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IMP IN GRAND FORM FORMA A fender on a street car a race where horses carry weight or age That the public outcry for the conservation of life has borne fruit is evidenced by the flrat frat and the other shows that the principle paramount in importance when racing was framed i e the improvement in the thoroughbred horse is still insisted upon The day is near when all street cars will be supplied with fenders although one year ago the scheme was pronounced Utopian Let it be hoped that soon in a fair proportion of races horses will carry weight for age ageHarlem gear Harlem was favored with ideal racing weather the air being warm with just enough breeze blowing to temper the rays of a sun which was more that of July than September SeptemberThe September The Forward Stakes 1OQO added seven eighths of a mile for twoyearolds toeholds penalties and allowances was the feature of the day It was of the value of 1080 to the winner while the second horse received 200 and the third 100 Tut Tutu of the stakes Well might it have been fttUbbed fattened The Oasis Stakes seeing that it ap pear d to the thirsty racegoer racketeer in a desert of selling stakes and here by accident each of the starters carried exactly weight for age Again the owners represented were in greater part such as are of the greater prominence on the western turf there being carried the colors of J W Schorr Scorer Son T C McDowell and W E Applegate Appellate In reputation none of the young ¬ sters steers classed with Spirituelle Spiritual and she was held by the twenty bookmakers at 3 to 5 at the open ¬ ing King of the betting the odds of 5 to 1 against each of the others being posted When the horses went to the post it was 7 to 10 Spirituelle Spiritual 27 against 100 place 5 to 1 each Hardy Pardee Parsee and Jolly Roger 6i to 1 Sea Lion To a perfect start at the second essay Jolly Roger and Hardy Pardee Parsee cut out in front by two open lengths the others paired although after a quarter had been covered Sea Lion was last by two lengths while Spirituelle Spiritual had moved up to Jolly Roger he one length behind Hardy Pardee Parsee The latter and Spirituelle Spiritual got three lengths of daylight over Jolly Roger before the home stretch was reached but it was plainly to be seen that unless the loaders were pheaonu phaeton enal penal animals the pace must kill both Spirit ¬ uelle Mueller got away from Hardy Pardee Parsee at the last threesixteenths post and Applegates Appeases colt swerving gave it up Sea Lion had been called on at the turn for home but failed to respond and was losing instead of gaining ground Not so however with Jolly Roger who ridden in a masterly manner had not been thrown off his stride when outrun at the start and so rating along he was ready to run when called upon With clocklike cockier stride he came on and before the last eighth was passed Reiff Riff was looking back Jolly Roger won in a gallop as he pleased from Spirituollo Spiritual who was lengths bet ¬ ter tear than Hardy Pardee Parsee upon which colt many hundreds went on at the post for place Cass Sloan being one of the losers Thus did the Forward Stakes fall to an owner J A Vetter Fetter who is but little known Jr a cracking good finish Pella Ella B won the lust race from Major Bell both first and second horses coming from the rear in the home stretch to which The Grinder favorite at 3 to 1 showed the way after breaking quickest to an excellent start Mr Dwyer shooting off the seventeen maidens well bunched at the first at tempt The Grinder landed third money from Rival Dare who fourth turning for home looked the winner at the last onehundred boneheaded yards Alpina Alpine was second to The Grinder to the last eighth and Boardman Barman was third to the last quarter quarterIf quarter If ever a man played unlucky as the saying goes that man is John Rodegap Bodega After having had at Washington Park the misfortune to see his Qlly Ally Her Favor cut down in a stake race that she had an excellent chance to win he since that time has kept up his clip with acci acc ¬ dents of all kinds Yesterday the climax came when Don Orsino Orinoco a 9 to 10 favorite considered by horsemen a legitimate 1 to 3 chance fell as the horses In the second race passed the judges the first time Don Orsino Orinoco was in the rear of a close bunch and it is probable that being a trifle rank McDonald was unable to keep him from stumbling on some horses heels At any rate the favorite fell and his jockey performing some circumgyratory circumlocutory movements rolled into the timers stand McDonald was to have ridden Sea Lion in the For ¬ ward Stakes but T Murphy was substituted Branch led the party by three open lengths up the back stretch although Barataria Barratries had got off in front The latter was a presumable good thing and was heavily backed He finally managed to finish alongside Friar John two lengths behind Branch who lasted in front until the last eighth where Prince Blazes on the inside and Muskadineon the outside pinned him in and the trio hung together until the last few strides when Branch fell away The finish was exciting enough for anybody but Rutter Ruttier outrode outride Everett and brought Prince Blazes home a neck to the good of Muskadine Misaimed MuskadineAfter After three breakaways in the fourth race Dare II kicked Dunois Dubois on the off hind leg just above the hock and as Assistant Starter Mc Knight walked Ryans Ryan horse about he limped so badly that all bets were declared off Dunois Dubois excused and a new book made Imps price was at once posted 7 to 10 the post price in the original book in which she opened at 3 to 5 Carnero Caner now opened at 2i instead of the 31 to 1 of the first book made and as to the others the odds were practically unchanged Again there was a delay at the post Once away Imp gal ¬ loped to the lead and up the back stretch led Dare II by two lengths an advantage she re ¬ tained stained throughout winning with her head swinging as if out for a fast work Dare II beat Carnero Caner seven lengths and Charina Carina was somewhere up the stretch Instead of the twentyeight twenty pounds Imp was conceding horses of her own age she could probably have carried 130 pounds and won Charles Brossman Grossman only had 200 on Imp ImpSkeets Impalements Skeets Skeet Martin was thrown from Midian Indian just as the barrier went up and Tom Ryans Ryan hard luck with Dunois Dubois was thus accentuated Midian Indian ran the course riderless rudderless The newcomer Buck Moran against which Bluff laid a fancy wager of 1000 to 1 might just as well have been at home Dave Waldo Weald assumed command for a quarter but here May W headed him and he thus soon began to quit finally finishing at the sixteenth post when ritorm rotor King passed the judges This horse had laid well back until Dave Waldo Weald had taken the wind out of the favorite and Rutter Ruttier sending him along on the turn was close to the favorite at the last quar quark ¬ ter tear He caught and passed her an eighth out and was unnecessarily whipped home because when headed May W began to stop Storm King won by three open lengths The jockeys had been called to the stand before the race by Col Cool Clark Dave Waldo Weald has been noted for be ¬ ing King the fastest horse seen this year in Chicago at the distance of threeeighths of a mile May W cut his comb but if her jockey wished to get her beaten he conld cold have done nothing better than to brush her off with Dave Waldo Weald WaldoThe Aloha The last race was won by a bay gelding brought up from St Louis to make a killing Both George Rose and Marcus Cartwright Cartridge were handed a century at 6 to 1 and taking the strangers money still carried Barrisso Harrison up to 8 to 1 It was a hot betting race Amelia Fonso Fonts being particularly well played because Rutter Ruttier on her back had his winning clothes on he having ridden four winners in Pella Ella B Prince Blazes Imp and Storm King Lady Juliet off in front to a splendid start led all the way and was only nipped at the wire by Barrisso Harrison W C T and Abe Furst Furs were second and third to the home stretch the first named landing the third money Amelia Fonso Fonts showed fifth on the upper turn but could never get through Far ¬ ley levy ran fairly well There was a jumble at the finish Hessville Sessile being noticeable as having no chance chanceDick chanced Dick Dwyer and Arthur McKnight Mocking will do the starting at Windsor Canada where racing begins Tuesday next The assistant starter is much elated over the recovery of a gold ring which he lost on the day when Vim and Vinegar threw him in the mud at the fiveeighths firefights post The mud was several inches deep but the ring was found yesterday at the threequarter treasurer post by the new owner of Vim and Vinegar VinegarCharles Vinegar Charles Brossman Grossman the well known trainer of Imp is the owner of Pella Ella B and after her win was kept busy for an hour cashing tickets 10 a crack which all bore the highest odds 20 to 1 Brossman Grossman is of all men hereabouts the most ready to back his own horse horseHenry horsemen Henry Johnson of New Orleans is in town for a visit of two weeks This popular race track owner and sporting man is looking like a twoyearold toehold after a summers sojourn at all the summer resorts on the calender calendar calenderD calendared D Cameron owner of May W bet 1000 on his mare and was hot when he saw his boy chasing Dave Waldo Weald It seems Col Cool Clark had told the jockeys to ride from post to finish finishMrs finishers Mrs Byron McClelland Macmillan will most likely start Ways and Means for the Stallion Stakes at Hawthorne

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