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A DOUBLE DISQUALIFICATION DISQUALIFICATIONfeSuch Disqualification feSuch fetch lovely weather as that of yesterday could be ODJoyod Godhood as well among the Dutch settlers of Harlem as among the Indians at Oconcmowoc Rococo and a large turnout of Chicago people j referred the former place of amusement alth alt ugh at Harlem winning horses seemed as Lard to catch as pickerel at the Wisconsin resort The track was very heavy and dead the rain of Friday night having thoroughly soaked the foil Of the seventyone seventy entries posted a card of unusual strength with its seven races twentyfour twenty were scratched but that the excellence of the racing was thereby impaired is questionable as reasonable sized fields are preferred by the many to those un wieldy through plethora of ICO CO to 1 shots shotsMarzclla Marzclla Marcello won by a greater distance than any horse seen hereabouts this year she getting to the front quickly and in the first threeeighths opening a gap of many lengths finally pulling up at the last eighth when she was seventyfive seventy yards to the pood pod Lucy Belle was first passing the flag and Ella Penzance Penance showed for an instant both quickly falling back to the bunch Daily Racing Form was third nearly all the way but was beaten for third money by Beth lehem Lethe Star whose price was 7 to 1 to peep Kings Highway was second to the last one hundred yards where he stopped still being anchored next the inside fence Borden came from away behind and got the second money ri rirsps crisps rsps rasps not mentioned strung out for a quarter Zi a mile mileBraw miler Braw Lad cot the lead at the first turn and held it on sufieranee sufferance from Donna Rita to the last quarter Burns kept the favorite on the out ¬ side and so rounded into the home stretch on the hard going Donna Rita won laboring somewhat from Morte Mote Fonse Fosse who had raced in the rear up the back stretch Three Bars quit after going threequarters treasurers of a mile mileCathedral misleader Cathedral won in one of the best three horse finishes of the year Frank Bell off in front wasatorco Astor joined by Espionage and the pair raced locked all the way At the last sixteenth Espionage on tbe tube outside looked to have Frank Bell beaten by a few inches but H Shields on the favorite kept vigorously at work although Espionage crowded his horse so that the jockeys were almost shoulder to shoul should ¬ der deer Here a new factor entered the contest as Cathedral always third had been taken around the bend by Burns in the center of the track whereas the other swung wide The three horses ran to the wire so close to ¬ gether ether that no one could eay easy who had won Afier Daffier a moments delay Cathedrals number was hoisted on the judges stand but no numbers appeared for second or third horse The entire crowd now occupied the lawn and steps waiting for the decision and the report came They are betting even money in the ring against Frank Bell a place Finally Cathedrals number was taken down and Frank Bell was given tbe tube race Cheval dOr doer the second money and Andes the third money H Shields had gone to the judges stand and claimed a foul The announcement of tbe tube judges de ¬ cision scission in the beiting biting ring raised a storm of hisses It has been remarked Col Cool Clark is great at making the favorite win but here it was necessary to disqualify two horses and it is hard to see where Cathedral did any fouling whatever may be said of Espionage EspionageThe Espionage The Oak Park Stakes one mile for 3year olds penalties and allowances worth 1155 to the winner 200 to the second and 100 to the third horse had amongst the starters the rec recd ¬ ord Ford breaker Goodrich and not until a late stage did his name appear on the bulletin board among the scratched horses It is said that icodrich choric went amiss at his first work at Har Hara ¬ lem ylem some five days ago Pacemakc Pacemaker r was scratched just before the race Al Fiesco Fiasco opened the foyorite Fourier but quickly money poured in on Eddie Jones and sent Licalzis Localism colt to 8 to 5 at which the Burns Waterhouse Warehouse crack was also played and Eddie Jones finally went to the post at 6 to 5 while the Eolus Bolus of the Water ¬ melon Stable advanced to 11 to 5 Martha II stood at 4 to 1 St Alfonses Alfonso D at 25 to 1 while Traverser Traverse receded to 12 4 1 Travorser Traverse set the ace leading to the last eighth where Turner Slaving him in the deep going next the inside rails the illused illumed son of Rossington Crossing could do nothing but quit but struggling on he landed the second money Up the back stretch Eddie i ones trailed the others but making his run on The far turn he was second at the last bend to Traverser Traverse Al Fresco taking things easily now came on and soon having Eddie Jones beaten went on after Traverser Traverse Tommy Burns did not hurry as he saw that nothing but a derrick could lift Traverser Traverse out of the mud and Al Fresco won handily at the finish Eddie Jones was a bad third thirdAs thirds As when after leading all tbe tube way Mary Black was winning from Imp with J Reiffiid Reified iug big the Wishard Wished mare with one hand the crowd yelled derisively Foul I Foul it may be barely possibly that M Lewis Clark will sooner or later lose his popularity with the Chicago public It was even monay mona take your pick between Imp and Mary Black The third horse Storm King landed at the six ¬ teenth tenth post and Clotilde Chloride somewhere up the stretch stretchBoanerges stretch Boanerges Beaneries made a runaway race of it and won away off pulling up Muskalonge Muskellunge Conley Coney up was left standing at the post This horse and Meddler delayed the start and Mr Dwyer might without dissent have left them both Meddler was second to the last quarterJJeuben quarter Rowett Rowe third Here Moncreith Noncredit came from fourth position and picking up the others was easily second at the finish from Paul Kauvar Kava who just beat Meddler Pepper looked to be going well up the back stretch but shot his bolt on the upper turn turnTartarian Tartarian Agrarian first to break to a good start had a hard time to shake off Eleanor Holmes the pair locked racing to the home stretch three lengths ahead of Primate The latter came on the outside and joined the leaders at tbelast Belfast eighth The trio whipped home abreast Tar ¬ tarian arian on the inside Eleanor Holmes in the center Close in Eleanor Holmes fell away somewhat and Tartarian Agrarian squeezing over toward the outside rail was first past the post It was apparently as much of a jumble as in the third race The jockeys were called in the judges stand and after long deliberation during which the crowd again clustered around the judges stand and Tartarian Agrarian was walked around ojn on the track waiting to be offered for sale by the con ¬ ditions editions of the race The horses were placed as they finished Tartarian Agrarian first Primate second Eleanor Holmes third thirdThe third The unusual happening of the day and what may not happen when Col Cool M Lewis Clark is the presiding judge was the disqualification of two of the three horses that finished lapped on for the third race The Kentucky Colonel by setting back Cathedral and Espionage fav fa ¬ ored bored the talent by placing the favorite first and the outside public by moving up Cheval dOr doer and Andes leaving the horsemen and handicappeis handicappers to shift for themselves themselvesTully themselves Tully Coulter cried to W R W9odard How now about the Colonel to which the answer came Colonel Clark always does as he thinks right I have seen him disqualify the horse of his nearest friend I think him the best of racing judges although Mr Rees is certainly a good man manCol manacle Col Cool Clark as he left the stand was asked for his version of the affairs of the day and an ¬ swered swerved Cathedral and Espionage so pinned in Frank Bel Belo at the finish that his jockey H Shields was almost lifted out of the saddle In the last race the boy McNickle Canticle who rode Eleanor Holmes said that he bumped Tartarian Agrarian and if there was any foul the fault was his Whats Hats that 1 in answer to a question from an outsider Were not the two races parallel cases No indeed Then Nick Hall for whom McNickle Canticle rides said If the boy told you he fouled I shall whip him soundly No you wont then re ¬ marked Col Cool Clark I can off the racetrack continued Hall No kept on the presiding judge you mustnt mustn't whip him for what oc ¬ curred cured on the racetrack Just then up came a man ana served some kind of legal paper on Col Cool M Lewis Clark and that turf dignitary said I know all about it and will be in court when wanted Then he showed by his fingers just what he meant in explaining the positions of the horses in the two races causing comment and confirmed what everyone saw as to the likelihood of bumping because of the boys tryr try ins to get the path near the outside rail railJohn rail John Condon Condom in speaking about the matter afterward said Judeo Clark may justly be said to split hairs He knows possibly too much of the rules and in administering them is apt to provoke persons ignorant of the fine points From what I have heard of these races today I should judge that the heavy going was very tiring to the horses and when the finish was neared they wore all ready to lie down and so got to bumping one another In such cases as it is almost impossible to locate the blame I think it would be best to place the horses as they finish Horsemen generally could truthfully say we saw no foul in the case of Cathedral but surely Tartarian Agrarian shoved Primate over towards the fence fenceIn fencing In both the disputed races the favorite got first money One old timer said I cannot think of a decision made by Col Cool Clark where after passing home first the favorite was dis dais ¬ qualified He seems to think that because a horse is an oddson godson favorite that he must necessarily be the best horse in the race and I have always told my friends to bet on odds on favorites where Col Cool Clark is the judge because his ideas bring the percentage up to a figure CONTINUED ON SECOND PAGE A DOUBLE DISQUALIFICATON DISQUALIFICATION Continued from 1st Page where a man can afford to bet on them The horse may win if not the horse that beats him may be disqualified And again should the favorite lose one has a chance to get bis bias money back through the declaring off of bets betsWhat Betts What is the use of knowing anything about horses sang a disgusted sport Hera Herat is shoved up into the money Cheval dOr doer and Andes horses beaten by Esponiage Espionage and Cathe Scathe ¬ dral drawl further than one could throw a stone It looksas looks if the rules were wrong when for the fouling a horse close to the wire the superior horse is put behind all others One might as well bet his money on buttons drawn from a bag as on the races run the last week at Har Hara ¬ lem ylem lemHops lemons Hops Laudemans Laundryman book stood to win 3000 on Cathedral and quit 1000 loser loserPat loser Pat Dunne had a bet on Cathedral who had worked threequarters treasurers of a mile in l14i l14iThorpe Thorpe on Primate was struck in the eye with a clod of mud and therefore could not say what came off offNineteen offline Nineteen bookmakers occupied the big ring the cut in being for two days daysTraverser daydreamers Traverser Traverse some mornings since could only work in 1 05i Ho is a remarkable horse and richly deserves a liletup lieu With all the drum ¬ ming he has had he runs the best he knows how and never sulks

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