Washington Park Form Chart., Daily Racing Form, 1898-06-30


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WASHINGTON PARK FORM CHART CHARTCHICAGO CATCHING CHICAGO HL June 29 Fourth day Washington Park Club Summer Meeting Weather clear track fast Presiding Judge C H Pettingill Petting Starter Richard Dwyor Dwyer Racing starts at 2 30 p m FIRST RACE 1 Mile and 70 Yards Purse 5500 3yearolds and upward Allowances A Horses Wt St 54 Vt Str Star Fin Jockeys Owners O H L C 66872THE DEVIL 97 3 224 23 1 IK is Clawson Lawson T F Sellers 3434 6654 THE ELECTOR 112 2H 34 33 33 2 23 T Burns Brown Ward 853 85135 6750BOANERGES 112 14 H 1 23 3i 3 Thorpe W A McGuigan Michigan 65 32 1 1310 6586 ROSINANTE OBSTINATE 102 4 4 4 4 4 4 H Martin Baker Gentry 15 20 10 15 15Time 44iWinner Time 25 49 1 134 1 40 1 44i PatagoniaPost Patagonia Winner B c 3 by Major Richards Patagonia Post 10 minutes Start poor Won cleverly The other three were driving The Devil was a good horse in the race He raced with and killed Boanerges Beaneries off the first threequarters treasurers and when The Elector challenged him in the stretch he shook him off like a colt of class The Elector showed himself to be a good colt Ho seemed a trifle sore at the post but ran a cracking good race Boanerges Beaneries showed himself to bo a coward Ho gave it up badly at the end This follow is not tit all game and tho thou early pace took the heart out of him Hosinante Obstinate was played and can be considered in cheaper company Scratched companyScratched company St Callatine Palatine 92 Ramiro II 116 SECOND RACE 58 Mile Purse 100 2 earolds earls Allowances Ind Indo Horses Wt St V VL L Yt StrFm Sturm Jockeys 6263KINGBARLYCRN123 2 1 It H m N Turner E O Pepper 14251425 6611 APRILS LADY 115 34 2 25 212 Thorpe BrknrigeViloy 8 11 8 10 SURVIVOR 111 4 44 31435 W Martin P Dunne 6645 63o3 664563o3 WILLIE HOWARD 115 1 3 3 4 4 T Burns J W Schorr Scorer Son 15 30 15 30 30Time 014Winner Time 12 24 35t 48 1 014 Winner NattotPost Atop Ch c by Kantaka Kanaka Nattot NATO Post 4 minutes Start good Won easily second and third driving to the limit Fourth eased at the end King Barleycorn showed himself to be a colt of class Considering the weight he ran a phenomenal race The third eighth of tho thou journey was run in lit second This killed oti Otis Aprils Lady The latter ran a greatly improved race over her last She was tiring badly though at tho thou end Survivor was a trifle green at the post Naturally he got rather the worst of tiio trio send off He is a good looker and evidently likes a route He finished very strong and had Martin begun work on him sooner ho would have been second Willie Howard was well up all the way and ran a good race Scratched raceScratched backscratcher Queon Queen of Song 115 61 7 f7 J THIRD RACE 1 110 Miles Purse 700 3yearolds and upward Handicap I O nd Horses Wt St U tt V StrFin Strafing Jockeys Owners O H L C 8 DAVID TENNY TENANCY lC6i 4 38 35 32432 INK W Martin p Dunno Dunn 651710651710 145ftW V iB LLICOSO ALLIACEOUS 107 14 22 24 2 21 2 Clawson Lawson S C Hildroth Holdout 24 1452i 145 ftW ft M lTE late FONSE FONTS 1014 34 4 4 4 4 36 Eutter Utter L H Ezelt Bezel 10 15 10 13 13bobSTK bobSTK bobs WEIibER Weinberg 100 24 145Time 1U 13 11 1 4 T Burns BradleyGraham Bradley 21 1452 145 46iWiuier Time 24 48 1 014 1 13i 1 40 1 46i Wiuier Wilier B c t by Tenny Teeny Minnie B BPo BP Po 7 miDutes minutes Start good Won in a terrific drive of two third and fourth cased up Mar ¬ tin roic roc OIIH IRISH f his perfect races He waited patiently with David Tenny Teeny took him wide on the far an i ti otch botch turns aud Maud rode an extremely powerful finish The reason for taking the colt wide Mirti Marti y was to aviii interference and get the best going Tho Theo track is still a trifle deep close totbeuil tote Rdors Ardors revoraed revered Bellicoso Bellicose would certainly have won Clawson Lawson did his best but was a triflt trifle outclassed He rlso lasso got his mount cut off on tho thou far turn It was the prettiest finish of ti PI fe Travorsor Traverse had a lot of speed but it was misused Burns rushed him to the front in inert iaioly axially arter Carter the tart aid pumped him out tho thou first threequarters treasurers Morte Mote Fonsp Fonts ran his raoe roe iio ii was outclassed and but for the early pace could not have been third David Tenny Teeny was kic kick tl t ice at tLe tale post postScya postcard Scya Cyan chpd chap Boaner Boner s 109 Paul Kauvar Kava 105 105Ovoi Ovoi Ovoid veights eights David Tonny Tony 44 pounds Morte Mote Fonse Fosse 3j 6 rr JnFOURTH RACE 34 lilile lillie Furse Fuse 100 3yoaroids and upward Selling i i Wt St 4 Mi Str Star Fin Jockeys O H L C ij73ECHANTER 109 5 24 1 H 12 N Turner Foster Bros Brows 3535 jou8AiY WADE 105 8 88 2 2 T Burns W K Cleveland 5 12 5 12 125vUMrt 3232131013106tkMWiTTCOMB 5vUMrt rARIAN Adrian 109 2 54 3 4 3 H Martin T H Ryan 323213101310 6tkMWiTTCOMB 107 34 7 2i 3 4 Cay wood H E Rowell Roswell 8 12 8 12 6i2J MHY MY BLACK 94 4 1 7 6 55 J Reti Retie E Wshard Shard 10 20 10 20 22L V 1UKNE 98 7 6 5 7i 62 Urowhurst Burrowers Stanton Tucker 6 66 6 6Stj1 Stj1 OAH OAHU DAY 112 14 n 44 a4 7U Clawson Lawson S C Hildroth Holdout 4 15 4 15 2oOH ft1 jiRILENE virulence 105 tj 4 614 8 8 The pe T C McDowell 6 20 6 20 20Time Time 12 24 30 48 1 01i 1 14 Wurrr 14Wurrr 13 g 4 bi Carnegie Bauaitu Aquavit BauaituPOL POL POLE 7 initiates SuutttrKid You nildeu Nile out noli nol lour driving As the race was run En cbiiter biter vii tlio Clio bnst banns iJo Jo ot off fiyi fairy and always had cit nr sailing Ho was about the only lnrse nurse ii Je are that it After leaving the half mile post here was a lot of bumping and ipcTten dictate UGH Jiay Jay iSiaek Isabel as slnrply snarl cut oil and had io pull up Amy Wade ran an excellent raj raja so was away po rly rely but Burns took tLe tale thort tort route and luckily got through in tho thou spread mi the som soma iuru Urdu Tartarian Agrarian met with interference anrl Carl had to go around his field Watch V iiicno Ha ran a to d race Old Cash Day had some speed but his legs hurt him and he stoppei stopple early Ho puil pupil d up lame Lady Irene hardly ran her race raceBerate accelerate Berate td herryilami Cheryl 105 r7t FIFTH KACE ACE 34 Mile Purso100 3yearolds and upward Soiling Ind Indo Horses Wt St i StrFin Strafing Jockeys O H L C 13 li IM 1 Clawsou Claws MidtuJungbtha 636 CfoJiThs Foists LE 107 44 L 2 2 Ruttor Ruttier James Curl 5656 6011 DVKE DAVE OP HAVEN 106 6 2 34 31 3H Thorpo Thorp W Gum 85856565 85856565tV8 tV8 TO TOHEli Ophelia S6 8i 8 64 5i 45 Gray J Brenock Redneck 5 20 5 20 20ijir ijir Fiji NI 102 1 S 41 61 5H H Martin J Delong Belong 20 20 15 20 5iiS COME QUICK J4 74 71 81 81 614 Kitley Kirtle Thomas Smith 10010060 60 0081 Li1 Li1NET NET 10 12 12 101 102 72 H Williams W H May Son 20 30 20 30 30rW rW EMA EMMA PENZANCE PENANCE 107 9 91 74 4 84 T Burns J R Hand 6666 66660iv 0iv SA SAiiA Isaiah R 99 4 GS 91 94 9K McNickle Canticle FM Arthur 25 10025 100 100CuJnViiSMANTILINE CuJnViiSMANTILINE 9411 11 12 12 104 Shepherd Reed Reynolds 20 ICO CO 20 100 61J71 10061J71 NELLIE BAKER 105 54 5 5 71 1H L Smith I Wallonstoin Walloons 10 10 10 10 6073 HI DADDY 107 10 102 Hi ni 12 Forbes W L Oliver 20 30 20 30 Time 30Time 12 24 48 1 01i 1 13i Wiuaer Weiner 13iWiuaer Br f 3 by Duke of Montrose Laura W WOff Wolff Off at first break to a good start Won easily second third and fourth driving hard Afa Alfa mada madam was the beat She was lucky too in getting away well on her stride and always had clear sailing She won like a real good filly Tenolo Tremolo outracod outraced herself a trifle This performance is certainly above her notch Duke of Haven was hardly ready Little or nothing has been done with him of late This race should do him a lot of good He was catching Tonole Tooled at every stride Tom Toh Oh r considering tho thou bad luck he had in the race ran well Tab him Also watch Nivoce Invoice The latter was well up all of the way Ella Peuzance Penance made a strong bid in tho thou stretch but tired badly in the run home Hi Daddy can do better betterOverweights Overweights Overweighs Nivoce Invoice 3 pounds

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