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CALIFORNIA Telegraphic - Selections. Suite 708, 335 Dearborn St., Chicago, ill. Wired at 1 0 a. m. Erema, 4-1, BHkhq WON, was our adver-03e Qu tised special for Sat-S urday. Given for heavy placo bets: ELLIOTT, 8-1, WON; BARD BURNS.I5-1, 2ND; TOCOLAW, 3-2, WON. Some of our winners the past week: Horton, 7-1; Epicure, 7-5; Hoceo, 4-1; Mi Beina, 3-1 ; Proper. 1-li Lady Kent, 3-3 ; Seize, 5-1; Box Wood. 4-5; Irene Lindsey, H-5; Epicure, 6-1; Jim Gore II , 8-1; Ni-grette, 5-3. Advertised specials. r We deliver the goods, consistently day after day. Two more of the certainty order will be cut loose Monday with odds from 4 to 10 to 1. Wednesday Wednesday-one from 15 to 40 to 1. This trick can beat the best horses at the coast. The people who have him in charge are wizards at the game cf pulling off long shots. Their horses are propped on the same order as if going after a Derby or Brooklyn Handicap. This one has shown stake quality in all his trials and can win at any distance. If you are wise you will cut in and get some of the easy money that is to be made playing our superior inside information. Terms for Handicap Sheet with Safest Bets Marked, Per Bay, Weekly. Also for sale at news stand corner Clark and Madison Sts. Money! Money! Look at our handicapping the past week. Who can beat us? Our extra specials: Monday Nigrette, won, 5-3. Tuesday Frank Bice, won, 3-1; Flaneur, won, 4-1. Wednsday Mrs. Frank Foster, won, 10-1; Gin Spray, Avon, 1 0-l ; M exicana. won, 5-1 Thursdaj Hnrgls won, 3-1; Mi Beina, won, 11-5; Federal, won, 7-5; Proper, won, 4-5, and a heavy show bet on Showman. Friday McChesney, 3-5. won; Telaiiion, Lost. Saturday The Way, third; John Peters, won, AN ABSOLUTELY SAFE BEFTING PROPOSITION Our handicapping will surely convince you that we have the winners daily. Terms for Handicap Spocials .G0 for five actual winnors. Scratched and horses finishing second and third dont count against you. NOTICE Specials wired at 10 a.m. to any part of the world. Address all mail and money to our office and make Money Orders and Drafts payable to THE LOGAN CLUB Suite 10S, First National Bank Boil ding, HAMMOND, IND. I Am Not a Commissioner nor am I a tout. I am simply a friend of an owner of something that will be put out to win in a few days. The price expected is 8 to 10 to 1 and should win. I have known of six races in three years, of which five won, as will this one. I would advise you to get this one. Address me or call immediately W.M.SAWYER, 148-156 Dearborn St., CHICAGO, ILL, Care of Hunts Hotel. WAN TED RACE HORSES. Wanted Two or three race horses with bad legs for saddle purposes; must be cheap. State price, age and where can be seen. Address BUYER, Daily Racing Form Pub. Co. HOW IVE BEAT EM FOUR YEARS ! Most interesting particulars by return mail. How my copyrighted plan makes every day a winner at either track or poolrooms. This is no "jolly." Ill tend you indisputable and unquestioned proof with personal references and testimonials in strict confidence. "My plan gets the bookies money." Write me at once. L. C. WOODS, Box L G.W.,New Orleans, La WINNERS "Two Good Things Each Day a Specialty." Monday ....jjndrew Ring, 8-5, won Marcy, 7-5, won Tl 4"5 W0 Tuesiay Money Muss, 3-2, 2nd 5 0rrieGOa" 8-5, W0" Wednesday yF.W.Brode, 5-1, 3rd Thursday "Hargis, 3-1, won Frida Inspector Shea, SSiSt. If You Dare, 6-1, won W011 Saturday anr " Erema, 16-5, won See press comments about these two races, We have three more on this same order we will spring-in the next few days. Out-of-town parties send in your addresses and we will lot you know when they come off. M. A. Walker and Co., 1G7 Dearborn St, S. 502. RACING INFORMATION AND HANDICAP BUREAU 78 la Salle Street, Boom 5. Terms for Handicap Sheet with Best Bets Marked 1.00 DAILY, .00 WEEKLY. TWO GUARANTEED SPECIALS. One at each track, Monday that will be let down for a killing. I have inside information on these two. Wired to any part of U. 8. EX-JOCKEY 3IAJ1S1IALL, Mario Lavigne ...TUBF BROKER.., PLEASANTON HOTEL, SAN FRANCISCO, W. Commissions of ana upwards executed accurately for 5 per cent of the net winnings. NO CHARGES ON LOSING COMMISSIONS TUBF EXCHANGE SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS. New Orleans 1 San Francisco Race? . 119Si1and?.OKN REYNOLDS and CO. 110 ?M?r J BEFORE THE PUBLIC EVERT DAT. fll Selections filed at Daily Racing Form, W. TJ. ana Postal Telegraph Offices. IF YOU PLAY THE RACES and expect to win give us a trial, and let us put you on the right track. We make a business B racing, employ nothing but experts and naturally are acquainted with all angles of the gam Erema, 4-1; Hargis, 7-2; Lady Kent, 2-1; Sir Roche, 8-1; Evander, 3-1; Kenil worth. 2-1; Seize, 4-1; Russellton, 2-1; The Fretter, 2-1; Aratoma, 6-1; Jerry Hunt, 5-1. The above specials and several other winners wore given to over 800 regular subscribers the past week, ioo to J will be the very lowest average our selections will pay conservative bettors this coming week. Our track experts have a number of good things tabbed that will win the first time out at odds from 4 to 30 to 1. Terms for handicap selections, including best bets, .00 daily, .00 weekly. Wired at 10 a. m. Also for sale at news stands southeast corner Clark and Madison streets. Try Your LucK With Us. We do not claim that we can make you rich on the races, nor do we say that you cant lose on them; but one sure thing is that we never lost the principal capital entrusted to us by any of our investors and we are operating large amounts weekly. You can place your own money or we will place it for you on our late information safest extra track specials, which are also wired direct from the track at 11 a.m., when we know the jockeys who ride and the position at post. We also endeavor to find out if the owners are playing them. We charge nothing in advance for our information, nor do we want you to risk one dollar in testing our abilities. Write for our booklet; it is mailed free in plain envelope. Vic Britton Co., CAPITAL 0,000. EX-JOCKEY VIC BRITTON, MANAGER. P. O. BOX 915, NEW ORLEANS, LA. LONG BEACH TURF EXCHANGE. FOUR REGULAR TRAINS VIA Stations 1st 3iui 3rd 4 th I W ShOre fy. Harrison St 12:35 1:05 1:35 3:10 Grand Central Stotion Harrison St. and Knfwood .i:.".: 12 US 3! llti . tTiltli Ave. Grand Crossing. 13 :54 1:34 1:54 229 I J RUNNING TIME 35 MINUTES. South Chicago.. 1:01 1:31 3:01 3 jap M Four trains returning at 4 :45, 5 :24, 6 :10 and after last race. ROUND TRIP 35 CEN -jfl

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