Good Racing At Ingleside., Daily Racing Form, 1896-04-08


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GOOD RACING AT INGLESIDE INGLES SAN FRANCISCO Cal April 7 Though the In ¬ gleside Leslie going was muddy the racing was good and three favorites out of six scored The 3year old handicap was scratched away As a starter Torpedo nipped the much used Howard S on the post Collins suffered the same fate througtj thought Schnitzs Schnitzel closing rush Sam Hildroths Holdouts brother to Rico named after the famous detective Will ¬ iam Liam Piukerton Pinkerton won his race all the way Serv Serve ¬ ice ami amid Adolph Spreckfls Speckles had a sharp fight and at the end the 3yoiroJd retired in favor of Fi ¬ garo gao Sallie iicquot iniquity at odds of 1 to Sand worse had a tough time of it but just did win the last race on the pott potty by the scantestof scantiest heads from Paros Pros The summary summaryIngleside summering Ingleside Ingles Track San Franciaco Francisco Cal April 7 Weather fine track heavy ICO CO First race V mile 2yearolds Time 1O 50 Ind Indo HorSes Wgt Wt Jockeys Odds 103 Torpedo 102 Cochran 8toll 103 Howard S 104 C Slaughter 9 to 5 2 166 George Palmer 102 Macklin Mackinaw Dunboy Dumb 99 P Sullivan 50 to 1 0 43 Roselle 102 E Jones Wi to 10 10Wallaba Wallaba Wallaby 102 Beaucamp60 to 10 83 Viking 107 Snyder 50tolO 50tolOAVinner AVinner Vintner M J Kelly s ch c by Racine Ouida Okuda Start good Won in last stride by a head Second by 2 lengths lengthsScratched lengths Scratched Ingleside Ingles 102 Gordon 102 100 S6001 race 58 mile Time 103 103Ind Ind Indo Horses Wgt Wt Jockeys Odds 105 Wm Pinkerton 106 Shields 1 to 3 1 166 Adam Andrews 82 C Slaughter 4 to 12 10 GoldBug Goldberg 121 Shaw 15 to 1 3 100 Candor 116 Suyder Snyder 20tdlO 20tdlOUncle Uncle Sam 121 Bozeman 100tolO 100tolOSylvia Sylvia 104 TSloan Sloan 20tolO 155 Robin Hood I 124 Clancey Clancy 15 tol tool 0 172 Marble Rock 121 W Cole 15 to 10 10Winner Winner S C Hildreths Childbirths b c 3 by Shannon Fannie Lewis LewisStart Lewis Start good Won all the way and easily by 1 length second by 2 lengths lengthsScratched lengths Scratched Fleet 121 Soledad 121 1 0 1 Third race mile 3yearolds handicap handicapDECLARED handicap DECLARED OFF 1 QO Fourth race 1 mile Time 1 44 44Ind Ind Indo Horses Wgt Wt Jockeys Odds 159 Schnitz Schnitzel 105 C Slaughter 30 to 11 7 Collins 106 Cochran 3 to 1 2 138 Gallant 105 Macklin Mackinaw Z1A to 13 13104Strathflowerl06 104Strathflowerl06 TSloan Sloan 4tolO 125 Scimetar Scimitar 96 Piggott Spigot 2y2tolO 104 Monita Monistat 106 Bergen 20tolO 138 Ida Sauer Saucer 100 H Brown 100 to 1 0 0Winner Winner C F Sanders ch c 4 by Panique Antique Ilia Iliad IliaStart Pilaster Start good Wpn Wpm driving by a head second by 2 lengths lengthsScratched lengths Scratched Tar and Tartar 106 Trix Tri 106 Ike Ikea L 105 Palomacita Palma 91 102 Fifth race 1 mile Allowances Timel43 Ind Indo Horses Wgt Wt Jockeys Odds 168 Service 110 Shields 10 toll tollFigaro tolling Figaro Friar 110 C Slaughter 5 to 12 140 Adolph Sprecks Specks 91 Jones 7 to 5 3 9 CabrUlo Carlo 103 TSloan Sloan 2tolO 2tolO168Fortuna 168Fortuna 105 Piggott Spigot 8tolO 8tolOLeft Left at the post Winner S C Hildreths Childbirths b h 6 by Woodlands Ladys Lays Maid Start bad Won in a mild drive by 1 length secolid scold by 2 lengths lengthsScratched lengths Scratched Babe Murphy 101 101m m Sixth race 1M miles Hurdles Ama ¬ teur tour riders Time 246M Ind Indo Horses Wgt Wt Jockeys Odds OddsBrandy Addlebrained Brandy 150 Mr Baggott2 to 11 11Li Li Hung Chung 170 Mr Neave3 to 12 12Aladdin Aladdin 165 Mr Skinned tol3 tol3Peacock Peacock 155 Mr Wright 6 to 10 10Barbara Barbara 157 Mr McCrry6 to 10 10Start Start fair Won easily by 10 lengths Second by 3 lengths lengthsScratched lengths Scratched Duke 160 Jumping Jack 155 IQ Seventh race 3A mile Time 1153 Ind Indo Horses Wgt Wt Jockeys Odds 167 Sallie Clicquot Aliquot 103 T Sloan 1 to 6 1 172 Paros Pros 96 C Slaughter 6 to 1 2 156 Montellade Amontillado 103 Macklin Mackinaw 20tol3 119 Decision 100 Grider Grinder 15tolO 15tolOVeragua Veragua Vera 97 Rowan 75tolO 75tolOEncio Encio Eco 96 Piggott Spigot 75tolO 75tolOWinner Winner G B Morris Cos Coos b f 3 by Salva Salvia tor tore Widow Cliquot Aliquot CliquotStart Aliquots Start good Won in a hard drive by a short head second by 2 lengths lengthsScratched lengths Scratched Perseus Peruses 100 Long Lady 91 Hazel D 98 Princess Rose II 109 Benham Bingham 96 Mosier Mossier 100 Snowdown105 George C 100 Pollock Pollack 100 Alien 93 VirgieA Virginia 91

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