Momentous Day in East: Stewards of Jockey Club to Discuss Racing Plans This Afternoon, Daily Racing Form, 1913-02-26


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.MOMENTOUS DAY IN EAST STEWARDS OF JOCKEY CLUB TO DISCUSS . RACING PLANS THIS AFTERNOON. ■ Anaitst Belmont Announces Calling of Meeting to Consider Matter sf Proposed Resumption of Sport on New York Trarks. « Fork. !"■ n iiMi 25, Whether racing shall Ik- revived iii N.« York state asaj in- derided to inorron 1 1 u -1 Relmonr. chairman ■•! i lit- Jockey i lull, which control* organised raring in ihe i-ast. today called :i meeting i»f the steward* f«M tomorrow afternoon in li— »-i« — - the subject U I ; t in - n 4 would imi t . i;i rorerast what action ii j* h taken. Imi it is helieTed, provided legal ««1 rice noi tinfsvorsbh some action looking to th ri rival of i in- «pori will he taken. Two ijnesthMs. i: Ik understood, "ill be discussed: one whether i: Is advisable to wall until Ibe reeeoi deeisi t the Appellate Division uf ibe Snprem tniiii upholding oral betting i~ ruled ii|Hta bj ii ■ ii : ••! Appeal*, the tribnaal of last resort in *!i stale: ibe other whethei even with i»ral betting the : can -iii! he made profitable. Nnv Vork. Fehrnarj 23. Judge John I. Graham, ihe iii m .•! itcrnarl k Graham, counsel for Paul Shane in ibe now i-elebrared case which was deckled unanimously lij the Appellate Division of the Bu preme Court in favor of :i person who desires to rink Iii- move na Ihe conclusion in his mind lhal ■me rare inn—- has more stamina and -[ i-«- i than in-r. is quoted in an interview :i- follows: "While iln derision in ihe Shane rase was very gratifying in mi-. in only Interest wss to hare my ii - discharge from enstodj afarmed by lb-i; llate Division. "After sii.ini- had heea arraigned before Judge Girt en* in retained m to defend him, and a- soon .1- I recU the Information I was of the opinion lial the facts alleged did not istitnte a crime. , in, i- obtained .1 writ of habeas corpus, .lu-iie.- .•I.- -. after .i i-i.i rareful examination of, ibe matter, directed Shanes discharge front custody, lug :i Ions opinion wiiii i- reviewed all ilio leading iterisions in ihis state on iln- subject Of book- 11.: I. II". • ■ iln- unanimous affirmance by Ihe Appellate DItI-- I Jnstiee Scudders decision shows rbat hind ion in ranting Ihe writ was correct. "Whether anj appeal will Ik taken to the Court • ii Appeals is a question whk-h J cannot answer ..1 the preseni tin -. Thai i- for Mr. Wysong, the ii 1 attorney 01 Xassau Coontj n decide. II*" has rooght Ibis case very hard. Before -I ur-t i--t- . ml. lit. .iin! again in iln Apr* ll.ii, ■ Division, an • iiiii,!y ui, I,- argument was presented for the 1 n ■-ei-ui ion. both hj Ibe ili-ni-i attorney .-iini bis assistant. Mr. McCarthy. 1 ibink. however, there in mi questkni thai the law as laid down by ibe 1 ..mi m Appeals in tbc I.ic-lii i-n-i iin and other similar rases is plainly against their contentions. ■|n vien i f iii-- fact thai the matier was decided belmv b. Justice Scudder, who i- wmsidered one of ! abteM judges in the state, and now bas been iinaniwousl affirmed hj the Appellate DirUloo wiiimui opinion. I irnaid nni be mm prised ■ "" lui iiii-r apis .ii w re take*. i,: ! the itii-i ; ,.i ibis decision will be on tb« future "■ raeius is n question which 1 ln not fed • apaiili- ui discussing. The oalj interest which I hii . • -iii ■-■ 1 in ilii- rase «:i that "I Paul Shane. iivi 1 will 1 Tlii — decision, however, 1 would not have been surprised to have seen sonae of Ihe • _■ 1 trarks liotdinc meetings ilii- --iiiiiiL. The ureal sueeess which attended the meetings held last rear !■* the 1 nited Hunts Association, and the 1 :| iig Imrii ciaii. showed roaelnsively that there i-:i strotte demand for high-class -purr even though IsMtinc "i all k.ini Is absolutely barred, as was done ui these meetings." The Herald says editorially: in line with the common law of the land, the l llate tourl lias banded down iis decision in Ibe Ianl Sbsue lulling ease, and by uiiaiiiiuou-. consent the ire jmlge* .,1 the -onrt have upheld 1 -;•■.■ Srndders opinion thai Sham violated no law nl the Belmont Park Terminal rare meeting lasl .liiii, when be made oral wagers. Sueli being the case, i N now -i nettled fart iliat admirers ot the 1. in safely attend the races wit boat running tic- risk id Iteing rfaarged with breaking Ibe law and tin- nii logical step on tin part of the racing in — riaiinua Is to open Ihelt rates and invite the public 10. again tlm-k in their gronnds ami riew Ibe equine struggles which are so neeesaar innstrate the superiority ,.r the race horse oret 1 be in relj » naineutal tine. "

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