Fine Card for Toronto Opening.: Woodbine Track at Its Prettiest for Inauguration of Canadian Racing Season This Afternoon., Daily Racing Form, 1910-05-24


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FINE CARD FOR TORONTO OPENING. Woodbine Track at Its Prettiest for Inauguration of Canadian Racing Season This Afternoon. Toronto. Out.. May 2:5. — The spring meeting of the On;ario Jockey Cliib. the most iiuiiortaiit of the racing associaf ions of Canada, will begin tomorrow. Secretary Eraser offers a splendid program of seven races, niost iui|Hirtant of which is the Kings Plate, the most fatuous event of the Canadian turf, which, incidentally, has been continuously run siuce 1800. Woodbine. one of the most picturesque race courses on tin- continent. ncVer looked prettier. The spacious lawns, with their carpets of thick green grass, will lie the parade ground of beautifully gowned women tomorrow and everyliody who is anyliody in Canadas most exclusive set will be present. With tlie passage of the Miller bill, racing in the Dominion has lieen placed on a linn and solid foundation, and the petty annoyances to which the club has been subjected ill the past will be absent in future. The layers will be made comfortable by being permitted ta operate with stools and in in-cienient weather they will be under cover. This ■ will be appreciated by the public as well as by tlie layers. Indications are that there will be something like fifty layers in line. This deiuirtmeut is in charge iif Mortimer Maliouey. a gentleman who has served the club and public so well at Woodbine that he has lieen engaged to look after the interests of the Hamilton Jockey Club this season, succeeding Arthur Elrod. who will this year devote his efforts to the Inter-Mountain circuit. Many riders were included in todays arrivals ■ from different points. Among them were Vincent , Powers. Roscoe Troxlcr. Walker. J. Howard and 1 Mnsgrave. Stanley Davis and E. Taplin are ex-liected in the morning. Powers will ride for P. T. Chinn and B. Schreiber, but will make frequent trips to New York to carry out an arrangement entered into with John E. Madden to ride Fitz Herbert iu all his engagements this season. Besides tin-Kings Plate there are offered as attractions tomorrow the Fashion Plate, the Mfnto Selling Stakes and the Scarborough Steeplechase. Large fields arc entered for all seven races, eighty-two horses being carded to start. Nine are named in tin- Kings Plate, three of which are owned by the Valley Farm Stable and two by Joseph E. Seagram. On i what thev have shown iu their work the Seagram entry looks liest. although the Valley Farm trio will not lack for support. In the even! that the track is heavv Sandy Klrkwood is thought to have a good chance, and it would not tie surprisUig to ; lind lliis colt well supported. There will lie no |ioo|rooni service from Canada this season, tlie Miller bill having ill I Imallj stamped this out. The handbook men and the professional tipsters hav. also been doiu.. away with. All of the officials are at hand and they will lie ahead the same as last season. Francis Nelson will [ 1m- presiding judge. A. P.. Dade starter. F. W. tier-hardy clerk of the course and W. P. Eraser secre-tarv! J. J. Burke will be associate judge and A. I.. "llassard Short associate handicapper. .IM- Veager. Jack Atkin. J. P. Mclnerney. Al Val eiiiine and several other big layers arrived this afternoon. Bain fell throughout today up to four o chick and I the track will probably In- heavy for tomorrows I opening. There were some evidences of clearing : skies aaataht The following horses, belonging to Barney Sclirei her and . J. Murray, came iu from Hamilton: Cor-le . Judge Oaata. John »;. Cavanagh. Kathryne Oardner. Francis Joseph and Judge Henderson. The Cedent siring, now quartered here, is made up i of Bed Biv.-r. Bill. man. Sou. Staftoril. Elunta Ham iltoii. Deeadd Maedeendd. Lave cure. Judge Momk. Judge Lassing. Redwlne, Easy Life. Tanago and I County Chairman. James W. Totten is here with Octopus and Thomas i II. Ilelmage. Pie horses of Mr. Clyde. D. Lome McliiblNin. "Mr. hetland" and others, with which apt. Fred Pres-grave has arrived, include Prince Hampton, Bulla i ; [ I I : i I i ■ , _ calla Fincastle. Duke of Roanoke. Busy. The Monk. Ontario, Busybody. Compton, Aylmer. Argo. Bosey Posey. Pomona. Arbutus, Gaiianoque. Dalhousie. Imperial. Cardiff. Hotiga. Trustee. Borrower. Ba*s Horn, Ott-r. Choplank. I.inganiore. Aetna and Bel Air. Merry Man. Osage, Mill work. Engaged, lourney and Nebuchadnezzar, belonging to Coiirtland 11. Smith, are also among I lie late arrivals. Clerk of the Scales Fred Gerhardv has arrived and is actively engaged iu the preparatory Work of the meeting. Recent work outs at Woodbine: Bamlm-Fivc -eighths in 1:04. Capsize Quarter mile iu 24;. Clem Beachcv— Five -eighths in 1:051. Collis ormsby — Five eighths in 1:17*. Creel --Three-quarters in 1:23. Detective -Mile in 1:4.3. Elgin Three-quarters in 1:23. Expansionist Mile iu 1:80. lerraiid Cecelian Five eighths in 1:08*. Frolic -Mile in l:5lf. Hooray Five eighths in 1:04. Joe Gaileiis Mile ill 1:45. Ladv lecher -Mile in 1 :50. Ladv Larac Half mile in 48?. Little Minnie Seven -eighths in 1:36. Martin Dovle -Mile iu l:«Bt. Miss popular Five -eighths iu 1:05. Pills Mile in 1:4T»J. Parade Mile in 1.47*. Kagmaii Quarter mile in 28?. Kockcastlo Seven eighths iu 1:31. Rosedule -Quarter mile in 25. Saraband— Five-eighths in 1:06. Selwik— Half mile in 49L Sir Kdward— Mile in 1:47*. Smoker— Five-eighths in 1:05. Spellbound- Fire eighths in 1:04. Vance Guard -Mile iu 1:44*. Zacatccas Half mile iu 54. Two carloads comprised Mrs. L. A. Livingstons i-oiilingciit that arrived, one car bringing those intended for tonights sale. Those that went to Woodbine were: Kingship. I.ovetie. Amelia .Tenks. Sotemia, Her|»es. Berseker. Heinoness. Badatioii. Profile. Arawak. Havasiqii. Picolala. Seconke, Magnetiiie. Dawte and Eton Hall. James Hewitts Pnlka. Kthoii. Ruble. Polly Lee. Meat Ami, and Fe.irnaught II. were, among recent arrivals.

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