Not Afraid of Hawthorn: Several Owners at Palmetto Park Have Kentucky Derby Aspirations, Daily Racing Form, 1913-02-24


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NOT AFRAID OF HAWTHORN SEVERAL OWNERS AT PALMETTO PARK HAVE KENTUCKY DERBY ASPIRATIONS. r. J. Pons Represented as Especially Enthusiastic Over Judge Wrights Chances — Donau Reported D id at Nashville — Gossip from Charleston. Charleston, s. c . Fehrnary 2::. The meeting al i:iiiutn» Park will rater iis second half ibis week hm I a little iiiT. than a 1 iih manias before the horsemen will he uaekiag mi and moving north. ii.i Stanley racing here will be prettj well divided between Keutnekj .m I Virginia. A great many liave dee ded in campaign their strings al I.tuii illc ■ml I .a Ionia, being attracted there bj reason of I he rich purses thai will I ft ••: t- l al the Kentucky I ; .iik- Ibis -i ■ -nil. Sever*] of I ho hig stable* front Keatueky thai are racing here thin winter have not been pending i Ij ■ ■ 1 1- best horse* i.i the post, preferring to reserve ih. in For the summer** camp* igtt. 1 J ■ i — la p.trtii-ii lariy true in regard to whai look like promising 1 wo "yi -iir -old-. •■Hub" May i- uid i" bare a couple In in- barn thai have shown their trainer enough to warrant the belief that they hare real Merit. Mr. |.i.v i- a paici ma-ii i in the developing of two-yc tr- • ■Ms ami be •■! -•■ i m i !» I ha- -ome good looking material here i » work with. Then, loo. there i- none promis- n Kentucky Derby material at Palmetto Park and. despite all the big things thai the admirers of Ha wi borne are claiming for the boo oi Hastings, their cnthu-ia-in oi the Hawthorn following seem i i | ii.i-. n .i dampened the ardor of the owner* other three-year-old*, as several bare already nimouneed their Intention of sending ■ starter to i Ih- ;hi-i for this historic race. X. B. Daris considers Na-ii Cash possessed of • -ii .nigh j 1 1 : I i i i.i warrant trying for the Kentucky Derby. Last fall at Norfolk, when buyers from i i i.i.i came down to pick up some good two-year-olds. Mr. l ai- decided to pan with Bosturtiiir* in j .!•■ i . -i- -ii.-.- iii letting Na-li Cask go, despite the mi luai the general opinion among race-goers wan ♦■ inn i.iimiii i nun was the better race horse of the vo MM Cash, however, had shown his people something in private of which ihe nubile had 55 knowledge. Mr Davis is alreadj looking around foe • capable l:" " "■ Nash Cash In the Kentucky ii.ii. and an effort will be made to serai e either Mnsgrave or Hut well. Amos fuiiiey. who hi here from Beaaiag. announces hi- Intention of sending Klebarnc to the |.-i r«r the Kentucky Derby. This i- Hie thai showed suck good form ai Latonia last fall. Be is considered by his trainer one of the fastest hones lit- inT saddled and whin one stop* to consider some of iih- great horse* that hare snorted the liiiii. colors in the past, iliis assertion nanus much. At all events. Kleburne has come oal of winter quarter* in grand condition and la taking to his work kindly. He will reeeive his preparation tor iln- Derby over the Benning track, which is particularly well adapted for early training. Clarence Tamer, the regular stable Jockey, will have the mount on Kleburne in his most Important engage went "i Ihe year. Ilohaiily the most enthusiastic horseman here in regard to bis Derby chances i Praaeia .1. Pons. The latter has in Judge Wright a splendid racing proa peel ami. provided all goes well with but pre para lion. Judge Wright is likely in prove a dangerous factor. He was ■ fast colt last mason and did every thing asked of him. la iii-- last raee, which was at Iori Krie. and a winning one, the oil was -i.i. Despite ilii- be showed g 1 speed, but when ■ weakened a bll at il ml hi- people were disappointed. It was fonad the next day thai the eolt was -lift ,-i-inu with fever and ilii- explained his quirting in lin- final furlong. Fori una lely. -I mlii ■ ■ Wright has not dnc* in- n hurried. He was given ■i v....m| long resi and his presenl trainer, .lane- Me i oi itiai k. i- i; . .i i iii along slowly with him. bis Idea being loi in tighten him up until along about the lime for ih - running of iln Palmetto Derby. There are !bre or four other prospective Kentucky Derliy i andi.lai.s ben-, hnt 1 hi- three mentioned are ih - in. ■ -1 in anising. Mm! racing was mostly I he order bete the pant week, wet weather prevailing um-i of the time, i in rhanged --"inu did not materially affeel spec illation, for Its regulars were out in force tad ■ .,■ made ii more than interesting ft* the layer*. I i in date there i- said to he little .lit!, i enc ■ be iwi.-ii the public and the layers, though, ii extM-naes in- taken ini i account, the public has m deficit. jii-|i.ii- fot i be ring being opened are no brighter, iln- H-areitj ..i layers here being i no marked, there i- ample mnne lu th.- i in- and the big operators find little diuVulty in getting their money on. Wager* "i ,000 are frequent. ■i.k the fi .- -ml the betting sensation in ih - ring and his failnrc to pick the right ones has caused him a I"--..i niMiii njo.oimi. The layers here have not profited i.i -inn an extern mi in- operations, as mosl of hi-ini: commissions have been placed in handbooks throughout the connrry. The last few day* has witnessed renewed activity mi the part of the --lling rare bidders. The supposition thai there maj i»- a renewal of New York racing has inoculated most of the owner* here with ih - dea that horses are worth •"•« per cent. nnre. than Ihej were liefore the decision of the An-peltate ..mi in Ihe Paul Shane case. The result lull practleallj everj winner ••! a selling raee |ai closely -. ini inix-d when pul np for sal* and if the iii.i.d i,, i i- .- deemed low. hi- owner i- forced i" stand a i ai- to i tain him. While in.. -i ol iti-i-i here are sanguine ih«t ih Ven Vork i on.-- will give i; least limited race meetings this season, there are some skeptics who Incline in the lielief that exeepHng for short limn .•inii meetings al Piping Bock and elsewhere, ami |...--ili!y a meeting at ! taratoga, there will he ill i i to race this season. They base theli belief on advices from New JTork. snpposedly from :i wi-i- source. Man; of the easterners here ar laakfng arrangements for an invasion of Kentucky. when, parses will range from KtMM upward, in add! ; ion io munificent stake offerings. G. . iWhiteyi Langdon. acting presumably In. .1. W. Me -. i ;, iiM-al sportsman, tried to purchase Bepubliean for s.:.."vtw« before that horses i. tiny in the !■ ge Washington Handicap yestep day, hoi *rn* iiii-u. ■ • --ml. Mr. Langdon Is gatbet i t a forinidalili- Iwnd i»f racers and la- made tempt-lul. offers for likelj racer* thai have beea shown ■nVre There was ■ mg change In the -landing of iln-winning owners dn Ing the past week .1 i. la! i virtue of 1 1 • -1 • 1 1 1 . t ; . -.-1 1 1 ■- success vestenlay ha .lis da.- •! II J Bedwell im the le:ol. Thirty-five owaerr have • ■ 1 1 s..imi .h more since the racing bt in. The amounts lo their credit on the secretrvs lifn.k- follow: .1. ». Talhott. *:; vm: il ;. ij,m| WeB, Sinn: Teanessee Stable, g3.300; .1. I.. ii .| i.inl »2..".50; l M Simmer. y2.:,-j». .1. v. Hedrick. k8. ai0: . Malone, ,700: K. v. Tyson, si.i;:. B. Davis. 11.275; C Hill-. ,300: I ||. daii-. U.1K3 I M. Uoude. .1STi: I. i:. Bmmi. si i:,u i D lay. I1.0V0: J. W. Mav. gt.OOO: a k Jon Tin. »9flO: .1 P. Heine. .*7T.".: E. HcBride. *77.".- R I S77". I i: Baird. *7 sl; .1. ii. Morris. 00 W. Hirme. S7 k : T I Sheedy. 73 : B. Deems -1.7" r i» i benanlt, $«70: 11 B. Gorin, ;.".o; v r!i., .! ;. Wagnon. s ;-j.-,; c h. Wolf. S*,j-. «.. |. Johnson. 75; I. B. MeCarren, S$; .1 r. Sweeney. 56: T. Ahadie. 8915; U i ahill. 0t»: .1. W 00. Jocke] Iliil Mnsgrave. who ha ridden for Joseph R. Seagram during the past few years, will prob ably make a • hang, this season. Mn-grave is eon shining an offer to go to Germany and ride for a prominent stable in that country. Mnsgrave would ■Mich prefer io remain In this country, provided racing i- r suined on the metropolitan tracks. It i-|.o— ible thai be may sign io ride for II. 1 Hallii beck, as overtures ban been made him by that horseman. Word .onus from Nashville that an epidemic of sickness has attacked the Gerst stable at Cumberland Park and that Donau and three two-year-old* had died. The former, always an erratic horse al the post, possessed great speed and courage and won niaux rails in Mr. Gersfs color*. He had several stake* i" his credit, among ihein the Kentucky Derby. Hi- people had decided lo pal him to Jump ing during the coming season and .tin- horse -hown great aptitude in that din-.-tion. Among Ihe two-year-olds that succumbed was a half-brother to Go Between, by Woolstborpe. This was com il •red the most promising of the younger horse* |n it,. stable and on the advice "t trainer George Ham. m eolt was entered extensively in the -lakes offered by the different taring Bssoclatioofi There are -ni] eighteen si. k horses In the Genu staple and la.-■ haiiiis are thai the ailing ones will bi retired until next season. George w. Langdon. who i- gathering together ■ -iring for a lor.ii turfman named l. W. Messervy, has obtained option- on a couple "f Cunaid colts from B. B. Bradley. Mr. Langdon I* sweet on tl"-get of Imiaiii and was anuxe snecessful last fall With a couple of that bleeding. Briar Path and Hunch of Kegs. Solon, the Salvation eolt that h secured at the Camstoek sale, is training well ar. 1 it look- as if Mi. Laagdoa see mad the hargata of j the sale In this youngster. In the event Of Phi! Mnsgrave remaining in that country, Langdoa will trj ami secure him to ride the horses under hi-control.

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