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a J J i * J j; J J . ► J 4 4 |j 4 4 4 4 J! 4 4 t m NOW FOR SALE The American Racing Manual for 1908 i; BOUND IN LEATHER: BOUND IN PAPER: * From Newsdealers or this Office . . 75 cents From Newsdealers or this Otfice . . 50 cents 4 ► ► By Registered Mail 85 cents By Registered Mail 60 cents 4 * DAILY RACING FORM PUBLISHING CO., | 12* FIFTH AVENUE, CHICAGO, ILL. - _ CLAMOR : : 6-1, 2nd was our advertised .00 Extra Special Saturday hnd which we guaranteed to win and win only. All subscribers to same will receive a .40 subs.-rintion to our Daily One-Horse Wire, starting Monday. All Chicago • Herns will please send in tin- aid received, with name and address and • •all us on telephone or at office daily after 1 p. in. Phone 4entral BBSS. TURF EATINGS BEST BET: July— 110. TUEF REPORTERS SPECIAL: Girlsr— Are— 21— 37— 29— 35— 61— 40— 7— 93— 11. Saturdays Daily One-Horse Wire and Tnrf Ratings Best Bet were both scratched. Our mans telegram, direct from track, always on file for anybodys inspection, TCWOOD4 co ROOM 312 69 DEARBORN STREET CHICAGO, ILL. 4| 4 4] j 4 4J 4 | 4j 4j 4J X • W ▼ 4 1 J T 1 X 1 S j 1 2 T X I J 4 J 1 A 3 • 1 j 4 2 X 4 1 4k J 4 2 2 ♦ 9 ♦ d ♦ 4 4 J X 4 I 2 | T 2 2 • 4 * 4 i [MONTGOMERY! 13-5, WON | was yr-eerdays FREE FORM SPECIAL. 5 New bank eunlaining nde to lliese speeials 4§ on sale now at all newsstands and agenis ♦ in the I cited Stales or Canada. ot only X do you get one good special every day. but T also reports and work-outs oa burses at all T wiim a- tracks, all for T 25 Cents Per Week*: .00 Per Month. X Mondays Form Special: August Banana- x 8-18-5-1-72-33. X Stoneman .10-1 2nd % u.is yesierdaj "s Daily One— Horse Wire. 4j Terms: .00 Weekly: .00 Daily. ♦ Goldproof . 6-5 Won f was yesierdavs BEST BET a at* Daily Three-Hoise Wire. 4. Rustle . . 7-2 Won | was Fridays BEST BET. ♦ Tlds Three-Bane Wire gives tluee burses ♦ earii day. one 10 a ran, iniluding llie ONE 9 BEST BET ea.h da. . ♦ Terms: .00 Weekly: .00 Daily. X The Standard Turf Guide I Room 212. 59 Dearborn St.. Chicago. X Mondays Daily One-Horse Wire: .u ♦ Orleans, Iowa. Hale, Dew. Cain. ♦ I , 4 4 4 If J 4 * 4 J ,► if i * 4 1 J J 9 * ► 4 J . 4 4 ; W. A. SHERWOOD, | Formerly ot Reynolds and Co , * y 1009 Chicago Opera House Block. Chicago, III. X Phone, Main 1881. ♦ TERMS: 00 PER WEEK. | *f | "ONE BEST BET" for past six da s: ♦ 1 January 25— INGHAM, 3rd. ♦ I January 24— MASTER LESTER. Won. T January 23— BOOtJER RED. 2nd. 9 January 22— GEORGE TAYLOR, Won. ♦ January 21— WHIDDEN. Won. ♦ January 20— JANE SWIFT. Won. ♦ over N per unt winning specials since 9 It ojiciiing of inceting. A lot of easy money 9 ► made playing my system. Write for it. ▼ | ADVERTISED SPECIAL WITHDRAWN Patrons get TUESDAYS wire FREE. Monday, SISTER FRANCES 20-1 Won Out-of-town patrons were advised by letter mi Tuesday, SHENANDOAH . 9-1 Won Advertised Special. This horse I advertised for a killing, and again Wednesday. JOHNNY LYONS 5-2 2nd I Advertised S|ie.-ial. Thursday, EDUARDO . . 4-1 2nd AiHeMis.-d Special. Friday, no wire sent out. Tiie ahoo v.-!. Mail 0111 by nie the R4MJ v. ■• I, and ace file,! with Daily Hacing Form each dav. NOTICE! V uo:!ie taken of communications unless acieia i a"ied le t.:e money. Siia-e lieeember ;:! 1 havi ailveri ise.l two horses for I killing, namely. SILVER WEDDING, which won at !.- te i oa DnrMMbcr St. aad SHENANDOAH. which won al ! lo I on .lanuar. Ll. This V did not start sine last summer until last TttMdaj . WBl4*a ■BOOTS I get the D«nn1f NOTICE! I have word fTOBl my inai at Oaklaml on THREE lioises tliit go for the money the coming week. My man informs me they are tit and ready ami, barring an accident, will win at good odds. TUESDAY TUESDAY 1 will send our a horse tliat cant lose, barring an aeeideiii. Willi an even break this good tiling will win in a gallop, and the odds will probably he 8 or s t.. 1. GOES, RAIN it- SHINE. THURSDAY THURSDAY my numerous patrons will receive information on a horse that has been prepped for a killing. My man informs KM this is one of the best Ihiii-s he has had for some lime. ::•!•! von can get down for a good bet. SATURDAY SATURDAY patrons will receive word on a horse that has been prepped for a killing at the Arcadia Track. This horse has been shipped to Oakland, and we expect S to 1 or better for our money. This horse is a superior mud runner. OAKLAND OAKLAND SPECIAL ONE-HORSE WIRE FROM MY MAN AT THE TRACK. ONE A DAY— NO MORE. .00 GUARANTEED TO WIN .00 or SIX WIRES for 0.00. If any one of these Specials loses, I will give Free the next Special until I give you a winner. Winners count— not losers. And I guarantee my One-Horsa Wire genuine track information — no guess work. All Specials wired in code. Unon receipt of your subscription for wires I will send exxle by return of mail. EX-JOCKEY MARSHALL, Phone Main 1293. Initials E. J. ROOM 610, 56 FIFTH AVENUE. CHICAGO, ILL. One Horsey a Day Saturday, LORD LOYAT . 6-5 Won Friday, RAPPAHANNOCK . 2-1 3rd Thursday, COONEY K. . . 4-5 Won Wednesday, IVANHOE . . 3-1 Won Tuesday, LADY ALICIA . . 5-2 Won m Monday, ORLY .... 8-5 Won Saturday, MARSE A8E . . 4-5 Won Friday, CONSISTENT . . 3-1 Won Thursday, CRAFTY . . . 6-1 Lost Wednesday, COLLOQUY . 9-10 Won Big profits made playing this series. Write for our monthly statement, showing results of a Hat bet am! progressive play. Terms for Wires: .00 Weekly. REYNOLDS and. CO., 402 Gorichaiix Bid*., New Orleans, La. NATIONAL RACING REVIEW Room 37. 71 Ttearborn Street, Chicago, 111. Mondays Special Dakota. Myrtle. It.. I. in Ural weeks record Four winnerr, one scratch. Best puce. MINC T. 12-1. Won 81 W IER MONTH. 25 CENTS PKR COIY. SUBSCRIBE FOR DAILY RACING FORM.

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