Many Withdrawals at Lexington: Dismayed Breeders Call Back Their Horses and the Sale Ends, Daily Racing Form, 1907-11-28


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I . MANY WITHDRAWALS AT LEXINGTON. Dismayed Breeders Call Back Their Horses and the Sale Ends. Lexington, Ky., November 20. There was some improvement in the prices obtained for broodmares and weanlings at the Fasig-Tipton sale today, but not sufficient to encourage all of the consignors to offer their stock! In addition to the lots from the Millstream Stud, the consignments from Captain W. Harry Browns Senorita Stud, J. P. Chinns I.eo-natus Stud and Karl Juugbluths Waldeck Stud have been withdrawn and the few catalogued by W. W. Harden, Tliorndale Stock Farm and John II. Morris of Woodburn Farm, were not offered. Only a few or the poorest of the big consignment of R. H. McCarter Potters Request Stud were sold, the others being held out. There is a possibility that the consignment of J. P.. Haggin, Elmendorf Stud, will be withdrawn. Manager Charles II. Berryman is in communication witii Mr. Haggin on the subject tonight. The sale . will be concluded tomorrow. Today seventy-one head were disposed of for an aggregate of -1,775, an average of 0S. Of this number forty-five head were the property of George C. Bennett, of .Memphis, Tenn., and they brought .511,20.", an average of -19.2.. .The remaining twenty-live averaged only 37. The highest price was ,000 for the splendid mare, Dishabille, William Lakeland getting her. She will never race again because of a bowed tendon, but she is considered a genuine bargain at that price for breeding purposes. Milton Young got her dam, Night Gown, for ,350, the next highest price of the day. The only stallions sold, were Abe Frank and Intrusive. The latter was bought by E. It. Bradley and will go into the stud at Idle Hour Stock Farm. T. F. Kelly got Abe Frank and will probably send him to Texas. "I would not have sold those horses today," said Mr. Bennett, "except for the fact that I promised my wife that I would go out of the breeding business entirely if I had a losing year with my horses this year. I had a losing year and I felt that I was compelled to abide by that promise. Tlie sale, of course, was a big disappointment to me, but they are gone now and I am through as a breeder as soon as I get rid of about twenty broken down old racers and worthless two-year-olds sml my farm will be clear of horses entirely. Kings Counsel was not sold today, but he will go back into the ring tomorrow. I will not take him back home. I have nineteen horses at New Orleans, some of them yearlings, and I expect to get rid of them during the winter. I will still continue in the racing game, but only as a bookmaker." The Bennett sale would have been better could Barney Schreibcr have reached the city in time. He sent a man to Mr. Bennetts place about ten days ago and got reports on all the mares that were sold today. He picked out about a dozen that he wanted. He missed the train at Louisville this morning and then paid a hian forty dollars to bring him here from the Falls City in an automobile. He did not arrive until after three oclock and the sale was over. Mr. Schreibcr, however, secured a list of the names of the people who bought the mares. he wanted and will try to buy some of them privately tonight and tomorrow. Property of Elliott C. Cowdin Miranda, 1. m, 9, by Eothen Maria 1.; M. Youug- $ Tormenna, ch.- m, 7, by Ornament Von Hera; J. N. Camden, Jr. 223 Brown filly, by Sandringham Tormenna; J. N. Camden, Jr 50 May J., b. m, 8, by Ben Stromt Bambino; Lee Smitha HO Bay colt, by Sandringham May J.; M. Young "0 Property of W. OB. Macdonougli Sloe, blk. ni, 15, by Hanover Kelp; T. R. Gardner L100 Pluiueria, b. in, 11, by Eagles Plume Frolla; T. R. Gardner 200 May W., b. m, 13. by Eagles Plume Froila; T. it. Gardner 200 Property of Clarence. H. Mackay Last Love, blk. m, 10. by Rosicrucian Arrowroot; James Ferguson 50 Vapour, b. m, IS, by Barcaldine Aedesia; M. Turner 53 Contradiction, 1. f, 2, by Banastar Rotha II. ; M. Young 173 Frivolity, b. f, 2, by Nasturtium Admiration; M. Young 1C0 Property of Charles F. II ill Sandringham Belle, br. f, 4. by Sandringham Belle Hoyt: T. F. Kelly 150 Property of W. H. Laudeman Lulu Glaser. ch. m, 7, by Pirate of Penzance Julia W.: T. F. Kelly 100 Property of J. ONeill Lady Cushman, b. m, 11, by Candlemas Charlotte Cushman; M. Turner S3 Property or S. R. Gilbert Volentia B.. I, or br. m, C, by St. Domingo . Viola L; II. W. Steveus 33 . Belle Archer, b. m, 5. .by S:iwndtiandEUrii; W. S. Payne, Jr. .. .?. .-!. .1 05 Maud Gray, b. f. I, by Blue and Gray rair Day; Harbison .V. Co f. 75 Properly -of .1. Johnson - Nellie N.. br. in, 7. by Harvest Brazos; L. Blum 70 Property of R. II. MeCartcr" Pottej--Affiatus. ch. m, 14, by Inverness Aflinity; L. Blum 70 English Maid. ch. in, 7, by Buck Massie Maid Albion; Harbison and Co 05 Miss Scheimer. br. in, IS, by Erdenheim Vesper; J. Sloan 5 Nono, b. m, 19, by Mortemer Nina; M. Young 25 Oriella. ch. in. 7. by Ornament Oriana; Harbison and Co 70 Sllex. ch. m. 0, by Mirthful Skadi; Ran- cocas Stud . 225 . Urbanna, ch. m, 20, by King Bolt Sun Maid; George Bradley ,. 10 Property of George C. Bennett "Ape Frank, ch. h, S. by Hanover Cheese- . Straw; T. F. Kelly 1,000 Intrusive, ch. h. 12. by Meddler Frolic Grace: E. R. Bradley 1,500 Hindi, br. m, 7, by Ilindoo-Merlden; G. D. Wilson 700 Brown or black filly, by Abe Frank Hindi; G. D. Wilson 190 Charm, br. m, 10, by Faustus Minnie Payne; J. B. Respess 100 Tin Cup. br. m. 13, hy StrathmoreKiug Cup; G. D. Wilson 75 Miss Frances, 1. m, 14, by Strathmore Flower of Meath; M. Christman 20 Bay colt, by Intrusive Dot S. ; M. Young 40 Nina Louise, ch. m, 13. by Onondaga Bessie Hlnkley; Harbison and Co . ... 50 Chestnut colt, by Intrusive Nina Louise; William Lakeland 325 Irish Lady, ch. in, 14, hy Onondaga Patty of Cork: E. R. Bradley 100 Chestnut colt, by Intrusive Irjsh Lady; William Lakeland 225 Chestnut filly, by Abe Frank Irish Maid; C. AV. Reidinger 45 Artliesia, b. m. 7, by Siddartha Loetitia; E. R. Bradley 200 Bay colt, by Intrusive Artliesia; William Lakeland 100 Slow Poke, b. m. 5, by Lucky Dog Nor- mas Pet; Harbison and Co 40 Chestnut colt, by Intrusive Slow Poke; J. V. Shipp 35 Fallona, ch. m, 5, by Lucky Dog Fallon- ette; L. Blum 70 Chestnut filly, by Intrusive Fallona; II. G. Tabu 45 Chestnut filly, by Intrusive Florence Austin; Ed Hukill 40 Emma A. M.. b. m, S. by Hastings Wood-Nymph; William M Hayes 50 Bay filly, by Intrusive Emma A. M.; M. Flescher 35 Normas Pet, ch. in. 12, by Buckra Norma; Harbison and Co 25 Chestnut filly, by Abe Frank Normas Pcft William Lakeland 135 Miss Canale, br. in. S, by Hanover Pikes Peak; G. D. Wilson 150 Brown filly, by Abe Frank Miss Canale; C. W. Reidinger 105 Chansonette, b. m, 5, by Lucky Dog Florence Austin; W. L. Hutchinson.... SO Chestnut filly, by Abe Frank Chansonette; M. Flescher r 05 Rhett Goodes Sister, br. m, 12, by Pirate i of Penzance Letter 15.; W. L. Hutchinson 50 Chestnut colt, by Lucky Dog Rhett Goodes Mstcr; M. Flescher 30 Bay colt, by Kings Counsel or Abe Frank Tremonu; M. Young 50 Night Gown. b. m, 12, by Free Knight Petticoat; M. Young 1,550 Tea Gown, b. m, 9. by Free Knight Pet- fveoat: G. D. Wilson 325 Little Sister, eh. in, 15, by Donald A. Caress; M. Sea 50 Miss Demure, br. in, 0, by Kings Counsel .Time: J. Sloan 55 Lucky Pet. ch. m. C, by Lucky Dog Normas Pet; M. Flescher S3 Mabel Goode, br. in, 0, by Lucky. Dog Rhett Goodes Sister; W. L. Hutchinson 00 Interrogation, ch. in. 0, by Charade Moc Min; G. 1. Wilson 200 Odity, ch. m, 11, by George Kinney Teresa: Harbison and Co 55 Bonnie lone. ch. m, 12, by Rossington Bourne .; G. D. Wilson 100 Lady Free Knight, b, m, 0, by Free Knight Fauna III.; A. C. Presbury 40 Velleda, b. m, S, by Esher Vendn; G. D. Wilson 1 50 Sweet Nell, br. in, 7, by Esher Intacta; M. Young 175 Fallonette, b. m, 11, by Harry OFallon Minuet; Harbison and Co 55 Dishabille, br. m. 5, by Kings Counsel Night Gown; William Lakeland 2,000 The following Is a list of the yearlings sold at the night sale: Property of Ilinde and Baker Bav colt, bv Meltonian Eloise; J. B. Elliott .20 Bay or brown colt, by Trentola Nivcrna; II. S. Hacket 1". Brown colt, by Gold Heels Savage; Harbison .t Co M Property of Balgowan . Stud Ray colt, by lugohlsby Barbara Gray; -Mr. .Mathews .-. 175 Bay or brown colt, by Sorcerer Emma Louise; Milton Young 305 Chestnut colt, by Rensselaer Madam Ju- not; James Ferguson 200 Property of Woodford Brothers Chestnut colt, by Orlando Duchess Hanna; Harbison and Co 70 Brown colt, by Orlando Queen Beth; S. M. Billiter : 70 Chestnut colt, bv Woolsthorpe Bettie Gray: AV. A. Baker 145 Bay colt, by Orlando Lindolette; Mr. Day 90. BrowiL gelding, by Orlando Lena Myers; AV. A. Bacon 150 Chestnut filly, by Orlando Falaise; Mr. Day 140 Bay colt, bv Orlando Lake Breeze; S. K. Hughes 250 Brown filly, by Orlando--Plantess; II. S. Hacket 100 Property of Catesby AVoodford- liay gelding, by Tanzmcister Little Anna; M. Christman 75 Property of estate of Captain S. S. Brown Chestnut colt, by Mazagan Audience; J. B. Elliott 70 Bay lilly, by Hyphen Performance; Harbison and Co 100 Property of G. M. L.. Labranche Bay or brown colt, bv .Miller Ilonev Sweet: Harbison and Co . 70 Property of S. R. Gilbert-Bay colt, by Locket Volentia B.; Georse Hossiek .. 130 Property of James Galway Bay gelding, by Meltonian Boliiwi; Harbison and Co 70 Property of A. J. Montgomery Chestnut lilly, by Charade Looking Glass; Harbison and Co 50 Property of Sidney Bedford Chestnut lilly. by Clifford Frolicsome; Harbison and Co. 00 Property of J. Breckenridge Vilev Brown lilly, by Lissak Villa A.; L. I. AVilliams 150 Property of G. II. Ruble Bay colt, by Sorcerer Jessamine Belle; Harbison and Co. ,. 40 Property of a Lady Bay filly, by St. Leonards Bellfiehl II.; S. M. Billiter ;.. 100 Property of AV. E. Applegate Chestnut colt, by Monsieur de LOrme Miss Baden; Harbison and Co 50 Property of AV. F. Marshall Bay colt, by Don de Oro Milanola; W. II. Bond 70 Property of Dr. J. C. Carrick Brown colt, by Gallantry Miss Anne; Mr. Mastern 70 Brown lilly. by Singleton Sioux; A. L. Hutchinson 70 Lexington, Ky.. November 27. AAitii the disposal this morning of seventy-one head for a total of,000, an average of .50, the Fasig-Tipton Companys eighth annual Kentucky sale of thoroughbred stallions, marcs and weanlings was brought to a close. The sale was originally scheduled for five days and 597 head were catalogued, but there were so many withdrawals that it was no task to bring the sale to close in three days. All told. 274 head were sold for 1,2S0, an average of 14.10. This is the lowest general average in years, but barring a few exceptional instances among the mares", and soberly considering the individuality, quality and age of the greater number of those offered, the values were not far out of line, though they were unquestionably not satisfactory to the consignors. AVith the yearlings, however, the sale of which is to be concluded tonight, it is somewhat different. There were among the 111 sold Monday and Tuesday nights a score or more that in the estimation of good judges, would have brought under normal conditions, an average of at least 50, yet the general average was 22.S0. At this mornings sale the highest price was 50 for Frantic, by Hindoo Francesca, consigned by Perry Belmont, who has closed out his Horse Haven Stud. She went to James E. Clay, of Paris. Ky. Only two others brought as much as 00 and Barney Schreibcr got both of them. He gave 50 for Toots Mook and 00 for Lady Chariot, both j being in the consignment of Engman and AVilkerson. The only stallions sold today were Lamplighter and Gallantry from Milton Youngs McGratliiana Stud. Lamplighter was bought for 00 by AV. R. Schrader. who lias a farm near Barney Schreibers AVoodlands Stud in St. Louis County, Mo., where the old horse will go. Gallantry was knocked down to a farmer named Calleghan for 0.

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