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THE ONTARIO JOCKEY CLUB --■=.. TORONTO, CANADA. ■=—-. E Spring Meeting, May 18th to June 1st, Inclusive. The Following Stakes will Close Wednesday, April 17th, 1907: FOR THREE-YEAR-OLDS AND UPWARD. FOR T H REE - YE AR - OLDS. TORONTO CUP-,000 Added. WOODSTOCK PLATE ,000 Added. WOODSTOCK PLATE -For three y,,„ ■ ol.K A Sv., e.M.tk. -s ,,, • S-j, ,,„ h. hoK torfrit. ... the dinner. TORONTO CUP For three ve-■ „hN ,,1 oywotd. A Bwerpototai of |M each. 0 forfeit, lo H* . ••"" ««• »*»«, °° " :"" *uu A f" dinner. «i,l, 05.00O :„l,le,:. of wMch 00 to second horse, and 00 to third Wei.M for :,s,, A v.i,.,„r "/V" "W ™ :"""■[. .""""■ J *g? ""?***: ** M,c« -m " s--,H V,M Al""", ■* " " « of H.0M in mm or 1H.T to err, 3 fto. ntrs; o* two roces of Sl.QW, or ooe of ,500 5 los ■■»,. | "f"j *«? ." !v "llv s" ?•«* :,!I;,U,"L ll * »« " »"*■ ; »•"**■ ■ i! - °"- MlU a"1 ■ F"rluI NO. dinners of 00 in 19Wi or UW nllowe.l 7 11...: nmidens. 11 tine v,,„ olds. 12 ft*.; Inn, v,,, „l,h aM| "imatd. U lhs. One Mile and a Furlong. FOR TWO-YEAR-OLDS. KING EDWARD HOTEL GOLD CLP-,500 Added. VICTORIA STAKES ,000 Added. THE KING EDWARD HOTEL GOLD CUP -A Chnlleii-e Cop, vain,. ,500, r„r Hi-ee year olds and VICTORIA STAKES for t u . v. ar olds. A Bwccnstakcs of 5 coch, *-:■ tiwtM, to the winner, with upward. Weight for Sge. A GoU tan presented bjr tlie Kin- Rdwsrd Hotel Co.. TorootO, to which is SI. Mill added, of which 00 to furood hoise. and 00 lo third. A winiiii of 000 to cmiv 3 II . iif;l. :.ddcd a Sweepsiakis ,i 0 eOCBt. lialt forfeit, to the winner, with ,500, of whieh 00 to second nn wini.eis of SliMI allowed ." lbs.; niaiden-, 10 II.--. Five Iurlongs. horse, and loti to third. The winner of tliN i.tee in 1 1 M : : and followlog reort to cari.v ." lis. extra. ih • ci I rVRfl T KU • ■ TAkF«t flllC* I.UUU poo /iniltO. Artriorl Cuj. lo be held lor one y.ar Ly the owner of the winner, and to become the SBOOtate PTOpeit/ f anv owner winning same three tfssea or two years in soeessloo. One Mile and a Quvrter. TYRO STAKES— Selling -For two year old-. A BelUog Sweepotskec of 5 each. forfeit, to the . . Wbsser, with ,00$ added, of which 00 to seeood horse, and 00 to third. The winner to be s.il.l hy WATERLOO uiiTCDinn nAIMDICAP — ,200 Added. aoetioo for ,000 H entered to be sold for less rhos .S:;.ihm . i lb. allowed for ea -h 00 down t-. 00. WATERLOO HANDICAP For thr. e year-. .Ids and upward. A Soreepstskes of 5 each. forfeit, •s» lit r price to be stated throaga the entry box at the Coinse at 12 ei,M-k oooa the d.iy before the lie.- to the wiimer. with 308 added, of vhieli 00 to s cond horse, and SltMl to third. WefghtS antioinuvd " "• ■• s"lli "l •s;::.,»*HI- Five Ftrlorgs. Wednesday, .May . at 5 a, in. Winners after puhlication of the sumo, to carry r, ll,s. extra. STEEPLECHASES. MIMTO STAKES-,000 Added. WOODBINE STEEPLECHASE- ,000 Added. ,. ,, , WOODBINE STEEPLECHASE— ior lour year olds and opward. At , l,s. below the s, tie. k OoTtoO MINTO »tx,/s omi™ STAKES-Selllne-I-or ,c „■ three year-olds ami upward. A „. of .,- 5 each. BeMag Sweeples at;lkts o| - ,.„,,,,, t0 „, w|t njm :1||„, ,v|. „|li.h to OBeoad borse, and 00 forfeit to the winner. ,000 added, ot which 00 to aMOad borse and 00 to third. The w,;l. „ nii,.1 KollI..y,,|r oIds to ,in.v l40 „,s.: ,ive yeai olds. 151 fho.; sta rear Oldo and ODWsrd, 1«U lbs. vinticr to at sohi bj saetioa tor ,000; it entered to be MM for less than ,«M, 1 lb. allowed or eacli , , .r f le.|,1.lK1M. JM l:H„; ,„. 1!M,7 of .s,o,, ,„ ,,irry $ lbs. «tl -. : ol two snch, or on,- of %m, dmvn »«*•*. selling pi.ee to be stated .hro„Sh the entry baa at the Coarsest 12 o eteek aaoa - „,s ,,„,,. N„„ vv jum..,, r a BteesHeehase or bardie race allowed 10 Dm. Bes aUowoaeeo as by rale. on the day before the race, or to he sold fat ,«••. One Mile and a b.xteen.h. hut lm ]M. shall c.a|,v 1.ss tll:lll 1:,, lbs_ Tv;0 and a K at Miles. PRINCE OF WALES NAIMDICAP — ,000 Added. STREET RAILWAY STEEPLECHASE HANDICAP— ,000 Added. PRINCE OF WALES HANDICAP-lor three-year olds and ttp.vard. A DauatltlH of 5 each, STREET RAILWAY STEEPLECHASE— Handicap — For foot year-olds and onward. A Sweepstakes forfeit, to the winner, with . HM added, of Which .*2 HI to second bene, and *1 m to third. Weights of 5 cadi. 1907.sh forfeit, to the winner, with ,000 added, of whieh $: imi i,, secoad bone, ami S10O to announced Monday, Hay 20th. Winners after publication of the least lo cany 5 lbs. eMra. third. Weights announced Wediie -day. Hot 20th, at 5 p. in. WintiMs sfter puhliiatioii of the svnc lo * Six Furlongs. carry 5 lbs. extra. Two and a Half Miles. Liberal added money to all overnight events on the flat and in steeplechases. IV. P. FRASER, Secretary-Treasurer, Imperial Bank Building, Toronto, Canada,

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