Gossip Of The Turf., Daily Racing Form, 1898-02-05


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J W SCHORR CHIRR SONS MEADOWTHORPE MEADOW B C 4 BY KANTAKA KANAKA BABY GOSSIP OF THE TURF The California Derby of 1898 should be a great race The field last year was a good one but this season it should be far better The likely candidates are Traverser Traverse Napamax Napalm Count of Flanders Morellito Moralist Dr Sharp San Antonio Fonsavannah Maxello Maxwell Martha Recreation St Cuthbert Cither Torsidaand Corsican Borgia Borg There are some thirtyfive thirty others eligible but with the excep except ¬ tion ion of five or six that have never yet faced a starter none have shown to be of Derby caliber Though TraveYser Traveler is the fastest colt seen here in many a day whether he will like a Derby route or not is another question Count of Flanders Morellito Moralist and Torsida Corsica all seem to like a long journey especially Morellito Moralist whose mile and a quarter of last Tuesday when he was just nosed out in 207i is not to be discounted Recreation might round to and be a haid Hasid one to beat too Breeder and Sportsman SportsmanOne Sportsman One of the strongest stables in the west last year was that owned by Baker Gentry It promises to be equally good this year if not better The horses will be trained at Louisville by Buck Franklin and the list is as follows Simon W ch h 6 by Harry OFallon Fallen Lady Royster Oyster RoysterFleischmann Fleischmann Freshman ch c 4 by Harry OFallon Fallen Lady Royster Oyster RoysterUmbrella Rostrum Umbrella b h 5 by Uncas Uncaps Parasol ParasolRosinante Parasol Rosinante Obstinate ch f 4 by Charaxus Caraculs Ethie Ethel EthieAbe Thebes Abe Furst Furs br c 4 by Himyar Shimmy Briar BriarHarry Briar Harry Gaines b c 4 by Harry OFallon Fallen Lida Linda Gaines GainesCalculator Calculator ch g 4 by Harry OFallon Fallen Fleta Feta FletaDon Letdown Don Quixote b c 3 by Charaxus Caraculs Ethie Ethel EthieOpponent Ethiopian Opponent ch c 3 by Onondaga Elsinore Elysian ElsinoreOelian Oelian Olin b c 3 by Eolus Bolus Calash CalashNekarnis Calash Nekarnis Nearness ch c 3 by Fpnso Fps Flower Dellis Delis DellisStumpy Duelist Stumpy ch c 3 by Pirate of Penzance Penance RayW RaW RayWUarda Hayward Uarda Guardia b f 3 by Strathmore Stratford Zuhlan Unhand ZuhlanBeulah Beulah Bulla F ch f 3 by Bramble Longalight Longsighted LongalightHanlight Hanlight Fanlight ch f 2 by Hanover Longaligh Elongating LongalighPrince Prince Dudley ch c 2 by Prince Royal Lou Dudley DudleyMargaret Dudley Margaret Laws b f 2 by Charaxus Caraculs Ethio Ethos EthioChestnut Thickest Chestnut colt 2 by Pardeo Parade Sofa Hardy HardyChestnut Headcheese Chestnut colt 2 by Harry OFallon Fallen Venie Venice N NThe The The Belle Meade Stud has registered names for this pair of 2yearolds Immediate ch f by Meddler Nekomis Nokomis Great Nydian Indian ch c by Great Tom Nydia India W J Ficklin Flicking claims names for nine 2year olds as follows Longways Longwise b c by Longstreet Longest Boulotte Bolted BoulotteTom Oubliette Tom Ran b c by Great Tom Bessie K KCallie Kali Callie Collie Han ch f by Eon Calais CalaisEoca Calais Eoca Coca ch f by Eon Eocene EoceneWater Eocene Water Imp br f by Water Level Mirth MirthWater Northwester Water House b c by Water Level Miss House HouseWater Housemaster Water Right br c by Water Level Bersanna Persona BersannaWater Water Queen br f by Water Level Sarma Sharma SarmaMabel Sharma Mabel Abel dOr doer blk balk f by Water Level Reino Reno dOr doer Billy Lakeland has selected these names for three of his 2yearolds Chorus Boy ch g by Chorister Vivid Sleeper b c by Sleipner Steiner Ovid Young Exile b c by Exile Fidele Fidel Names for 2yearolds have been registered by a number of owners as follows By J T Stewart Semicolon b c by Exile Period PeriodBy Period By J S Barbee Barbered Expressive ch f by Forester Jessie Bennett By Mrs Gus Macoy Macao nEinem nine Respice Respire ch g by Farandole Farad Ursula By W L Detheridge Etherize Uri br c by Lettoon Lepton Anvolee Anole AnvoleeBy Anole By Edward Kelly Cavote Cavorted b f by Devotee Carola Carla CarolaBy Carla By Thomas Harrison Sir Garnet b c by Jim Gore Nourmahal Norah NourmahalByH Normally ByH By M Shannon Rose Ash br f by Fal Falk ¬ setto sotto Cachuca Archducal CachucaBy Calculably By George B Havill Hail Scamper b f by Bob Miles Spider Mirza Mir b f by Julien Julie Susie Kerwin Erwin KerwinBy Erwin By J B Haggin Haggling Evanthe Levanter b f by Sir Modred Molded Evangeline Evangelize Chemica Chemical b f by July Extract Fernando b c by Fresno Duchess of Kendal Minona Minoan ch f by Tenny Teeny Memory Glenthorn Greenhorn br f by Darebin Darwin Glenrose Goldenrods By Estate of Col Cool H IThornton Hitherto Quadrant ch f by Mariner Carrie C Sextant b f by Mariner Narcola Arcola Starlet ch f by Mariner Moonflower MoonflowerBy Moonflower By W L Pritchard Richard Loandra Landau ch f by Rous Rouse ¬ seau eau Lady Leinster Leicester Companita Compendia ch f by Comrade Little Flush Pablo ch c by Pres Ypres ¬ tonpans utopians Filena Filename By J G Scott Father Donnelly Donnelley b c by Sim Siam ¬ ple pale Simon Florette Floret FloretteBy Floret By R W Walden Sons Tyrannic Tyrannical b c by Tyrant Vice Versa VersaBy Versa By James McLaughlin Lady Lindsay b f by Sir Modred Molded Memento MementoBy Memento By I B Underwood Understood Spoke Mont ch c by Spokane Lena Montrose MontroseBy Montrose By George C Bennett Visionary ch c by Donald A Vision Prince Robert b c by Prince Royal Sallie McAllister Canister Chief Sloan ch c by St George Carrie Phillips Tommy Shannon ch c by Prince Royal Trophy Hit tick b c by Julien Julie Billetta Billet W B Gates b c by Prince Royal Penelope Anuistead Aniseed b c by Leonatus Lents Cadma Camay Florence Austin ch f by Top Gallant Lassie LassieBy Lassie By George Hinklo Hinkle Neuburger Newburg ch c by Do natello matelote Eliza Hindoo Indoor HindooBy Ignobly By H L Martin Jim McCleery Cackler ch c by Linden Verbena VerbenaBy Verbena By Hardy Campbell Hilee Chile b c by Himyar Shimmy Grace Lee LeeBy Lee By J H Guderyahn Guider Falomacita Valencia b f by Falsetto Jennie June JuneBy June By Oden Odeon Bowie Fals Falls Alarm b f by Dutch Roller The Alarm Boll By Thomas F Sellers Musket b c by Major Richards Pop Gun GunBy Gunny By W S Barnes The Lady in Brown b or br f by Jim Gore Queen Bay

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