Full Summary Of New York Sales., Daily Racing Form, 1908-09-04

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FULL SUMMARY OF NEW YORK SALES The sales in full of Saturday August 20 at the FaslgTlploii Coiniiany auction in Madison Square Garden New York were as follows Property f E F Clay Chestnut WLakeland colt by Star Shoot Auvcrgne W 1100Cliestnut Lakeland A 1100 Cliestnut MagnaCliarta lllly br Star Shoot Magna Cliarta W O Scully 00 00Cheslnut Cheslnut EWldener colt by Sir Jjison Alpena J E Wldener t lCOO lCOOBny Bny FDoane colt by Star Shoot Cold Wave F Doane 10 Bay filly by Sir Dixon llrcakwater H B Duryea 2300 Browh EP filly by Sir Dison Roscbay H E P Harris CO Bay COBay colt toy Star Shoot Lyndall R T Holloway 1000 Chestnut jrJ colt by Star Shoot Macconia jr J Thompson 200 200Bay Bay colt by Brldgewater Chapter 3f J Thompson JThompson 100 100Bay Bay cplt by Sir Dixon Maribel J Long hait 4 175 Chestnut 175Chestnut CarterW filly by Star Shoot Belle Carter W Gerst 225 Bay 225Bay WO colt by Star Shoot Last Resort W O Scully i 150 150Bay Bay lllly by Sir Dixon Dingle W O Sicjtlly OSicjtlly 200 200Bay Bay olt by Sir Dixon Much Ado W O s Scully 250 Bay 250Bay PHarris filly by Star Shoot Logic H E P Harris 4 u 125 Bay 125Bay EWciirick filly by Bridgewatcr Donna Rica E Wciirick 225 Chestnut 225Chestnut EWenriek filly by Star Shoot Wobdray E Wenriek 425 Chostnut 425Chostnut GhostR filly by Star Shoot The Ghost R Wells 50 50Total Total SC75Aveiage amount IS head S SC75 Aveiage 482 482Property Property of Catesby Wooilford Chestnut colt by Sir Dixon Olga Nether sole William Garth 500 Chestnut 500Chestnut filly by Star Shoot Homebody E G Taylor 200 Brown 200Brown filly by Tarizmcister Mercurial J T Ireland 100 100Cliestnut Cliestnut colt by Tanzmeister The Niece J N Camden 1000 1000Chestnut Chestnut filly by Star Shoot Intrepidity 1500Black W B Jennings v 1500 Black colt by Sir Dixon Lady Alberta 1 1J J T Ireland 150 Brown 150Brown filly by Sir Dixon Marie Decca M J Thompson 100 Bay 100Bay colt by Star Shoot East India W 2COOBay B Jennings 2COO Bay filly by Orlando Kismet J T Ire 500Chestnut laud 500 Chestnut colt by Star Ruby Bonnie Blue 2G50Brown II W B Jennings 2G50 Brown oolt by Sir Dixon Blue Mass J T Ireland 500 500Clicsthiit Clicsthiit filly by Star Shoot Amy Daven port J T Ireland 500 500Chestnut Chestnut colt by Star Shoot Silver Blaze J E Madden 3300 Brown TIreland colt by Ben Brush Janice II J T Ireland 700 Bay 700Bay filly by Sir Dixon Falaska S Dog gett 400 Bay 400Bay colt by Sir Dixon Falaise J T Ire land I 700 Bay 700Bay colt by Ben Brush Nisbat William Garth 525 Bay 525Bay filly by Sir Dixou Queen Regent Hal Woodford 350 Bay 350Bay fill by Orlando Vassarl J T Ire ¬ land 300 Bay 300Bay colt by Orlando Elopement Chelsea Stable 125 Bay 125Bay colt by Sir Dixou My Queen P S P Randolph 350 Bay 350Bay Et colt by Tanzmeister Pretext H E t Harris 50 Bay 50Bay colt by Star Shoot Sister to Hindoo craft W B Jennings 2000 2000Total Total amount 23 head 19100 Average 19100Average 83043 83043Property Property of Woodford Taylor Brown colt by St Evox Black Whigs J T Ireland 100 Gray 100Gray cplt by Sir Dixon Gray lock Goodwin Bros ij 00 Chestnut 00Chestnut oolt by JMazagau Miss Moore H E P Harris = 7o Bay 7oBay colt by Miller Garnet B J T Ire ¬ land i 150 Brown 150Brown PKandolph colt by Ogden Rainawoy P S P Kandolph 100 Total amount 5 head Average Property of AAoodford Bros Bay filly by Orlando1 Zantippa Thomas Newton 75 75The The sales of Monday August 31 were Property of Milton Young Chestnut colt by Cesariou Design H Mc ¬ Daniel iooo Bay ioooBay colt by Seinpfoiiius indigo AAr AVal lace 400 Brown 400Brown colt by Broomstick Falerua AV AVallace 300 Bay 300Bay colt by Cesarioii Lateen P Dunne 200 Chestnut 200Chestnut colt by Cesarion Katie f H McDaniel X4 1200 1200Bay Bay colt by Cesariou Hebrew Maid W Stewart 200 200Bay Bay 400Brown colt by Cameron Nbogs W Stewart 400 Brown colt by Cesarion Spider H Mc ¬ SOOBay Daniel SOO Bay colt by Woolsthorpe Hazeldean J E AVidener COO Bay COOBay colt by Ccsarion Queen Isabella H McDauiel GOO GOOBay Bay colt by Gallantry Freshet AV Stew ¬ art 150 150Chestnut Chestnut colt by Golden Maxim Pretence Catesby Woodford 500 Bay 500Bay 40QChestnut colt by Cesarion Glenorc P Durine 40Q Chestnut colt by Kingston Clarmie W Stewart 200 200Brown Brown filly by Ccsarion Ora Bailey II McDaiilel 700 Bay 700Bay filly by Cesarion Debater P Dunne 100 100Brown Brown filly by Cesarion Mocking Bird 150Brown I A M J Thompson 150 Brown filly by Cesarion Mauga H Mc ¬ Daniel V 150 150Brown 25QChestnut Brown filly by Cesarion Epplf AAr Gerst 25Q Chestnut filly by Cesariou Mobalpsca M 500Light J Thompson v v 500 Light bay filly by Ogdeu La Belle HI 125Brown J II Warren 125 Brown colt by Yankee Lady In Availing Hal AVoodford 350 Brown 350Brown LazyF cplt by Moiisleur de LOrme Lazy F Doane V CO COBrown Brown colt by Monsieur do LOrme Shoes ShoesAV AV Gerst 200 Bay 200Bay colt by Ben Brush Petervillc Hal HalAVoodford AVoodford 050 050Black Black colt by Cesarioii The dough AV J Young 450 Chestnut 450Chestnut colt by Ccsarion Gold Wing H HMcDaniel McDaniel 450 450Brown Brown colt br Alloway Breach of Prom ¬ ise C M Stewart 100 Brown 100Brown colt by Pirate of Penzance Aqulla Hal AqullaHal Woodford 450 Chestnut 450Chestnut colt by Cesarion Right Wild M 350Brown J Thompson v 350 Brown olt by Pirate of Penzance Make MakeHaste Haste 5 Jones i 150 Bay 150Bay colt by Intrusive Dot S H A Cal ¬ vin i 125 Black 125Black filly I j Cesariou Miss Dawn II 50l Turner 50 l av filly by Cesarion Marie Stoops AV J Young 100 Chestnut 100Chestnut filly by Nasturtium First Land J B AVilliams 50 Iay 50Iay colt by Cameron Laura Stone P Duime 100 ISay 100ISay colt by Monsieur de LOrme Diana U M Stewart 80 Browni 80Browni colt by Nasturtium Marmora W Gerst ii 150 Uav 150Uav or browit colt by SemprohluS Hull Down C MStewart i SO Brown SOBrown colt by Lamplighter Argument JJones w 100 100Iay Iay or brown colt by AAroolstIiorne Gil ¬ lian Milton Young v i 100 Bay 100Bay ColvilleAV colt by Nasturtium Florence Colville AV Gerst 100 Bay 100Bay colt by Sempronius Hunger Howard Oots i i 100 Bay 100Bay colt toy Sempronius Lola H C M btcwart 4 55 Bay 55Bay colt by Kings Counsel or Abe Frank Tremona F Doane 55 Brown 55Brown colt by Streamer Andromeda How ¬ ard Oots iV 7J Kings 7JKings Lynn b c by Sandringham May J J QIi Stewart i 4 SO Bay SOBay filly by Sempronius La 1diirral T B AAilllaras 100 Dark 100Dark lft t4iiit filly by Little Saint Nellie Illy T Jones i k f Vi SO Bay SOBay filly by Cameron Ida HI E AAen rlcki 90 Chestnut 90Chestnut colt by Lackford Agnes AAced F Doane Q QTola Tola amount 51 lion A 13070 13070Average Average 2VS 2VSTht Tht Siles of Tuesday Septeml er 1 were Pripfcrty of B K Allen M Iay or l rown colt bvCesarlon Anecdote AnecdoteAV AV E Applegate 200 200Urown Urown colti by AVoolsthorpe Dusk T I 100I Nawtou 4 4 100 I Bay colt by Nasturtium Lizzie D W E EApplegate Applegate 1001 1001Bay Bay filly by Kingston Bellfield II W WE E Applegate 100 100Chestnut Chestnut filly by Cesarioii Couslit Liz LizW W E Applegate 100 100Bay Bay filly by Cesarion Miss Richmond 100 Bayu filly by Nasturtium Fleur dOr T Ncwton 125 Chestnut filly by Nasturtium Columbia ColumbiaF F Doano SO SOBav Bav or brown filly by Dieudonne Minona MinonaC C I Wynn 3 3Bay Bay filly by Ccsarl6n Leopoldlna W E Applegatc 100 100Total Total amount 10 head S lOSO lOSOAverage Average 10t Property of Thomas Piatt Brown fillv by Cesarion Goody Good H HMcDauiel McDauiel X 00 00Cliestnut Cliestnut filly bj Cesarion Nellie Grand GrandIt It McDanicl v 300 300Bay Bay colt by Cesarion SIf Jr M Ilirsch 300 Bny or brown colt by Cesarion Miss Pcttl Pcttlcoatst coatst K Patterson 1 400 Bay colt toy Woolsthorpe Al Lone W WGerst Gerst 350 350Brown Brown colt by Sofiipronius Clara Bauer Oiiock Stable 500 500Chestnut Chestnut colt by Nasturtium Tacaria F FDoane Doane 200 200Bay Bay colt by Alloway Balance All II E EWcnrick Wcnrick v 175 175Total Total amount S head 2725 2725Average Average 34003 34003Property Property of Eugene Ruckcr Chestnut colt by Woolsthorpe Luzelle LuzelleW W Gorst 300 300Bay Bay colt bv Woolsthorpe Lady Prim O OI I Richards 325 325Bay Bay colt by Ccsarion Incendiary F D DWeir Weir 225 225Bay Bay or brown colt by Lamplighter Called CalledBack Back W Dugan 100 100Bay Bay filly by Cesarion Flamingo II E EP P Harris 125 125Chestnut Chestnut filly by Nasturtium Carsona H HE E E Harris V 125 125Chestnut Chestnut filly by Nasturtium Soubrette SoubretteII II M Samuclson 105 105Total Total amount 7 head 1305 1305Average Average 18043 18043Property Property of John D Carr Bay colt by Cesarion Margaret II H HMcDaniel McDaniel 200 200Chestnut Chestnut colt by Nasturtium Allie Belle BelleII II Q Turner 225 225Black Black colt by Pirate of Penzance Belle Swift K Patterson 300 300Chestnut Chestnut colt by Lamplighter Cribbage CribbageF F Doane 125 125Brown Brown filly by Alloway In Front J A ABeunet Beunet 400 400Chestnut Chestnut filly by Nasturtium Grace J W WJ J Young 300 300Bay Bay filly by Woolsthorpe Peavine F FDoane Doane 125 125Total Total 7 head 1575 1575Average Average 225 225Property Property of Milton Young Bay filly by Nasturtium Lady Philura PhiluraC C D Wynh 75 75Bay Bay filly by Nasturtium Pocketpiece W 1 Althonse 125 125Bay Bay filly by Woolsthorpe Lillian Fonsb FonsbF F Doane 75 75Bay Bay filly by Sempronius Princess Manic ManicM M Hiisch 100 100Chestnut Chestnut cplt by Nasturtium Miss Baden F Doane 125 125Total Total amount 5 head 500 500Average Average 100 100Property Property of Marshall Stone Chestnut colt by Box Cassadeau M J JThompson Thompson 300 300Brown Brown or black colt l y Pirate of Pcn Pcnwince wince M udlavia W JiYoung 250 250Bay Bay Marclaft or brown colt by Scmprouins Marcla ft Wenriek 150 150Total Total amount 3 head S 70O 70OAverage Average 23333 23333Property f Property of Young Brothers Bay filly by SemproniusrLady Inez C l Ellison vA 1000 1000Property Property of II S Kearney Bay JWilliams colt by Woolsthorpe Wantage J Williams v 20

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