Greatest of Broodmares: Story of Queen Mary, to Which Many Great American Thoroughbreds Trace, Daily Racing Form, 1913-02-10


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GREATEST OF BROODMARES STOKY OF QUEEN MARY. TO WHICH MANY ORFAT AMERICAN THOROUGHBREDS TRACE. Be rued From Obscurity in England. She Amply Re- najra Attention Shown Her by Producing a Notable Line ot Racehorses. Along between sixty and seventy ream ago there w« .i little ni:iic in England that nobody deemed to l« ot ninrii :ii-. ■•niiii. she waa • ■ 1 1 enough bred, Iteing :i daughter Of ;tii l I Mat* by Pleni- : ■ •• miai . Bui she was not imposing i" wok in1 I « i~ ii.ii much of ■ raeer. 80 II caaM about lit- ir K in .1 1 wbion turned onl to make her owi living as best she could on a nit ol wild beath fai rroui 1. 1 owners place of residence. About tkv • .i.; Hung — 1 1 » - received in the waj ol attention waa In ii in. rounded up al Ihe proper season and mated v nil --..ii stallion, : ft-i which -ho was retimed i ■disciiritj and lier nun device.. Tims |i waa thai : IK47 -ii.- ii. -H a fill j foal by Mangu or Lanercosi auother ttlly foal in 1848 that died soon nftei i.iiiiiiii i the world. Then another Mly foal in !-ri in |..-- Trooper, and in 1850 ■ roll by Annan dale. Ma little v..;- expected of her that -In was iin« mated with ■ ball bred hone and had a eolt bj iiim in 1851. Bnt she was a veritable Cinderella • ■ .. little mare and the time was approaching when she wax in be rescued rrom orwcuritj to became 1 veritable Queen of deathless rame. Her owner waa 1 v. c man, and being sbown something bj her lir.-i .it. I . ml dllies. concluded .1 mistake had been made, and in couipanj with ■ retainer set mil to in .1 Iter. Ii was 1 I ng search, covering ml ea wild n r l.nnl. inn anally she was found in com i.aiiy with her latesi foal. Tnej were rough ooati I • ml I heir tails and mane, were matted with brambli -•mil burrs, but both wen in hardy health, so when ■ken 1.1 good iiaddocks and ■belter both speedili began in lak 1 blooming condition and appear is thoroughbreds should. The wi-e man. who, to begin with, w.i- nil .1- wine aa he sli.Hild have been, was W. r.ii-na. ami taw man was Queen Mary, than which n nc lam. in- broodmare ever lived. Luckilj w have much of her precious blood In this country. I Li in-; -1. n. Balrownie. was brought over to us and ■ use a sire of renown. Her third son waa also ;ii • the Fuired States, which waa 1 lucky ir- 1 •. its, liecanse be was Bonnie Scotland, which W1 1 might] sire and -ir.- of .ther mighty -ires. Qoeen Mar was ■ prolific man- and amonjc the bom and daughters which brought fame to her and renown •n.i wealtl be bouse of l Anson waa the grand na • Blink Bonny, which in isr.7 won the Epson Derby and Epsom 0.1k-. Queen Marys son Bonnie Scotland, by iago. was imported by Captaiu Cornish of Boston in 1858 and -•I. I lo It. i» ■:■ and Kurt, of Ohio. Hla early years in Ifa - country, like those of his dam in England "■"■ years ol obscurity, and for a long lime be was knocked about from pillar I" post in Ohio, Minois ud Iowa, having access to few thoroogbbred mares But uom and then be was mated with one, and :it Intervals c«me bis son Frogrown. a great stayei Ontario, Daugerous. Malcolm and others thai served in show what 1 id do if given a chance. His ■ n Malcolm was the sire of the celebrated brood-man Maii. in. which gave 1.1 American racing such great ta - .1- Emtieror of Norfolk, El Rio Rej •• I mblen. In I ; Norfolk, Caar and Bej del Be/. I • Malcolm was a hard luck one hliaarlf and died miserably 1 1 cellar on the outskirts .•! Chicago. Boau 1 - ■ thirsts chance did not come uniil be was well along in vears. inn it was ■ capita! prize cfaanci when it ilid arrive. Belie Meads premier stallion 1andal died, it became necessary to pro v lb Ja kaona choice tiualh fell "ii H - laud, and ii was a fortunat. ur rem ■: the borse and Belle Meade. It was 1 - Kan -ii send Beet, hardy and staying -.n- and daughters to the races, and in bis thiol ..i-i! ..11 the noted Tennessee farm be beaded the American sire Ii-: with l tot r SI 15.700 to the credit hi !. - progeny, rbis was la 1880, in which real In- died, inn ev.-n then lie bad •■ impress il ii in .11 ,.ii mil breeding thai In w.i again lie; sire in 1883. Luke Blackburn ■ Br t-elass !»i- anywhere under the sun. was the best of :. iin-i .r brilliant .- owing iin 11 paternity i" bim. bul Ii urge Kiunej Barnum. Oliilella. I.i mi ■!■• nnd others ten •.. milers in their prime. Bram 1.1 ■ w.i- a reaon ind .1 great cup winner, ii- In 1. in- • -:,|. nil:. 1 achievement 1 c! in weefi nf ill be tin nopuuii cup races of the eastern Irael I . a-|, g -n. . , — iiil aire, it did ii" fall 1 Hi imb lo ever head the winning aire lb 1 ... ; ton that did win Tlial gn a i"ii"i Ii - was Ben Brash, which not so man] .•ai-, « ., niie ..f 1 lie best race hones 01 his im .in. I leader ut the American -*ie b-i In IfiOJl when bis - 11 Sweep won Ml .323 for the late James It I.-.i-. Among iii- other triumphs Ben Brush "••11 ihe Brighton Handicap hi |s:" and seven yean ilei 1 - 1 In- won the same event in ■ brillian1 an. 1 blghlj -. n-.i t race, in which an American •I i.i I.n a mile .111,1 a quarter war establish I that stand* to this day. This wa- when Kroom-Mbk defeated Irish Lad and Highball in ■ ;.- II erslons -1 1 i.ggle in _:iil .,. Iapl Sam Brown, of Iittsbnrgh, owned Broom-fa |i tain Sam was .1 big man and ii» k great i-ouiforl in bis bor - Al an earlier date be nan H.n.d and raced the splendid Prince Charlie Blly. Senorlta, and fail I j worshipped ber, naming the Liu ■ ling .- aldislimenl be owned in Kentucky .11 I lie lime ol hi* death after her. Bat Broomstick wa- rl"-e in hi- iflcetloa uNn and he looked forward ■ ■■nil, 1. mly 10 the time wh. n his . .ill would become ,1 and successful stallion. He waa right in ibis conelusion. In; iln nal izal ion was i. Harry Iini. Whin . 1 11,; not In liN own jnvial and 1 . 1 an loving self Broomstick was three years id when -■: : 1 1 hrities as Beldame, Stalwart, Ir -h I lie Picket. McChesnei . II- rmis. Afri im! 1. Mii.i rtalRgerfleld. Molh Brant. »:i Wells wen also racing In grand form and hi the t.u nf such tr.iii.iidi.ii- opposition was I... 1111. 1 to m : boiswabl defeat occarfonally. But be was 1 resolute battler r the race track himself hi. 1 I- "in part "i the outcome of manj splemlkl m •■.--.- urn .1 total of sy 1 :,7» for his owner in i.i * eai s of r icing He was retln d to the -iml in rani, and Inimedintelj made hi- mirk. Mated 1 11 n 11 witli nnolli ; favorite of Captain Browns p ta-; Sir ln..ii mare. Audience, be sired .1 .-..It 11, at i- today the conceded Iwsl miler in England. 1 hi- i- Hn beautiful borse Whi-k Broom, which ilmoal invariably assigned top weight la Ihe Mg English and in last years Cambridgi hiie. alHiiinvii not ola. .. m 1 remarkable race h 130 1 mis on his back and in deep and hold was Hi mori than two lengths behind the ,. r. Ad. im Bed. II. carried 128 pounds whei m won iln- rsluable Victoria in at Hunt Pari 1 1 spring. At Manchester the rear before in gave the phenomenal printer. Great Surprise ",.-ni : 1. num. mi nn i-i.-v length ami 1 half In 1 ting In tin Salford Borough II indicap ol I , quarter* of . mile at Ms ch tei Considering IIhiI 1. , .it Sni|.:i - l.-i .11 ii Epsom carried 143 pounds and wo. al five eighths of a mile in ".":.-.. It can easilj be perceived that Whisk Brooms native qteed 1- iKiiiiinL- short nt iln nn.-i remarkable order. n other brilliant son "i his. Sweeper II., in 1911. waa the Fifty ih Triennial Stakes at Ascot ami iln- ICi. hin. mil Makes al Goodwood and last spring im in.. 1 -laiizi-d linn-ill by winning the Two Tnoosand tJuliH-as at Newmarket. Kor, while doing so ■natj abroad, ha- Broaaaatlck failed to al the same time make a deep impression on the racing of ihi-coantry. Young as he 1-. he baa already -ired ■ Kentucky Derby winner in Meridian and la-t year liU two-year old son, Leacharea, wa- one of tin-star- of his age. Bnckhorn, Princesa Callaway, Feather Duster, Housemaid, Geaeata, Tarts, Barne-gat. Deduction. Aviat r an 1 Doqaeaae wen- among others of hi- ptogen] that raced so well lasi year a* to place him second to Star Shoo in Ibe American sire IKt of 1P12. As a mailer of fact, ihe combined wiaaiaga of hi- progeny in racing at home and abroad were largely in evess of Star Shoots. This Broomstick, Ben Braab. Bramble, Bonnie Scotland line of desceat from Qaeea Mnry is not ilw only one in which her Influence i- felt in ihi-country, bat -.-ems kbe mosi potent al preseat. Many of Bonnie Scotlands -mi- wen successful -ir.-- ami hi- daughters great broodmare. Their des.en.lanl- are unmet mis and prlaed In "in breed inn,. Bscaaac of standing in Maaaacbuntts, Bal i.iwnie did not bare such an opportunity as Belle M .id.- gave Bonnie Scotland, bat sack eaance. aa be had givea him a place in soma of our beat pedigrees. Iln w. aider of it all is that at mis far away t i in- the Mood nf Queen Mary is :is Influential and I I ghl j rained in England a- here. There her daughters Haricot. Braxey, Blooming Heather, Blink Bonny. Bab at Ibe Bowste. Bonaywreast-Kaot, Bonny Bell, Bertha and Bonnie l o«.n. or mosi of them, wen graud broodmare., Blink Boanys second foal being the fain. .us race horse ami -ire. Blair A1I10I. Bromis law. h Sio-kwell an. I Blinkhoolie. by Rataplan. were son. of liienn M iiy llial were import nut I sue • ■■ —till sires in Engbtad.

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