Superb Racing Dividends Of The Royal Ascot Meeting In England, Daily Racing Form, 1913-07-24


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SUPERB RACING DIVIDENDS OF THE ROYAL ASCOT MEETING MEETINGIN IN ENGLAND Like a diamond of many facets Ascot shines at all angles It can be regarded from several standpoints and from each there is something to admire something worthy of contemplation In Its fashionable aud Society aspect nothing com pares with it and though Goodwood may take the palm in respect of natural setting by reason of the charming demeusc In which tUe meeting there is held the Berkshrro gathering is easily first as to the general tone of the sport and of the estimation in which the leading prizes offered are held There are few more coveted run for any ¬ where and it Is a credit to any borse and on honor to any owner to be able to boast the hallmark of an Ascot victory Further the intrinsic value of the stakes competed for is oil a high level and with the exception perhaps of a couple of races of no very great worth the programme Is built on a substantial monttHry basis The dis ¬ tribution of the treasury becomes consequently a matter of Interest aud thdugli each year brings a varying proportion iir the number of races won by owners us well as of their value the sharing taken as a whole usually comes out with tolerable eveuess eveuessThe The Cup may be described as the centrepiece of the meeting the winning of which gives more satisfaction than the winning of any of the many rich stakes presented and the race usually repre ¬ sents greater value than any other prize It does so ou the present occasion though some run It close and it is agreeable to know that It has been taken by a great horse Prince Palatine had proved himself to bo such befqre Thursday and though idiocy or fanaticism perpetrated an outrage which prevented Tracery battling out as he In all probability would otherwise have douo the issue with Mr T Pilkiugtous champion the son of Persimmon and Lady Llghtfoot has brought himself into the little baud of exceptional horses that have won the Cu twice An open and bold policy has always be u pursued with the hor e by those connected with him and It has met its due reward That he Is the best thoroughbred In the country can scarcely be doubted aud It Is to be hoped that after fulfilling other engagements taken for him he will not be allowed t leave It His monetary value s a sire Is uow enor ¬ mous as values go nowadays aillT It will only be in keeping whit tlirttiitrfs Of things for hiui to have the opportunity of passing his excellenci along in the land of his origin As has so often been the case our French friends sent over some ¬ thing with which to have a cut for the Cup but while one of their representatives managed to finish fourth the other was In a legweary condition on pulling tip tipThough Though securing the blue riband of the meet ing Mr Pllklnglon does not come out as the chief winner In the way of stake money tutt position being filled by Lord Rosebery who won the Coronation Stakes and 55th Biennial with Prue and Sauuuhar respectively and 1m is followed by Mr 13 Hulton who on Tuesday afternoon achieved the uncommon feat of winning three races on one day of the meetiiig and supplemented it with the victor of Thisleton yesterday Mr Pilkiugtou is third with the value of the Gold Cup and Lord Caruavon comes next with the two races won by Ulvoli For fifth place Mr Whitney with two wins runs level with Colonel C Lambton who took the valuable Hardwicke Stakes by the aid bf Lan ¬ caster a comparatively poorclass thoroughbred to follow in the footsteps of suelr as Ormonde and others who have been credited with the event Other owners who have won stakes represented bv four figures arc W Raphael A Basset Sol Joi1 Sir E Cassel D McCalmont W Astor Sir W Cooke aud K Patterson In point of races won Mr Hulton has done best with four and those with two each are Lord Carnavou Lord Rosebcry Mr Whitney aud Sir W Cooke CookeTurning Turning to the trainers R Wootton Is first with his four winners Perssec second wltu three and those who can claim two each are R C Dawsoi Joyner and Leach Saddling one each are D Waugh H Escott W Waugh Batho A Taylfe P Peck Do Mestre A Sadler jun F Pratt C Morton Beardsley W Hajsey tho Hoti G Lambtou J T Rogers and T Cannon juu Prob ¬ ably the two best pleased with themselves are Beardsley and Batho the former having the credit of sending out Prince Palatine In flue fettle for his Gold Cup engagement while the Alfriston trainer with Long Set in the Royal Hunt Cup achieved one of the most popular victories of the meeting Following are details of the division of the prizemouey over the four days Tuesday TuesdayTrial Trial Stakes Lomond E Hulton 3350 3350Prince Prince of Wales Stakes Louvois W Ra ¬ phael 11375 11375Coventry Coventry Stakes The Tetrarch D McCal McCalraont raont 0215 0215Ascot Ascot Stakes Rivoli Lord Carnarvon 0450 0450Gold Gold Vase Shogun B Hulton 5000 50005Cth 5Cth Ascot Biennial Stakes Stornoway E EHulton Hulton 7JOO 7JOO59th 59th Triennial Stakes Hector J Dugdale 3JaO 3JaOTotal Total 50340 50340Wednesday Wednesday WednesdayVisitors Visitors Handicap Karly Hope J Kenucy 2850 Gist Triennial Stakes Aldford Duke of ofWestminster Westminster 3910 3910Royal Royal Hunt Cup Loug Set Sol Joel 10850 10850Ascot Ascot Derby Stakes Pilllwlnkle W Astor 8875 8875Coronation Coronation Stakes Prut Lord Rosebery 17750 17750Fern Fern Hill Stakes Calgary P Ralll 3450 345055th 55th Ascot Biennial Stakes Sanquhar Loril LorilRosebery Rosebery 77SO 77SOTotal Total 55545 55545Thursday Thursday Rons Memorial Stakes Spanish Prince J JB B Joel 4550 455050th 50th Xew Bieuuial Stakes Harmouicoii H HP P Whitney 0175 0175Gold Gold Cup Prince Palatine T Pilkiugtou 18100 St James Palace Stakes Roseworthy A ABasset Basset 12000 12000Xew Xew Stakes Hapsburg Sir K Cassel l082 l082AllAged AllAged Stakes Hornets Beauty Sir W WCooke Cooke 2150 215051st 51st Xew Biennial Stakes Meeting House HouseH H P Whitney 0150 0150Total Total 59007 59007Friday Friday FridayOOlli OOlli Triennial Stakes Light Brigade I ird irdDerby Derby 407 407AVokingham AVokingham Stakes Braxtcd Sir T Devar 4275 4275Windsor Windsor Castle Stakes Laud of Song K Patterson 5347 5347Hardwicke Hardwicke Stakes Lancaster Col C Lamb ton 13125 13125Ascot Ascot Highwcight Stakes Thistletou K KHultou Hultou 2825 2825Alexandra Alexandra Plate IClvoII Lord Carnarvon 18050 18050Kings Kings Stand Stakes Hornets Beautv Sir W Cooke 4050 Total 52015 Grand total 217507 217507London London Sportsman

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