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Westchester Racing Association RACE COURSE: Belmont Park. OFFICE: 571 Fifth Avenue, New Queens, long Island, New York. York, "The Windsor Arcade." SPRING AND AUTUMN MEETINGS, 1907. The Following Races are Open to Close by Midnight of Saturday, March 2nd, with a Supplementary Entry for Some as by the Conditions: CONDITIONS. First Spring Meeting Will Begin Thursday, May 9th, and End Saturday, May 18th — Nine Days. THE MAIDEN. 1 r rWO-jear-OldS at time f entry, at 7 lbs under the Beak?, :it 3 each. 0 forfeit, IMM uddcd. Oalts, 115 Hi-.: allies and freldin.tr-. 112 las, WiBBers, 10 lbs. extra. Five FariaagB, THE BOUQUET Selling. — For two-year olds, at IS each, 0 forfeit, S1..VN1 added. Five Fmlongs. THE LARCHMONT. I n- maiden three year olds at time of entry at 5 earn. 0 forfeit. 11,900 added, "•■lis. llfi las.; ireldints. U2 lbs.; fillies, 110 lbs. Wlaaers extra. Winners of any race of the value of *::.." oo not eligible to -tart. . Seven Furlongs. THE VAN NEST Selling.— For three year-olds, at 10 lbs. under the scale. 9 each, .*10 forfeit, Sl.TiOO added. S"* and a Half Furler.gs. THE METROPOLITAN HANDICAP.— For date year-olds aud upward, at 00 each, halt forfeit, sio only if declared. SIO.OOO added. One Mile. THE TOBOGGAN HANDICAP.— For three veai-olds and Bpward, at 0 each, ?10 only if declared. ,000 added. Six Furlongs. THE NEW ROCHELLE HANDICAP.— For three-year-olds and upward, al 8 each, 0 only if declared, with ,SO0 added. Seven and a Halt Furlengs. THE HARLEM Selling.— For three year-olus and ■award, at 225 each. .flO forfeit. ?2.000 tdded. One Mile. THE CROTONA HANDICAP The first race of the Spring Serial Handicaps.- For three-year-olds sad upward, at 0 cadi, which shall entitle the entry to start in The Crotona, The Claremont and The Van Cortlandt Handicaps. For The Crotona, .s00 added. Six Furlongs. Second Spring Meeting Will Begin Monday, May 27th, and End Wednesday, June 5th — Nine Days. THE GAIETY For two-year old fillies, at 5 each, 0 forfeit, ,500 add. d To cany 112 lbs. W;uners extra. Foui and a Half Furlongs. THE LAUREATE.— For two year olds, at 0 each, half forfeit, ,500 added. Colts. 118 lbs.: fillies and achttags, 112 lbs. Winners extra. Mildra allowances, iive Failongs. THE BAYCHESTER.— For three year-olds, non winners of ,500 in 1000 at 22S each, 0 forfeit. .immi added. Ootts, 115 li -.; gekttags, U2 lb-.- nines, no lbs. Penalties and iDowaaces. One Mile. THE POCANTICO. — Tot three-year-olds, aoa-wlaaeri of ,000 la loo.;, at $::o each, half forfeit, ,ooo added. OBHs, 128 lbs.: geldteg*. 1;; lbs.; Ilttea, 121 lbs. Naa-wtaalas and raaldea allowaaees. Mile and a Sixteenth. THE COSMOPOLITAN HANDICAP.— For three year-olds and upward, at 0 eaca, half forfeit, 0 only if declared. $:.. hm added. Mile and a Sixteenth. THE SPRING SERIAL HANDICAPS.— For tares year-old* and upward, at 0 each. 0 .i..!ition:l for starters in each race, mz . The Crotona. ,800 added which will be run dariag the first meeting; Tho Claremont. ,000 added Six and a Half Fnrlongs; The Van Cortlandt, ,000 aoded Seven rurkmss. Total. ,882. THE JOCKEY CLUB WEIGHT FOR AGE RACE.— For tin ce-vear olds and upward, at each. 5 addltJoaai for starter-. ,500 added. Taree-rear-OldS, ill lbs.; lour-year olds, 120 lbs.: ti •. -i and uu- ward, i:;s Bja. Mile and a Furlong. STEEPLECHASES NEW YORK STEEPLECHASE. For f..ur year olds and Bpward mm ;.t lir-t Meeting, at 0 each. 5 additional for stain:-. ,000 added. Four year-old-. 135 lbs.; five-year-olds 110 lb-.; six year- Ids and upward. 15ti lbs. About Two Miles. INTERNATIONAL STEEPLECHASE HANDICAP. -For four year olds and upward ran Second Meet-!■$;■ Bl .■S25 c.nli. 0 nl.v ii declared, with ,700 added. Aout Two Miles. WHITNEY MEMORIAL STEEPLECHASE. - I or four-year old- and upward run Second Ifeetiag, by BBbaertptlOB "t 00, half forfeit, itii 88,800 added la money aad plate. BabauIptioBS to be takea em BC before March -d. Baaseriberi to BBBM three horses on or before May 1st, one of which to the post. Aoont Two Miles and a Half. GRAND NATIONAL STEEPLECHASE HANDICAP. For foor rear .d.is and apward run Second Meet-lug, at 00 each, hall torfi ii. S.i only it declared, iith ,250 added iu ui.ney and plate. About Two Mites and a Half. To Close and Name by Midnight of Saturday, May 11th, the Third Day of the First Spring Meeting. THE AMATEUR CUP. A highaeighl telitag race for three-jrear-oM* sad upward. GeatleBMB riders. Baa Haeaad Meetiag al 0 each, S25 additional for starters, v.ith ,500 added la awaev a id niate. One Mile. MEADOW BROOK HUNTERS STEEPLECHASE. For five-year-olds and apward, qaaliaed acda the rules of tlie N. s. ,v tl. A. and C. II. A. ran Second Meeting, at 0 each, 5 additional for starters, .t*i added In inonev and plate. Five year olds. 158 lb* : -i rear-oMa Bad upward. 16C Mi- Fcnath.-and allowances, .inthiiien riders. Professional riders, 7 lb-, extra. About Two Milts and a Half. To be Run at Autumn Meeting, Monday, October 7th, to ► Saturday, October 19th. Supplementary Entries to Close August 15th, 1907. THE NURSERY HANDICAP. Far two-year-oWs, at 5 each, the only forfeit if declared by Angsst 15th, or sao it declared the -lav before the race; if left in after thai lime, to pay 00 each. If entered August loth, at 5 each, the only forfeit if declared the day befuce the race; it left in alter that time, to Bay 50 each. ,000 added." Six Furlonps. THE CHAMPAGNE. For two-year-olds, ai 0 eacb half forfeit, 0 only if declared by Angnst 15th If entered Aiin-t 15th, at 00 each, halt forfeit, With ,000 added. KoB-Wlanlng and maiden allow-aajeaa, Seven Furlongs. THE JEROME HANDICAP. For three year-olds, al 0 each, half forfeit rj if declared by Vn- ii-i 15th If entecid August 15th, 00 each, half forfeit, 5 only it declared the clay before the race. Mile and Five-sixteenths. Willi s:! iMMt added THE MUNICIPAL HANDICAP. For nice year olds and upward, at 0 each, half forfeit, Slo only if declared by AugBsl 15th, If eBtered Augusl Join, at 00 each, half forfeit, 5 only if declared the day before the race, with ,500 added. Mll° and Three-quarters. THE BELMONT PARK WEIGHT FOR AGE RACE. For thiee-year-oMe and upward a 8 each. half forfeit 0 only If declared by Augusl 15th. It entered Augusl 15th, at suki each, half forfeit, with ,880 added; Tlucc ,,: elds to cry 111 lb .; foiu earo.ds and up.ard. .21 ««. j _ Entries for the above are received only and under the conditions as printed, and m all raaaactl sub.iect to and in accordance with the Rules of The Jockey Club. The steeplechases in accord?.nco with the Rules of the National Steeplechase and Hunt Association. FOR ENTRY BLANKS APPLY AT OFFICE OF THE Daily Racing Form, 124 Fifth Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. . ■ DONNA. . 2-1 WON 1 ROYAL BREEZE 6-1, 2nd w f LADS METHOD Oftp I 1 hW for 6 Occasionals J| JL mj 119 La Salle Street - - Chicago « TURF REPORTERS SPECIAL K. 312, GW llearhorii St., Chicago, 111. Thursdays Special: 64-73-48-36-74-38-93 58-70. Entry List: 3-501-503-504-and07-5U-550. National Racing Review No. 348. Room B7 71 l»e»rboru Street OHIOAtiO. II. I.. .. Yesterdays Special, REFINED. 2 to 1. Won. .00 PER MONTH. -:- 25 CENTS PER COPY. 1 Phone Central 3581. 1 .■•■■ THE Latonia Jockey Club Racing Department of the Latonia Agricultural and Stock : : Association Incorporated. : : COVINGTON, KENTUCKY. STAKES TO CLOSE Saturday, March 2, 1907 For Spring Meeting, 1907. . THE OLIPSETTA STAKES.- For fillies two veins old: ?r» lo BCeOBBBUr/ the ■HllaallM. " n.hli-tloaa] to start; ,250 ndded, of which .00 to tlie second and WW t tlie .iiini. Wftaacn of ■ wu|i-stakes of the ralac of 11,250 to carry ■". lbs.-, of two of any rata*, 5 li -.: of three or Marc of Bay T«iat. 7 lls. extra; aaa-wlnaen ii ■ Bwoepetakea allowed :! lbs., and if such bare u -t won three races. r His.; two races, s U.S.: Buiooaa thai have aot been placed in a sweepstakes 1J i! -. Five Furlongs. THE HAROLD STAKES. - For eorU two rears old: |8 to BCeBBSBBBy the nomination: ?4.» additional to start: 250 added, of which K» to the secoad and 00 to the third. Winners of a sweepatakea of tlie N.ilie of to earn ■" IhR.; of two of any rahse, ." lbs.; of three -r more if any value, 7 lbs. extra Non w inneis ,f a sweepstakes allowed : lbs., and if Both liiv not won three races, 5 lbs: two ra ■•*;, S lbs. Maidens that hare not been placed in ■ sweepstakes, 12 11-. Five Furlongs. THE CINCINNATI TROPHY. A sweepstakes for colts and fillies two years old: SIO lo aecompauv the nomination ; 10 additional to Start: ,000 added, of which .$:;f 0 to the second and 20 to the third. Winners of s sweepstakes of the v.-uc of ,500 to cany ii lbs.; of two of any raise, G lbs. extra. Xon-WiBBers Of a sweepstakes allowed t lbs., and if such have not won three races. 7 lb. : maidens, if never placed In a sweepstakes, 10 lb*-. Iri addition to the 2rst saeaej and stakes, the winner will receive ;i Silver up. donated by the Hon. Jnlios FleiscUnuBa. Five and a Half Furlongs. THE MERCHANTS" STAKES. -A BelHag sweepstakes for three year olds and upward: «5 to accompany the iioniinati.il. sir, additional t.. -dart: ,250 added, of which 02 to the second and .00 to the third. The winner to DC sold at auction. Those entered for g:;.M»0 to carry Sleight b r aye; then 1 lb. allowed for each 50 to S.immi; then 1 lb. for each 06 to ,000; then t lb. for each 00 to sr.oo. Starlets, with selling price, to be named through entry bos the day before the race at usual time of elos-Big. One Mile.- THE BREWERS" EXCHANGE HANDICAP.— For threevear olds and npwarl: S.r. to accompany the Bossiaatlon; S4". additiona] to start; .l." o added, of which 02 to second and .00 to third. Wefarhti to appear three days prior to race. Winners of other than a selling purse alter announcement of weights to carry .r lbs. additional. Six Furlongs. THE KENTUCKY STEEPLECHASE. — A handicap for three year olds .md upward: $."» to acioinpany the nooUnatJon; 0 iddltional to start; ,000 added, of which soo to second and sioo to third. Weights to appear three days prior to that set fur the race. Winners after publication of weights to carry 7 lbs. extra. Club House Course — About One Mile and Three-quarters. THE CINCINNATI HOTEL SPRING HANDICAP.— For tlireeyear-olds and -.tpwtrd: 22 to accompany the nominal ion! 5 additional to start: ,250 added, of which 00 to second and 00 to third. Weights to appear three days prior to that set for the race. Winners of other than a selling purse after announcement of Freights to carry S lis. extra. One Mile and an Eighth. THE DECORATION HANDICAP. -For three-year olds and upward: $.r to accompany the nomination; ir-io additional to start; ,500 added, of Which £".00 to second and 2100 to third. Weights to appear three days prior to running of the rate. Winners of other than a selling purse after the publication of weights to carry "» lbs. extra. One Mile and a Sixteenth. THE QUEEN CITY HANDICAP.— For three year olds and upward: .T to accompany the notninition; sr.o additional if aol declared out on or before May 1st; 2150 additional to statt. The Clcb to guarantee the winner ,500, the second ,000 and the third 00. Weights to be announced April 1st. Winn; is after announcement of weights, of two races of 20, or one of .,500. 3 lbs. extra: of two of .~i0, or one of ,000, 7 lbs. extra One Mile and an Eighth. THE LATONIA DERBY.— For three year olds foals of 1001: 5 to accompany the nomination; 2 if not gedared out on or before April 15th; 0 additional if not declared out or. or before May 15th; 02 additional to start: ,000 added, of which 00 to second and . H to third. Winners of a sweepstakes in l.»i7 of the value Of ,500, ."! lbs.: of two such or one of .$.",.000, 5 lbs. extra. Non winners of ■ sweepstakes in 1207 allowed a lbs., and if not placed in a sweepstakes, 8 lbs. Maidens, if never placed in a sweepstakes, 12 ll . One Mile and a Half. THE LATONIA OAKS.- For fillies three years old foals of 1204; 0 to accompany the nomination; 0 additional if not d clared out on or before piil 15th; *b additional if not declared out on or liefore May ir.th: 00 additional to start; ,000 added, of which 62 to the second and 2200 to the third. Winners of a sweepstakes in 1207 of the value of .,000 and winners of two sweepstakes in that yea;- of any value to cany 5 lbs. extra. Those BOt having won a sweepstakes in 1!07 allowed ." lbs., and if not placed in a sweepstakes, 8 lbs. One Milo and a Quarter. Overnight Purses, 00, 00, 00 and 00. Three Steeplechase Races Each Week. Address All Communications to JOHN B. DILLON, Secretary, COVINGTON, KENTUCKY. ► . ■ 1 GRENADE] 3-2, WON Positively the only liurse given out by us. ONE HORSE DAILY; NO MORE! WE GAVE OUT: Feb. 27— GRENADE 3-2 WON Feb. 26— GRACE GEORGE 5-1 LOST Feb. 25— f.HASE 15-1 WON Feb. ?3— SPIDER WEB 5-1 WON Feb. 22— NORTHWEST Scrafd Teb. 21— JERRY C 7-2 WON Feb. 20— BESTERLING 6-5 LOST Feb. 19— THISTLE DO 5-2 WON Feb. 18— ALSONO 4-1 LOST Feb. 16 — GRENADE 7-5 WON | Feb. 15— LOUISE M FARLAN 6-1 WON SlVJj»B»i2ag2BMiaBlaaSitaaaMMaB»BaaMSBS " Our information Comes Direct from the Track. " Telegrams on file for inspection. Others Make Promises. "We Make GoonV SUBSCRIBE TODAY The name of every horse is filed with the Daily Racing Form every noon. MAYER and CO. Suite 504, 171 Washington St., I CHICAGO : I ILLINOI Sj « I.. .. G. W. HAMILTON, OAKLAND. CAL.. will be located in Chicago and ready for business by March I. For address and office hours watch Daily Racing Form. INFORMATION BY CODE ONLY. | Duchess of Montebello 4-1 Lost f B was our l aily One Horse Wire Wedntsiay. 0 i » -J THREE I . | ill WINN ERSji I — i S5.00 r — I S An Extra Good One on Tap for TODAY! | i » m j | T. C. WOOD and CO., • 312, 59 DEARBORN ST., CHICAGO. © 2 ESTABLISHED 1904. | GRAND SPECIAL | | Starts Next Saturday! i C Tliis horse has been pn paring fur this race. Will _P K reimburse you on the 09 *ent me an l a $■ 00 bet £ t on this horse If he does not win. with our infoima- J 9 lion. You in BBBBB1 on this f How. C •£ CAN INSURE ODDS 5 | IS to 1 I J Basalt by P. 0 . EsateaiarlBtasiaBtl Money Order Is 9 7 E. LHOMMIDEAU and CO., i? Koom 5. 4 5 La Salle St. Tel. Main 1769 DICK ROSE j Only two horses a day, never more. Tuesday, Kel . »6 AIHUAN Won " • " —BLACK BURN . . Third Wednesday, one horse only, IRAS . Won get it TCD.AY Don -Miss - ONE TO WIN AT GOOD PRICE. .00 Day; .00 Week. Room 35 : 119 La Salle Street : Chicago. THE ADVANCE AGENT It will fm e you horses that are ready to win as Boon as the ■all and sharpshooters fret through playing them at ML The owner will win at a good price. It doe* not give twenty horses a week, but a few of the best at the different tracks, so selected that two cannot meet in the game race Kvcry horse reported should win one of his next two starts. Do away with 0 a week specials and telegrams and get the winners for 00 a month Published every Saturday. H. J. OLMSTEAD, Suite 304, Loyal Guard Building, Detroit, Mich. WHAT THE RUNNING HORSES DID IN 1906. "~"A-e«ifl| lete~record~of~the performances and winnings of all horses raeing last year. Price fl. Daily Racing Form Publishing Co., 124 Fifth Avenue, Chicago, III.

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