Two Interesting December Stakes: Nominations to the Croker and Pacific-Union Include Many Horses of Great Speed, Daily Racing Form, 1908-11-21


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TWO INTERESTING DECEMBER STAKES. dominations to the Crocker and Pacific-Union In- U cludo Many Horses of Great Speed. Early in December two stake races presenting interesting . features will be decided at Oakland. They are the Crocker Selling Stakes and the Pacifier . Villon Handicap. Both are dashes of a mile and ir r tlie present favorable weather conditions hold. out. , Oakland may gain a new track record in one or : tlie other. The Crocker Stakes, being a selling race, , will be run with weights determined by tlie owners j and with such exceedingly speedy horses as PInkola. , W. T. Overton, Royal Tourist, Don Enrique. West-bury. - Arasee, Sewell. Dandelion. Restigouche, Wood-craftT Augelus. Meelick. Spooner. Frank Flittner. . . r , : , j , - May Amelia, Fred Kent, Cresslna and Bellwether among its nominations, an intensely exciting contest seems iu store for the day of its decision. Its conditions and nominations are as follows: Crocker Selling Stakes. For three-year-olds and upward at time of closing. 1908.sh0 to start; 0 forfeit: ,000 added, of which 00 to second and 00 to third. Tlie winner to be sold at auction. Those entered to be sold for,000 to carry weight for age. Allowances: 1 lb. for each 00 to ,000. then 1 lb. for each 00 to 00. Winners of a race of the value of , or of two races other than selling purses after the closing of this stakes not to be entered for less than ,200. Starters to be named. With selling price, through the entry box Vbc day preceding tlie race, at the usual time of closing, and those so named will be liable for starting fee. To be run Saturday. December 5. 190S. One Mile. Alvey. Ed., eh. g PInkola 3 Alvey. Ed., eh. c Prince Ahmed 4 Applegate. W. E.. ch. c W. T. Overton 3 Baldwin. E. J., hr. h Lisaro 5 Itdlwell. II. G.. br. li Von Tromp 0 Bowman. Charles, b. c Colonel Jack 4 Buchanan. A. B.. b. f Dollie Dollars 4 Chiun. L. T.. b. h Go Between 7 Chinn. P. T.. ch. h Astronomer 5 Chiun. P. T., eh. g John Carroll . . .. II Clopton, S. A., b. g Chippewa 5 Dayton, A. F.. eh. c Husky .. 3 Ellison. C. R.. b. c Royal Tourist :5 Ellison. C. It., b. g Jacobite 5 Kllison. C. It., b.- g Don Enrique 4 Kllison, C. It., ch. g J. C. Core 1 Ellison. C. II.. b. g Westbury 4 Finery S.. b. g Arasee " BI Nido Stable, br. c Sewell - 4 El Primero Stable, b. f Dovalta Elliott and Marron. b. g Ocean Shore 4 Gaines. C. It.. and Co.. b. c... Special Delivery .. Hamilton Stable, ch. g Bankara 4 Hawke, William, b. in Northwest i Ilealey. F. W.. b. c Import Hildreth. S. C. b. f Veil -1 Hildreth. S. C. br. c Tony Faust 4 Hildreth. S. C. blk. g Restigouche 3 Hildreth. S. C. ch. h Dandelion 0" Hildreth. S. C, b. g Woodcraft 3 Hildreth. S. C. ch. c Peter Quince 3 Hildreth, S. C, br. g Angelus Hildreth. S. C. eh. c Meelick 3 Hirsch. Max. ch. c Spooner ! Hoag. II. W.. and Go., ch. m. -Logistilla " Irwin Bros., b. g Frank Lublwck Keene. J. O. and G. H. br. g..Boggs Kelso and Wilson, ch. g King Wilda Let-. L. T.. b. f Marlso J Loewensteln. A., b. U The Englishman ... l Los Angeles Stable, ch. h Frank Flittner Lowe. John. b. f Marian Casey 3 Miller. M. D.. br. g Gypsy King Napa Stock Farm, b. h Voorhees - 5 Napa Stock Farm. b. c Captain Emerich ... 4 Old Ned Stable, b. g F. Neugent 4 Ramsey. E. J., b. f Mabel Hollander ... 4 Ramsey. E. J., ch. g Nadzu 4 Rowell. n. E.. ch. h Rubric 0 Sanford. C. br. f ray Amelia 4 Schaffer. II. R.. ch. g Fred Bent 5 Sebreiler. B.. b. h Deiitschland 8 Tate. S. P.. br. f.. Millie B 4 Walden. M. A., b. g Gazolo :j Weir. F. 1.. b. in Cressina Williams. Thomas IL. br. c. .Creation 5 Williams. Thomas H.. b. c. ..Bellwether : Williams. Thomas IL. ch. c.Roalta 4 Wright and OITutt. ch. g Maltble 5 The Pacific-Union Handicap is of a decidedly dlffer-1 ent character, being the only stake offered by the California Jockey Club for two-year-olds of the present year. Named after the sweliest of all tlie swell clubs of San Francisco, it is always held to be one of the important events of the Oakland season and one throwing some light on the probable outcome of the California Derby of the next spring. Some smashing good two-year-olds show In its nominations witli the names of Friend Harry, Righteasy, Del Cruzador. Workbox, Woodlander. Bon Homme. High Private, Listowel, Fitz Herbert, Joe Madden, Achieve. Madman, Rose Queen. Torbellino. Cotytto. Dr. Holzberg. Lee Rose and Rubla Granda standing out Ju especial prominence. The conditions and nominations are: Pacific-Union Handicap For two-year-olds at time of closing. 1908.sh0 to start; 0 forfeit; ,000 added. of which 00 to second and 00 to third. Weights to be announced three days prior to the race. Wlu-, , ners of other than a selling purse after the an nounce of weights to carry 5 lbs. extra. To be run Saturday. December 12, 190S. One mile. Alvey, Ed., ch. c Friend Harry. Applegate. W. E.. blk. f Righteasy. Applegate. W. E.. ch. g Discerner. Baldwin. E. J., b. c Del Cruzador. Bowman. Chas., br. g Hovle. Cahill, William and Co., ch. e. Captain John. Chinn. P. T.. ch. c J. H. Reed. Cook. Fred. blk. c Joe Nolan. Cook. Fred, b. c Andy Glnter. Cook. Fred. b. f Anna L. Daley. Cuueo, John. b. f Marchesa. Doss. F. W.. b. c AVorkbox. El Nido Stable, b. c Woodlander. Farrar. F.. ch. f Meddling Hannah. Fine. L. E., b. g Drcdkin. Forsythe. F. A., blk. c .Moorish King. Forsythe, F. A., b. c Bon Homine. Forsythe. F. A., b. g High Private. Hawke. William, blk. f Gretclien G. Hawke, William, ch. f Aunt Kit. Hayes. M. J., b. g Listowel. Hildreth, S. C. br. c Fitz Herbert. Hildreth. S. C. ch. c Joe Madden. Hildreth. S. C. b. c Sehleswig. Hildreth. S. C. ch. c Force. Hildreth, S. C. ch. c Ned Jram. Hildreth. S. C. ch. c Solus. Hildreth, S. C. ch. f Instant. Hildreth. S. C. br. f Vibrate. Hildreth. S. C. ch. f Achieve. Hirsch. Max. b. c Lighthouse. Gaines. C. R. and Co.. b. c Colonel Hackett. Jennings. W. B.. b. e. Prince Gal. Jones. J. A., b. c Madman. Keene. J. O. and G. IL. b. g..No Rule. Keene, J. O. and G. IL. b. c. Rabelais. Keene. J. O. and G. IL. ch. g. Chitterlings. Koenigsberg. A., br. f Rose Queen. Milden, F. IL. ch. c Sir John. Millin, J. D. and Co.. b. f....Mauretauia. Millin. J. D. and Co.. b. f Ocean Queen. Millin, J. D. and Co.. ch. f Carrie Thatcher. Molera and Josephs, br. f Bubbling Water. Napa Stock Farm. br. c Torbellino. Napa Stock Farm. 1 f Cotytto. Napa Stock Farm. b. f Carniisa. Paulson. J. W.. b. c Palo Alto. Old Ned Stable., ch. g Captain Hansen. Ormondale Stable.- Oh. c Middle. Schreiber. 15., b. :. Guy Fisher. Schreiber, B.. b. f JMss Highland. Schreiber, B.. b. f Sorrowful. Schreiber. B.. ch. g Dr. Holzberg. Sea Air Stable, b. c Altatnor. Walsh. J. J., b. g Lee Rose. Williams. T. IL. b. g Tom Hayward. Williams. T. II. . br. c El Picaro. William. T. II.. b. f Rubla Granda. Winehell. C. ch. c Beau Man. Wright and OITutt. ch. e Roy T.

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