Last Day of the Fasig-Tipton Sale, Daily Racing Form, 1908-11-26

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LAST DAY OF THE FASIG-TIPT0N SALE. The names of the horses bringing the best prices on the concluding day of the Pasig-Tiplon sale at Lexington jhave already been published in Daily Racing Porm. but for record purposes full details are here presented. Prices and purchasers were as follows: Property of James B. Bradv. New York Oisoau, ch. li. . by Ornus Kitty Gun: Waller Gray. New York $ 150 Water-light, br. h. C, by Watercress Lu- mina; P. A. Clark. New York 300 Orison, br. b. 5. by Hamburg Vespers: George II. Whitney. Lexington, Ky 125 Property of William Lakeland. New York Coldcrest, eh. h, 15. by Bend Or Princess Iskra: passed, no bid Property of estate of W. C. Rollins. New York Herbert, b. h. 11. by Albert Bonnie Ola: Pet or Clinch. St. Johns. N. It 200 Property of W. L. Powers. New York Gone Coon. b. b, 20. by Galopin Hors do Combat; J. P. Cook, Lexington. Ky ,"5 Property of O. H. Chenault, Spendthrift Stud. Lexington. Ky. Hermeiice. oil. h. 20. by Isonomy Thcblas; Young and Coffey. .Columbia, Ky 20 Chestnut oolt. 1. by Hermence Bal Masque: S. A. Beckham, Greenville. Tex. 150 t Property of a gentleman Sempi-o. b. o. 3. by Sempronius Lady Hoadley: Charles Haggin. Lexington. Ky. 70 Property of August Belmont. Nursery Stud Cainptire. b. in. 11. by Rayou dOr Kate Allen: Peter Clinch 125 Hoopstick. b. in. 11. by Fiddlesticks Her Grace: Poter Clinch 90 Property of C. W. Bean. Lexington. Ky Scmblnnc. br. f. !. bv St. Blaise Sclina I.; II. Price Hoadley. Lexington 110 Property of Captain Breckinridge Alley. Stonewall Stud. Versailles. Ky. Madge Stuart, oh. in. 20. by Charles I. Madge: P. J. Gormloy. Lexington 25 Adeek. oh. m. 10. by Juvenal .Margery: L. P. Williams. Lexington 100 Ison, b. in. 13. by Ludwig Vage: J. H. Patterson. Lexington SO Bay gelding. 1. by Plaudit Nellie Osborne: S. M. Reynolds -125 Chestnut, gelding. 1. by Gone Coon Courtesy: J. McDonald 85 Bay gelding. 1. by Mellonian Topsy Tur- v.v: S. M. Reynolds 300 Brown filly, by Meltonian Ruth Parrish; William Buttncr. Lexington 130 Property of John E. Bean. Winchester. Ivy. Enuerdalc. b. m. 12. by Great Tom Envenom: T. II. Smiley. Lexington 50 Property or Elliot C. Cowdin. Maplehurst Stud, Lexington. Kr. Imitation, b. f. 3. by Deceiver Statuette: Peter Clinch 100 Snzon. b. in. 10. by Iyampliglitox Kitty Clive: Peter Clinch 125 Property or W. P. Marshall. Baltimore. Md. Mariea. br. m. S, by Top Gallant Maria D.: Kinzoa Stone. Georgetown. Ky 150 Property of J. W. Coleman. Lexington. Ky. Bay gelding. K by Nasturtium First Love: George Bond. Ioxington 100 Bay gelding. 1. by Frankfort Jane Parks: George Bond S5 Chestnut till v. 1. bv Nasturtium Piute: H. C. Harp. Lexington 100 Chestnut lilly. 1. by Frankfort Glorious. II. C. Harp 110 Property of John I. Carr. Lexington. Ky. Brown lillv, 1. bv Alloway In Front: P. M. Civill. St. Louis. Mo 155 Property of K. P. Shipp. Midway. Ky. Bay colt. 1. by Algol Chione: P. J. Gorm- ley 05 Bay colt. 1. by Blues Athleeu: William Steele. Lexington, Ky 75 Bay lilly. 1. bv Blues Ruby Ray: Watson Bros.. Columbia. Tenn 100 Property of George Walters. Brooklyn. N. Y. Bijou, b. m. 9. by Knight of Ellerslie Princess Biiou: J. II. Patterson 05 Property of S. L. Look-Little Wit. b. m. 3. by Mazagan Nisbat: C. W. Moore. Lexington. Ky. 300 Harriet Wright, ch. f. 3. by Star Shoot-Marina: Watson Bros 65 Property of T. P. Hayes Brown colt. 1. by Sorcerer Sans Pareil II.: J. P. Ross. Lexington. Ky. 110 Chestnut colt. 1. by Star Shoot Algie M.: St. James Stable 115 Property of J. F. Offutt. Lexington. Ivy. Fleeing Venus, b. m. 8. by Kantaka Queenie: C. M. Gorbin. Lexington. Ky... 125 Brown colt, weanling, by Migraine Fleeing Venus: Howard Oots, Lexington. Ky 40 Ondina. ch. m. 17. by Onondaga Bliss: C. M. Corbin 50 Queens Message, ch. f. 2. by Resolute II. Rochelle: J. C. Milam. Lexington. Ky. 250 Fair Messenger, b. f, 2. by Resolute II. Kilt; J. L. Kirbv. Latonia. Ky 375 Property of Edward Frazer. Lexington. Ky. Bay or brown colt. 1. bv Contestor Aster- tia; Howard Oots 200 Chestnut filly. 1. br Contestor Fannie W. Fonso; E. 0. Bartlett. Grand Rapids. Mich 1S5 Brown or blsok colt. 1. br Contestor Houseglrl: J. E. Seagram. Waterloo. Ont. 250 Bay or brown oolt. !1. by Contestor The Broom: S. A. Beckham 100 Chestnut filly. 1. by Contestor The Laundress; J. C. Milam 300 Property of J. T. Vince. Lexington. Ky. Mystic Belle, b. m. S. by Fresno Glcn- cara: S. A. Beckham CO Dayo. br. m. 13, by Fordham-tart: J. A. Ilulett CO Anna Woodard. br. m.. 13. by Hindoo Bridletnere; Young and. Coffey 25 Egotism. V. in. 1Q, by: Charade Eiolse: J. A. Htilett 55 Country Lass. b. m. 11. by Sir Modred Cottage Girl: J. H. Patterson 130 Stoleo Kisses, n, 8f by Prin.ce 9? Mgo-- aco Rcsaca: W. L. Banks, Memphis. Tenn 105 Chestnut colt. 1. br St. Dory Statuette: Don MoPhaii. Saratoga, Wvo S5 Property of W. W. Harden. Nashville. Tenn. Kate Pellotier. b. m. 17. by Rapture Bertha B.: M. W. Williams. Hopkins-ville. Ky 50 Lass of Langden. b. m. 9. by St. Carlo Countess Langden: J. B. Jtespcss. Cincinnati. 0 130 Miss Crawrord. ch. in. 7, by Tcnny Flo II. : M. W. Williams 700 Chestnut colt. 1. by Star Shoot Lass of Iangden: I. 15. Fitzgerald. Latonia 525 Property of T. C. McDowell. Lexington. Ky. Good Manners, ch. m. G. by Sir Dixon Ca- loc: C. II. Berrynian. Lexington. Ky 125 Hyla, br. m. I, bv Prince of Monaco Sara: St. James Stable 125 Mistress Joy. b. in. 8. bv Requital Kitty Clive: St. James Stable 150 Onita. br. m, 7, by Requital Kanawha: W. L. Banks 135 Pleasant Girl. ch. 111. 7. by Order Madrl- lcne: St. James Stable 200 The Charmer, ch. m. 8. by Pirate of Penzance Suilie McNairy; Peter Clinch 135 Brown filly. 1. bv Woolsthorpc The Charmer: E. C. Bartlett 105 Bay filly. 1. by Allan-a-Dalc Fancy wood: W. L. Banks 90 Chestnut filly, weanling, by Dicudoiuic Mbnnrda: S. C. Lyno - 55 Property of T. C. McDowell and J. T. Muir Chestnut lilly. 1. by Allan-a-Dale Scarlet and Green: T. C. McDowell 175 Property of Charles R. Thompson Bay filly, -weanling, by Golden Maxim Encounter; St. James Stable 50 Property of J. S. Barbce. Lexington. Ky. Belle Graham, b. in. 8. by Ornament My Gyps; W. L. Banks 110 Evajean. br. 111. 0. by Jean Bercaud Eva- line: W. L. Banks 110 Property of C. D. Chenault and Co.. Lexington. Ky. Autumn leaves, ch. m. 9. bv Prince of Monaco Lady Rover: Calosby Woodford .. 125 Bay filly. 1, by Joan Rereaud Autumn Leaves; O. II. Cbenaiilt : 100 Princess Plush, br. m. 5. by Royal Flush III. Limekiln: Dr. W. Donoway 135 Santa Barbara, br. in. C. by iMelanion Regalia II.: Major T. J. Carson, Dixl- ana Stud 325 Sue II.. br. m. 15, by KIias Lawrence; Bagpipes; Ben Brooks- 90 McDale. ch. g. 2. br Silverdale Miss Mc- Willlams: 01. Loewenstoin 175 Silverite. ch. g. 2. br Silverdale Minatl: S. R. Gilbert. Lexington 105 Bay colt. 1. by Frankfort 111 Wind: William Stcuvc. Chicago 150 Bay colt. 1. by Frankfort Highland Princess: George Bond 150 Chestnut filly. 1. bv Nasturtium More Than Queen; J. W. .May 300 Black filly. 1. by Resolute II. Florence Darling: Watson Bros 125 Chestnut oolt. 1. by Silverdale Salosa: Dr. W. Donowsiy 115 Bay colt, 1. by I liero Sweetest: J. T. Clay. Lexington 100 Bay colt. 1. by Ben Holladay Sister Beatrice: T. M. Irwin. Lexington 100 Chestnut colt. 1. bv Silverdale iMahl Bramble: T. M. Irwin j 150 Bay filly. 1. by Silverdale- Merrlwcll: Watson Bros. 95 Property of -.Messrs. Williams and Radford. Adelbcrt Stud Chestnut filly. 1. br Albert Lady Long-street II.; U. C. Bartlett 125 Ornful. ch. e. 1. by Ornus Lady Useful:. E. C. Bartlett: 70 Ursus. ch. o. 1. by Ornus Lassie Williams: P. M. Civill 105 Yoiina. ch. f. 1. by Albert Plaudita: Watson Bros 95 Property of Claude M. Thomas, Paris. Ky. Bay colt, 1. by Requital Busy Lass; C. II. Berryman - 75 Bay colt. 1, by Requital Scottie; William Thornton 100 Bay colt, 1. by Requital Wireless; C. II. Berryman 70 Chestnut colt, 1, by Requital Prioress: C. II. Berryman 75 Property of Messrs. Smitha and Jones, Lexington, Ky. Joe Jupiter, ch. c, 2, by Handsel Mow- itzka: J. H. Patterson 130 Property of John Walters-Quaver, ch. m. 11, by Kinglike Thrill: Young and ColTcr 50 Property of a gentleman Wine Drop. ch. m. 15, by Falsetto Ten Drop; Young and Coffey 25 Property of V. Crystal. Lexington. Ky. Bay colt, -weanling, by Woolsthorpc Sweet Antoinette; Young and Coffey 25 Black colt, weanling, by Lackford Device; Young and CofTey .- 20 Chestnut colt, weanling, by Lackford Frenchic: Ed Rutherford 20 Chestnut oolt, weanling, by Lamplighter Tidbit: Don MoPhaii 40 Property of William lakeland Wise Maiden, 1r in. 0. by Arington Intelligent: O. II. Chenault 135 Bay filly, weanling, by Holstein; S. C. Lyno 50 Bay lilly, weanling, by Gone Coon Lenas Darling; J. P. Cook 30 Undo Remus, weanling, by Gone Coon Diplomacy; J. P. Cook 45 Bay lilly, 1, by Goldcrest Lena I., by Falsetto: Watson Bros 105 Property of W. L. Powers Cobweb, ch. f. 2 by Goldspinner Pllonisa; Young and ColTey 80 Fliekamaroo, b. m. 10. by His Highness Nellie Bly: W. B. Hawkins 50 Property of a gentleman Vienna, br. in. G. by Clifford Viola: J. F. Cook 55 Estate or E. R. Peabody Derelict, b. m, 10, by Luke Blackburn Sallie nagen; Young and CotTey 45 Ba: lilly. weanling, by Baldur Derelict: Young and Coffey 40 izoyl. b. m. 11. by Hindoo Alpena: B. E. Allen 00 Winsome Winnie, b. 111. G. by Masetto izeyl; W. L. Banks 90 Bernhardt, ch. 111. 7. by Ban Yan Izeyl: W. L. Banks 100 Lnwson Pink. ch. m. 10. by Ban Yan Nosegay: Peter Clinch 100 Lady Mac. ch. m. 8, by Dr. MacBride Queen Titania; J. F. Cook 05 Bay fillv. -weanling, by nolstein Lady Mac: W. L. Banks 45 Bar filly. 1. by Holstein Izeyl: Watson Bros 95 Black tlllr. 1. by Baldur Winsome Winnie: W. L. Banks 90 Property of J. H. Jarvis Aline Newman, oh. m. 7. by Halma Gallic Dozier; Peter Clinch 130 Shorthose. br. h. 8. by Atbeling Miss Glennon: R. K. Wilson. Lexington. Ky. 100 Property of Mrs. J. M. Farrell. Lexington, Ky. Hazel W.. b. m, 14. by The Sailor Prince Calypso; J. II. Patterson 45 Bay filly, wauling, by Griffon nazel W.: J. H. Patterson 20 Total 121 head SI 1.900 Average 23.70

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