot Motley Cohort Miss Cohort Miss Cohort Miss Cohort Miss Cohort Miss 40 Cohort Miss Four Spot Four Spot Four Spot Four Spot Four Spot Four Spot 22 Four Spot Spixl Motley Motley Manager Bill Manager Bill Motley 12 Bloodroot Boston Brook BrookBloodroot Firethorn Bloodroot Bloodroot Firethorn Bloodroot 32 BloodrootFurfiber Furfiber Bloodroot Furfiber Firethorn Firethorn Bloodroot Firethorn 26 FurfiberFirethorn BloodrootFurfiber Firethorn Furfiber Polar Flight BrownTwig Polar Flight Demonstration Furfiber 10 Squawker Canrock Drawn Sword Drawn Sword Drawn Sword Drawn Sword SwordSomeone Drawn Sword 84 Canrock Squawker Squawker Flag Raising Flower Show Someone Else Squawker 18 Apple Toddy Flower Show Flower Show Squawker Flag Raising Flag Raising Canrock 12 Heiress Pretty Wise Heiress Gloritone Sun Spear SpearGloritone Sun Spear SpearTriolet Sun Spear 22 Sun Spear Barney Sexton Triolet Pretty Wise GloritoneHeiress Gloritone Triolet TrioletGloritone Heiress 20 Triolet Heiress Court Gossip Triolet Heiress Gloritone Pretty Wise 14 JAMAICA JAMAICAOutstanding Trackman C J CONNORS Outstanding selections appear in bold type Weather clear track fast TRACKMAN DICK WELLES CONSENSUS Cash Book Lady Camelot Cash Book Cash Book Lady Roma Lady Roma Cash Book 34 Bereit Spur Flower High Dry Lady Roma Cash Book Cash Book Lady Roma 20 Spur Flower Cash Book Miss Glory Harem Queen Bereit Bereit Lady Camelot 8 North Wales II IITempestuous Tempestuous Pompeys Pillar PillarMannie Tempestuous North Wales II IITempestuous Pompeys PHlar PHlarWizard Tempestuous 28 Tempestuous Apprehend TempestuousApprehend Mannie Douceur Tempestuous Wizard Nth Wales H 16 TempestuousDouceur ApprehendMannie MannieTempestuous TempestuousDouceur WizardTempestuous Douceur Mannie Tempestuous Roman Punch Douceur Tempestuous Pompeys Pilr 16 White Cockade CockadeSparta Wha Hae HaeSparta White Cockade SpartaWhite Sparta White Cockade CockadeWha White Cockade CockadeWha White Cckade 44 44Sparta Sparta Sparta SpartaWhite Sparta White Cockade CockadeTransit Wha Hae Wha Hae Sparta 22 JVhaHae White Cockade Wha Hae Transit Lady Transit Lady Sparta Wha Hae 20 Dasher Black Buddy Black Buddy Black Buddy Quel Jeu Black Buddy Black Buddy 42 Black Buddy Open Range Open Range Open Range Open Range Open Range Open Range 22 Open Range Quel Jeu Quel Jeu Quel Jeu Black Buddy Quel Jeu Quel Jeu 16 Gold Standard Gold Standard Garden Message Technique Garden Message Volta Maid Gden Mssage 32 Garden Message Garden Message Can tine Lass Garden Message Volta Maid Cantine Lass Gold Standrd 16 This Way Technique Technique Volta Maid Cantine Lass Garden Message Volta Maid 14 Crowded Hours Bright Don Happy Hunter Bright Don My Selection Bright Don Bright Don 34 Happy Hunter My Selection Bright Don My Selection Bright Don My Selection My Selection 22 Bright Don Prosecutor Mv Selection Crowded Hours Crowded Hours Crowded Hours Crwdd Hours 14

Persistent Link: https://drf.uky.edu/catalog/1930s/drf1935050601/drf1935050601_2_6
Local Identifier: drf1935050601_2_6
Library of Congress Record: https://lccn.loc.gov/unk82075800