Going Abroad for Ideas: M. J. Winn and Judge Price to Sail for Europe on Monday Next, Daily Racing Form, 1913-03-29


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GOING ABROAD FOR IDEAS / M. J, WINN AND JUDGE PRICE TO SAIL FOR EUROPE ON MONDAY NEXT. ! : I Rate Courses ol Paris. Where Pari-MutucI System of I Betting Reaches Extensive Proportions. Objective Point of Trip. i a Louisville. K.v.. Mar. h ft.— CoL M. I. Winn. . s Manager "f Hi« N« Louisville Jockey » lub. Jockey l Inii Juarea ami iiif Empire City Bacing Association. in--umpaaied bj Judge Charles I". Price, who prealaea over tin racing at Churchill Downs, Douglas Park. . J date*, l.nteiii;i Mini Windsor, will -nil oil iln- Maure i taniii from New York ni-1 Mi nda.v . Their mi — ion i abroad i- In sludv rSC hag conditions, notably the operation of the pari mutin-l system, tin- popularity of which is growing wherever racing i- known. Out. Winn .nnl Judge Price will land first at Liver Ilml. From there tiny will proceed lo l.iiulon. Usance goiug lo Paris, I.crlin ami Belgium, and returning to Louisville May l. bum day- before tin- opening of the thirteen da.vs- spring meeting at tin- Down-- .ml the thirt] ninth running of the Kentucky Derby. Ten da.vs will be spent in Paris. Col. Winn ami Judge Price expect t" witness the running of the Grand National Steepechase at Liverpool on April t. after which they will spend a couple of weeks In Prance as the guests of leading turfmen of thai republic, ii is there thai the* will, of course, we cure the principal Information they seek, sim-c Paris U the scene of the most extensive opera lion of the pari UMltael system of wagering ill the ■world. It became necessary in laris. la order to avoid the a bain u connected with or growing out of Ismkmaking, i" establish tin- pari lnuiuel. and there the system rendered secure the thoroughbred -port. Australia. Argentina anil other furelga countries have ;i]m, adopted tins form of turf imcculathm. Per years the American turf knew nothing of the hook maker. Betting on the race tracks iraa eea-diteioil whillv through auction pool- and pari inn lucls. In 1;:; ..i lsTt an English bookmaker named Mantiii began iHsmmaklug on the .New York tracks and ami ion pools and niuiuels were eventually confined lo the trotting track-. Tin- operations l,f the book makers overshadowed racing anil brought into disrepute the -port itself. The very existence of rae lug was in jeopardy. In Missouri. New ok. Louis-laaa, California, Tennessee ami other states legia-lative enactment closed the race tracks. The New Louisville Jockey Club, through Itl pic-niont. Char lee K. Granger, its manager. Col. M i. Whan, and Providing Judge Price, realizing thai the defease of a nohle -port rested in tin- banishment of the bookmaker and tin- revival of the Ituri-mutueis. i""k initiative action. That tin- step saved racing in Kentucky i- unquestioned. Scandal becaiua no longer known and confidence was absolutely established. This wa- tin first actual knell of the bookmakers doom in America. Tin- public quickly fitted Itself to the new condition, manifested its approval hy increased patronage of the tracks ami permanently settled the security of the sport in this common wraith. Colonel Winn. Mr. Grainger ami Judge Price have i "li-tanl Ij -ought to perfect the pari-mutui Is. To day the system i- regarded as a success, being marked bj -peed ami accuracy. Mr. Grainger ha- -i cured letters of patent on the pari m lit del device in Canada and an appliction is pending in th- United States. In Hie hope that personal observation might enable tin- New Louisville Jockey Club i" further perfect the system, ii was decided i" send Colon..; Winn and Judge Price abroad that thov might see iust li"W foreign Hack- conduct the system. Then- are many great race courses in the vicinilv of Paris, aaaoug them Amend. Longchamim ami .Miiisons i.ailni.. ufliciais of ih- French Jockey Cllih wili escort 1 lit -in to the various places and. as i- characteristic of the French, tbej an- sure t" receive illstiUKiiisbed oaislderathm. It will he a la-t Journey f«w them gotag ami cumins, off ye»terday. thej will reach Near York today, to remain until Mon. lav mornins. when the* will lake ship. Thej will arrive in Prance at a lime when the racing season i- ;it ii- beat, Auteml opened lasl Sunday, when the Prix du Pn-ilent de la Repuldioue. n ItaudicNp -leepleeha-e. worth *1 I. H . was run. All i he s|iortiveiy inclined Americans i Pari- wen- pi.-eni. The pari inutUI machine Ha me- showed Ibal one half million dollars wa- lei on thai race .iloiir. There were twentv four sla I era. Sone tell. fiybHIa. a autre. "ii at so to l. A triineiiiloii.- i-rowd wa- present. All aorta of freaks of rashi.-ii were to be -ecu. suriMlssinK. n eabmgFam auu ainces. anything ever exhibited at a Paris race conr-e. Several of the "ihi-iais who wen Identified with the |B0-day rati aieeting recently ended nt Juar.-z. M.-x.. hare arrived here, including Judge W. II. Shelley. Bugeue I.IiimI. who had eharge of th.- bel tin- rins and who will, a- usual, direct iln- pari ruutoel o|„i,i!i"ii- this sprius al Lexfaagtnai, 1*mus-ille ami l.aPnia George Mndeuberger. ■ th. I timer on lie- Mexican and Keutuck courses: Ktl ward Jasper, secretary at Juarez and assistant Itl . Lyutau II. Davis, secretar] ol the N-w Louisville ■ JtH-kej t luc and others. Harry I. Brelvorfe. as sisiaiil lo Manager Winn, who otliciated a- -lew. .1 I riurlug tin- closing day- al Juarez, after adjusting the fiual details "f the meeting, will proceed to • i w i;k t" n t Colonel Winn and from then-he • will proceed to hi- home at Detroit for a short sojourn. Tln-n In- will come lo Louisville to i- range for the tbirteen-davs meet las which will I op.-n on Ma in ai Churchill Downs. Judge Shelley. M lowing a ren day- of recun- i ■ion here, will go i" Lexingtttu t" sitl a- secretarv of ; in- Kentucky AssociatkHi meeting. Mr. Bin I I aril v -sit in Cbltagu ami Cincinnati before the K-i niikv -1iinu campaign Itegias. Tic Blrod -•!•. i.ii. carrying turfmen. Irainers. .!• keys and eight cars of thoroughbreds, is due here tonight from .lii.nez. Ainoug the -tahles loumerlas northward are those itf Frank Weir. P. H.vains. William II. Fixer. George M IKIom. W. It. MIxeil. T. Carroll. Fitxg raid Carr. U. Foley. P. I". Sheridan. Earl l.iuiie!!. I II. Deavcuitort. K . Spent". I. .1. GreCrr. W. C. Clancy. J. Sehrelher. I.. A. Calm W. Ilurley. .1 Urlffin. c. v. Clark and J. II. Mead. Mo-i every racei »f class and prominence cam PHiiied ai .In. in/ will take |, -hi in the Churchill Iiovmi-. Douglas Park and Latonia aieetiags. Mitel lior-e- raced ii Jiiaras will re either !• Cosnir ■ dAleae. in Mali oj to the liiicleen ihivs" uieetiii;: which beglna it Tulsa. Okla.. on April 3C The ix-kev - coming t" Kentucky frtna Juarea la rludtj Bros*. Kederis C. Peak. J. Callahan. K Col t n Forsyth. Neyhm. Gentry. Roliblns. Bexansou. CartM*. OBrien. Small. Eatep Hill. Groth. Burlia game and Bobbins. llHuniton C. Apple-ate treasurer "f the Sew Louisville Jockey Chili, who own- old Bosebud. i hampion two .-. ear ol. I of the Jiiarec meeting s:i -he 1 will try for the lull Kentucky Derby with thi-wneetl - ana »l Puck* Irorj Bells, .lu-i how gistj 1 rhi- Lav gelding Is i s» kmtars. In hi- i- . • starts he ran an eighth of a mile. Iben cantered in i ■rst. Hid lie- hud will arrive 1iidav with r. Ic W-iis consignment. The former trainer of tie-iui;:litv Boaeheu also has Aunt Mamie mid M i t Laviuia. also uwncil by Mr. Api/ltvutc. I

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