Bookmaking And Mechanics., Daily Racing Form, 1896-12-09


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BOOKMAKING AND MECHANICS The gossip from the OhioKentucky racing field declare that at the recent hobnob of the secretaries of Latonia Antonia Oakley Ankle St Louis and LouisTillo Louisville it was agreed that mutual betting was the Western turfs salvation and that an aeraoment armament to adopt it for 1897 was reached The GKacinnati Gainsaid Enquirer most unreliable parades th gossip So Are the secretaries the doctors Can they decide for their associations Where do s Mr Applegate Appellate come in inThan Nathan Than the turf world is informed that the management of the Oakley Ankle track have written t a firm in Paris requesting that the latest dance in the way ot mutual betting machines bo forwarded at once for inspection Unless tke take Oakley Ankle management can secure the very latest machine of the same pattern as those sed seed in Paris and Australia they will not at tompt tempt to introduce the mutual style of betting If these machines are forwarded and suit the management the next meeting at Oakley Ankle will be conducted without bookmakers bookmakersTe bookmakers Te Gods and Little Fishes especially the Lit ¬ tle tale Fishes Blind trials have fooled humanity for centuries Dead ones have not accumu accumulate ¬ lated elated so much age They are just as deadly though The Mutual system has but one chance That is the forcible one of legislation It goes to the judicial throat in more palatable guise than bookmaking As long as any western racetrack can got rid of the friction of handling the public money and collect 2000 or so per day for its betting any and every race track will so profitably relieve itself Thats Hats business sense Theres Theresa no more morality about the totalizer outlier than the bookmaker The winner is on the dis dais ¬ play of both Then too a dead one is a dead one on both exhibits It would cost a track 25000 or more to put in a stock of Mutual machines France be blowedl bellowed American in ¬ genuity enmity outclasses that of the ingenuity of any other country on earth The records of inven invent ¬ tion ion prove this statement It would also cost a track from 200 to 350 per day to operate a full set of Mutual machines This means for a fifty days meeting an averaged original cost of plant divided by days and outlay expense per day of say on the average 750 in addition to the lost 1500 or 2000 realized for booking permission The average daily loss from the sources of takings and expenses can well be estimated at 2500 per day Decency suggests a racing clubs rakeoff takeoff Kitty percentage or what one likes to term its keepings keeping for profit and friction at 2Vi per cent maximum Com monsense nonsense insinuates a percentage of about one percent The volume of healthy betting is the dictating physician At 21A per cent a track would have to handle 100000 per day to get even At the more reasonable 1 per cent the Mutuals Mutual would have to take in 250000 250000Even Even the first sum and percentage means dis dais ¬ aster for tracks of the Oakley Ankle Latonia Antonia Louis ¬ ville vile and St Louis order whenever western racing is Lormal Loral Chicago alive and doing busi bus ¬ ness A taking of 100000 per day is equivalent to twenty books in a ring each handling 5000 per day or 1000 per race to a programme programmed of five races That average The 1 per cent fig ¬ ure cure is sheer ruin t the same tracks even in the days of their prosperity with Chicago in the doldrums On a 1 per cent basis to equal the receipts from twenty books and expenses the mntuals manuals takings would have to be 250000 per day or 50000 per race These figures slur the item of ticket system and expert accounting expensive and important ones too tooThe toothed The Cincinnati Mutual talk is either fake or that of men who have not studied the situation or are bluffing for a purpose The fake or have notconsidere dthe the situation conclusion is eas ears ¬ iest est reached material considered The Mut Must ¬ ual dual plan unless made necessary by legislation is tommyrot It isnt isn't American or definite offers no advantage or protection to the rank and file that booking doesnt doesn't offer and is clumsy and medieval If the fatheadism flatheads of for ¬ eign deign novelty for noveltys novelty sake alone doesnt doesn't think this argument for American booking well grounded it can put its map on paper Theres Theresa more reasons with charts on the side in favor of booking They do not either cover the strong points and every day arguments about self sustenance and dothebestyoucan withwhatyouhavetohandle a strong and supportive maxim with every bookmaker who wants to deal with form as he sees it every race and every day

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