Chief Winners since 1902: Leading Horses of Different Ages during Past Eighteen Years, Daily Racing Form, 1919-12-16


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CHIEF WINNERS SINGE 1902 ! i Leading Horses of Different Ages- During Past Eighteen Years. Sir Barton, Man o War and Exterminator Head the List for 1919. Although there still remain about three weeks of racing before the end of the year, it is alreadv settled which horses are the leading money winners of the different ages for 1919. S. D. Riddles champion. Man o War, is impregnablv the chief winner among the two-year-olds, while Commander J. K. L. Ross grand Star Shoot colt Sir Barton is not only the leader of the tiiree-year-ohls. hut also the principal money winning horse of the year. Sir Barton won 8,250 and Man o AVar 3,325, a sum greater than was won by any horse on the American turf since tlie days of unbeaten Colin. Of the older division, horses four years and over, that superb thoroughbred, Exterminator, whose sterling performances with big weights up. over long distances and under the niost trying conditions, have been a distinctive feature of our racing during tlie past two -ears, is undisputedly the leader. In the course or the last eighteen years the money winning leaders have been made up of eight three-year-olds. Major Duingerfield, Africander. Delhi. Sysonby, Accountant. Joe Madden, Ronmor and Sir Barton; eight two-year-olds, Colin, Sir Martin. Novelty. Worth. Old Rosebud, Campfire. Sun Briar and Eternal, while tlie onlv older horses to earn similar credit were Star Charter as a four-year-old in 1912. and the international veteran 1915, quite illustrative of the monoplv of chances to win the big money of the turf, given over to tlie younger generations under our present method of conducting racing. Following is a compilation of the earnings of tho greatest money-winners of the various ages on the American turf since 1902: 1902 Four-year-olds and over, Gold Heels.. $ 211,120 Three-year-olds, Major Daingerf ield. 57.0S5 Two-year-olds, Savable 40.100 1903 Four-year-olds and over. Waterboy.. 50.775 Three-year-olds, Africander 70.S10 Two-year-olds, Hamburg Belle 47,125 1901 Four-year-olds and over, Colonial Girl 49,035 Three-year-olds, Delhi . 75.225 Two-year-olds, Artful 57805 190r Four-year-olds and over. Beldame 20.850 Three-year-olds, Sysonby 144,380 Two-year-olds, Burgomaster 39,500 1905 Four-year-olds and over. Go Between. 38.200 Three-year-olds. Accountant ........ 83,570 Two-year-olds, Electioneer 53,701 1907 Four-year-olds and over, Nealon 44,890 Three-year-olds, Peter Pan 8i,790 Two-year-olds. Colin 131.007 190S Four-year-olds and over. Ballot 55,915 Three-year-olds, Fair Play 70,215 Two-year-olds. Sir Martin 7S.590 1909 Four-year-olds, and over. King James. 3S.253 Three-year-olds, Joe Madden 44,905 Two-year-olds, Sweep 41.323 1910 Four-year-olds and over, Olambala... 22,815 Three-year-olds, Sweep 19,195 Two-year-olds, Novelty 72,030 1911 Four-year-olds and over. Plate, Glass., 13,105 Three-year-olds, Governor Gray 15.051 Two-year-olds, Worth 1S 045 1912 Four-year-olds and over. Star Charter 14,055 Three-year-olds. The Manager 12.:.70 Two-year-olds, Helios 12,524 1913 Four-year-olds and over, Donald Mac- donahl lfi.OSO Three-year-olds, Ten Point 12,840 Two-year-olds, Old Rosebud 19,057 191-1 Four-year-olds and over, Buckhorn... 11.175 Three-year-olds, Roamer 29.105 Two-year-olds, Regret 17.390 1915 Four-year-olds and over. Borrow 20.195 Three-year-olds. The Finn 17.9S5 Two-year-olds, Dominant 1S.945 191C Four-year-olds and over. Short Grass. 10,395 Three-year-olds, Dodge 20.410 Two-year-olds, Campfire 49.735 1917 Four-year-olds and over, Old Rosebud 31,720 Three-year-olds, Omar Khayyam 49,070 Two-year-oltls-. Sun Briar 59,505 1918 Four-year-olds and over. Cudgel 33,820 Three-year-olds, Johren 49.150 Two-year-olds, Eternal 50,137 1919 Four-year-olds and over. Exterminator 20,402 Three-year-olds, Sir Barton SS.250 Two-year-olds, Man o War 83,325

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