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NATIONAL DERBY PROMISE Out of its 1895 success St Louis made a keen bid for the first place in Western racing when it took the 1896 20000 National Derby and the Chi ¬ cago cargo Futurity 1896 with 10000 added off Har Hara ¬ lems lens hand The latter cuts no figure now but the former race is likely to be the Derby of the year should the three Californians Crescendo Santa Belle and Baldwins Baldwin Ramiro land safely and compete The National Derby will thus get Bon Brush and theCalifornians together for the first time and the meeting of the quartette and the selection of the early western season will attract national attention attentionThe attention The race is to be run Saturday June 20 20The The original conditions of the National Derby were rather tortuous Here they are The National Derby for 1896 A sweepstakes for threeyearolds foals of 1893 100 each half forfeit or only 25 if declared by January 1 1896 Money to accompany ajl al declarations or else they will be void The stake to be reopened October 15 1895 and entries to be received upon the payment of 250 in cash The mouey moue to ac ¬ company the entry otherwise it Will be void 300 additional to start The Assjociation Association to add a sufficient amount to make the value of the stake 15000 in cash to the winner The second horse to receive 25CO the third 1500 and the fourth 1000 Winners of one stake in 1896 of 5000 or three stakes of any value to carry five pounds penalty One Mile and a Half HalfThere Haltered There were no entries at the reopening The stake had been transferred in time but owners though notified were busy or scattered among various racing fields Then again St Louis is not Chicago and the latters clatters reign of terror was on onAs Jonas As it stands the National Derby will cost the St Louis Fair Association some 7000 on the display below Items Amount 224 entries at 25 5600 157 eligibles eligible non starters 25 more 3925 57 declarations January 1 1896 10 starters estimate at 375 3750 3750Total Total 13275 13275Value Value of Stake 20000 20000Cost Cost of Stake 6725 6725It It is evident that the Derby will hardly bo more than a racing success An even break on finance will be a good thing for the St Louis Associa Asocial ¬ tion ion The National Derby may got twelve start ¬ ers The early Western three year old events will help or obstruct St Louis LouisTho Loutish Tho Theo three year olds of 1896 should reflect the two year olds of 1895 In an Eastern entry way the class is not balanced at all Ben Brush is all there is to it certainly with Applegate Appellate and probably Hazlet Haslet out of the way Tho Theo West must be relied on to make a doubtful issue After the Oakley Ankle Derby one can better estimate the chances for a field at St Louis LouisThere Cloistered There are now 167 present eligibles eligible They are not much in a form way outside this group of seventeen Ben Brush Hazlet Haslet Captive CaptiveSir Captives CaptiveSir Captives Sir Yassar Vassar Crescendo Beau Ideal II IIFrontier Frontier First Mate Ramiro RamiroSanta Ramiro Santa Bella Ella Sir Play Fonso Fonts FonsoPrince Consorting Prince Leif Semper Simper Ego Ramiro RamiroBarbarossa Barbarossa Barbarisms Nimrod Imo Gano Guano GanoBen Ignoble Ben Eder Edger EderThis Endorphins This group can easily bo reduced by leaving only nine as follows Ben Brush Crescendo Hazlet Haslet HazletPrince Haltering Prince Leif RmiroFnso Microns Ramiro Gano Guano GanoSanta Ignorant Santa Bella Ella Beau Ideal II Ben Eder Edger EderThe Federate The form is therefore clear and this way Ben Brush 1 1Crescendo Crescendo 2 2Ramiro Ramiro Gano Guano 3 3By By form I mean of course the quality of past performance as shown in 1895 Here are two tables the first shows the performances of the selected lot last season and the second tabu abu ¬ lates elates the best racing pieces of each during the term 2 3 Unp UMP Won Ben Brush Ill 22595 Crescendo 522 14955 Santa Bella Ella 634 5420 Hazlet Haslet Beau Ideal II IICaptive Imitative Captive Sir Va sar sari Frontier First Mate Ramiro fRamiro Ramiro Prince Leif Semper Simper EgoBen Globe Ego Ben Eder Edger BarbarossaSir Barbarous Barbarossa Barbarisms Sir Play Nimrod Imo Hy Fonso Fonts fBy By Gano Guano Dis Dais WtTime Wittier I Place ITk IT Ben Brush m 127 111 Morris Park Fr FrF FF Crescendo F C 125 110 15 Sheephead Shepherd F F5f Santa Bella Ella BellaHazlet Hellhole 5f 115 1 07 San Frncisco Francisco F Fml7 Hazlet Haslet ml7 1J3M Morris Park F F6f Beau IdII III 6f 100 121 StLouis Stoics F F1m Captive 1m 113 146 Latonia Antonia H Sir Vassar 1 l16m 107 1 49J4 San Frncisco Francisco G G5f Frontier 5f 113 108 Oakley Ankle F F7fl08 First Mate 7fl08 130 Latonia Antonia F Fm Ramiro m 108 115 San Frncisco Francisco G Gm tRamiro Ramiro m 114 115 Latonia Antonia F FWarn Warn Prince Leif Warn 89 153 Morris Park F SmperEgo Superego 5f 118 101 Detroit Ben Eder Edger 5f 119 101 Detroit Barbarossa Barbarisms m 114 121M StLouis Stoics H Sir Play 1m 86 142 San Frncisco Francisco F Nimrod Imo m 113 119 Latonia Antonia H By Gano Guano fBy By Fonso Fonts FonsoThere Fostered There are 150 other colts and fillies eligible to run for the 25000 outside the selected band One would turn to a candidate with an outside chance to one of this lot of ten Tenacity Cant Dance Adph Aphis Sprckls Prickles SprcklsSilver Preclusive Silver II Damien First Mate MateKing Mattering King William Loki Longflight Longsighted LongflightDantes Longsighted Dantes Antes DantesThe Daintiest The present elegibility eligibility and likelihood of post appearance of tt o two Californians Crescendo and Santa Bella Ella add to the interest of the St Louis event Crescendo is certainly the best colt and Santa Bella Ella as much the best filly in California Both too are to be pointed for the race even though Ben Brush is to bo tackled as he surely is if he goes on well Such Derbies are to Mike Dwyers Dyers fancy and he has a great colt coltCrescendo concrescence Crescendo was not himself in the East last year After he landed at Hawthorne in the spring the colt camo cameo close to the door of death He didnt didn't beat Requital but he did beat every ¬ thing else in the Futurity and ran a great race with no sort of contending luck If he lands in St Louis fit and well Bon Brush Trill be forced to do what ho can do run fast and bravo down an opponent to boat him himSanta Hismanal Santa Bellas Bells a more elastic proposition Shes Ashes a good filly But fillies in the spring are less than reliable If she can do her best Mr Mac donoughs donuts St Serf Maiden Belle now dead filly will also be a factor in the race raceThe racketed The St Louis race is nearly an old fashioned Derby The three and five pound penalties only mark its modernity Such penalties are as they should bo too None of tile entries by the way have yet earned the penalties Crescendo is closest to them themAll thermally All in all the promise of the National is gorge ¬ ous onus A lover of racing for racings tracings contention can only hope that Ben Brush Crescendo Santa Bella Ella and that other Californian which I am told is the best that Santa Anita has Ramiro by Gano Guano land in Missouri fit and well and dc better than well in their final preparations Then we shall see a race that will by report oven stir the fanatics to admiration

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