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COMMENT ON SPORTING ACTION The slop and slobber of sporting comment in these days of ours abounds so to say From New York comes tho thou news under date of Dec 25 that the remaining days of 1896 are few So Six filled the count There were six at the same time last year and there will be six noxt not unless something unusual happens to the calender calendar As Touchstone said according to Duke Jaques Jacques Its ten oclock o'clock Thus may we see quoth quota he how the world wags wagsTis wagtails Tis Otis but an hour ago since it was nine And after an hour more twill be eleven Theres Theresa another literary figure Capn Capon Jack Bunsby Busboy Cuttles Scuttles Seafarer who reflects vordy wordy nothingism nothings of comment Shakespeare was kid ¬ ding the flubdnbber of his age through Touchstone and Duke Jaques Jacques Dickens took a hack at the same pretender through Jack Bunsby Busboy Theres Theresa enough literary mutual admiration for a modern cross and an 1896 Calvary Both are needed Bunsbys Busboys bearing on the observation reaches the application of this The spade of present sporting comment isnt isn't anything like a long implement to garner dirt It is rather a sort of cloak to cover the mire of events according to the inclination of the commentator toward the actor Going further into the realms of criticism of present sporting doings the information is vouchsafed that Corbettneeds Curetted to be in fettle to punchthe punch stufHn stuff out of that CornishNew Cornish Zealand marvel in the fighting line Robert Fitzsimmons tho thou red and redolent So again 1 When wasnt wasn't Corbett Corvette in fettle fettleThe fettle The word fettle is English It means con ¬ dition edition and is peculiar to British mankind and equinity squinty Answering the question Corbett Corvette was short but once in his career That was when ho let Sharkey Shake mix it with and navvy navy him at Frisco and get a draw That decision was perhaps as corrupt as Earps Ears Corbett Corvette made light of his man and suffered the consequences of physical imperfection imperfectionChampions imperfection Champions who are careless deserve to suffer sufferThat suffer That was the only time Corbett Corvette was ever physically imperfect It should furnish a deep lesson to him Jackson stood Corbott Orbit off But Jackson was a champion too Had he been more careful of Jackson and less subject to the ncstacy NCSA of suc such ¬ cess he might have been more than he was Corbetts Cornets high class far higher than the pub ¬ lics licks notion of the average of a pugilist We all have notions and faults Humanitys Humanity best is the man or woman of control and tho thou fewest weaknesses Corbett Corvette hasnt hasn't failed but once in his fighting career He has smothered a lot of champions in a sauntering sort of way So has Bed Robert Fitzsimmons There has though been more friction to the CornisL Cornish mans action Both men have made their matches wolf Thats Hats mental balance The fellow who doesnt doesn't pick his fights for winning ways isnt isn't ripe othe other head1 Corbett Corvette has gone against keener corners than Fitzsimmons Fitz Fritz once barred Sullivan in his challenges Corbett Corvette went at and smothered the terror He could have smoth smooth ¬ ered erred him on the mere intelligence of physical and pugilistic conditions and hitting a man at the right time when Sullivan was at his best Mitchell the cocky a good fighter of his own class was similarly treated by Corbett Corvette Yet Mitchell stood off Sullivan by the natural condi condo ¬ tions ions of mentality and the luck of weather lass in pugilism is sharper than horse class as mankind is sharper than the highest type of animal The courts and technicality of legalism not landing Fitzsimmona was cheated in Califor Clifford ¬ nia Mia He smothered Sharkey Shake So did Corbett Corvette early Later condition told Sharkeys Shakes a tool Denny Deny Lynch his Svengali Senegal is the toad in the Sharkey Shake hole Lynch played for a big stake with the saw or chisel he picked out an 1 got it Lynch is a Yankee and a keen hand He has always been in the sure thing class from base ball to the turf and pugilism Each de ¬ partment patent has produced to Lynch The base ball folks have Lynch tabbed he is ruled off the turf and is at present not in good standing as a pugulistic pugilistic manipulator A glance ovqr ovary the early plan of the action out of which came the FitzsimmonsSharkey match shows how keenly it was arranged The bookmakers and big bet ¬ tor tore of the East was the game in view Lynch landed his fish early Fitzsimmons and Corbett Corvette are matched Their fight is ten weeks ahead Fitzsimmons lost to Sharkey Shake yet knocked him out Corbett Corvette and Sharkey Shake fought a draw Superficial fighting figures pugilistic form say that Fitzsimmons should win Here and there in action such figures can ba rejected This form line a pair of fights can be thrown out in this case The odds on Sharkey Shake and Fitzsimmons 3 to 1 on Fitz Fritz were natural The odds on Corbett Corvette against the Cornishman should be from 7 to 5 to 8 to 5 Fitzsimmons will not have any reach advantage to speak of over Corbett Corvette and Corbett Corvette will have some 25 pounds to the good in weight Thats Hats a lot The old English adage about pug ¬ ilism Willis a good big uns Huns better thari hari a good little un applies most keenly But the fights re ¬ sult Sault should be settled on mental lines If it snt sent its outcome will bo false A man who uses his wits will smother a man who doesnt doesn't use them nine times out of ten Its right that he should Physical power is reflected by the hodman Hoffman and the roadmaker rainmaker Mental power comes to us through the doctor lawyer and successful manager in general avenues Maher a physicial physical wonder but a mental spinning wheel was pie for Fitz Fritz twice Yet in their New Orleans meeting had the Irishman pos ¬ sessed sassed mental balance he might have won In two or three of his fights Fitzsimmons has shown wild mental streaks Corbett Corvette hen never shown a lack of brains Corbett Corvette will not fight Rod Bob in Red Bobs style Most of Fitzsimmons opponents have made the pace Corbett Corvette isnt isn't a pace maker Hes Hess a fighting mathematician Turf handicap figures applied to the two men yield this kind of an estimate estimateCprbett estimate Cprbett Pretty 850 850Fitzsimmons Fitzsimmons 580 580At At the same time Fitzsimmons is the hard ¬ est nut ever offered for Corbett Corvette to crack crackManors cracksman Manors a physical champion But ho will not do above the neck ODonnells O'Donnell do not count The Australians a mild mannered bluff when the tigerish triggerfish action of present pugilism is considered Past action be blowed lowed damned or filed away The presents surely most full of movement If it isnt isn't lifes lifers a ringer and the progress of experience a liar Bets on the latter should be good at about 1 to 250000 Weights and bodies reasonably even calculation on fighters should go to brains They are the balance of humanity all about They reach into horse and dog lines too Theres Theresa more honesty about horses and dogs also Brains sometimes reflect physical power in men and always in animals The latter cannot talk and have no commercial nook One cannot vouch for all their owners though thoughF though F H BRUNELL BRUNEI

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