The Turf And The "Outlaw.", Daily Racing Form, 1896-12-26


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THE TURF AND THE OUTLAW Mr Bowers of the New York Tribune is a keen though semisuperficial semispherical turf critic who has been more influential than he naturally should have been in the Metropolitan racing field His latest literary foray is against the outlaws of the Maryland field Of course Mr Bowers did not go at those of St Louis One of the cardinal fads of New York turf critics is to overlook or ilur Wilbur Western racing of all grades The fad has cost Metropolitan turf followers millions of dollars Mr Bowers treats hia ia subject through the thoroughfare of a few facts more general reflections and more of the verbiage of abuse He is a half master hand in the line of sharp and caustic personal reference The outlaws are condemned on the ground that they are turf criminals and do not race to the line lineI line I should above all things like to discuss turf morality turf law and turf outlawry personal and general and as it is and should be with Mr Bowers He has injured the turf in many ways is unjust local narrow and critical from the angle of personality and its interest The Com ¬ mercialTribune Mercator of Cincinnati contrasting my statement of the injustice of so called out ¬ lawry awry and Mr Bowers idea of the same turf corner considers Bowers to be vitriolic May be he is Vitriols Vitriol useful properly applied So is opinion opium strychnine and a score of other remediesor remedies poisons Its all in application Mr Bowers inky vitriol has usually been applied to the wrong spots so far as racing is concerned This is offered as to his comments about the men and horses of his own field He has toadied to and patted the rich owner an the back skinned the poor owner written in the light or shade of hia ia idea and operations and been bitter unfair and unjust everywhere and always There are apparent reasons for all this They need not be discussed unless such discussions becomes necessary I consider the outlaw class so called an American turf necessity The mere everydayism everyday of sustenance out of which out ¬ lawry awry grew has straightened out a knot in rac race ingdom Kingdom that American turf legislators in their carelessness overlooked overlookedThe overlooked The outlaw term is an abomination The men horses and jockeys used at those out ¬ law tracks are but earning their way with the tools or talents they possess If they are not doing their honest best theyj they shouldj should be discip disciple ¬ lined to the limit But class is class in men animals and machines The actor or tool of the 100 class cannot well bo rated under the 1500 standard of racing consistency I have always estimated class all around as ability to do great things on call Such ability can bo com ¬ mercially metrically graded by degree from 100000 to 100 Why not The outlaw brigade relieves the general turf body It need not be recognized It should not however be branded as criminal and might well bo given an unrecognized corner in turf dom The English turf allow such owners and horses an unrecognized term of sustenance and refuge refugeMr refuge Mr Bowers idea of turf justice is based on Jockey Club law past and present This law may be outside its large mutual admiration nglinosss good law for its own The Grannan Granada ruling based on Jockey Club reason and influ influx ¬ ence fence does not indicate that Jockey Club action is as intelligent as it might be Other evidence in this same line can be furnished on call callThe althea The Eastern or metropolitan turf field is con ¬ cise cuisse and arrogant The Western field is broad and less than generally protective It usually however gives and takes The Eastern body gen ¬ erally rally takes and is apt to scream under action Then too in its narrowness it is apt to punish Western folks who may be or seem to be out of line At the same time it regularly over looks its own inandoutism viaducts This isnt isn't the jus jugs ¬ tice trice that a high class turf organization should dole out More particulars in this line are on hand A bill of them will be furnished on appli applied ¬ cation caption cationThere caption There is slumber mutual admiration narrow interest carelessness and mild immorality in Eastern turf action Eastern turf legislation and Eastern turf newspaper comment commentItems commentates Items under these heads will also be paraded on demand demandThe demand The American and every turf has its share of cheaters So have the newspapers clerical grocery legal banking dry goods and otrer otter mercantile industries of every land as well as this great and miscellaneous nation Sample cases can again be quoted if there is reason for quotation Criticisms a cleanser in all lines if its just criticism Interested comment for a purpose is as bad or worse than the every day flubdubism futurism of superficial comment from which the turf most suffers The interested commen commend ¬ tators stators are after something The flubdubbers are simply blundering and bluffing If Mr Bowers doesnt doesn't care to discuss turf morality with me the lists are open to others The American turf is and has been ridden to death by interested creatures mistaken creatures and their off ¬ shoots Turfmen Turkmen are in a great measure to blame for it all They have not been protective enough and their lower grades have washed their dirty linen under the public nose The smell thereof was naturally bad Other indus ¬ tries have similar garbage receptables receptacles Fun ¬ damentally lamentably though theres Theresa many millions in ¬ vested jn the rearing of the American horse of all grades and betterment for the futures sake Theres Theresa too many scandal mongers about tho thou active corners of horse culture and horse action They are usually wrong Many of the mon ¬ gers gears are merchants They should be put in their line A suppressive movement would be the proper thing If Mr Bowers thinks that he is right and I am wrong I have some evi Levi ¬ dence dance time and space to use for a discussion of it all allF alF F H BRUNELL BRUNEI

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