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INTERESTING FACTS AND FIGURES. Forty Per Cent, of Horses Runninq in 1906 Winners — Sixty Per Cent. Earn Money. Party per cent, of the horses running in this country la 1*06 won races, and twenty per cent, additional Inisbed second or third, either sr both, in same of their contests, unking sixty per cent, atone earners. This is ■ food showing. It argues much for the advancement Of the breeding Industry; for the study thai ousters of the science Of lasting have given to the improvement Of thoroughbred stock ill America, and it indicates betterment in the general condition of the nations greatest pastime. But It is hardly to be questioned that the percentage ot money earners would have been large;- wtxe all racers In the hands of knowledgeable men. Probably twenty per cent, of the failures are attributable to bad breeding. In-avoidable ace Meats will cover another ten per cent., and the remainder are the direct result of ignorance on the part of the men who train the horses. Scores »€ men are annually licensed as trainers who could barely tell you the difference between a thorough-pin and ■ spa 1 1 In. The turfs troverning bodies arc lax in this license matter. They require no sort of examination and make no inquiry into the qualifications of the applicant. To become a trainer a man — be he a street ear conductor or a drug clerk, it matters not which of what has merely to buy a horse or two or find some one else to buy them for him: get an application blank from the secretary, state his name, age. address etc.; get two signatures of men who will say that they believe him capable of training: pay his fee and await the action of the license committee and the Stewards, It is taken for granted that the men who vouch for the prospective trainer know that he lias the knowledge and qualities necessary. In many Instances the sponsors become sack, merely because tiie applicant lias done them a favor: has bought a horse from them or will buy ane; because they regard him as a "good fellow. •• ami not Infrequently be cause of a political alliance of friendship of s .me sort. This is all wrong. In no other business in the world can a m:ui pass SO quickly to title. Navigators and eaglimis are required to undergo rigid examinations before Im .-ik and locomotives are entrusted to them. In all trades a man must serve an exacting apprenticeship and in ail professions he inns; devote years to study and pass the required examination before he is given a diploma. So uliy should not the man who is to handle the racer be required to give imdispu table evidence of Iks qualifications before lie is permitted to appear in the nde of trainer 1 But this is aJareasioa. The thirty principal racing associations in the United States and Canada that were able to open their tracks in MM di- tiii-uted the Immense sum of ,191,6*1 for 6,866 ■fie,...-. .„, storage of *7:.o per race. The number of horses participating in those races was 5JST, and 2,663 were winners, while 1.171 others won money in finishing second and third, making a total of 8,576 money earners. An apportionment by ages gives this; Age. g-5 § A- Two rear olds . .. m 7o7 i.TP.t ..-.4 Three-year-olds iis ngg Loll til lour year old- MS MS L481 Vf. Five-year olds 432 -is t « 64 Si veal -olds and up.. T,: .t ::47 . f 4« .68 total ::..".7»; £mrj 5,987 .a* Thus 20 per ent. of he money earners were two- e;v oils l"i per cent, tluce year-olds: 20 per cent. four year olds; 12 per cent five-year-olds, and 16 l»er cent. si year olds and upward. By ages the apportionment of t he winners was: Two year olds. 661 : three .tear olds. 040: four-year olds. 4! 4 : live vear olds. 318; six year obis. Is": aseso-yeai oids. Md: eight-year-olds, £S; nLae-year oidfl. 22; ten-year-olds, s: eleven -y ear -oMa, 4: twelve-year oMs. .1. and lljiricen year olds. 1; making a total of 2.402. In point of earnings, the best horses uf the several ages during the year were: Horse. Age.Sts. 1st. ML ML Unp. Amt. Electioneer 2 7 3 .: O 1 $•" :.. 7ol Accountant 3 13 . 9 l 1 2 83,370 Dandelion 4 14 6 4 O 4 30,00 Qo Between 5 ]»; S 2 0 6 38,3615 Pro| er • 20 ". ■■ 5 5 M.SfiO John If. P 7 4 2 O O 2 12.100 Princes* Titania.... S 23 7 6 ". ".► 4,280 Elastic 9 41 S 11 •"• 17 :;.02~i Couover 10 4 2 0 1 1 1,536 The Huguenot 11 14 4 :; :: 4 1,586 Could 12 2S 4 2 1 21 1,875 Jim Bozeman 13 5 2 O 0 M 681 •This horse died at Seattle. His races at that track are not included In these figures, but to add them his record would be for the year: Twenty-four starts, twelve firsts, four seconds, four thirds six unplaced, and ,600. The oldest horses racing during the year were thirteen years old and there were six of them. Jim Bozeman was the only winner among them. The Others were Highbee, I.ida Woodlands. Melcha. Richelieu IL, and Westown, all steeplechasers with the exception of Melcha. Ferocious and Gould were the only twelve year-olds to race. Four of the sixteen eleven year olds that raced were winners — Henry of Trastamare. Mocorito, The Huguenot ami Weird. There were twenty seven ten-year-olds out and Conover. Dollie Wietboff. HBee, Jerry Hunt. Mint Sauce. Marylander. Oliver Me, and W. B. Gates were the winners of that age. E. S. Gardners three year old brown gelding Charlie Last man. by Himyar — Brooch, won more races than any other horse racing iii pun;, and he was one of the most consistent horses of the year. Out of thirty-five starts he was first seventeen tittles, second eleven times, third six times and unplaced once. The list of horses winning ten or more races each during the year follows: Races Bares Horse. A. Won Horse. A . Won Airship 4 11 Lmlv Henrietta.. 4 13 Angler 4 10 Lancastrian :; 11 Autuniaster .". 10 I.azell 4 lo Bellindian 4 10 Lens 2 11 Bill Curtis .". 10 i.ogistilla 4 12 Boa .Mot 7 It Mansard 0 11 Charlie Eastman. :: 17 Martins r, 12 Cliolk Iledrick... 4 11 Meadowbreeze .. :, 13 Col. Jim Douglas 4 1! Minnie Adams... .. 11 Dishabille 4 lo Miss Leeds :: 11 DoHnda r. ]i; Momentum 2 11 Dr. Gardner .... :; 10 Monet. :» 10 Elliott 6 12 Nonie Lucille ...3 11 Embarrassment . 1; 14 Orphan Lad 1 10 First Premium... :: 11 Pretension 3 10 llivel 5 lo KallH-rt 4 10 loiisohica 7 13 Bather Royal . . t lo Prank Lord 2 13 Bed Light ", In Free Booter ... 4 11 Robin Hood 5 % Garrett Wilson.. 4 11 Rosei en 5 11 Ginette 6 11 Kye :: 11 Goldie 3 lo St. Valentine ... 5 In Grenade 5 12 Toboggan G 10 Hannibal Bey .4 lo Tom Dofata . 2 lo Hector ;: 14 Van Ness 7 15 Horace E 2 lo The horse racing most frequently during the year was W. Walkers five-year-old chestnut gilding Do-linda, by Donald A. -Linda. He ran seventy times, was first sixteen times, second twenty times, third thirteen times, and unplaced twenty-one times. He paid his way. winning over ,000. Here is the list of horses racing fifty times or more each during the year: Horse. A. Sts. Horse. A Sts ***** 6 59 Lady Henrietta.. 4 60 Bert Osra 4 51 I.azell 4 ;. 1 Bery Waddcll . . r, ;-.] I.ucv Marie . . 2 .V2 Bitter Brown . . . :: 80 Mayor Johnson. 7 55 Bitter Hand .... :: 0:: Meadowbeeese .. :: .v. Bon Mot 7 .".2 Miss Martha ... 2 .",4 "aring •. 56 Nonie Lucille ... 3 51 DoHaoa .". 70 Nonsense :: 53 F.ilwin T. Fryer.. 2 ." 0 Peter Paul . ."» 65 Fiumola 2 52 Prestige 4 53 Hannibal Bey ... 4 51 Baviana .. 4 51 Hector A 52 Bevolt 1; 64 Inflammable .... 4 50 Sailor Bov .. 4 y Ingoltbrift 5 63 Stoner Hill :; .-,1 Jungle Imp 4 53 The Only Way... 4 .-..-, J. F. Smythes two year-old bay filly Fanny Marks, bv Filigrano— Pbeebe Marks, started in twenty races and was unplaced in all of them. No other horse equalled this "leeord." If the Jockey Club was offering a Isms* prize it would go undisputably to Fanny Marks.

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